The Poker Game Pt. 02

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Author’s Notes: This is the second of a 2 part story… I would like to think that it could stand alone, if one had not read the first chapter, however I will not reintroduce characters (or ‘flash back’). As such, I would suggest reading them as a single tale.

Again Many Thanks go to ‘ShadoeMedic’ for her services as an editor, and adviser… & as always for putting up with my Sh!t.

This story deals with themes such as Bondage, Dominance, Submission, and Group Sex… So if those are not your style, please do not read any further… Those of you looking for more of these things than were found in Part 1 will find that here.

All Characters are ficticious works of the author’s imagination… All are over the age of 21.

Finally, apologies for the wait between chapter 1 & chapter 2… No Excuses, I have been remiss in my writing, and away from the computer for far too long. However I do hope you will find it worth the wait. Perhaps. As always, comments are appreciated (Good & bad are welcome, please just keep it clean. Thanks). Please Vote.


IV.] A Wild Weekend

I was waiting at the airport for my girlfriend’s college roommate Ellie’s flight to arrive, wandering around the various shops, with no intention of making a purchase. Just wasting time, because her flight was delayed (what else is new, right?). An early winter storm was making its way across the country, and delaying flights everywhere. However it was a beautiful day here, nearly 60 degrees and sunny, while the storm was still over the Rocky Mountains.

Unfortunately, that was exactly where she was flying in from, and the boards were showing her flight two hours delayed. Airport News Network monitors were predicting the storm would hit us here in the Midwest sometime over the weekend.

I didn’t really know much about Ellie at all. Just that she and Lynda had met in Nursing School, and had been roommates their final 2 years there. They still kept in touch by e-mail and ‘Facepage’, but I wasn’t sure if they had even seen each other since then. All I had was a picture of her standing on top of a mountain, which Lynda had given me so I could recognize her, but aside from her face everything else was covered by her ‘Ski Patrol’ parka. She had obviously not gone into traditional nursing after graduation like Lynda.

After 7 hours on a plane, with nothing but the pretzels and peanuts that passed as ‘airline food’ these days, I was pretty sure she would be starved by the time we finally collected her bags. However, since I still had over an hour to kill, and it was technically ‘afternoon’ now, even if only by a few minutes… I chose the sports themed bar & grill, sat down and ordered a beer. There is after all, only so much window shopping a guy can do. I sat at the end of the bar closest to where the passengers exited past security, which also gave me a view of the ‘big board’ so I could keep an eye on her flight status. The bartender was flirting with me, but there were only a couple of other people in the bar at that hour, both guys and she was flirting with them too… (Hey, whatever pays the bills, right?)

I had just finished my Sam Adams, when they called her flight arriving at the gate. ‘Only’ 2 ½ hours late. By the time I cashed out with the bartender people were starting to flow through the one-way doors. I recognized her right away from the picture Lynda had given me, but the picture certainly didn’t do her justice either. As I said, she was wearing a parka in the picture, and even without make-up, she had a pretty face… but seeing her now, wearing make-up and dressed to kill, she was a knockout. Lynda must have sent her my picture too because she walked right up to me.

She is a few inches shorter than Lynda @ maybe 5’5″ or 5’6″ but she was also a little bigger in the chest. She was wearing a fine woman’s suit, that showed the just the right amount of her ample cleavage. I wasn’t staring or anything, it’s just that I’m almost 6’3″, and if I looked straight ahead I would have been looking over her head. “Hi ‘Sharky’* she said, I’m Mary Ellen, I’ve heard a lot about you from Lynda… it’s nice to finally meet you.” She had a good handshake too, firm yet still feminine. (*She called me by my given name of course.)

“The pleasure is mine, I’d ask you how your flight was, but I think I already know… Are you hungry? I know I am.”

“The flight was perfect… perfectly dreadful that is.” She smiled, “Yes I’m starved, but what I’d really like is a hot shower. Do you have any food at the house? Do you mind?”

“No, I don’t mind at all. And, if we can’t find something you like, I can run out and get it while you shower. The store is just around the corner.”

“I’m sure that won’t be necessary, I think I know what Lynda likes to eat, we have the same taste.” She winked and smiled.

