The Present

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The morning dawned clear and cold. I rolled over, feeling the flannel sheets rub against my naked form, and looked for you. As usual, you had left for your morning run, leaving me alone in the bed, the sun streaming through my window, lighting on the hunter green bedspread. I rolled over a little, and could still smell you on the pillow.

I breathed in the warmth of your scent on the sheets, and smiled softly. It was then that I saw the note you’d pinned to the pillow.

I studied your forceful handwriting, and was instantly curious about it’s meaning. The note said “My lil J, today is your special day. I’ve got a treat for you. Be sure to shave carefully, and be ready for me when I arrive home. I will bring dinner, and arrive at 7 sharp.”

My cock twitched, as my mind ran through a number of interesting possibilities. I had no clue what you had planned, but knew that you’ve been expanding your horizons recently. The months that we’d spent sharing one home had changed both of us some. I had become more competitive, and aggressive, and you’ve become a bit more open.

I flipped off the covers, and padded off to the bathroom to shower and begin my day. I saw the signs of our usual daily ‘power play’. You’d moved my shampoo, conditioner and soap to the furthest corner of the shower. I laughed, and turning on the hot water, began to switch things back, muttering something about “my house, my bloody rules. I keep my stuff HERE damnit,” laughing softly as I mutter.

As I begain to move your things, I noticed another note. This one simply read “I know what you’re doing. Your clothes are laid out in the spare room.” I laughed heartily, knowing that this was a step up from our usual game.

I showered as quickly as I could, making sure to VERY carefully shave myself. When I felt smooth, and ready for you, I stepped from the shower, and walked naked to the spare room. We’d turned it into a small playroom, with a pool table, and some other…toys hanging on the wall. I shivered lightly, looking them over, and imagining the uses we’d put them to, and will continue to. My arousal was growing, but I had HOURS to kill before you’d be home.

Your chosen outfit was very tame. I was a bit surprised. There was a black tshirt, black pants and brand new bright red silk boxers. I dressed in the chosen outfit, and came downstairs to make some breakfast.

The day passed in a blur, my eagerness growing with each passing moment. Each tick of the clock brought you closer to me, and I knew and loved it.

Finally, 7pm arrived. I heard your key in the door, and ran to greet you. My jaw hit the floor when I saw how you were dressed. I saw a total vision of slutty beauty. You were wearing a tight red mini skirt, one that was so short it showed off the tops of your thigh high fishnet stockings. The black leather boots that encased your legs came halfway up your thigh, fitting skin tight, and highlighting the curve of your perfect calf muscles. You had on a red matching sport bra, tight against your chest, showing off your perky erect nipples. I could almost smell your arousal as you saw my reaction to your outfit.

I took a moment to look you up and down, from your hair, worn short and bouncy, to the high heels on the bottom of the black leather boots, and just stepped forward, my lips locking onto yours, tasting you, and feeling your tongue probe my mouth.

My fingers danced across your flat stomach, teasing your tight muscles there, and flicking my fingers across your navel ring. I gave it a little tug, and pulled you even closer. My cock was grinding into you, pressing against your waistline, digging into you and begging for your attention. You slid one hand down and began to stroke me through my pants, slowly sliding your fingertips over my cock. I could feel it, and moaned into the kiss.

I stepped back from you, your hand beginning to work the zipper of my pants. You smiled coyly and just said “and did you dress as you were told, mine?”

I guided your hand into my pants, letting you feel the silk that was encasing me. You simply smiled.

You zipped my pants back up, growling lightly as you did so. Your hand left my stiff cock, and took my hand. You lead me to the big leather chair that I love so much, and pushed me into it, slowly coiling your body atop mine. I could feel your desire, and your pleasure at being this close to me.

As you smiled at me, your eyes took on THAT look. I know it well, it means that you have a surprise for me, and always a surprise that I will like.

You said, “Tonight is your night. I’m yours, I shall do whatever you like.”

My eyes opened wide, and I knew that this was not all you had planned. With a surprised look, I leaned into you and kissed you deeply. “There could be no better present, my dear.”

Our lips locked in a mute embrace, our tongues teasing each other, slowly flowing back and forth, tasting each other, and sharing our love. I put my hand in your hair, grabbing it in my fist, and pushed you down, crushing your lips into ümraniye escort mine, moaning softly into our kiss. I could feel your body react, melting into mine, and accepting, loving the force of the kiss.

