Sensual Meeting with a Stranger

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Prior to your meeting with the handsome stranger known only from photos and listening to his silky sonorous voice on the phone; you bathe and moisturize your body taking special care to slightly perfume your ample breasts and recently shaved pubic area. Only enough perfume, lest you lose the sensual aroma of musk emanating from your sex.

You feel elated as you select your favourite bra and silk panties. You inhale the sweet fragrance of perfume and slowly commence to caress your firm round breasts tweaking your nipples to hardness.

As you place the bra on your lovely breasts your nipples become erect and rigid against its sheer silky smoothness. The sensation sends a shiver down your spine which arouses and moistens you in the depths of your vagina. Now, feeling aroused and with nipples erect, you bend down and start to slowly slip into your favourite fresh silk panties with legs opening slightly as the panties slowly move up your newly shaved legs.

You feel the sensation of smooth silk on your legs and inner thigh. It sends small tremors through your body.

You are lost in thought and begin to think about the meeting with the stranger. It begins to make you horny.

However, the feeling of arousal in your clitoris as the silky panties slowly move up to your now moist, freshly shaven pussy brings you back to reality. Silk on recently shaved legs is a secret, sensual, erotic pleasure enjoyable to you in your current excited mood.

You spread your legs ever so slightly and start to aimlessly caress your inner thighs. Your fingers move ever so slowly towards your moist pussy lips as you envision the upcoming meeting with the stranger. You cannot resist. Yes, a quick play with your clitoris as you fingers slides into your wet pussy. Oh so incredibly, dripping wet. You must decide; will you or will you not masturbate?

Only you will know when you meet with the stranger.

Feeling fully aroused/or satiated (your secret) you select your favourite sexy, short, low cut, black sheer dress that reveals and displays your ample bosom. Combined with your bra it creates an inviting deep cleavage to enhance your full sized breasts. It also allows you to show off your long shapely legs that are encased in long black silky stockings. Black, high heels complete your wardrobe.

The full effect of your choice of dress and accessories enhances your sensuality and feelings of arousal as you embark on a new adventure with a new lover. You are now ready to depart and meet the stranger.

In the long hallway as you put on your coat, you glance at yourself in the mirror. You notice that special glow of arousal in your face which immediately translates into a warm feeling in your pubic area. You leave your apartment floating on air feeling completely in command with the beginning of the first flush of arousal of many to cum this evening.

You arrive at the bar feeling very sensual from the silk lingerie pressing on your flesh. Your erect nipples jut out from your ample bosom. Your sensuality is further enhanced by the sheerness of your silk panties where its soft texture is exciting to your skin and pussy.

Your senses are on fire and alert.

Who is this stranger, will he deliver, be handsome?

Butterflies in your stomach give a little flutter as you enter the bar. You enter as a fully confident sexy woman in the early stages of arousal.

The tall handsome stranger is sitting relaxed at the booth; it is he from the photo.

Your heart gives a little flutter, not bad, you think. He stands and kisses you on the cheek like old friends. He makes some small talk as he takes your hand.

You instantly feel his touch, it is electric and it moves through your body causing all the nerve endings to tingle. So soon you think and now you know that the initial chemistry between you is right.

Your senses are on heightened alert. You kartal escort are feeling more aroused than when you left your apartment as a drop of aroused juices emanating from you’re dripping wet pussy slowly falls onto your panties emitting a musky scent.

So the dance begins.

He assists you in removing your coat that reveals your low cut dress displaying your ample cleavage. He takes your coat; he gently touches your bare arm sending electric waves through your body which enhance your erect nipples as they attempt to burst through the fabric of your sheer silk bra and dress.

His hand lingers on your arm where it feels like a burning sensation though pleasurable. He has an enigmatic smile as you see him discretely taking in your body with your ample cleavage, fishnet stockings and heels. You feel in command.

You sit across from him with your skirt rising up your thigh as you cross your legs which are slightly opened. You want him to see your wet silk panties, so you slowly open your legs where the prized hot wet shaved pussy lies begging for attention. From the photos you sent the stranger, he knows of your ample breasts and shaved pubs with long legs that are now covered in black silky stocking.

Your body’s reaction and arousal further signal to you that the initial chemistry between you and the stranger is so right.