She was carrying her purse, and what looked like a laptop bag, and had a trench-coat draped over her arm. She probably needed it in Portland, kartal escort but not here, or at least not today anyway. Knowing how Lynda is when she travels, I pictured her with a matched, monogrammed set of luggage that would make any sky-cap’s day. Linda & I had taken a weekend trip up to Chicago once when we were dating. She’d filled the trunk of my car, and we still had to put a bag (or 2) in the back seat.

So when we got to the luggage carousel, and she went straight to the ‘Army-Green’ duffel bag, I was a little surprised. As she started to sling it over her free shoulder, I said “Here, let me take that for you.”

She shot me a look that said ‘Touch it & Die!’ Then she went instantly back to her charming self… “Thanks, but I can handle it.”

I almost rented a luggage cart, because the bag must have weighed at least half as much as she did. But as we walked, I found that it was me, having to adjust my pace to keep up with her. I also saw ‘M.E. Malone’ stenciled on the bag in the Army way. So, I assumed that she had probably carried that bag a lot farther then we had to walk to get to the car. “I’m guessing you were in the Service too,” I said, “Lynda never told me that.” (As I wondered what else Lynda hadn’t told me.)

“Actually I still am, Army Reserves.” She said in a matter of fact way, that told me she was used to being underestimated, but probably shouldn’t be.

“That’s great, my Dad is Retired Army” I said, just making small talk.

She nodded, and mumbled something unintelligible, so I changed the subject again, “So you are coming to town for an interview? What are you interviewing for?”

“It’s not really much of an ‘interview’ the job is pretty much mine if I want it.”… She replied, “But, I’m happy doing what I do. I’m mostly just here to make my Mother happy.”

“Oh? Do your parents live near here?” I asked as we got to the trunk of my Audi. “If you want to go see them you can use Lynda’s car today… I dropped her off on the way here.”

“My mom lives a few hours south, but my dad passed away while I was in Afghanistan.” She replied without even a hint of emotion, as she heaved the duffel bag into the trunk. “I really don’t want to move back here, but my brother’s family is in San Diego, and Mom is alone now. And thanks for the offer of the car, but I didn’t even tell her I was coming to town. I won’t tell her anything until after I decide.” The way she said it also told me to find something else to talk about.

Still trying to break the ice, I asked “So what do you do, when you aren’t in the Army Ellie? I gather you like to Ski?”

“Yes, I love to ski, and please call me Ellen… To answer your other question, I am on the Search & Rescue Team with the Oregon State Police.” She said with just a touch of exasperation, and quite a bit of exhaustion in her tone. “Forgive me, you seem like a nice guy, and Lynda loves you so that is good enough for me… But I really just need to decompress a bit before you finish giving me the 3rd Degree.”

“No problem.” I said, driving most of the rest of the way home in silence. I was also glad I had stopped after one beer. Having a State Police Officer in the car (even if she wasn’t technically in ‘her’ state) made me a little more focused behind the wheel. I did point out the Hospital where Lynda worked as we drove by, and I might have offered to stop in to surprise her… except Ellie (err Ellen) seemed to be in no mood for that.

I hit the garage door opener, and parked so that she was right next to the inner door. She was out of the car and at the waiting by the trunk, almost as soon as the engine was off. I would have tried to take her bag again, but again she made it clear that wouldn’t happen… So I just went to the door & unlocked it.

“Our house is kind of ‘upside down’ since it’s built into the side of a hill. The bedrooms are down stairs, yours is on the left… What would you like to eat?”

“I’ll have whatever you are having…” She said on her way down the stairs, “After my shower”.

That didn’t exactly make things easier on me, as now I needed to actually come up with something. Hmmm… we had some left over rice from Chinese take-out, some meatloaf that was probably still good, some salsa. No problem, as I just threw it all together in a stir-fry pan & made Spanish Rice. Being domesticated definitely has it’s advantages, but I was once a skilled bachelor gourmet.

She came up the stairs, this time wearing black jeans, and a t-shirt that both looked like they were painted on. She could not possibly be ignorant of what she looked like, of the effect it had, but at the same time it was also a very casual look. Her hair was back in a pony tail, and her makeup was light if any. She had just been getting more comfortable of course, but still she looked absolutely stunning.