I pulled from the kiss, and smiled wickedly. “I think that you should put on a little show for me, dear one. Strip. Make it erotic and turn me on,” my voice taking on the tone of command that drives you wild.

You uncoiled yourself from my lap, and took a step to the side. Your lovely ass was mere inches from my face, and I reached out with my tongue, tasting the leather of your mini-skirt, feeling the firmness of your perfect ass pressing against my tonuge. As you bent over, folding yourself almost in half to adjust your leather boots, I could see your pussy poking out from under your skirt. My fingers found their way to it, lightly rubbing your clit. You moaned softly, and took a step away, “I thought I was stripping for you,” you said with a wicked grin.

I just laughed, and waved my arm to let you continue. At that moment, there was a soft knock at the door. I cursed in a whisper, hating that we have been interrupted. You just smiled broadly, and said “good, the rest of your surprise is here.”

You answered the door, and I watched your lovely ass sway, knowing that you’re adding a little extra wiggle for me. I heard a woman’s voice as you answered the door, she was teasing you. “I’m glad that I’m not working the street any longer, nobody would go for me with YOU around,” she said with a laugh. I couldn’t see you at the front door, but heard your lips smack, and got even harder thinking of you kissing her.

“Who’s that baby,” I asked, hoping. You simply laughed, and said, “she is our toy for the evening. This, my dear, is Tina. She and I are here to treat you like a king, and serve your desires.”

My jaw dropped again, and Tina walked across the room, gently lifting my chin up and laughing softly. She turned around slowly, pushing her tits up at me, and then caressing her ass. Her little black dress appeared to be painted onto her. Every little curve on her was being shown.

“You have chosen well, my dearest. Her tits are lovely,” I said with a wicked grin. Tina laughed, and you walked up behind her, and begain rubbing her nipples through the fabric of her dress. “Yes, very firm and big, aren’t they, my J,” was your very evil reply.

I looked up, saw the sight of you nibbling on her neck, and asked, “You’re sure?” You began to nibble on her ear, whispering something to her.

Tina stepped forward, and sat in my lap. She giggled wickedly, and began nibbling on my ear. She said, “Your lovely woman has given me rules. No kissing me, and while you MAY be able to fuck me, you may not cum in me. That belongs to only her.” I laughed and said, “Well, Tina, then settle in for the show. My sweetest one was just about to put on a show for me. You too should enjoy this.”

Tina curled her hands around my neck, pulling it into her, and began licking slowly. I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she said, “well well well, you have quite the hot lil slut, don’t you?”

I chuckled into her hair, and said, “Yes, she’s the best.”

Tina laughed and added, “This should be fun. It’s been a while since I have fucked such a well toned woman.”

My eyes lit with mischief, and I just said “Maybe she will be fucking you. Don’t get TOO presumptious, slut.”

Tina’s eyes rolled back in her head, and she begain stroking my cock. I looked up and could see you reaching down to rub your pussy. I smiled, and said, “Lift the skirt. Let Tina see what you’ve got going on down there.”

You blushed a little and pulled your skirt up over your waist. The leather creaked a bit as you pulled it against your tight stomach. I reached forward, slipping my fingers between your smoothly shaved pussy lips, reaching all the way to your clit, rubbing gently. My fingers toyed inside you for just a moment, before I grinned wickedly, and looked at Tina. “Would you like a taste of this lovely pussy,” I asked her. She eagerly pulled my fingers into her mouth, sucking my fingers clean.

She looked over at you, and simply moaned at your taste. “It’s the sweetest little cunt ever, isn’t it Tina,” I asked with a wicked laugh. She just nodded.

I saw you unzip your skirt, slowly pulling it down, showing off your perfectly shaved pussy, the little stripe of hair just above your clit was already showing signs of wetness. As she saw it, Tina shifted in my lap, clearly enjoying the show.

I slid my hand down Tina’s stomach, feeling her warm flesh, and lifted the bottom of her black dress, showing her pussy to you. As I slid over it, I could feel the silk thong that was covering her, and pushed it aside to make sure that you had a clear view of her.

You stared into her pussy, and said, “You should see this. Her clit is already swelling for us.”

“All in good time my K. I want to see all of you first,” was my reply.

You üsküdar escort laughed softly and stepped out of the skirt. You turned around, bending over to show me your perfectly firm and toned ass. My cock ground into Tina, giving her an idea how much I cared for you, and how horny you always made me.

