Second Chances

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It had been a long time since Craig had seen Kathy. Not that he had been keeping track of the time, but it had been exactly eighteen months, ten days and eight hours since she had left. Well that wasn’t exactly true either. She had broken up with him no matter how much he had protested and was firm in her decision. That had made all the difference especially when he tried to rationalize the split over a six pack of beer and whatever else he could find to drown his sorrows. They weren’t kids anymore and he had thought he would have managed the split better, but his heart wouldn’t let him. It still ruled his head no matter how much he tried to think otherwise, because his heart kept telling him that he still loved her. She had said she needed to find herself whatever that meant and she needed to do it without him. That was what hurt the most. If it had been another man, he would have cursed and slammed his fists into the wall and try to kill the guy, but there was no other man. She just wanted to be away from him.

Licking his wounds, he had thrown himself into his work and slowly the pain became a dull ache that lingered somewhere between today and yesterday. Yet, one day on a sunny Friday afternoon, the phone rang and on the other end of the line he heard Kathy’s voice. Craig could feel his heart pound in his chest and all the old wounds that he had carefully tucked away were opened once again. A sense of excitement, fear and dread swept over him all at the same time and it took him a moment to compose himself.

“Hi Craig,” she said her voice still melting him

“Hi,” he said quietly then paused. “It’s been a long time.”

“Yea, I know,” she replied. “How have you been?”

He cleared his throat. He wanted to curse at her and tell her that his life had been a living hell since she left and it had nearly destroyed him, but he didn’t. He couldn’t.

“I’m doing alright,” he managed to say.

“That’s good,” her voice dropped.

“So did you find yourself?” he asked a bit more sarcastically than he intended.

She nervously chuckled, “I think so.”

“Then the mission was accomplished.”

“Something like that.”

Then came the silence that was heavy and thick.

“I’d really like to see you again,” she mustered.

He closed his eyes and swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat.

“But only if you want to,” she quickly added.

Only if he wanted to? She was killing him.

“Yea, I’d like that.”

“Do you still own the cabin on the lake?”

“Yea, I still do,” he replied.

“Then I’ll meet you there Saturday morning around ten. Ok?”

He remembered vaguely saying goodbye before disconnecting the call. One part of him wanted to forget she ever called and the other part of him couldn’t wait until Saturday. The second part of him won and he arrived at the cabin early Saturday morning. The cabin was fully equipped and it had almost been a second home for him and Kathy. He poured himself a cup of coffee from the instant coffee maker, added cream and sugar, sipped the brew and waited. A myriad of memories flitted through his head as he tried to be patient until exactly at ten am, a car drove up and he heard bostancı escort bayan the engine stop in front of the cabin. He took a deep breath, tucked his shirt into his jeans, ran his fingers through his hair and waited for the knock that came moments later.

Before he could answer, the door opened and a woman of medium height with shapely curves and long auburn hair that was swept to the side entered. Her smile was warm and inviting, but her large brown eyes looked at him with anticipation. She was beautiful in her new “found me” look and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He wanted to rush to her and wrap his arms around her as he had done a hundred times in the past, but instead he just stood there and looked at her like a school boy with his first crush and first heartache.

“You look great,” he said as he stuffed his hands in his pockets to keep them from reaching out to her.

She shut the door behind her and leaned her back against it.

“Thanks,” she said as she came towards him. “You’re just as handsome as I remember.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” he chuckled.

“Is that all it takes?” she grinned.

His face grew downcast, “it used to be like that.”

Kathy licked her lips, “I get it.”

“So why did you want to meet here?”

“Because we had such wonderful times here together,” she replied.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. The memories came flooding back again and he had a difficult time putting them back where they belonged.

“Listen Craig. I’ve had a lot of time to think and I know it must have been terribly painful for you when I left, but I was hoping we could get back to where we were before all of this.”

Craig removed his hands from his pockets and crossed his arms at his chest.

“So just like that, you want to pretend nothing happened and we can go back to the way were and I’m just supposed to go along with it.”

Kathy lowered her head. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy to convince Craig that she had changed and now seeing him again and the hurt in his eyes, it was going to be more difficult than she had anticipated. How could she had been so foolish to leave?

“Can we at least sit and talk about it?”

Craig nodded, “I guess so.”

Kathy led him to the large leather sofa that faced the glass windows and overlooked the lake and as he sat next to her, he could smell her perfume. The intoxicating fragrance of spicy and sweet that she had worn ever since he had met her.

“You smell good,” he said as she snuggled close to him.

“Thank you. You always liked this perfume,” she cooed. “I put it on my neck. Why don’t you smell it there?”

Craig shook his head at her obvious ploy, but couldn’t resist the invitation and leaned into her where the warmth of her body and earthy perfume mingled in a sensually tantalizing combination. He nuzzled her neck and kissed it lightly hoping that it would provide relief from the agonizing need for her if only for a moment. He could hear her sigh allowing her breath to exhale slowly and his hand instinctively slid around her waist.

“I’ve missed this,” she whispered.

He didn’t answer. She ümraniye escort had no idea what she had done to him and instinctively he pulled his arm away. It hurt too much. Kathy bit her lip. She knew the wound was still raw and she was the one that had inflicted it.