I had no sooner placed the plates on the table than my cell-phone rang & it was Lynda saying she would be off work in half an hour or so. kurtköy escort Ellen complimented me on my cooking skills even though it really was just thrown together, as I grabbed my keys & headed back out the door. “Make yourself at home, our house is yours”.

I went straight to the Hospital, but in Friday rush-hour traffic she was still waiting outside when I got there. We stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way back home, not really for tonight as I had made reservations for dinner out. But we were going to get snowed in over the weekend, and needed to stock up.

Ellen was sitting in the entertainment pit watching the News, as I carried in the groceries… Lynda literally ran inside to greet her, as giddy as a school girl. “Ellie!” she screamed. They hugged in an almost more than friendly way, but just for a minute, then Ellen pushed her back, and looked her over, as if she was giving an inspection to one of her troops. Lynda stiffened up a little as she whispered something into her ear. Then they both came back into the kitchen. “I thought we would go out tonight, ladies…” I said “We might not get out the rest of the weekend.”

“Well I’m not going out dressed like this!” Lynda said, stating the obvious. Yet the way she looked at Ellen said something too.

“I’ll help you get dressed.” Ellen said flatly. “How much time do we have?” she asked me.

“The ris for 8:00. That still gives you girls a couple of hours to catch up.” I said, already looking forward to a little time alone with Sports Center, while they talked. Lynda practically bounced her way down stairs. I grabbed a beer.

I went downstairs a little while later to get changed myself. I had our room to myself as the girls were getting ready in what was going to be Ellen’s room for the weekend. Both bedrooms shared the outside deck, through sliding glass doors. I slipped out through our door to warm up the hot-tub thinking we might use it later. When I turned to go back in, I could see into the other room… I didn’t mean to spy, but I’m sure that the girls couldn’t see me, since they were much too busy rolling around on the bed with their heads between each others legs.

I did not interrupt them or even let on that I had seen anything, just got shaved & dressed, then went back upstairs to wait for the girls. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to deal with the situation yet, but I knew that the weekend was looking a lot more interesting already. Lynda and I had never actually promised each other not to see other people, but we never agreed to have an ‘open’ relationship either. Just that I was getting so much great sex at home, I never even thought of looking anywhere else.

All the signs were there I guess, if I had chosen to look. I knew that Lynda had experimented with another woman back in college, if not who it was. It’s not like I was against having a bisexual girlfriend either, thinking I might even benefit from that myself. I snapped out of my daydream as I heard the girls coming back upstairs. Then I nearly dropped my beer when I saw them.

Lynda was wearing a ‘school girl’ outfit that I didn’t even know she owned… and Ellen was still wearing her black jeans, but now she was wearing spike-heeled leather boots, and a black leather vest over a white button down shirt which was at least one size too small. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. The finishing touch was a leash in her left hand to a collar around Lynda’s neck, and a leather riding crop in her right. “Surprise!” was all Lynda said.

“I am Mistress Ellen! I am taking Lynda as my Bitch again… You have failed to keep her properly trained, so I will be taking over. If you watch me and learn, I will teach you how to treat this dirty slut! If I decide to let you serve me that is… Do you want to serve me, in exchange for these lessons?” Ellen declared with utmost confidence and authority.

I am usually what you would call an Alpha Male and am not submissive in the least, but I was totally aroused by the sight before me. I also liked the idea of maybe having Lynda serve me one day. So without another thought I said “Yes Please.”

“You will address me properly, Yes Please Mistress!” She commanded me.

“Yes Please, Mistress.” I replied.

“Good! Now you will be driving us tonight, my Bitch will sit in the back seat with me… That means NO more beer for you tonight, no wine, no alcohol… Is that clear?” She asked while looking at my empty beer bottle with scorn.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. Now go and get the car.” She demanded and I obeyed. I did so without even thinking, just acted as soon as she spoke. As I walked out into the garage, I could feel it getting colder already. I reflected for a moment on my situation. ‘This could be fun.” I thought.

The girls sat in back, but I could see them in the rear-view. At least until Mistress Ellen smacked the back of the seat with her crop and told me to watch the road. Then she smacked Lynda’s inner thigh, and maltepe escort commanded her to remove her panties. “Of course, Mistress.” Lynda replied, as she dropped her panties in the empty front passenger seat.

