The Cabin

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Joseph Rodney Harrison was a career Navy man. He loved his job and commission. He was a Commander and had close to 26 years in the service. He figured that in 4 more years he would make captain and retire with 75% of his income. His wife Jessica was the love of his life and with her they spawned 2 lovely identical twin daughters, Jackie and Joanie.

Rod, as his friends called him, adored his family and when he was home, there was little time for anything else besides making love to his lovely wife. He cherished her body and worshiped the ground she walked upon. She in turn was the perfect wife. Very attentive to social functions and was a perfect mother to the twins. In the bedroom, Rod had nothing to want for, her body always excited him. They often spent hours making love and playing in the bedroom. Jess loved his cock and made sure that he was always satisfied. Probably from the old saying “A girl in every port” is what kept her libido up and Rod perfectly satisfied.

Jess was no prude in the bedroom, and she showed him tricks that made sure he would never look anywhere else. No subject was taboo to her and she loved to have his cock in every hole. Jessica enjoyed making love to her husband and was one of the few women he knew that could deep throat him. She often chortled that because of this feat it was the reason he married her. You see, Rod was aptly named; he had a 9″ cock.

Rod and Jess had bought some property in a remote area in Colorado where they were planning for their retirement. They figured in 4 years the girls would be 18 and go away to college and then the two of them could finalize his retirement in the “cabin” as they called it.

The cabin was a beautiful log home nestled in the middle of their 500 acres located near San Isabel, Colorado. Not to far from civilization that they would never see anyone, but their road was private and gated so when they went there when he was on leave, they were very much alone. Nothing but the wild life entered their property.

Rod had his life planned out and everything was going his way. That all changed on that fateful Saturday when Jess went to the local meat market to pick up some dinner for herself and the girls. Jess usually shopped on base, but she really wanted some steaks from that market that would butcher their own beef and she just loved the steaks they had. She had just stepped out of her car and saw a group of kids that were walking in her direction when a car drove by with a kid hanging out of the window with an automatic weapon. They opened fire and killed two of the kids and Jess.

Rod heard the news a day later as he was on deployment and involved in top-secret maneuvers. It took a couple of days and a lot of lost sleep but he arrived home to find his daughters with red eyes from crying. His brother had flown in and stayed with the girls till Rod showed up. Bill gave his condolences and left him with his daughters. The next few days were pretty much of a blur for the family and Rod knew that his life was going to change drastically.

Rod resigned his commission and took an early retirement. He moved with the girls up to the cabin and decided to start over. He spent the next year trying to forget about Jess, but every time he looked at his daughters they reminded him of her. Their long blonde hair, and developing bodies reminded him every day how beautiful Jessica was. Rod tried to busy himself with work on the cabin and property to overcome his grief but it did little to sway the feelings he held for Jess.

Rod turned to his computer and started to look over the pictures and movies he had of his former life and then he found the pictures he had taken of him and Jess in their more intimate moments. They had made many movies burning most of them to disc. He had almost forgotten etlik escort that he had them because they were in safe tucked away in one of their many boxes.

He opened the first movie and instantly remembered the night they made the movie. The bad sailor in front of the captain’s mast. Jess was the naughty sailor caught masturbating in the commanders’ quarters and Rod was the one conducting the proceedings. How seductive Jess looked in her tight uniform that didn’t really cover anything. Her big breasts were barely covered and her areolas were just visible above the vee in her jersey. The short shorts she wore showed clearly the camel toe she was hiding under them. What a naughty tart she was before the judge.

Rod watched the movie and was immediately aware of the huge erection he was sporting. He needed relief. His hand went to the throbbing member and he took it out of his pants and began pounding out his memory of that moment. He quickly came all over his hand and even squirted some on his computer and screen. Realizing he might not be alone he looked around and saw no one and quickly cleaned up the mess in front of him and flushed at himself as he realized what he just did.

Rod wasn’t a prude, but he did think that as he was caught up in the moment, and that because his door was open, anyone could have walked in on him or seen what was happening, especially his daughters. The thought did embarrass him a bit.