“You can’t expect me to just forget everything that happened,” he said in a low voice. “It doesn’t work that way.”

She didn’t answer, but put her hand over his jeans just below his waist and felt the mound that protruded. She had gotten his attention at least. She began to rub him over and over until the mound became larger and firm. Looking up at him, she could see him bite his lips trying not to let her know how much he needed her touch.

Her rubbing him drove him crazy so much so that when she undid his jeans and slid down the zipper, he didn’t object, but helped her by sliding down his jeans and underwear to his ankles exposing his throbbing cock and balls sacks that had tightened and were full. A drop of precum oozed from the head of his cock and she quickly licked it up with her tongue.

“What the hell are you doing to me?” he cursed. “I shouldn’t have…..” his voice trailed.

She only smiled and grabbed his cock again stroking it slowly at first then more intensely firmly holding him so that the blood vessels engorged and the head of his cock grew wide and bulbous. She flicked the head of his cock with her tongue teasing the opening with the pressure. His breathing became more intense when she opened up her blouse and lifted her bra allowing her firm breasts and taut nipples exposed to him. It was then that he knew it was a lost cause.

She kneeled in front of him and cupping her breasts with her hands, she surrounded his cock with her soft plush mounds and slowly stroked his shaft between them. With every upward motion, her tongue flicked the head of his cock and he jerked from the intense sensation that shot through him. With his balls touching underneath her breasts, he thrust between them as she squeezed her mounds around his shaft. It was driving him wild as the precum oozed out of the head of his cock and slickened her breasts as she stroked him. Then as suddenly as she had begun, she stopped and slid lower between his legs and licked the base of his cock with her tongue to the tip with long thin strokes causing it to jump and twitch. She cupped his balls with her hands and as she licked his cock with her tongue she slid to his down to the engorged sacks and sucked one into her mouth and rolled her tongue over it before returning to her licking then found the other sack and did the same.

Craig leaned back with his arms on the back of the sofa while his hands gripped the leather to stave off the sensation that was growing inside of him. She released her breasts and began to stroke his cock again with her hand pumping his thick engorged cock in a steady up and down motion before leaning over the head where she opened her mouth and slid it inside. Craig moaned loudly as she slid his cock deep into the back of her throat until her lips touched his balls before sliding it back out sucking it as she did.

“What are you doing to me? My cock can’t take much more,” escort kartal he cried. “It’s been a long time.”

She didn’t answer, but slid down on his cock again running her tongue along the swollen ridge and returning to suck the tip. Craig could feel his cum become fire in his balls as she continued to suck him. He no longer questioned his motives. Unable to resist, he thrust his cock into her mouth again and again and she took him grabbing his balls with her hand as he did.

Placing his hands on her head, he pushed her mouth onto him. “Suck it! Suck it!” he growled as he gave two final pumps forcing his cum load to shoot through the head of his cock and blow into her mouth. Streams of hot thick cream filled her cheeks and she swallowed again and again gulping him as it erupted from his cock. He leaned back and gasped for air. Sweat poured from his forehead as the last drops of his cum were drained from him and she had swallowed it all. She had done it again. She had devoured him and he loved it. He leaned back on the sofa and tried to regain his breath. Slowly as his senses returned, he heard the rustling of clothes and when he opened his eyes, Kathy was naked from the waist down and was climbing up him until she was almost standing on the sofa and her pussy was inches away from his mouth. He could smell the heady musk scent of her desire as she pushed her swollen pussy to his lips rubbing her juices over them.

As he opened his mouth, he parted her pussy lips with his tongue and engulfed the tight rosebud into his mouth and sucked on it. Her legs quivered as he clenched the tight morsel between his teeth and pulled at it. She squealed with delight as he tugged at her clit running his tongue over it as he did. She rubbed herself over his lips as his tongue darted in and out of her folds. With the taste of her muskiness driving him crazy, he grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands and pushed her to him while he sucked the juices from her. Losing control, she held onto the back of the sofa and gyrated her clit on his tongue. Up and down over his lips. Her clit tingled and sent electrical charges throughout her body. She removed one hand from the sofa and twisted her nipple pulling at the nub until she was driven over the edge. She came in a gush of musky juice that spilled over Craig’s face and dripped down his chin. He lapped at it with his tongue hungrily savoring each drop until the last shutter of orgasm shook her so that her legs collapsed and she fell onto him sliding over his face and chest to settle on his lap.

“I can’t breathe,” she gasped.

Craig watched her as the glow of her orgasm engulfed her. She never looked more beautiful to him knowing that he had pleased her, still could please her, but caution still remained on his mind. Kathy looked down at him and knew what he was thinking. She knew him like the back of her hand and more and without him asking, she answered his question.

“I want to try again.”

“I don’t believe in second chances,” Craig said.

“It’s not taking a chance,” she replied. “It’s a guarantee.”

He smiled and drew her to him and kissed her, “There’s no such thing.”

“Let me at least try to prove it to you.”

He thought for a moment and kissed her again, “Maybe.”

“What can I do to prove it to you?”

He chuckled, “I can think of a thousand ways.”

She leaned into him, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“We’ll see,” was all he would say.

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