You are excited and extremely wet. You feel the panties cling to your shaved sex and you can ever so slightly smell the musk emanating from your pubic area. It is overpowering the sweet smelling perfume applied earlier. As you become more self aware of your wetness you wriggle slightly in your seat.

The gentle softness of the cushioned seat on your wet panties is an added unexpected pleasure as you feel your bottom sink in. Your wet silk panties shift ever so slightly so that the feeling of wetness is now all overpowering. This makes you wetter and slowly, you open your legs for relief as you inhale the fragrance of your own musk emanating from your aroused pussy.

He smiles knowingly at you and you suspect he is aware of his effect on you and your body.

His face gives nothing away except he takes his index finger and slowly rubs it through his lips as if it is the most natural movement in the world. You open your legs wider and sit back provocatively in the booth.

Your now enlarged and erect nipples are obvious to him and others. You cannot resist as you slowly adjust your breasts for all to see. The tops of your swollen breasts and cleavage are exposed and this emboldens you. This small gesture causes every fibre in your body to explode; your nipples tingle; wetness flows from your pussy and a droplet of moisture forms and runs down your cleavage. He smiles and licks his lips provocatively mimicking your earlier movement.

This is it, you now face him and open your legs wide as your dress rides high up your thighs so that he can see your sodden wet silk panties; you squirm a little to make the point. You rise up slowly, provocatively and bend your head to whisper in his ear. You tell him that you have a surprise for him.

You excuse yourself and go to the washroom. There, while feeling very aroused, you remove your soaking wet silky panties. You smell the sweet aroma of your musk. Your shaved, naked pussy is now exposed to the cool air which makes you slightly dizzy but does not quench the fires burning inside you.

What has this man done!!!!

Fuck him you say. You have not felt this longing, desire, itch that needs scratching. No! More than that — you feel unadulterated LUST.

Before the day is out, you are going to make sure that this handsome stranger fucks you good to quench the fires burning deep in your pussy with his cum. Oh the longing; the desire to feel him inside you; to feel his body against yours; to explore every inch of him. Even without the wet panties, maltepe escort bayan it still does not ease the desire.

You walk back to the table and you feel your pussy juices flow warmly down on your inner thigh. On you walk back, your instinct is to rush over to the table, bend over and expose your naked dripping pussy in the air so that the stranger can take you from behind. Fuck you, stick his hard cock in your wet dripping pussy and fill you with cum to dampen the burning fire deep in your cunt.

You keep these thoughts to yourself as you demurely walk back to the table.

You wink at him and hand him the crumpled wet panties from which emanates your unique sexual musk as an attractant. He takes the offered panties in his hands raising them slowly to his face where he kisses the panties. He deeply inhales their delicate aroma. He hesitates and it appears to you that he is inhaling the essence of you. You notice he slowly moves his body and you see a bulge in his trousers as he become aroused.

He now moves over beside you and slowly begins to stroke your soft inner thighs which open to accommodate the caressing of his warm hands. His touch is magical and his warm hands on your black silky stockings permeate through your body sending rapid sensuous signals to every nerve endings. He starts to whisper in your ear, sweet dirty things that he is going to do to you later in bed. As you envision his actions while he whispers, you reach out for his now stiff cock straining in his trousers.

You gently rub and feel how responsive it is to your touch. You listen to his sweet melodious voice and feel every stroke of his hands. Your excitement increases; you’re freshly shaved pussy gushes and your engorged clitoris tingles. They now desperately ache for the touch of his warm hands.

He gently removes your hand from his now engorged cock pressing to escape the confines of his trousers as he whispers to you “that tool is for later use”.

The frustration builds in you, the tension, the desire to get under the table and suck his manhood is overpowering, all engulfing and you resign yourself to enjoy his slow, sensual touching. He strokes your inner thighs and he continues to whisper in your ear dirty, filthy things that he is going to do to you later; promising that every orifice in your body will probed, sucked, licked and fucked. You try to remain demur and stoic between the dirty talk and his warm caresses of your now wide open legs, available for all to see who walk past.

