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Hi, my name is Keri. I’m eighteen and I live with my mother and her new husband, Derick. My mother divorced my father three years ago and he lives across the country in New York where, since I live in California, Pomona area, I don’t see him very much. I guess now that I’m eighteen I could move back east and stay with him but he’s always busy working and I probably wouldn’t see him much. I like California anyway, the weather is so much nicer all year around. We have a house that looks over the valley and I like to get on the roof at night and look at the lights and enjoy the cooler air. My mom doesn’t know I do that, but it’s pretty easy from my bedroom window.

She met Derick about a year ago and they got married a few weeks back and now I have a new stepdad. He’s pretty cool, handsome and has kept himself in good shape for his age. Mom seems quite taken with him and is probably the happiest she’s been in ten years. After their honeymoon we all moved in together and I started to have to worry about what I wore around the house or to remember to lock my door and the bathroom. It was kind of odd to have Derick in the house now and having to change the way I lived slightly. I obviously knew he and Mom were having lots of sex. I could sometimes hear them going at it but that’s what headphones were invented for.

I was doing pretty good to not get in their way or interfere or be a distraction to them until last Thursday night when I was on the roof at about 11PM. I started hearing noises from below and realized Mom and Derick were going at it again. I turned my head and looked behind me to where I heard the noise and spied the bubble skylight that opened into my mother’s room. I don’t know why I did it but I snuck on my hands and knees for a look. Every so carefully I moved my head and looked down through the clear Plexiglas. My eyes widened big time with what I saw. Mom was on her hands and knees with Derick taking her from behind but it was the size of his cock that shocked me so much. It was huge, the biggest cock I had ever seen. His body moved at least eight or nine inches away from my mother with each thrust and I could tell he was leaving a good two or three inches still in her. I couldn’t turn away or even blink as I watched him pound his huge cock into my mother’s body over and over as she moaned and clenched the bedsheets in her fists. She finally had to put her face into her pillow to keep from being too loud as I saw her start to shake and tremble from what looked like a massive orgasm.

I could feel myself getting wet and my nipples pressing out in my braless night shirt I had on. What I was watching was so wrong but had me all sorts of turned on. Derick’s huge cock was coated in Mom’s juices and he pounded her all the way through her orgasm until she couldn’t take anymore and fell limp onto the bed. That’s when I finally got to see the entirety of his cock. When Mom fell forward he flipped out of her. It was spectacular and my mouth fell open. His head was purple and ready to burst, the length and girth was un-paralleled to anything I had even imagined before. Large veins were clearly defined along his shaft, pressing out among the hardened flesh. It looked longer and bigger around than my forearm, granted I’m a tiny petite little thing but still it was fucking huge. It only got better when he took hold of it in his large hand and stroked himself off onto my mother’s trembling back.

Huge bursts of thick white semen exploded from his purple head and splashed onto Mom’s back. It had to be seven or eight giant ropes before he began to dribble down onto her butt. I had never seen anything like it before and suddenly realized I was grinding on my clit with my right hand through my panties and night shirt. My mouth had fallen open, my breathing and heartrate had increased, I had to force myself to turn away and calm down.

Climbing back into my room, I pulled off my sweaty night shirt and stripped off my wet underwear, before getting into bed. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. That cock of Derick’s was so amazing I couldn’t stop thinking about it and imagined it inside me as I masturbated in my bed. I teased my clit and fingered myself with as many fingers as I could fit, pretending it was his cock. It was so wrong so dirty but I couldn’t stop and brought myself to a massive climax as I pretended he was cumming all over me with that huge cock in his hand. I fell asleep soon after and slept naked and wet but deep all night.


The next morning at breakfast I’m sure I was acting weird. I was quiet and reserved and tried not to make eye contact with either of them. I was a little ashamed about watching them having sex but couldn’t blame myself because of the spectacle it had been.

“You’re awfully quiet this morning,” my mother said.

“Must be tired,” I lied.

“Didn’t sleep well?” Derick asked.

“Guess not,” another lie.