Dinner was an afterthought, as Mistress Ellen decided we should go to a club instead. I pulled my Audi up right to the front, and got out to open the door. Mistress Ellen stepped out followed by Lynda, still on the leash. They were shown right in, while the crowd of ‘less beautiful’ people stared in disbelief. After I parked the car, I joined the ladies inside… actually, I was shown to the table where they would have been sitting, if they had not already taken over the dance floor.

Lynda came alive at the end of her leash. Dancing and prancing, all over the floor. Mistress Ellen occasionally slapped her lightly with the crop, to the delight of the people who had gathered around. I sat there watching, until Mistress Ellen slapped the table with her crop to get my attention. She motioned me to follow them out on the dance floor, then handed me Lynda’s leash. I am normally not much of a dancer, but there was simply no way I could refuse an invitation like that.

The rest of the evening was a blur of dancing and debauchery. The girls both teased the guys in the crowd, and a few of the other ladies too. Lynda must have been felt up by at least 20 hands, and Ellen watched over them all to make sure that they did a very thorough job. She also used her crop to swat the hands that tried to take things too far. Then she would swat Lynda’s ass in mock discipline for her own ‘transgressions’. This was definitely a part of Lynda I had never known or seen before.

Several guys tried to get themselves invited home with us, but Mistress Ellen announced to their chagrin, that the only one going home with them tonight would be me. We closed down the club, then we stopped at a 24 hour diner for an early breakfast, on the way home. Again the girls made quite a splash with the few lonely men who were there at that hour. Our waitress commented that she wished she had the “courage to dress up and let go like that”. That brought a smile to Lynda’s face.

On the ride home, Ellen told Lynda to lick her pussy again, which she did without delay. Licking and sucking and fingering her to multiple screaming orgasms. Lynda caught my eye in the rear-view mirror, and mouthed the words “Thank You” as she wiggled her ass. Mistress Ellen spread her legs open with her knees, then spanked Lynda’s pussy with the crop until she came once again.

As we got into the house, Lynda had already lost what was left of her clothes in a heap on the kitchen floor. Mistress Ellen stood in the middle of the room, as Lynda knelt down and unzipped her boots one at a time. She then unbuttoned her blouse and folded it neatly, followed by her jeans. Ellen was left standing there wearing nothing but a smile, and she looked magnificent. I have already said her breasts were bigger than Lynda’s but they did not sag without a bra, they just floated on her chest slightly pointed up to the sky.

Mistress Ellen commanded Lynda to strip me next, of course she obeyed hastily. First my shirt, then t-shirt leaving me bare from the waist up, Ellen ran her crop over my abs and chest teasing my nipples with her wand. Lynda got down on all fours to remove my shoes, and allowed me to step out of my pants and boxers leaving me naked except for my socks… My cock was standing proud and strong, and Ellen obviously approved. She told Lynda to suck me off and swallow my cum, and stood there watching while she eagerly swallowed my swollen rod. When I shot my load into her mouth, she did her best to swallow it all, but I had been waiting for this all night and had built up quite a shot. A few drops escaped Lynda’s waiting lips and dribbled down her chin, which earned her a hard swat on each of her already reddened ass cheeks. Then Ellen kissed her, and licked the spillover off her face and neck.

The party moved to the hot-tub after that, and even though the temperature was steadily dropping outside, the water kept us warm and well lubricated all the way until the sun came up. I lost track of how many times I fucked Lynda for Ellen’s pleasure, and how many times she sucked me off while Ellen fucked her tight pussy with the strap-on she was wearing. I also ate Ellen’s sweet cunny, while Lynda bounced happily up and down on my cock. The only thing missing was me fucking Ellen, which she had not yet allowed me do.

As dawn broke over the foggy hills, we moved the party into our bedroom, as it was the only bed that was big enough for the 3 of us to share. Lynda slept between us, facing Ellen, while grinding her ass into me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and slipped my still hard cock between her legs. I was too tired to do much else though, as were the girls who passed out in each others arms, but I fell fast asleep buried up to my balls between Lynda’s sweet ass cheeks.

I woke up before the girls, so I made breakfast and coffee while they lounged in bed… When they finally came upstairs, Lynda looked like she had just been fucked again (which of course she had). By the time they made their appearance, the storm was in full effect, and we were completely snowed in for the duration. I got some wood from the garage and started a fire while they ate breakfast.

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