It is difficult to remain composed in the face of this unending pleasure and arousal, yet you still open your legs wider exposing your dripping wet pussy to the stranger. These only increases your sexual desires and their intensity cause your hot pussy juices to gush out on to the stranger’s hands as he nears you pubic area. You do not care; you are overcome with lust and desire. You just want this stranger to ease the tension by feeling his fingers on your clit, rubbing, playing with your clit, even a finger fuck would suffice now.

Instead, the stranger, feeling your intensity of arousal removes his hands and tells you to behave like a lady not like the slut you wish to be at this moment. You think, you bastard, you have me all wet and now you leave me like this with my pussy on fire wanting to feel your cock inside me.

The stranger moves back to his original seat facing you where he has a front seat view of your ample breasts, erect nipples and wet exposed pussy. He knows how wet and horny you are. He instructs you to discreetly play with your nipples through you clothing. Instinctively, you obey. He then instructs you to describe the sensations and arousals you are feeling. While you are speaking, now in a now raspy voice, you realize what a turn on this is. Your pussy is not only on fire, it is a hot cauldron of sexual lust; a furnace of hot pussy escort pendik juices that requires quenching from this stranger in front of you. You continue to discreetly play with your nipples and feel its effect; your desires and sensuality increases to the point where you beg the stranger, in a voice of desperation to sit beside you.

Only after you have described to him what you will do to him later does he relent and sit beside you. You notice how enlarged his cock is in his trousers as it strains to escape its confines. You involuntarily lick your lips in anticipation of sucking that cock. He moves ever so slowly aware that his engorged erection is fully visible to you. The stranger in a tease motion, sits ever so slowly beside you knowing your eyes are glued to his bulge as you yet again let out a sigh and lick your lips in anticipation.

His hands touch your inner thighs. You breathe in deeply; expand your chest to the point of where your now enlarged breasts with their erect nipples are bursting through your dress. Oh, Oh, Oh his fingers are so close to your open wet pussy, you wish with every fibre in your body for his fingers to touch your sodden pussy. Oh, the sensation of his touch is never-ending, firing every sensual synapse in your brain.

Suddenly, the stranger, feeling in control, stops short of your wet, aching pussy. He uses his fingers to make ever so gentle swirling motions on your inner thigh, just inches away from you nectar flowing pussy. It is excruciating agony but exceptionally pleasurable and sensual.

All you can do is to remain stoic and stop yourself from lowering your hand on his hard cock where you would masturbate him through his trousers. Doing this, you would play with your hot pussy for relief from these manifestly aroused sensations.

Oh the AGONY and NO ESTACY! Fuck. Fuck! Fuck! You think.

Instead, he removes his hands from your inner thighs and now they move slowly up over your body to your breasts. There, his fingers linger on your nipples momentarily. The effect is to send electric shock waves through your body, especially to the inner hot core of your pussy.

Can you hang on, will you cum? Oh FUCK, FUCK, you silently cry to yourself as the intense sensations permeate every part of your body. You feel light-headed. Your pussy juices are not flowing but gushing down your inner thighs.

The stranger continues to talk dirty to you while he raises his glass of wine to his lips. He sensually sips the wine. He states: to enjoy a good woman is like enjoying a good wine from the swollen ripe fruit, picked by gentle hands, handled with love, aged and wanting to be devoured by a willing partner who will linger over the wine, let it breathe like your pussy is now, and then savour the taste by slowly sipping its sweet nectar .

At this stage your senses, desires, and arousal are so great that you do not care about anything except to enjoy him, take him, lick him, suck him and finally fuck him here and now!.


You know that if you give in to your desires and play with yourself to alleviate the intensity of your arousal; the stranger will sit there with his erect cock covered and smile as you stifle your cum noises. He will lick his lips as he watches the pussy juices flow down your inner thighs as you cum.

This is too much and you suggest leaving and going back to your apartment which is within walking distance. He demurs and suggests you finish the wine as he wants to enjoy the full flush of arousal on you. You see him taking in every aspect of your arousal, pert, erect nipples, flushed face, wet flowing pussy, open inviting legs and low cut dress with your breasts practically in his face while you are inwardly begging, oh yes silently begging for relief.

Now you can only focus on feeling his hot hard cock inside you, pounding you, filling you with his cum to quell the raging fire deep in your cunt.

Finally as he finishes his wine, he indicates by silent gestures that it is time to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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