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Celeste and I worked for the same company but in different offices, about sixty miles apart. We were acquainted with each other but didn’t really know each other. That all changed, of course, or I wouldn’t be writing about it. There was a project that would be run out of her office that I’d be contributing to so I drove down to attend a meeting with her and a couple of other coworkers from that office. She was definitely cute and had a nice figure but she was also not only married but married to someone in an important position at our company. It wasn’t like I was considering putting a move on her, anyway, especially since that sort of thing is generally frowned upon by HR. I was just noticing but also thinking that, in the unlikely event that the opportunity ever presented itself, it’d be difficult if not impossible to pass up a chance to see her naked. Maybe I was just doing a piss-poor job of not showing what was going through my mind or maybe she was just having the same sort of thoughts about me but, the morning after that meeting, an IM popped up from her.

She started out just thanking me for driving all the way down to attend the meeting and saying that it was nice to finally officially meet me. It was what followed after that got my head spinning. She told me that she had some meetings coming up in my office and thought it could be fun to spend some time together. I didn’t know all of the details but I’d heard a story that she only ended up married our regional manager after he’d left his wife for her.

“I’m definitely intrigued,” I responded, “but I don’t know that it’d be a good career move for me given who you’re married to.”

“He travels so much now that he’s regional manager,” she wrote back, “I just need a safe outlet for my pent-up frustration. No one will ever know if we are careful and discreet.”

“Not that I don’t think you’re attractive or that we’d have a lot of fun,” I told her, “but I’m going to need to think about it.”

“Understood,” she replied, “but send me your cell number and let me try to convince you.”

I had a good idea of what she had in mind and that it was something she wouldn’t want on the company servers, where I was already concerned this conversation would end up. I sent her my cell number figuring, if nothing else, maybe I’d end up with some nice photos. It was only a short while later that my cell vibrated and I glanced over to see that I had a text from an unknown number. I opened the message then quickly closed it and headed for a focus room while my cell continued to vibrate, indicating more messages were coming in. I closed the door behind me and started looking through the photos she was texting. The first was a selfie of her smiling while holding her blouse, which had been unbuttoned, open to show her cleavage and a sexy, lacy bra. Behind her it looked like a tile wall so I assumed she was in a stall in ladies’ room.

My cock was stiffening as I looked at the first few photos so I decided it might be better if I reviewed them in a stall in the men’s room. I gave myself a moment so that I wasn’t pitching a tent in my slacks but I couldn’t bear to wait too long, especially given that there were more messages coming in. I was relieved to find all of the stalls in the men’s room were unoccupied so I selected one, locked the door and dropped my pants. I went back to the first photo then slowly went through all of them. There was one with her blouse completely unbuttoned and her bra fully exposed but without her face showing. The next one jumped to a shot of her skirt hiked up to her waist and panties that matched her bra. As she continued, she unfastened the front clasp of her bra, revealing a really nice pair of tits, then dropped her panties to show her trim, brown bush. She didn’t get completely naked there in the bathroom but she didn’t leave anything to the imagination, either. When my cock couldn’t possibly get any harder, I switched my phone to camera mode and shot a video as I stroked it, eventually blasting my load all over my fist as I sat on the toilet.

“I’m almost convinced,” I wrote in the text response that had my video attached.

“Since I’ll be home alone again tonight,” she wrote back, “I’ll have plenty of time and freedom to make sure you are fully convinced.”

I couldn’t wait and found myself going back and looking at her photos many times throughout that day. That night, had I really still needed convincing, I wouldn’t have been able to resist for much longer. She sent photos of herself after removing each piece of clothing that had been in her earlier photos then, in response to mine, shot a video of herself masturbating and cumming hard. My cock was rigid again so I stripped down and shot a video of my own, standing in front of the mirror and stroking my cock until I shot my load.

“How can I resist?” I asked and attached the video.

“Good,” she responded, “because I’ll be at your office tomorrow and I’m going to need some relief after all of this convincing.”