He was surprised that there were so many movies and pics in the safe. Jess must have recorded all their sessions. Rod smiled to himself, this was going to take awhile to view all these movies and relive his past. The one movie that surprised him was of Jessica and her favorite toy. She had made a cast of Rod cock and had a latex replica of it that she often used when he was at sea. Rod enjoyed watching her swallow the entire fake phallus as she obviously posed for the camera. What ever happened to that thing he wondered? With all the commotion of her death and the move it must be packed away in some box somewhere. Rod made a mental note to himself to find it and put it safely away so the twins wouldn’t accidentally find it.

Rod whiled away many hours and days watching the movies and masturbating to the many escapades and antics his wife performed especially the ones where he was deployed and she played by herself. He also made sure that he was alone in the house, as he didn’t think it would be to cool for his kids to catch him in compromising situations. He would watch them for hours on end. How he loved his wife.

The day had finally come, the twins were having their 18th birthday and they were giddy with excitement. Rod had mused on how the time had flown by. It seemed like only yesterday that they moved to the cabin and the girls and him had started a new life. The twins seemed very different today and Rod was curious as to what they may be up to. When he queried as to their intentions all he got in reply was “don’t worry dad”, or “nothing”.

Jackie, being the older by a matter of minutes, was the more aggressive of the two and she was pulling her sister to the side and whispering in her ear at which the two girls would giggle and squeal only adding to the curiosity of their father who continued to look at them with confused looks. This only seemed to get the girls giggling more. The day wore on and Rod went all out to prepare a wonderful dinner for his daughters and they were very appreciative. After dinner the girls excused themselves for a few minutes to go their room and change into some lounging clothes they said and then the three of them sat down in the den and had some brandy. Rod wasn’t into contributing to minors, but he felt that this was a special occasion and he knew the girls weren’t going etlik escort bayan out tonight so a few glasses certainly wouldn’t do any harm.

It was after the second glass of brandy was drunk and a third was poured for everyone that Jackie and Joanie looked at each other and nodded. Jackie got up and walked over to her dad and with Joanie in tow they stood there and broke the confusion in Rod’s head.

“Dad, we know it’s our birthday, but we want to give you a present.”

They looked at each other, giggled once more and opened their robes to reveal two magnificent naked bodies, toned and tanned, stunning in their beauty and perfection. Rod was dumbfounded and knew he shouldn’t look but he could not turn his head away. The twins dropped their robes and moved toward their dad who was powerless to move and let them descend upon his already reacting body. The girls moved his legs apart and each one landed on a knee.

Jackie moved closer to her dad and pushed her breast into his face, which he instinctively drew into his mouth to savor the small rubbery nub of a nipple. Joanie moved her hand up her father’s thigh and into his crotch to feel the hardening member under his pants. Her ministrations prompted his cock to jump up and tent his trousers. She undid his zipper and pulled down his pants freeing the stiff erection to her delight and amazement. She had practiced with the replica but to see the real thing started her juiced flowing. Joanie slid off her dad’s knee and moved to the floor between his legs. She kissed his cock from his balls to the tip and slid her tongue slowly up and down making his member wet and throb with anticipation.

Joanie slid her mouth to the tip of his cock and slowly descended on it till the entire member was in her mouth. Rod groaned and bit Jackie’s tit, which made her flinch a bit, and her tit came free from his mouth. The cool air stiffened her nipple and the roughness of it dragged across Rod’s face. He shot his load into his daughter’s mouth and she swallowed every drop. Joanie did not stop sucking his cock, instead, she continued until she felt him stir again and make him stand at attention. When it was completely stiff again, she got up and tapped her sister on the shoulder. Jackie got up and straddled the member taking it deeply into her pussy.

Joanie looked at her and said, “Much better than the plastic one, huh?”

