Spur of the Moment

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I could feel the coldness of the stone balustrade against the skin on my back.

I could hear myself panting, pleading with myself to cum. Henry’s cock was pounding into me, my body pressed up against the wall, with one leg raised, I knew that any moment someone could appear, and see us fucking.

But for that split second when my pussy pulsated, my whole lower body seemed to glow with both the heat of orgasm, and then the intense gush of semen inside me, I didn’t care.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, I don’t know what made me do that. I promised myself that I’d never get involved with a client.”

I was distraught, “Oh god!”

I was trying to pull my dishevelled dress back down, Henry was zipping up his trousers, and all he could say was, ” I’ve wanted you for months, Jill, you’ve always been very professional, and at last I’ve cracked that facade. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.”

I was looking after the sale of one of Henry’s properties, he’d been a client of mine years ago, at my last firm, and had always flirted with me.

Suddenly this year he’d contacted me about one of his rented properties, and my new firm had taken him on. The flirting had begun again, and foolishly I’d agreed to go with him to this party, hosted by another property developer. I went partly because of networking, but partly because I’d fallen out with my boyfriend.

I was divorced, not long fifty, my kids were grown up and at uni, and I needed a lift in my life.

When Henry suggested some fresh air, and a stroll in the garden, I sort of hoped he’d kiss me, even though I knew he was married. The wine had got to me, and my boyfriend hadn’t been very affectionate for several weeks.

Normally the kiss would have sufficed, but as we had walked, Henry had at first put his hand on my bare shoulders, which I hadn’t objected to, and then he let it slide down my back, until we’d turned the corner.

As we had reached the stone steps his fingers were stroking my butt.

In the shadows we both found ourselves looking at each other, and we kissed. It’s what I had wanted, and I felt terribly naughty, my heartbeat was raised, and I felt the guilt increase when I felt the warm feeling from my pussy.

When the kiss went on, and our tongues began to play, I felt Henry’s fingers exploring my breasts, My nipples were always an erogenous zone, and playing with my nipples always made me horny.

That was the moment I threw care to the wind. Henry was pulling my dress up, his fingers suddenly massaging my pussy through the thin fabric of my panties.

Briefly I said, “No….we mustn’t, we’ll get caught,” but as soon as he had pulled them aside, and his fingers had found my moist, partly open, pussy, I was gone.

I was aware of Henry undoing his trousers, and when I felt his erection against me, I raised one leg onto a garden planter beside us. Henry found the way, and pushed.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” was all I managed to say before the full on fucking began.

As we returned to the party I was quiet, I felt that I should have stopped it happening, but my soaking wet panties kaçak bahis siteleri told a different tale.

“Can you see if my dress is ok, or is it dirty? Look Henry, I don’t want you to think I’m easy, and please don’t let it interfere with our business arrangements. It just shouldn’t have happened.”

“Your dress is fine, Jill, I won’t do anything to risk your job, trust me.”

Back in the party we continued our socialising, until the evening came to a close. Henry drove me home, and although we spoke, it was mainly about Henry’s property portfolio.

Pulling up outside I was tempted to invite him in, but I resisted, and just said that I’d update him with progress on his sale on the following Tuesday.

The sale was completed two weeks later on a Friday just when my boyfriend went to stay with his ‘ex’ for some family occasion. I was hacked off so when Henry invited me for a drink after work, to celebrate the sale of his property, I accepted straight away.

We met at the pub opposite my office, where I sometimes went for lunch. Henry was happy that the sale went through without a hitch, and was grateful to me for that.

I couldn’t believe that two or three weeks before I’d had very public sex with him, but when he pulled the chair out for me to sit down, and perhaps deliberately brushed my ass, I felt an instant reaction in my pussy.

He was also pretty pissed off by his wife going away for the weekend with a bunch of old college friends, and he had not been invited.

It seemed we both had a grouse with our other halves, and I guess that’s why I accepted the second invitation to have dinner on the Saturday evening.

The meal was in a small bistro in a redeveloped part of town, a simple Italian meal, a pasta dish, tiramisu, lots of wine, then coffee.

Henry was remarkably erudite, and I loved his humour, even though he would occasionally be quite rude, with remarks about my butt!

We both knew that we would sleep together that night, both being unfaithful, both knowing we had this chemistry. But where?

I really didn’t want to invite him back to mine, and I was uneasy about sleeping in his marital bed.

But Henry had it covered.

“I have a friend who owns an apartment in that block over there,” he said, pointing out of the bistro window. “Shall we go?”

I didn’t need to speak, I just got up and followed him.

A hundred metre walk took us to the entrance. Using a code, Henry led me inside, and pressed the lift button. There were ten floors, he pressed number ten. As we travelled upwards we kissed, and my ass was stroked once more!

The lift opened directly into the apartment, interrupting our kissing.

The room was a huge lounge/kitchen, and almost open plan, with a bedroom, and a centrepiece kingsize bed. But what was most stunning was the whole of one side of the apartment was glass, overlooking, from on high, a square, with another similar block of apartments opposite.

“Wow!” I was slightly taken aback by the openness.

“Everyone can see us,” was my first observation.

Henry canlı bahis siteleri laughed, “It seems like it, but watch.”