We didn’t share any more photos or videos that night but we did come up with a plan for the following day that would work around her meetings escort bostancı and not draw any unwanted attention. She let me know when she arrived at the office so I met up with her and guided her to a remote focus room where it would be unlikely that we’d be noticed or disturbed. We only had a short time before her first meeting but we knew we’d have more time later so we were just planning for quick, mostly still dressed orgasms. With the door closed behind us, we slipped into each other’s arms and started making out. My hands went to her ass while she immediately began to caress my cock through my slacks before extracting it and gently stroking it. I brought my hands up to fondle her tits through her blouse and bra for a moment before she broke off our kiss and sat down. She opened my slacks completely and took them and my underwear down enough for my cock to be free then she engulfed it in her mouth. It was only with great effort that I didn’t moan loudly.

While holding the base of my cock, she slid her lips up and down my shaft while I focused entirely on the pleasure I was feeling. I knew it wouldn’t take much of this before I was blowing a load but that was a good thing due to our limited time, especially since I was absolutely planning to make sure she had an orgasm before her meeting. It was really nice not only to just relish the pleasure but also to look down at this coworker that I barely knew and watch as she inhaled my rigid tool over and over. Watching her absolutely heightened the pleasure, even though her skills were already providing an incredibly high level of pleasure. My cock was growing thicker the longer she was sucking it but that didn’t affect her efforts in the slightest. In fact, she seemed to know that I was getting closer to cumming and somehow managed draw my orgasm out faster yet with an even more intense level of pleasure.

When I finally exploded into her mouth, again it was only with great effort that I didn’t moan or cry out because it felt so amazing. She swallowed my load and continued to suck me off until I was completely spent then let my cock fall from her mouth and looked up at me with a smile. I helped her stand and, without even pulling my pants and underwear back up, took her place then pushed her skirt up around her waist. Her panties were very sexy but I only admired them very briefly before sliding them down, revealing her neatly groomed brown bush. She sat up on the edge of the desk with her legs parted while I lowered my face toward her pussy. I ran my tongue along her slit and tasted the abundant juices that she was producing, causing her to softly gasp.

She started running her fingers through my hair as I lapped at her pussy but, since I didn’t have time to indulge my love of eating pussy, I had to focus on making her cum. I slipped a finger into her and, feeling how snug and slippery her pussy was, there was a surge of blood back to my spent cock as I realized how incredible it was going to feel to slip it into her. That would be later, though, so I slid my finger in and out while licking and sucking her clit, eliciting another soft gasp followed by heavy breathing as though she was trying very hard to maintain control. I assumed that it was a combination of my experience at eating pussy and her being thoroughly worked up that had her building very quickly toward an orgasm. I could tell this not only by how her pussy was becoming even wetter and more engorged and how she seemed to be having trouble remaining silent but also by how she was gradually tensing up more and more.

Though I’d have been more than happy to eat her pussy for a much longer period of time, since I knew our time was limited at the moment, I was pleased that she appeared to be right on the brink of cumming pretty quickly. I continued what I was doing since it was clearly working pretty well and, with a gasp, her body abruptly went limp and she started shaking as she was cumming. I didn’t stop eating her pussy until she’d gone still and had let out a sigh then I raised my head and slipped my finger from her pussy into my mouth, sucking her juices off of it. She smiled down at me then hopped off of the desk and leaned down to kiss me.

“I knew this was a good choice,” she said then retrieved her panties and pulled them back on. Likewise, I stood and pulled my underwear and slacks back up and got everything situated. She checked her watch and realized she still had a minute so we quickly went over where we’d be meeting up after her first meeting was over. We kissed again before she slipped out and confirmed that the coast was clear so that I could head back to my desk, too.

I tried to focus on work until I heard from her that she was free again but it wasn’t easy. My mind kept going back to pushing up her skirt and sliding her panties down, devouring her pussy and feeling her mouth sliding up and down my tool. I was more than aroused again when she finally sent me a message that she was on her way to our next rendezvous point. I was quickly out of my seat and on my way to see her, casually reconning the hallway before slipping into the remote focus room where ümraniye escort she was waiting. With the door closed behind me, we were immediately in each other’s arms and making out. We had more time this time than we’d had the last but it still wasn’t unlimited so it wasn’t just because we were so fired up that we got right to it. I started to unbutton her blouse as we were making out while she got my pants open and soon had my rigid cock extracted. While she was stroking my cock, I was fondling her tits through her bra.