Mom was just in her robe and Derick had on some sweat pants and a tee shirt. I stole a glance at his canlı bahis crotch and was surprised I hadn’t noticed it before. You could tell he had something big under there. I knew first hand now that’s for sure.

“Well, you can take a nap today we don’t have much planned,” Mom said.

I smiled politely and looked at my mother’s body in her robe compared to mine. She was taller and had much bigger hips and breasts. I must have gotten my tiny frame from my Dad’s side or something. I couldn’t stop thinking she was built more ideally for a cock like Derick’s. It got me thinking and wondering if he’d even fit inside me. I wasn’t a virgin, not even close. I’ve had several boyfriends but was in-between one at the moment. My last decided to break things off since he was going to college in a different State. I’m sure he wanted to screw other girls while he was there and I couldn’t blame him for that.

I had never seen an older man’s cock and I wondered if they just keep growing and that was why Derick’s was so big because none of my boyfriends had anything near the size Derick had. Or maybe he was just endowed more than others. Whatever it was it was enormous and I couldn’t for the life of me stop thinking about it. I might have stared a little too long at his crotch during breakfast thinking about it. I wasn’t quite sure if he noticed or not. I excused myself and went back to my room after eating.

About a half hour later, Mom knocked on my door and said she was running some errands and would be back in a couple of hours. I assumed Derick was going with her until I heard the shower turn on in their master bathroom. I was bored and my mind went to places it really shouldn’t since he was my new stepdad but I thought about him in the shower soaping up his giant penis and making it get hard and long with the soap. I worked myself up enough to do something stupid. I got off my bed and went out into the hall. Mom’s door was open slightly leading into their room. The bathroom is further back with its own separate door. I knew Mom wouldn’t be back for a while and decided to sneak in because the shower was still running. I didn’t know what I might see if anything but my arousal was apparently in control of my actions. Inside the room I looked up at the skylight above the bed and smiled as I walked toward the bathroom door.

It was slightly ajar, giving me a tiny glimpse inside. The shower glass was mostly fogged up by then but I could still see the blurry outline of Derick’s long flaccid cock wobbling back and forth between his legs as he washed himself. It was another deer-in-the-headlights moment for me and I couldn’t turn away as I watched him shower. I wanted a better look because the crack in the door wasn’t big at all. I don’t know why I did it but I parted the gap a little bit more with my fingers and continued to watch. Suddenly, Derick looked out of the fogged glass at the door and must have seen me because he said.

“Babe? That you? You already back?”

I didn’t answer, instead I turned and practically ran back in my room. I cursed myself for being really unwise. He had to know someone was watching him and he wasn’t stupid. He’d know it was me. I was busted big time. I could just see him telling my mother and then her confronting me. My life was over. I dreaded the next hours, locked in my room. The shower had turned off and I didn’t hear from Derick assuming he was waiting for my mother to come home. When she did I expected the knock on my door and the angry confrontation that would come with it but it never happened. Derick had apparently never told my mother or maybe he thought he imagined it or something. I tried to act normal around her and him and thought I was in the clear for a few days.

About a week passed and I was out on the roof enjoying the evening once again when I heard them making love. Since nothing had happened since the bathroom I thought I was in the clear so decided to take a peek again. This time Derick was on his back and Mom was riding his big cock, holding her breasts in her hands and riding him like a pro. I couldn’t see what I wanted to see and was hoping they’d change positions so I could get a glimpse of his massive dick. Problem was, he was on his back and I must have moved too far into view because his eyes suddenly locked with mine and he smiled as my mother was riding him. For that split second I didn’t move and I knew he knew everything. He knew I had spied on him in the shower and he knew I was spying on them now and he liked it and smiled.

I quickly pulled my head away and quietly returned to my room, my head a whirlwind of thoughts. He was keeping my voyeurism to himself. What could that mean? He didn’t want to tell my Mother because he knew I’d get in trouble and apparently he didn’t mind me watching or he would have told her. That was kind of creepy but then again I was the creepy one. I wondered if he’d ever confront me or just let it go and call it curiosity of a teenager. I got my answer a few days later.

