The Morning After

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This story is the fifth in the Jen and Jason series, which covers the relationship of two college seniors. It would be useful to read part 4 before this one.

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One Night, Two Parties (Erotic Couplings)


Jen awoke with a start, disoriented in the darkness. It took her a panicked moment to realize the arm lying across hers was Jason’s, and then the memory of the night before bolted into her mind. Jen swallowed a retch as she recalled people leering at her, Jason manipulating her nude body in front of them. She struggled to sit, pushing his arm off of her.

“You okay?” he asked groggily as he woke.

“Yeah, fine,” she mumbled, wishing he had remained asleep. “I…need to use the bathroom.” Jen started feeling around aimlessly in the dark for her dress.

“I’ll go too,” he whispered and slipped out of bed. Naturally, he seemed to find pants immediately. “You ready?”

“I can’t find my dress.”

“Here,” he offered, draping his dress shirt over her shoulders, “wear this.”

Jen complied quietly, her head down, and allowed Jason to take her hand and lead her into the silent hallway. The house seemed quiet and she detected no one as he opened the bathroom door and allowed her in. Mercifully, the bathroom had a little night light. She slipped in and closed the door behind her, stifling a sob with her hand as she found her way to the toilet.

Jen contemplated her predicament. She was practically naked. She had no idea where she was. She had no car. She didn’t know what time it was. She didn’t even have her phone with her. The closest thing she had to a friend was the man who had essentially raped her in front of a cheering crowd. A tear escaped as she quickly washed up. She looked at herself in the mirror, a ghost in the dim light, and steeled herself. She would just have to make the best of it, playing along with him until she could get back to the safety of campus. She opened the door, passing Jason as he slipped in. Her eyes looked wistfully down the darkened hallway to the stairway, momentarily entertaining the idea of making a run for it. She heard the toilet flush and shook her head. She was completely trapped.

Jason emerged and took her hand, leading her back into their bedroom. In a quick moment he relieved her of his shirt, and she was too exhausted physically, spiritually and emotionally to object. Moments later he joined her on the bed, also naked, and pulled her into a spooning position.

“You want to take off now or sleep more?” he whispered into her ear.

Jen was too spent to answer and offered only a feeble shrug in response. A wave of revulsion swept over her as she felt his…thing…pressing against her bare bottom. She tried unsuccessfully to move to away from it, but the bed was too small and she gave up. Moments later, she became aware of his peaceful breathing and realized he was asleep. Jen fought a bout of nausea and stared out into the empty blackness with sightless eyes. She felt absolutely filthy and was disgusted with what he had done to her. All she wanted was to get away from him, to get a shower and hide in the safety of her own bed for the rest of her life.

Something soft was stroking her arm. Jen slowly began to awaken, remaining in the state just below alertness. Jason was lightly stroking her arm. She willed herself to stay semi-conscious, unable to face him. A light kiss on the nape of her neck caused her to twitch, eliciting a chuckle from him. She could feel the soft heat of his body enveloping her. She heard him inhale her hair deeply as his fingers gently wandered her body. Worse, she could feel him start to stir against her. Jen refused to allow her mind to wake, remaining limp and somnolent to his advances. Her mind drifted, imagining this was a lover and not Jason, trying to stay calm. He seemed willing to take his time, his hand lingering all over her body. Occasional kisses fell on her neck and shoulders, his soft breath in her ear.

Jason shifted, allowing more access for his hand, and brought his cheek next to hers. She felt the roughness of his stubble press against her as he kissed her sideways. Foolishly, she offered no resistance as he pulled her hand to his lips and kissed it gently, gently rubbing his face against it. She realized her mistake when his hand slipped down her arm and cupped a now defenseless breast, causing her to flinch. Jen tried to stay in her dream state even as her arm fell güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and essentially trapped his hand on her boob. He was unhurried, gently squeezing her breast. He rose up on an elbow, his other hand stroking her hair, and she felt him growing harder against her.

