The Nuptials

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Big Tits

Grace Wetherby was watching her daughter walk through the dining room lounge and hallway as if looking for something instead of enjoying the day. Grace looked across the room at her grandson Ian who was dancing with Mrs Margot Chrysler. Grace smiled to herself. The boy was only 18 yrs old but he was dancing so close to the woman old enough to be his mother it looked as if the pair were actuaslly fucking o the floor. “Lucky young sod” his grandmother said to herself and then turned her attention back to her daughter Rachel.

Rachel Kenworthy stood for a moment on the first step of the staircase looking around at all the jollity taking place in her huge house. There were couples sprawled on the four chesterfields in the entrance hall. Sounds of music and laughter flooded in from the huge ballroom. More couples sat or stood around outside on the lawn. This was Rachel’s eldest daughters wedding day. Louise had married Edward the son of one of Raymond Kenworthy’s partners and frankly Rachel was none too keen on the Chryslers, Charlie Chrysler was rich and powerful as was Raymond and together they appeared to look like a couple of gangsters.

However there was another reason that Rachel was unsure of her new son-in-law. He had just danced with her and made no pretence of the fact that he liked women, any woman. As he danced he had pushed his crotch hard into Rachel at the same time holding her bottom so that she could not back off. Unfortunately she realised that she liked it. There was no doubt that Edward was well made, she realised that at the time the thought had entered her mind that Louise would probably get a shock, then she realised just how stupid were her thoughts, obviously Edward had already had Louise. Then the best man, another hard looking crony of the Chrysler’s had taken her in his arms and he too had made sure that she knew he had a hard big cock. It was no use complaining to her husband either. he and Charlie Chrysler were already three sheets in the wind being well into the second bottle bahis firmaları of malt whisky between them. She also knew that her husband was crude enough, when he had been drinking, to say, words to effect, “Oh don’t be such a spoilsport Rachel, the boys only want a fuck, give’em one.”

“Hmm yes” thought Rachel catching sight of her son dancing with Charlie’s wife. “There’s another who fancies his chances. Must have a word with him shortly.”

I’m just as bad, she mused to herself, I wouldn’t mind “givin’em one” but one of the ‘boys’ was her daughters new husband and she did not fancy the other one.

Rachel just hoped that neither of those two would get there hands on her younger daughter Samantha, Ian’s twin sister..

Rachel suddenly realised that liking the ‘boys’ or not had made her quite wet, her panties were soaked so on the spur of the moment she decided to run up to her bedroom and put on a clean pair.

Arriving at the large double doors of her bedroom she stopped dead. Someone was in there, one of the doors stood ajar and from the sounds emanating from the inside someone had the effrontery to be fucking on her bed.

Rachel was determined to give whoever it was, not only a piece of her mind but to eject then from the party, with the warning that they were not welcome in her home. She pushed open the unlatched door and immediately it became obvious that she need not worry about Sam being rogered by either of the two louts downstairs. Sam was astride the largest black dick Rachel had ever seen, her daughter had not noticed her she was too intent on fucking the monstrous cock and it was obvious that she could not take it all, She was rising and lowering at the same time moaning but at least 6 inches of the dick was still outside her cunt. Rachel wasted no time wondering who the owner of the black dick was, the very sight of the huge monster made her so horny, before she realised it the skirt of her dress was up to her waist and her fingers were inside her panties frigging kaçak iddaa her already wet cunt.

Suddenly Sam shouted out that she was cumming, Her partner shouted for her to wait but it was obvious that she could not hold back.

“AaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaarg oooooh Howard Howard oh Gawwwwd H O W A R DDDDDDD. OOh, Gawd YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I’MMMMMMMM CUMMMMMINGGGG” Rachel watched her daughter shudder to her climax and release the horse cock that had given her so much pleasure. The big black cock was still rigid and the mans hand started to pump it.

“No NO NOOOOOOOO NOOO wait” the cry echoed round the room. It took several seconds for Rachel to realise that it was her own voice. Sam and the boy, because when she saw his face Rachel realised that the person fucking her daughter was indeed as young as Sam if not younger.

The two on the bed faced her with looks of horror on their face.

“Mum Oh GOD MUMMM” cried Samantha.

“Oh God Mrs Kenworthy” gasped Howard desperately, trying to hide his still hard dick.

“It’s OK, It’s OK” shouted Rachel, stumbling across the room as she tried to push her panties down.

“Mum, mum What are you doing?” gasped Samantha.

“Darling, I am going to fuck that wonderful cock before he shoots his load over my sheets.”

With her skirt around her waist, her knickers ripped off and lying on the floor, Rachel Kenworthy straddled Howard and holding her shaven cunt open she sank down on that magnificent black dick.

“Oh Gawd Mum, you’ve taken it all you’ve actually taken it all – mum its 12 inches long and you’ve got it all in your cun… er… your vagina.” Samantha’s eyes were like saucers as she watched the big cock spear up her mother who began raising herself and falling as she fucked Howard.

“Oh God Mrs Kenworthy I’m gonna ‘cum’, I’m gonna ‘cum'” Howard gasped.

“Oh yes yes ‘cum’, ‘cum’ , ‘cum’ I’m almost there” and Rachel reached between her legs and to Samantha’s  amazement her mother began to rub, to frig her clit. Samantha kaçak bahis had never seen her mothers cunt before, the fact that it was shaved excited to but to watch her mother rubbing the biggest clit she had ever seen had her desperately fingering her own small pink bud.

“Aaargh aaaargh oooooh yes yessss yessssssssssssssss I’m cummmminggggggggggg. Oh fuck yesssssssssssssss.” Rachel shuddered to her climax as at last the wilting knob slid out of her cunt allowing thick creamy ‘cum’ to flow onto the bed.

Rachel called her daughter over to her and gave her a big hug and a kiss. “Wherever did you find him my love – God what a wonderful dick he’s got. I hope you are not cross with me for having him.”

“Oh No mum but I wish you could have gone on for a few more minutes, I wanted to ‘cum’ again too.”

“Then you shall darling.” Laying her daughter back on the bed Rachel settled between her spread thighs and started to lick her daughters inexperienced cunt. However inexperienced the young girl was in fucking she had learnt a few moves at college and Rachel suddenly found herself  being turned over and to her delight and utter surprise she experienced the thrill of having her daughter lick out her cunt. It was the first time that Sam had tongued a cunt that had been fucked but she found that she liked the hot musky smell of her mother mixed with the salty warm taste of Howard’s ‘cum’.

Both women had another orgasm then Rachel called a halt reminding them that they must return to the party. She was interrupted by a groan as Howard who had been wanking as he watched started to spurt. Quickly Rachel took the purple end of that fine dick into her mouth and swallowed every drop as Howard spent.

As they were leaving after cleaning up in Rachel’s bathroom she told Howard that he was well named. The youth looked puzzled for a moment until Rachel gently grabbed his dick on the outside of his trousers and laughingly said.” HOW HARD??.

The three rejoined the party Rachel allowed them to precede her and then joined the party herself. A clean pair of knickers covering her well fucked and tongued cunt. Itwas then that she caught sight of her mother, Grace, obviously enjoying herself and dancing with the Best Man.

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