Saving My Cum Affair

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Big Juicy

This is a true story. I have been trying for a baby for a little while now. Saving my sperm for my wife’s maximum ovulation times. Today was the day but she finished work late. I decided to meet up with an old friend during the day before she got home.

My friend Emma was in town and I was walking to meet her. She was my height and about a size 14 UK. For her size she only had B cup breasts but her legs were far thicker. She had ginger-ish hair down to her shoulders, a blue satin top which was slightly tight around her breast area letting me know she had a lace bra today. Her nails were an elegant matching blue and she had on a thin black leather jacket. I always thought she looked very glamours with her red lipstick no matter when I saw her which was nearly 2 years ago. I noticed she looked so similar even though we were now both 27.

We went for coffee to catch up which was very nice to know what had all changed. I mentioned that I was trying for a baby and we talked about waiting for ovulation. She was shocked that I had waited for two weeks bostancı escort saving my sperm. I told her that I always blew so fast the first time after two weeks but it was important to save it.

We finished our coffee and walked back to our cars. She told me a bit of history about the town and where there was a secluded street where prostitutes used over 100 years ago because no one ever went down there. I found that interesting as we walked down it as she assured me it was a short cut to our cars.

a couple and their push chair were coming up the ally at to let them pass Emma faced me as I put my back against the wall. Her face was very close to mine and her chest was pressed against me. Her hand was now around my waist as they passed. I was enjoying the feeling of her chest against me a bit too much which I felt was so wrong. She didn’t move away after they passed. Instead she looked into my eyes and then kissed me. I was shocked but kissed back, my dick starting to get hard. My hand was on her waist now as her hands were ümraniye escort bayan undoing my jeans. I now pushed her slightly away breaking our kiss and told her not to in public. She assured me few people came this way and that no one would even know if they did walk past. I felt guilt and pleasure all at once as her hand locked around my hard shaft. My hand was groping at her breast feeling the hard nipple through her lace bra and satin top.

Her hand was rubbing up and down my shaft bringing me closer to cumming. I told her to stop but made no gesture for her to leave as I was near cumming. I whispered in her ear “I’m going to cum, please stop”. This made her jerk faster as wave after wave of my precious sperm covered her jeans. I felt like I was going to collapse on her after my release. She could feel my body now resting more on her and she let go of my dirty shaft.

I put myself away and headed to the cars with her, the cum now a wet patch on her leg. When we got to the car park she sat in my car without invitation. She kartal escort told me that she could feel the wetness against her skin as she re applied her lipstick.

She then took off her jacket and top revealing her black lace bra which contrasted her pale skin. I could see her nipples were still hard. I was shocked as even though it was dark, it was still public. She went to work taking my wet spent cock out again. I felt her tongue lick my tip as her lips formed a perfect seal around my soft shaft taking away my wet cum. Her mouth worked me to hardness leaving a red trail abound the base of my shaft.

I moved her hair aside so I could watch her magic lips edging my dick to its second orgasm while I felt her soft breasts in my other hand. I was so excited I started holding her head down making her gag on me. It was a little longer till I was ready to unload but as I knew I was finishing in her mouth. I pinned her head to me but she offered no resistance as my second orgasm filled her mouth. She didn’t spill a drop leaving only her beautiful red lipstick behind.

I let her head up and she quickly put her top back on. She looked at my now soft cock and smiled telling me to enjoy my evening. She then left me tucking my soft dick away forgetting to clean the red marks away which would later get me found out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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