The Daughter and the Drugs Ch. 01

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Jim’s meaty fingers clacked clumsily on his computer keys. As he loaded his favorite website his heavy breathing increased into a full pant. At the top of the screen was a “shop” tab, and upon loading he’d found his holy grail. In big bold letters the heading read: PREMIUM PANTIES.

Although Jim was in a committed relationship with his wife of forty years, he’d found that in times of complacency he could find gratification in a stranger’s panties. It was wrong, he knew, but to Jim that added to the thrill. Perusing the various shops around the web, and even sometimes mustering the gall to place an order was one of the only things he found could cause a stir in his pants.

This particular website, Jim’s go-to, housed panties from various women all across the United States. Most orders came with either the URL to a video or a written description of how these panties were used. The prices were fair and Jim always received quality products. The great thing, Jim thought, was that he could play favorites, only buying from the women whom he’d had a pleasurable experience with previously. A woman who went by the name Justice Star never disappointed, always sending pungent panties and links to exceptionally filthy videos of her playing with herself in said panties.

Jim made his was down to Justice Star’s page, knowing full well that this time he was buying panties, not just looking. Most eryaman escort times Jim would just look at the womens’ dozens of photos , and touch himself with the panties he already had in his possession, but this time, this day, he’d felt an urge he needed to satisfy. His wife retired two weeks ago and left for a month-long cruise with their eldest son, leaving Jim sexually frustrated and longing for a taboo pleasure. Since his wife’s sex drive had been nonexistent for the better part of a decade, Jim was able to suppress his urges when she was around. In her absence his lustful longing bubbled inside him like hot fire.

Jim couldn’t click on Justice’s page fast enough, but as it loaded he did not see pictures of her panties displayed, with prices underneath and a brief description, instead her page read: out of stock.

I want to say sorry to all of my loyal customers, she’d written on the page, but as of 02-04-16 I am unable to provide my service. Thank you so much for your years of patronage, but the circumstances in my life that allowed me to pursue this avenue of sales have changed. Thank you, again, and good luck. There are so many wonderful vendors on this site so I’m sure you’ll find someone who fits your tastes. Remember to help the little guys! Every new shop needs someone to be their first customer.

Love, Justice Star

The erection that escort eryaman was beginning between Jim’s legs deflated and he let out a monstrous sigh. The loss of his favorite vendor was a big one, but he knew he had to push on. Back on the main page Jim scrolled though the profiles, stopping at any that caught his eye. Twenty minutes in and he was already raking his fingers through his balding white hair in frustration. Finally he found a page that stood out. The profile picture was typical, the bottom half of a small, petite girl with her milky thighs spread, revealing the crotch of cotton blue panties, but the description was intriguing.

Bouncy Stephanie: I’m 22, 5’6″, 140lbs, I take requests and I individual chat. Based in Indiana.

Jim lived just thirty minutes away from the Indiana border, and liked the thought of faster shipping. He’d also rarely found a girl who was willing to chat individually with customers. He’s chalked that up to her young age, as many of the older women knew that the more separated you were from your customers the safer you were. Looking further, he saw that her prices were almost 25% less than what he was currently paying. Well, he thought, this seems too good to be true. The only things he could find to explain the low prices was the fact that her shop opened just a month ago. It had no reviews and only eight customers had actually eryaman escort bayan purchased from her.

Jim readied his mouse to rifle through her pictures and upon clicking the first photo, his heart almost stopped.

There, in full color, inches from his salivating mouth, was his daughter’s naked body. She was on her back, legs spread wide with her blue cotton panties pushed to the side, two fingers stretching her tiny pussy, another hand pinching her pink nipple, and another pair of cotton panties shoved deeply in her mouth.


He closed the window as fast as he could, disgust souring his mood. He couldn’t get that image of his youngest daughter out of his mind. Even though his stomach felt sick from even the thought of his daughter in that compromising position, it seemed like all the blood in his body was flowing to his cock. He absent-mindedly stroked himself, and then sat back down on his computer chair rubbing his dick faster. He didn’t want to, but the only thoughts that flooded his mind to orgasm were of his daughter’s dripping pussy, and her moans as he forced himself inside of her. He pictured her gripping his back as hard as she could while writhing on his shaft, her sweaty little body spasming with each thrust. He imagined his dirty, slutty daughter giving her used panties to strange men, those men seeing her naked body in pictures and video, and he knew he had to experience that. Finally as each explosion of cum ripped from his body he could only picture Stephanie, begging for more.

Jim sat at his computer, exhausted and disgusted, only wishing that Pandora’s Box had never been opened, because he didn’t think it would ever close.

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