Jason shifted again, rolling her passive body on to her back. His lips found her neck again, and he began leaving a slow and leisurely trail of kisses down her body. Some kisses were chaste, sometimes he brushed her delicate skin with his stubble, sometimes his tongue slipped out to taste her, causing her to spasm. She turned softly and winced into her knuckle as she tried to stem the rising tide of arousal in her body. A mantra arose in her head, I don’t want this, repeating over and over to give her strength. His tongue ran up her sternum and Jen couldn’t resist a whimper.

His unhurried kisses resumed, falling on the sensitive underside of her breast, moving teasingly at a slow pace. Jen now had her whole knuckle in her mouth, trying desperately to stay silent. Minutes later she felt his hot breath on her hardening nipple. Oh God, she heard herself hiss and she arched her back, seeking contact. His lips descended on her breast instead, and she placed a weak hand on his shoulder and shook as his tongue snaked out again. His attention turned to her other breast, his hot breath lingering as she started to squirm, her breathing now clearly audible in the otherwise silent room. His tongue darted out again, leaving a searing line across the bottom of her breast. Jen fought the desire to beg, trying to hold on to the last vestiges of her resistance. Instead, her hand reached down to hold his head and pull him to her.

Jason gave a wicked chuckle and kept his head still, allowing her increasingly desperate hand to struggle uselessly against him. Finally, his hand drifted to hers and pulled it off, placing it back beside her head. Please, she whimpered. Suddenly his mouth was completely around her nipple, touching nothing but her breast, as his sucked it up, his devilish tongue staying hidden in his mouth. Both his hands were on her wrists, pinning them to the bed. He slowly lifted up, increasing the vacuum, causing her to arch with him until her breast released with an audible pop.

Jason released her hands and she moved to hold him again, but he slammed them back to the mattress in a clear demand. His hands drifted down to encircle her breasts, cupping them up for his pleasure. His evil tongue began a dance all around her throbbing nipples, coming close but never completing the act. Her entire body shook as his tongue finally flicked her nipple. Seizing it gently between his teeth, he proceeded to flick it with his tongue. Moments later, the finger on his other hand began stimulating her other nipple.

Jen’s foot curled around his leg, trying to pull him into her. His mouth detached from her breast and he kissed her again on her ribcage. Moving ever so slowly, he worked his way down to her belly, and then her hip, and then kissed his way to her thigh. Suddenly his hands gripped her behind her knees and lifted them up, opening her most private place to him. His enticing kisses fell on her inner thighs, interspersed with his hot breath between her legs.

The tip of his tongue touched her first, just a teasing attack on her center before his attention returned to her legs. She reached down to hold his head, trying to guide him into place. Her hands pulled uselessly for a few moments before he took possession of them and placed them under her knees, forcing her to hold herself open to him and freeing his hands to roam. His first lick up her slit was as unexpected as it was intense, a quick, firm stroke of his tongue that elicited a yelp from her. His hands found her breasts and took custody of them, followed moments later by his mouth descending on her clit.

His mouth began to work on her as only he could, his evil tongue doing things to her pussy that she couldn’t fathom. He inserted a finger into her and began pumping it in and out slowly as he licked her. Her climax arrived suddenly as she came on his face, jaw clenched, trying to hold down her moans. She released her knees and grabbed his hair as he sucked her through her orgasm until finally she could bear no more. She pushed him off and then pulled him up to her. His tongue dove into her mouth and they battled in lust, his erection rubbing slowly on her thigh. She thought he tasted like passion unrestrained, seasoned with her own juices. His kisses fell güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on her lips, on her eyes, on her cheek, rapid and insistent, and she returned them in kind. Their lips locked and she gave herself to him.