He picked up what looked like a tv remote control, and pressed. Immediately the glass became opaque.

“See, no one can see in.”

He pressed it again. It became clear.

“Now you can see out and others can see in.”

And he pressed it a third time. It was still clear, but he added, “And now you can see out, but others can’t see in.”

“Oh my god,” I said, going up to the glass and looking out, all around. “You mean no one can see me here?”

Henry came and stood behind me.

“Look over there, second floor down.”

It took me a moment to focus.

“Jesus, they’re fucking!”

In clear view there was a young couple on a bed, limbs intertwined, the man on top of the woman, and his naked buttocks moving slowly up and down.

Henry laughed again, “Well either they want everyone to see, or he’s got his remote control on the wrong setting!”

As he said that, I felt the zip on my dress being pulled down.

My instinct made me try to turn around and grab Henry’s hand.

“Don’t stop me, I want you!” he said.

“But look……people might….oh god…..have you got the right setting?”

The zip came down and my dress just dropped away to the floor. Behind me he unclipped my bra and that fell too.

“Fuck,” I said. and I put my hands up to cover my breasts. Henry’s arms reached round, and he replaced my hands with his. I could feel his cock hard against my ass. I was standing in just my tiny panties, and hold ups, apparently exposed to the world.

The woman was now riding the man, her hips grinding in a circular motion, and her breasts swinging free.

As I looked at them, Henry’s hand slid down my stomach, and inside my panties. His fingers found my wetness, and then my clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh…….ohhh.” was all I said.

“Come to the bed,” Henry whispered, and he guided me to the middle of the room. As I lay down, I watched him remove his clothes, and I saw that he was already aroused.

He knelt between my thighs and I said once again, “Are you sure no one can see?”

“I’m positive,” he said, and pushed his face down between my thighs.

His tongue seemed like a snake, probing and moving from side to side. Within a few moments my pussy was soft, moist, alive, and when his tongue slid over my clit it was like a bolt of electricity through my body.

“Ohhhhhhhhh”…………it was so good, but still I was trying to see if we could be seen. The couple opposite were now relaxing on their bed after their exertions.

As Henry’s tongue went on and on, my anxiety was distracted, and when he moved up the bed, I just opened my thighs wider, just wanting him inside me, fucking me.

Uttering a long moan, I felt my pussy accepting the whole length of his cock.

“God yes, oh please,” I was lifting my body upwards against the first of his thrusts. The feeling of Henry’s taut body flexing and thrusting, the hair on his chest scraping my yasal bahis siteleri breasts, I was oblivious to his reaching out to press a button on the headboard that made the window clear both ways again.

Oblivious, that was, while he pounded inexorably on, making me writhe and buck beneath him, oblivious while he moved my legs over each of his shoulders and looked down at my face, as I got close to cumming.

One hand had my fingers gripping the edge of the mattress, the other clasping Henry’s upper arm, just as I reached the moment.

“Ohhhhhhhhh……..oh……oh……ohhhhhhh ………god!”

I could feel my body trembling in waves, and Henry actually laughed, which was disconcerting, but he hadn’t cum yet. I needed to change that.

Unhooking my legs, I managed to pull him onto his side. Briefly his cock slid out, but I threw my leg across him, and straddled his thighs.

He was still smiling when my pussy took him in once again. I wanted to make him cum, and I knew that he would be trying to control himself.

I began to shimmy my hips back and forth, which rubbed his cock to the maximum effect. He was watching my breasts hanging down, and swinging in rhythm to my hips. His smug look offered a challenge, so I lifted myself off, slid down his thighs, and took him in my mouth.

Tasting myself on his cock was a turn on for me, but when I heard him start to moan I knew that he was turned on too, and that I was going to get him there pretty soon.

His moaning became louder, and I could hear him start to take short intakes of breath.

I slid up his body once more, and mounted his cock. He couldn’t hold on, it was my turn to laugh, but only for the briefest of moments, because a movement from outside the window caught my eye.

In a flash, when everything seemed to happen at once, I felt Henry jerking and cumming inside me, and there, out of the window, across the square, was clearly visible the couple on their bed, focussed on watching us fuck.

“You bastard, oh fucking hell, you fucking knew.”

I jumped up, clutching my breasts, trying to cover them, just as Henry’s cock was still spurting semen, at first over my thighs, and then over his stomach.

“You’re a shit,” I cried as I ran into the bathroom.

I realised that whoever was out there had been clearly able to watch us fucking, for a good twenty minutes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I heard Henry saying, as he followed me into the bathroom. “I shouldn’t have done it, I don’t know what made me. Come back into the bedroom, and let’s talk, I’ve turned the window blank now.”

I peeped into the bedroom to make sure, and the window was opaque.

“You’re still a fucking bastard, It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have mixed business with pleasure, everyone says that.”

I needed to sit down, and I sat on the bed, holding a towel around me. Henry just put his arm around me.

It felt a bit strange, he was still naked, I was clutching the towel, but I was eventually calming down.

“Look, I’ve made a big mistake,” Henry said, “we both gave into temptation, and I cocked up, but I’m not going to regret going to bed with you.”

I looked up and stupidly relented. “Ok, I don’t want it to ruin our business relationship, and I’ve been bloody weak too.”

I was caught once again, and we kissed…..

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