“Your man certianly enjoys the view,” she said.

You laughed in reply, “well, of course he does. This body is well worked out, and he is always on about it.”

She laughed and reached between her legs, lightly rubbing her swollen clit for you. “Stick your fingers in, let me see you fuck that hot little pussy,” you order her.

I can feel her lean back further, and look down over her shoulder, seeing her fingers disappear into her wet pussy, her fingers coming out shiny and then diving back into her. My cock throbs against her ass, pressing into her crack.

I watch you pull your skin tight sports bra off, showing your tits, standing perfectly proud, round, with erect nipples. I whisper to Tina, “Lovely, isn’t she? Every little crease and muscle on her body is just amazing.”

Tina simply smiled in reply, “I’m not too bad either.” She pulled her fingers out and offered them to you. “Taste me,” she said.

I watch you suck her fingers clean, seeing your clit swelling, and reacting to the taste of her pussy. “How is it,” I ask.

All you can do in reply is moan.

“Hmm don’t want you getting TOO into women, My dear. Why don’t we watch her strip now.”

I reach around Tina’s body, and pinch her clit, and use my pinch to stand her up. Her skirt is still up around her hot little ass, and I can see the thong bisecting her fleshy globes. I offer her a little spank and she jumps and yelps slightly.

I pat my lap, and watch you curl up into me, the leather of your boots rubbing against my skin through the pants. I can smell your wet pussy, begging for attention. I slip my finger over your clit and begin rubbing you ever so softly as Tina strips for us.

I whisper into your ear, nibbling lightly on it, “thank you, dearest, this is a lovely gift.” You just smile and moan at the touch of my fingers on your clit.

Tina begins moving her luscious hips to the music, slowly peeling the dress off her shoulders, showing us her grand tits. The nipples are very large and begging to be sucked on. I push you forward, and watch as you slowly take one into your mouth. Tina moans and pushes the dress off. She stands there, leaning back, savouring the touch of your tongue on her stiff nipples.

I reached around you with one arm, and the other between your legs, letting my forearm brush against your wet, swollen lips, and pulled off Tina’s thong.

There I sat, my lover naked in my lap, our playtoy showing that she’s completely shaved hairless, and wet and aroused for us. I smiled, and said, “So, it’s my night to be treated like a king? I think that one of you should go draw me a bath.” Tina smiled and asked where to go. You pointed her in the right direction, and then locked your lips onto mine. I watched your eyes follow her up the stairs.

You looked at me, blushed slightly, and said, “I want to fuck her for you. Will you let me?”

“Of course baby. We can break out that new toy we just got,” I reply with a grin.

“Oh, my. You really want to watch me FUCK that slut, don’t you?”

“Yes, baby. I want to see you use that whore with your new plastic cock, but first, you two should bathe me and wash my hair,” is my laughing reply.

You practically leap out of my lap and bolt up the stairs. I can hear you whispering with Tina, planning your strategy, or maybe just teasing each other more. You called down to me, and had me join you in the tub.

As I get to the large bathroom, I see the two of you at the sink, playing with each other’s tits. I stood there and watched a few moments, before I spread my arms out and told you both to strip me. I watched closely as you dropped to your knees, playing with my button and zipper, and Tina stripped off my shirt. I looked down to see you there, so perfect, naked, in front of me. I smiled down at you and felt your fingers as they wrapped around my thick shaft. I watched you stroke me slowly through the silk of my bright red boxers.

Finally, you pulled them down, and gave one short lick across the head of my cock. You pulled the precum from the tip, and stood. I watched you kiss it into Tina’s mouth, and stepped forward, wanting to feel you both.

I push against your tight little ass, pressing myself into the crease in the small of your back. I reach around to grab one of Tina’s nipples, pulling on it gently as she kisses you. Her moan of pleasure seems to ripple down your back and into my cock.

I sat down in the tub, letting the hot water cover me. Feeling the warm water wrapping around my body relaxes me, and arouses me with the utter sensuality of the moment. I see you step into the enormous tub first, sliding yourself between me and the wall of anadolu yakası escort the tub. Tina comes to join us, standing in front of me. She steps forward, shoving her pussy against my lips. I lick her once, twice, and then take her clit into my mouth. I suck lightly on it, flicking across her clit with my tongue. Your hands wander down my body, and begin to slowly stroke my cock.