Jen’s hands gripped his shoulders, begging him to rise on her, as her legs wrapped around his waist to bring him in. With a swivel of his hips he lined up and mounted her fully, eliciting a soft moan. His motions were slow and deliberate, seemingly out of sync with the fire of their kisses. Jen rocked her body against him, feeding her own arousal, growing more eager with each passing minute.

Jason finally broke their kiss and pressed his cheek against hers. She could feel his face break into a smile.

“You little vixen,” he hissed into her ear. “I see what you’re doing.”

His measured pace remained unchanged as Jen looked to him in the darkness.

“You think you’re pretty smart, don’t you?” he whispered with a grin. “That’s a neat little stunt,” he added with a peck to her cheek.

“What are you talking about?” she finally asked.

“What are we doing, dollface?”

“Um, having sex?”

“Yeah,” he agreed, and timed his slow words with equally slow strokes. “Having sex,” he paused. “Missionary position,” another pause. “Under the covers,” a pause with a kiss. “In the dark,” he grinned, allowing the words to sink in. “As if I was your boyfriend.”

Jen opened her mouth to argue, but wasn’t quite sure what to say. Having sex was his idea, not hers, and he had made it perfectly clear he was not going to be her boyfriend.

“We can’t have that can we,” he chuckled and pecked her confused lips.

Jason wrapped his arms around her back and twisted. She found herself astride him, her face cheek to cheek with his. His reached out and flicked on the lamp and he kissed her again. Jen took control of their tryst and started rocking her hips on him. He finally broke their kiss and pushed her up. Jen looked down at him His face was smiling and handsome as he adored her. His hand rose and softly cupped her cheek, and she turned to kiss his thumb.

“Why would you be so cruel, Jen?” he sighed as he caressed her face. She looked at him askew, his eyes soft as he stared into hers.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“Why would you deny your boyfriend the joy of seeing your face?” Jen shrugged at him. “When he feels closest to you, when he is at his most tender, why would you withhold the pleasure of your beautiful face?”

The passionate tone in his voice pierced her soul, as if he was making a confession. Jen lunged forward and kissed him as an orgasm exploded through her body. Her hips picked up their pace as she came, driving her through her climax as his powerful arms embraced her tightly. The throes ebbed and her hips slowed to a more even pace as she kissed him. He pushed her up again and smiled softly at her face as she rode him. Her eyes held his for long, silent minutes, their labored breathing the only sounds in the room.

A tremor ran through his face and his hand drifted down to grip her hips. Moments later his face trembled again as he tightened.

“Kiss me,” he begged.

Jen dropped her lips to his and dove into a kiss as she felt him stiffen inside of her. His hips started to slam into her and she orgasmed again as he came, a hand crushing her lips against his. Spent, her head slid off of his to lay cheek to cheek as they caught their breath.

“Jennifer,” he sighed, his fingers gently stroking her spine as he slowly softened in her.

Jen gently rubbed her head against his shoulder, at peace, and held back three little words that she knew would change their relationship forever. The moment seemed to last, them laying together in post-coital bliss, pressed so close she could feel his heart beat. A door opened down the hall and Jen watched their door as a pair of footsteps passed.

“You want to get going?” Jason whispered as he kissed her shoulder.

Jen nodded silently. “Yeah, we should,” she finally answered, but neither one made a move.

Eventually Jason slid her hips off of his. He turned, and they lay face to face on their sides, kissing. His hand drifted to her hair, clearing imaginary strands from her face.

“Alright, let’s go,” he finally said.

They sat in unison and started to find their clothes.

“God, I need a shower,” Jen observed absently as she spied her dress.

“Take one,” Jason suggested as he threw on his shirt.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t.”

“It’s güvenilir bahis şirketleri fine, that is a guest bathroom. It’ll be fine.”

Jen looked at him as she struggled to close the clasp on her dress. His eyes were on her.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked as she straightened her dress.

“You know perfectly well why I am looking at you like that.”