I bahis siteleri was in the shower this time. I had locked the bathroom door and I knew my mother was gone again and Derick was home. The problem is the bathroom locks are just simple holes where you can press a wire hanger or some kind of narrow tool and easily unlock the doors. He must have done this because as I washed myself up I suddenly got this uneasy sensation of being watched. When I looked at the door to the bathroom I saw that it was open slightly and there he was peeking in and watching me bathe.

“Derick! I see you?” I said quite loud.

“And I see you,” he responded, letting himself into the bathroom.

I covered myself as best I could behind the foggy glass and yelled for him to get out.

“Oh calm down, Keri. I know you’ve been doing the same to me. I’m just repaying the favor.”

“If you don’t leave I’m going to tell my mother!” I said.

“No you won’t… because if you do I’ll tell her what you’ve been doing.”

I was stuck. This whole thing had blown up in my face like I thought it would. There this man was, standing in my bathroom looking at me though the glass as I held an arm over my breasts and a hand over my sex. I was pretty sure he couldn’t see much if anything, kind of like when I spied on him in the shower but I was sure he knew I had probably seen a lot more from the skylight. I didn’t know what to do but put on a brave face and be bold.

“Fine, so what do we do now?” I asked.

“That’s up to you?” he responded.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Well, I’m assuming you saw something you liked from the skylight and that’s why you tried to see more in the bathroom. Am I right?”

I grit my teeth and answered boldly. “Yes, you’re right.”

“I thought so. Now the choice is yours whether or not you’re going to continue your little fun, but if you do then you have to return the favor by letting me watch you.”

“Oh, so like I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?” I said as snotty as I could.

“Exactly, do you have a problem with that?” he asked.

“Nope,” I said, opening the shower door and removing my hands so he could see everything I had to show.

He just stood there looking at me with a slight grin on his handsome face, taking my wet, petite body in. He was just wearing a robe and I quickly noticed his penis was hardening underneath as he took me in.

“I can tell you like what you see,” I said.

“Yes, you’re a very beautiful young woman. Your blond hair looks darker when wet, tight body, perky little breasts and I see that you shave your sex,” he said critiquing me.

“Yes and can you tell I’m getting cold standing here wet as well?” I asked, as my nipples began to go taunt.

He moved forward toward me and I suddenly became nervous until he simply took my towel off the rack and handed it to me. He then smiled, turned and left the bathroom. I was shaking as the door closed and it wasn’t because I was cold.


I couldn’t believe that actually happened and it took me a while to process it all. I finally came to grips about our apparent arrangement after I settled down about having stood naked and wet in front of my stepdad and watched his huge cock grow under his robe. Somehow I had agreed to this? Somehow I had agreed to let him see me naked as long as I continued to see him naked. That’s what we agreed on, right? Was that all or would this go places I wasn’t prepared to let it go?

We now had this secret from my mother as well an every time we saw each other it was there between us. This secret my mother didn’t know. He would smile that smile, and look me up and down, but I would do the same to him. It became this little game between us, something we could do behind my mother’s back. That’s where it stayed for a good two weeks though. I didn’t go onto the roof and I didn’t sneak into his bathroom even though I had plenty of opportunities. I had stopped out of guilt of him knowing. Out of shame and a little fear. I wanted to. I heard them having sex and it was very difficult not to go up and look and it was even harder not to go into my mother’s room when she was gone to watch him shower.

One day after the two weeks, Derick came up to me and asked, “I guess you made your decision since I haven’t seen your face in the skylight or at the door to my shower? Too bad because last night I really took it to your mom. She came three times.”

It was disgusting and I should have been mortified but I wasn’t. I wished I had seen it because before I put my headphones in I heard them going at it and almost went to the roof but stopped myself. Now I wished I hadn’t because I was sure he was telling the truth.

I put on my disgusting look and said, “Gross… as if,” and walked away. I was pretty sure he saw right through me.

