Surprise! I Am Home! Ch. 2

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Again I was sitting in Mack’s bar and grill having a few drinks. I was so stimulated by what I saw I still had a hard on an hour later. Me John Wright of 1818 Lord Court has spend half of the day watching my son, lick , and fuck his mother. Of course I can understand that once Mark got a little of his mother’s pussy he would have to have more. Mill is an exciting and very active lover.

From the very first time I got her into my bed, which at the time was the back seat of my Ford four door. It was exhilarating just to be lose to her. I could not think of how such a thing could have got started, but it has, so now that my son and wife are lovers I may as well take advantage of this situation. I was seeing it all over again in the mirror behind the bar. Mill sucking Marks cock, what a sight that was. My god the boy has a cock larger than I have. Oral sex contact between the mouth and a sex organ is something that can turn a person on of either sex. Mill can through oral sex make a man, (me) and now my son feel as if sex was meant to be this way.

The inserting of the penis into a woman’s well fucked pussy is secondary to oral sex. Instead of the other way around. I guess what makes oral sex with Mill so wonderful is when she lets you know she wanted to suck your cock, she wants to feel your cock in her mouth. She is not sucking your cock because you want her to or because you think it is exciting, Oh, no Mill sucks cock for one reason only and that reason is that Mill wants feel your cock in her mouth and she will make you ejaculate in her mouth. Mill once told me she gets aroused just from the feel of a cock in her mouth. Soft skin, smooth head and all that stuff.

After a couple of drinks I am thinking I better go on home and let them know that I know and see what happens. I am not mad at either of them. Hell, life goes on and one has to make do with what you have.

Standing in the center on my own bedroom I was looking at two very shocked and surprised set of eyes.

“Now listen” I said, “ I know what has been going on and I can see where this could happen. illegal bahis I am not mad or upset (now) that is. So we may as well make the best of this. How about if I join in and make this a family of three?”

Mill jumped up from the bed and ran into my arms. We kissed and almost without thinking I cupped her lovely breasts in my hands. Mill said, “ Oh my, John I was so worried I knew that you would find out sooner or later.? Mill kissed me again and called over her shoulder to Mark. ” Son come and give your father a hug.” Mark was slow to move but he did come to us . We three stood hugging and babbling crazy words about love, need and great sex in a three way.

My cloths were dropping as we moved back to the bed. Mill in my arms, bout of us nude now. Mark was behind his mother kissing her on the neck and I think he was rubbing his cock up the crack of her tight little ass. Mill I said, “ I need a good cock sucking to get me in the mood and to bring me up to speed on this threesome thing. I was resting with my back up on the headboard with Mill between my legs. Mark was behind his mother his hands gripping her by the hips. He was smiling at me over her back and bobbing head. I said, “ Your mother is the best cocksucker I have ever known don’t you agree.?” Mark let out a hardy laugh in agreement. Mill lifted her mouth off my cock and turned to look back at Mark. “ Baby, if you want to fuck me in the ass , go get the K-Y jelly first.

I reached out and pushed her mouth back down over my throbbing hard on. I was so excited by the thought of my son screwing her in the ass I damn near shot off right then. I ask. “ Mill is this the way you want it from now on the two of us when ever we are all to together?” she some how nodded with out taking her mouth off my cock. I watched as Mark returned from the bathroom with a tub of lubricant. He was rubbing his hand up and down the crack of her ass. Then I saw his hand move back and forth I knew with out seeing it that he was working a finger or two in and out of his mother tight little ass hole. Then again maybe it was not so tight anymore. illegal bahis siteleri I would find out for myself a little later.

I felt Mill jerk as she felt Marks cock slowly slide up her ass. Mark was still looking at me and smiling. I don’t know what happened about then. I pulled free from Mill and swung my feet to the floor. I grabbed the K-Y jelly and rubbed a generous amount of it on my cock head. I push Marl forward pinning him bent over his mother I stood with one leg foot on the floor and the other up on the bed. I grabbed Mark by the hips and slammed up cock up his ass.

Mark cried out for I had taken no easy way about it. He raised his head and cried out again as I slammed into him the second time. My cock was up his ass to the hilt. Never in my life had I ever wanted to screw a man but I wanted Mark to know how it felt to screw someone in the ass. He was somehow still screwing his mother and I felt her twist and cry out. “Oh, my God. fuck me I am gong to cum” I was beside myself with wild rage of some kind, I felt my balls tighten and I shot off filling my son ass with my load. Damn that felt good.

Mark jerked and rammed his mother and he let go a load filling her bowels as well. I think I needed this to get over any rage I felt from finding him screwing his mother. I pulled free of Mark and walked to the bathroom. I was in the shower when Mill came in to join me. “John, I think you made a point and Mark is sorry for being such a jerk about you joining us. He really did want to have me for himself. But I think he sees now that a family can be one loving family.” “Mill I can see how this happened and I guess I am OK with it. I hope I did not hurt Mark. “

Mill told me Mark had gone to his room and would meet us down stairs later. I stood there looking into the eyes of my wife of over twenty years. In twenty years now many times had I made love to this woman? How many times had I screwed her just for the fun of it? How many times had she sucked me off just because she liked to taste my sperm? I was feeling things that I had not felt in sometime. canlı bahis siteleri I was once again feeling true love for my wife. I had watched her suck our son’s cock, I had watched him fuck her and now together in the shower my arms around her I was once again starting to feel for her as I did the first time I made love to her. I kissed her and she kissed me back like old times. I was sure Mill was feeling the same thing as I was. I said, “ Mill go talk to Mark and tell him all is forgiven and I want him to join us once again in our bedroom. Let’s start this all over again. What do you say?” Mill agreed and still dripping she went to talk to Mark. I grabbed a towel and walked to Mark’s room.

There standing in the center of his room was Mill naked with her arm around Mark’s shoulders. She had a hold of his cock and she was talking to him. I could not hear what she said, but he was smiling when he looked up to see me standing in the door way. “ Dad,” was all he said, and that was enough for me. I took him in my arms and hugged my son. Mill was between us our arms were around her as well as each other. Mil dropped to her knees between us. Still holding her son’s cock she took my cock head in her mouth. sucking my cock for only a few seconds she went from me to Mark. She smiled up at us and said, “ I love you both.” Mark said, “ Yes Mom and we love you to.” I lifted my wife to her feet and we three returned to our bedroom. There I told Mark to fuck his mother as I wanted to watch and would join in when I was ready. I told him what happened earlier would never happen again. He said, “ Gee Dad, I never had that happen to me before , but you know it was not all that bad.” He laughed and went on, “ At least now I know what Mom is feeling when I fuck her in the ass. God know I love to fuck her ass.”

I said, “ Son so do I”

I watched as Mark got comfortable between his mother’s legs which were open for him. His cock slipped into her cunt easy and I could see she loved the way it felt. I got so fucking horny watching my son fuck his mother I got the largest hard on in my life. I went up next to Mil so she could suck my cock as Mark started to jerk and fill his mother cunt with his cum. I could see where this is the way it should be between loving members of a incest family. I almost wished we had a daughter as well.

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