Jason stepped to her with a smile and kissed her softly, his tongue parting her lips for a few tender moments. He finally pulled away with a wicked grin, twinkling eyes in hers, and stuffed something in the back of her dress.

“Calm down, big boy, we’re heading out, right?” she grinned.

“Yeah. Or I could head…in and out.”

“Pervert,” she retorted as she recovered the item he had placed in her dress. She held them out and her eyes widened to see her missing panties.

“But…how? Where did these come from? You said you gave them to somebody…”

“Dollface,” he smirked, “You shouldn’t believe everything I say.”

She met his grin with hers as she shook her head. Jason stepped forward to embrace her again before turning her. They faced the mirror together, Jen wrapped in his arms for a few minutes of silence. With a kiss to the top of her head, he turned and led her out to the bathroom.

“Towels are right here, don’t take too long,” he said and left her with a kiss.

Jen took a quick shower, keeping her hair dry, her heart singing as she washed away the evidence of their love making. She had almost finished drying off when she heard a knock on the door.

“Can I come in?” a woman asked.

“I’m just drying off,” she replied.

The door opened anyway, and Jen quickly stood and wrapped herself in the towel. The girl who had challenged her last night slipped in, her face lethally serious. She locked eyes with Jen and stood silently for a moment.

“Are you okay?” she finally asked softly.

“Um, yeah?” Jen replied, a little confused.

The girl appraised her quietly for a few moments. “Okay,” she nodded, and let herself out.

Jen’s shook her head in bewilderment and finished dressing, carrying her heels as she left the bathroom to go downstairs. A guy was collecting cups and didn’t notice her immediately. As Jen reached the bottom of the stairs, she looked to the kitchen. In it, she saw the girl, obviously angry, jabbing her finger forcefully at Jason, who was leaning casually on the counter. Something caught his eye, and he turned to her.

“Here she is,” he beamed as he turned to her.

The other guy stood and noticed her and offered a good morning. Jason embraced her and then turned them to the other girl.

“Jen, this is my sister, Annie, and her husband Jeff.”

“Oh, hi, nice to meet you,” Jen smiled, holding out her hand.

Annie shook it politely and nodded with a forced grin.

“Okay, bye!” Jason offered and led Jen out to the car.

The drive to campus was remarkably quick, as early on Sunday meant the interstate was clear and fast. Jen slipped on her heels and Jason escorted her into the elevator of her dorm, her hand in his. Jen smiled contently and rubbed her head against his shoulder. Jason leaned in and kissed her again.

“I’m really quite sore,” she commented absently.

“Hmmm,” Jason grinned. “Guess I’ll have to do you in the ass.”

“Ew, gross! No way!” Jen shook her head in disgust.

In an instant he slammed her up against wall of the elevator, his mouth on hers, his savage tongue attacking her, her toes barely touching the floor. The elevator slowed and he pulled away with hungry eyes.

“Damn, you know how to turn me on,” he growled.

The elevator door opened and he slowly backed up, his eyes locked into hers.

“Jason, that’s freaking disgusting and we’re not going to do it,” she hissed, not wanting her dorm mates to hear.

Jen’s protest seemed to have no effect on him, the lust in his eyes clearly visible to her. Nonetheless, there was no way she was going to let him do that, it was revolting. They walked the few steps to her door in silence, a weird tension suddenly between them. Jason turned her and kissed her again, ignoring her dorm mates walking down the hall. His kiss was passionate, the hands around her waist strong and demanding. He finally broke their kiss and stood forehead to forehead with her.

“Thanks for asking me out,” she grinned shyly. “I’ll call you later?”

A smile formed on Jason’s face. “Su…,” he started before catching the word in his throat. The smile left his face and he glanced down. When his eyes returned to hers they were harder. “You know the rules, dollface,” he stated quietly.

The smile slowly left Jen’s face as she considered his response. “Okay,” she nodded in a barely audible whisper and flinched a smile as she waved, entered her room, and gently shut the door.

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