Jackie did not answer, but the look of satisfaction on her face let her sister know that Jackie was in heaven. Rod was unsure of what was happening, but his other head took over and did the thinking for him. He was so caught up in the moment that his eyes were glazed over and he was not even sure of what he was seeing. Jackie rode his cock like a pro and Joanie leaned in and kissed him on the lips. That kiss, one he seemed to know so well, was enough to make him reel and start to buck up against his daughter. Jackie squealed with delight and the lovemaking became more intense, Rod trying to impale his daughter and Jackie grinding her pelvis down into his groin. Rod exploded into Jackie and she had an immediate reaction in her own orgasm. Rod could feel her pussy grab onto his cock and squeeze all the love juice out of him. Rod can never remember any ejaculation that was better than the one he just experienced.

Jackie slid off her father and worked her way down to his penis and picked it up and started to suck it. Rod felt his cock start to stir again and wondered what these two vixens were up to now. Joanie left the room for a minute and returned shortly while her sister had sucked Rod’s cock into the stiff member yet again. Joanie saw what Jackie had done and kissed her on the cheek and said, “Ok, I got it from here”.

Joanie straddled her fathers lap and Jackie guided escort etlik the stiff prick into her sisters ass hole which she had lubed when she left the room. Joanie slid slowly down wincing a bit at the size and stiffness, but proceeding until his entire cock was in her ass. She rested for a few minutes feeling the hard cock throb in her bowels and when she got used to it being there, she started to gently ride it up and down. Rod felt his cock slide in his daughter’s ass and it felt wonderfully tight. He was enjoying the firmness of her thighs as they gripped his own and he started to work his own hips to ram his cock into her. Jackie stood up and moved close to her dad. Once again, he took one of her lovely tits into his mouth and she moaned.

“Thanks dad, we have wanted this for a long time but we were quite unsure how you would deal with it.”

Rod looked up at Jackie and she smiled at him and then bent down to kiss him. Joanie continued to ride his cock gently up and down knowing that this was going to take awhile as he had already had two orgasms men did not recover very well. His cock was hard and felt good to her and she just decided to enjoy the ride as long as she could. She could also feel her own orgasm building. She loved anal orgasms because they were more intense for her than the ones she got from her pussy. She wanted to last for her dad because she desperately wanted to feel his hot cum enter her bowels so she continued to ride slow and easy.

Rod was very much enjoying the ass fuck from his youngest daughter and began to wonder how it was that these two wanton ladies had so much experience. Joanie felt her orgasm coming and started to ride the beast inside her more intently. Rod felt his cock begin to swell and knew that he was going to cum soon. He started to pump his little girl and then his balls started to boil and his cum was rising from his tired and overused nuts into the rectum of his daughter. Joanie felt the first squirt of his ejaculation and her own orgasm hit so hard she passed out. She slumped forward onto her dad who continued to jack his cock into her ass until he was spent.

Rod’s cock slipped out of Joanie with an audible pop and Jackie went to the bathroom to get a washcloth. Joanie stirred and Rod hugged her tightly.

“That was amazing honey, where did you girls learn to do these things?”

“We’ve been practicing for years dad.”


“Just after mom died and we moved here, we found her dildo, then we saw you watching those movies and pics so when you were out we watched them and learned how to do all those things mom did for you.”

Jackie returned with the washcloth and washed her dad off. “It was hard at first to take that thing, but we just kept at it till we could take it in every hole all the way down.”

Rod had wondered what had happened to that thing, now he knew. He smiled to himself.

“We just wanted to help you out, cause we know how much you miss mom.”

“We also thought that our 18th birthday was the perfect time to show you what we learned. Did you enjoy your present?”

Rod’s head was reeling, on the one hand he had just committed incest with both of his daughters, but on the other hand he had never been so satisfied in his life. He wanted to run away but he wanted to be with these two lovely ladies for the rest of his life. Jackie and Joanie had again resumed their places on his knees and were kissing his cheeks. His hands roamed over their strong bodies gently caressing their buttocks and he knew his decision was already made.

Rod kissed his daughters in turn and said, “Let’s get some sleep, you girls wore me out and I need to rest.”

“Can we sleep with you?’

Jackie was very hard to say no to especially when she looked at him with those puppy dog eyes.

“C’mon, but just sleep for now, tomorrow is another day.”

The girls bounded up and grabbed their dad’s arms and drug him up the stairs. They very happily jumped into bed and slept very soundly. They both knew that for sure, tomorrow was another day.

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