I pull my lips from Tina’s, and motion for her to begin washing me. Your hands find the sponge, and begin to rub the soap onto it, and you pass the soap to her. I can feel the strength in your arms as you begin to massage mine with the soapy sponge. I rock back, moving my shoulders to tease your nipples. I can feel Tina begin stroking my legs, soaping them under the water. Her talented fingers move closer to my shaved balls, and she begins to tease me.

I turn to you, and lock my lips over yours. I push my tongue into your mouth filling you with my passion and bliss at this moment, this present you’re giving me.

We kiss for what seems like ages, while Tins slowly strokes my cock. I feel your fingers meet hers and two women’s hands begin to rub me. Tina takes a breath, and wraps her lips around my cock under the water. She sucks gently for a few moments and comes back up. I can feel her other hand soaping across my stomach, as yours joins it on my chest. The sensations cause me to tense. I call out to you in sheer bliss. As if by command, both of you stop stroking me, and go back to washing me.

Your hands leave my chest, and you begin to wash my hair. I love the feeling of how you massage my head as you wash. My eyes close momentarily, and I can hear your lips and hers right next to my ear as you two kiss.

After a moment, you pull apart, and resume my bath. The two of you clean every part of me, and rinse me off. I stand up, and let you both towel me dry, and then towel each other off, teasing and playing.

I look at you, and smile, “What I want is for you to fuck her for me first, K.”

You laugh softly, and grab my hard cock. “You sure you’ll be able to wait that long, my J?”

“Nope, but it’s what I would like, get her in the bedroom, and I’ll go get the toy” I chuckle in reply.

You grab Tina’s hair, and pull her into the bedroom. She yelps at first, but then follows closely along, loving the little bit of pain, and the forcefulness of your actions.

I hear your feet slapping against the hardwood floors as you drag her dripping (water and other things) form to the bedroom. Your forceful voice comes down the hall as I open up the playroom, “On the bed, bitch, and spread ’em.”

“Oh my, whatever you say,” is the meek reply. I reach the drawer, and pull out the newest toy in our collection. A 11 inch long, thick strapon dildo. I look at it with a bit of a shudder, knowing that you had other ideas in mind to break it in.

I almost break out into a run, hearing Tina moan. I slip into the bedroom, and sit on the chair in the corner. I watch as you reach between your legs, spread your lips and begin to stroke your clit. Your moans of pleasure are muffled between Tina’s legs. I can see her left hand teasing her nipple, and her right digging into your short brown hair, pushing you deeper into her.

I cross the room, kneeling behind you, just letting the head of my cock, wet with precum, tease your back, and between your ass cheeks. I reach around you, pull your hand from your pussy and quickly replace it with mine. My fingers teasing your clit lightly, as I wrap the strapon around you.

I pull it tight, and make sure that it’s fixed properly, so that the end of it teases your clit while you use it. I pull on your plastic cock, and whisper to you, “Fuck her for me. I’m going to watch you fuck this hot little whore till she can barely walk, and then I’m going to do the same to you.”

She can hear my ‘threat’ and moans, her eyes closing in bliss. I watch as you pull your lips from her pussy, and begin to lick yourself clean. I pull your lips to mine, and slowly lick you clean, and then kiss you.

I watch as you slide up her, slowly kissing your way up her stomach, to her nipple, gently licking and sucking on it. I watched as you abandoned her nipple to the air, and rose up onto your knees. She saw the big thick plastic cock inches from her throbbing pussy, and sighed in happy anticipation.

I watched as your ass tightened, showing off your strength, the full muscles of your thighs preparing to push your new dick into her. I can see each muscle in your back tense, and prepare for this new sensation. I Watch as you thrust your hips forward, the head of your rubber cock finding her lips. Her legs spread further open, showing off how much she wants you.

I see your body as you enter her, pushing deeper and deeper into her, watching her face to see how much she likes it, getting a sense of why there are times that I just pause, right before I enter you, wanting to savour every moment of it. I hear her moan, and see her legs wrap tightly around you, holding you in her, close to her.

You can hear me slowly stroking my cock, my deep breaths as I am entranced by this vision in front of me. I call out to you, “See why I love to fuck you so much, K?” You laugh and push yourself all the way into her. I can hear your legs hit hers, and hear the slight smack as you slip all the way into her wet pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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