She finally had me sit down and hiked her skirt up to her waist so that I could slide her panties down. I didn’t fail to notice this time that her sexy panties matched her bra and I knew that she’d been thinking about me as she’d slipped them on that morning. She stepped out of her panties then straddled me, reaching down to guide my stiff cock toward her pussy as she lowered herself onto it. We both moaned softly as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my cock and, as she sat there on it for a moment, I caressed her tits through her bra, feeling her hard nipples through the thin material. As she started to slowly move up and down on my cock, we went back to making out again and I reached behind her to unfasten her bra. I slipped my hands up under the cups to caress the soft, smooth flesh of her tits and brush my palms over her hard nipples.

It felt as though my cock became even harder as I fondled her tits which may have explained why she pulled her mouth from mine to let out a soft moan while riding me even harder. When she didn’t bring her lips back to mine, instead sitting straight up while bouncing up down on my cock, I could feel her titties bouncing, too, so I moved my hands and looked down at them. While I watched them bouncing, I slipped my hands around to caress her bare ass while continuing to savor the feel of her hot, wet pussy sliding up and down my tool. As amazing as it felt having her riding my cock, the longer she did it, the hotter and wetter her pussy was becoming. She was also gradually riding me harder and faster so it was clear that she was building pretty quickly toward an orgasm. Mine wasn’t quite building as quickly as hers, though definitely not because it didn’t feel awesome to have her riding my cock. I was actually thinking that, since it appeared that she’d be cumming before I did, we’d still have time to try something else before she had to get going again.

She dropped down hard on my lap and just sat there for a moment then her body started shaking as she sucked in her breath. Since her tits were no longer bouncing, I brought my hands back around to fondle them some more as she was cumming and while she was recovering. When she’d apparently recovered enough, she stood up, my still throbbing cock vacating her hot, wet pussy.

“I want to suck your hard cock now,” she said.

“I want to eat your pussy some more, too,” I replied. We both glanced at the adjacent desk then looked back at each other. I got up off the chair, my slacks and underwear down at my ankles and my cock sticking straight out, then sat on the edge of the desk and brought my legs up. I rotated so that I could lay on the desk on my back then Celeste also climbed on, straddling my head. I felt her grip my cock as I gazed up at her trim, brown bush, then she lowered her head and engulfed it in her hot mouth. As she started sucking my cock, I pushed her skirt back up around her waist and ran my hands over her soft, smooth ass while raising my head and running my tongue along her juicy slit. After slurping up some of her juices, I slipped a finger into her and, while sliding it in and out, licked and sucked her clit. I could feel the vibration of her soft moan on my cock as it slid in and out of her hot mouth.

As much as I was enjoying the opportunity to eat her pussy again, I was also definitely enjoying having her suck my cock again. Due to her oral skills, the pleasure was building even more than it had been as she’d been riding my cock so I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before she was swallowing another load. I wasn’t concerned about cumming before she did because I was pretty sure that, even if we were getting close on time, she’d let me finish bringing her to another orgasm with my tongue and finger. She was gently pumping the base of my cock while sliding her mouth up and down nearly the full length of my shaft, clearly not trying to draw out the pleasure but to provide the highest level of pleasure in a short amount of time.

When I was right on the verge of cumming, I lowered my head, gazing up at her pussy as I continued to slide my finger in and out of it. I focused almost entirely on my own pleasure during those last few seconds then exploded into her mouth with a soft grunt. She swallowed my load and continued to suck me off until I was completely spent. By the time she let my softening cock fall from her mouth, I had already gone back to licking and sucking her clit. With her focus now entirely on her own pleasure, her breathing rate was increasing and her body tensing up slightly. I could also feel her pussy becoming wetter and more engorged and knew that it would kartal escort bayan have felt amazing if I’d slipped my cock into her right then. It wasn’t much longer before she gasped and her body started shaking. I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her.