I thought about it all day and was actually hoping they’d make love again that night because I was done trying to avoid it. I wanted to see his cock again bahis şirketleri and his body. I got on the roof just in case and waited by the skylight but the sounds I heard were just them talking and then the light went out and nothing happened. I was on the roof every night that week until I finally heard the noises that I was wanting. Mom was cooing and moaning softly and I turned to the skylight and looked in. She was half naked with her night dressed pulled up. Derick had her underwear to one side and was licking her sex I assumed. All I could see was the back of his head. He munched on her for a good while before she rose up, now naked, and went after him.

It was odd watching my mother act this way. She turned into a different person, clawing and yanking his shorts and underwear down to reveal his half erect cock. She grabbed it with both hands and shoved it into her mouth. She started sucking him like a professional whore. I never expected this from my mother but there she was taking over half of Derick’s extensive cock in her mouth and stroking the base she couldn’t fit. Fuck it was so hot and I started playing with my clit as I watched her suck and stroke, wishing it was me giving him head. Her large breasts jiggled as she worked, sucking him like a pro and playing with his shaft and large balls.

Suddenly, Derick’s head fell back in what looked like pleasure but I knew he was checking the skylight. Our eyes met and I quickly ducked out of the way but didn’t leave. He knew I was watching so why not watch because I knew what I would have to do now that he saw me so I needed to get my fair share out of it. I moved my head back into view and he smiled up at me as my mom continued to suck his big cock.

My hand found my sex again and I ground the thin cotton of my underwear on to my hard clit as mom sucked and sucked for at least five more minutes. She then fell back on the bed, spread her legs and welcomed Derick into her open, wet sex. I watched every inch enter her and wondered where it all could possible go. I don’t know how Mom took it all but she not only took it she loved it wanting him to immediately pound her. Foreplay was over. Mom wanted his cock hard and fast and he gave it to her as well as squeezed and fondled her big round orbs. He was on his knees and had great leverage and access to her body.

He went to town and Mom began to moan and scream through clenched teeth. Every now and then Derick would throw his head back and look up at me but Mom never did. She was too caught up in his cock and the pleasure to care about a spying daughter in a skylight. He brought her to a climax in this position about five minutes later. I watched my mother’s nipples harden and watched her start to tremble before her body convulsed in rhythmic contractions as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Watching her, I was so fucking jealous I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to cum like that and feel like she must have been feeling to look the way she looked. I wanted Derick’s big cock in me and to experience it fill me to the max and make me cum. I had never be so jealous in my life, sitting on the hard roof, grinding my clit and wishing I was my mother. Derick had staying power I’d never seen. Usually the guys I’ve been with cum way before I do and then they are useless but not Derick. He fucked Mom all the way through her long orgasm and still didn’t cum. He finally had to slow down and catch his breath and let Mom catch hers.

About a minute later, Mom rose up and pulled him down onto his back before getting on top to ride him. This was where it got way too personal. Derick just stared up at me the entire time as Mom rode his cock up and down up and down for much longer than I expected. He didn’t take his eyes off of me and I didn’t turn away either. I just watched him getting fucked and wishing it was me doing it as I played with my very wet sex.

He finally broke eye contact and I read his lips and slightly heard him say he was going to cum to my mother. She got off of him instead of letting him cum inside of her. I couldn’t believe what she did next. It was right out of a porno or something. My mother… my forty-four year-old mother sucked and stroked him into her mouth, letting his huge load fill her mouth and spill over onto his stomach as it overwhelmed her. When I looked away from his convulsing cock, Derick was staring at me. He was watching me as he came in my mother’s mouth.

Holy fucking shit… what have I gotten myself into?


I expected it. I almost welcomed it when the door to the bathroom opened while I was in the shower again. He walked right in and didn’t say a thing.

“About time. I was almost ready to get out,” I said.

“Did you enjoy the show last night?” he asked.

“To be honest, yes. My mother surprises me,” I said turning off the water and opening the door for him to view me.

He stood by the sink, looking me up and down and grinning. “Yes, she’s quite the different person in the bedroom I’ll admit.”

I just stood inside the shower dripping dry with my nipples starting to grow as the cold air hit them. I expected him to hand me my towel but he didn’t. He just stood there watching me drip before speaking again.

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