Her orgasm appeared to be another long and intensely pleasurable one and only once I was certain that she’d finished cumming did I lower my head and slip my finger from her pussy into my mouth. I remained there, gazing up at her trim brown bush until she recovered enough to climb off of me and off of the desk. I watched as her skirt dropped down to cover her pussy then raised my gaze to get a last look at her tits before she had to cover them. Sitting up, I swung my legs around then hopped down off of the desk myself. As I was trying to get my underwear and pants back up, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her tits while she was trying to get her bra back in place and refastened. Once they were finally covered up and she was rebuttoning her blouse, I managed to get my own shirt tucked back into my slacks before zipping up. The last thing was for her to slip back into her panties so I was attentive to that, too, not wanting to miss out on a final peek at her bush.

We gave each other the once-over and, when we were both back to being presentable, she slipped out first again and confirmed that the coast was clear. Our final planned rendezvous for the day before she had to head back to her own office was going to be the big one so I’d made sure to find the most remote focus room in the least populated area of the building. She let me know when she was available so I headed there, keeping my eye out for her since it was a bit off the beaten path. I spotted her coming down a hallway so I led her there from the distance and, once I was inside, she joined me a moment later.

“Are you feeling daring?” I asked her, even though we’d thoroughly discussed our plan.

“What I’m feeling is a strong desire, not only to see you naked,” she replied, “but to get completely naked myself.”

“I’d be more than happy to help you out with that,” I said and reached out to begin unbuttoning her blouse. We kissed as I did that then, as I was caressing her tits through her bra, we briefly made out. I started to push her blouse off of her shoulders so we broke off making out as she let it slide down her arms. Rather than immediately removing her bra, since I knew it matched her panties, I reached behind her to unzip her skirt instead. I hunkered down in front of her to pull her skirt down by the hem which left her standing there in her matching bra and panties. She looked outstanding so I just sat on my heels looking up at her for a moment since we didn’t really have a time constraint this time. I didn’t even need to say anything because what I was thinking must have been written on my face just based on how she blushed.

When I resumed standing, I fondled her tits through her bra again then reached behind her to unfasten it. This time, I was able to slide it down her arms and toss it aside while admiring her bare tits then I briefly caressed them once more before lowering my head to lick and suck her hard nipples. She moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair as my tongue alternated from one nipple to the other and I dropped one hand down to caress her pussy through her panties. I knew that she’d already been pretty worked up and that this likely had her pussy nearly overflowing, which made me want to both lap up all of those juices and slip my cock into her to enjoy all of the lubrication. I decided to do both, one after the other.

I abruptly dropped down again to slide her panties down, revealing her trim, brown bush once more. I had her sit up on the edge of the desk while I sat in the chair and positioned myself in front of her. She leaned back on her elbows and, after giving her naked body another once-over, I lowered my face toward her pussy. I ran my tongue along her slit, causing her to moan softly while I tasted the abundant juices that she was producing. I slurped up her juices for a bit before focusing my tongue on her clit while slipping a finger into her hot, wet pussy. I slowly slid it in and out while licking and sucking her clit as she gripped my head and began breathing heavily. Since we had the time, I was putting more of an effort into drawing out the pleasure rather than just pushing her toward an orgasm. While I’m sure she appreciated this, I was also enjoying the opportunity to eat her pussy for longer.

Things had gone extremely well all day so I was feeling confident that I’d have more opportunities to eat her pussy but I also expected that I’d probably spend a lot of time that night thinking about all that had happened between us. I wanted to be able to look back and feel like I’d taken full advantage of that final opportunity of the day to devour her pussy so my goal was to eat her for as long as possible without crossing that line between providing pleasure and denying her an orgasm. As her pussy continued to become even wetter and more engorged while her breathing rate also increased, I was thinking how nice it was going to feel when I slipped my cock into her, so it seemed like the right time to finish up with eating her and start fucking her. My focus switched to getting her the rest of the way there and she started tensing up almost immediately.

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