The Roommates Ch. 02

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The next morning was a Saturday so nether of us had class. I slept in as I normally do on weekends. When I rolled out of bed and headed for my morning pee, I could smell the fresh cinnamon rolls that Heather had apparently just pulled out of the oven.

“Oh good you’re up, care for a roll,” she asked.

Not that this was an uncommon thing for her to make enough breakfast for both of us but as she stood there holding out a plate, I could make out her hard pointed nipples through her braless night shirt that she was still wearing.

“Thank you and good morning.” I replied as I took the plate from her.

As we both sat down at the table and started chatting about our evenings, my flaccid cock once again twitched as the events of my evening started to flash through my mind.

“I didn’t really do much, played on my laptop for a while, watched a movie and then went to bed, and you?” I asked.

“Well, Rick and I met up with some friend to shoot some pool.” she replied.

Now being that we have become pretty good friends, I had this nagging in my head that I should tell her about what happened when I got home yesterday.

“Hey Heather, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Yes, what is it?” She replied with a sort of worried look.

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s nothing bad but yesterday when I came home, you had just finished with your shower.”

“Uh huh!” she grunted.

“Well, I had actually been home for a few minutes before you had finished.”

Remembering that she had walked to her room without a towel on, her face started to blush a little. “But you came in while I was in my room getting dressed, I’m a little confused.”

“Well, not quite.” I said. “I had come home while you were still in the shower and didn’t think anything of it. But then, you came out.”

Blushing a little more she cut me off asking me what I saw.

“I kinda saw pretty much everything. But you know that I was raised with an older sister and I have had girlfriends so it wasn’t like I haven’t seen a naked woman before.”

Again she cut me off saying, “why didn’t you say something.”

“Well, you’ve always had a towel on before when you come out from a shower and it was only a matter of a couple of seconds, not enough time to even respond. Trying to not embarrass you, I acted as if I just walked in the door when you were safely in your room.”

She paused for a couple of seconds before continuing. “I thought I was home alone or else I would’ve had a towel or clothes on.”

Damn, I thought to myself thinking of all the mundane things that she does naked when I am not home. Like sitting on my chair, reading a book, watching tv. I really was trying to behave and be mature about this but the beautiful naked image of her was becoming too hard to suppress as my cock started to enlarge in my boxers.

“Heather, first let me start by apologizing and to let you know that this is your apartment also. You should be able to feel as comfortable as you want in your home. With that being said, I will try to make it a point to at least call before I get home.”

Her tone changed to more of a giggly attitude when she said, “aw c’mon, it’s not that big of a deal. Since we’re confessing, I should tell you that I have also caught you a time or two getting up in the middle of the night walking to the bathroom. It’s really nothing that you have to go out of your way to make me more “comfortable”.” And guess what, I have also seen men naked before.”

This really caught me off guard and now I felt my face starting to flush as she has seen me carelessly exposing myself in my most humiliating state. Not that I wouldn’t have been embarrassed any less if she had caught me with a raging hard on.

“It’s all good, shit happens and it will probably happen again at some point. Don’t sweat it and thank you for talking to me about it. Now, what are your plans for today?” Quickly changing the subject as to not make any more of an issue about it, she told me that she was going to hang out with her friend at her pool.

“I had planned on some Frisbee golf with a few of my friends.” With that, she grabbed our empty dishes from the table, excused herself and headed to her room to get ready.

It wasn’t that I hadn’t checked out her ass on occasion, but now with my new found respect for her glorious orbs, I couldn’t help but to take a more conscious, lustful stare of Heathers rear assets as she walked away in her loose running shorts that she casually wears at night.

Gawd, I want to see that ass naked again, I thought to myself as my half erect cock strained for adjustment. Once she had disappeared into her room, I pulled my laptop out to check my stuff. As I fired casino oyna it up, Heather came out and asked if I needed to use the bathroom before she takes a shower.

“Nah, I’m good.”

Like a light switch wired to my infatuated brain, the second the bathroom door closed, an idea that until twenty four hours ago, would have never entered my mind.

She is more than likely going to put her bikini on under her clothes. I can sneak a hidden camera into her room and voyeur her changing. I was a little ashamed of letting my desire to get laid bring me to this point. But at the same time, my member was getting harder still at the thought of being able to see her whenever I wanted.

Knowing that I would be clear for a few minutes, I grabbed my phone and headed to her room. Relieved that I can still hear the shower running from her room, I looked for the best place to hide my phone. Across from the foot of her bed was her vanity dresser. On the top of her dresser was a set of books standing on end. Three of the books were leaning into another three which about an inch and a half was separated at the bottom. Perfect.

After starting the video recorder on my phone, I placed it behind the books with the camera facing out through the opening. It was as good a place as ever and couldn’t have been better timing since as soon as I had it set up and going, I heard the shower turn off.

Quietly, I rushed out of her room back towards the living room. As I walked, I felt a cool sensation on my now rock hard cock. The act of what I was doing and the result of what I was going to see, caused a substantial wet spot of precum on my boxers.

When she appeared from the bathroom, she flirtingly made it a point to show me that she was decent with a towel around her. “Hey, is this better?” She said as she pirouetted in front of me.

“Yeah yeah butthead, get out of here.” I joking said knowing too well that what she was doing in front of me was nothing in comparison to what she was unaware of happening in her room. As she turned towards her room, she stopped just short of her door, called for my attention and as soon as she had it, flipped up the bottom of the towel and for a short second, mooned me. As if she had just been caught doing something innocently naughty, she put her fingers over her mouth and said “oops” as she giggled.

“Alright alright, I got it, now put that thing away and go get dressed.” I said to her. Normally I would have teased for more of a show but knowing what was waiting in her room had me thinking that that would be more of a show than anything that she would voluntarily give up.

As soon as her door closed, the excitement of what was taking place in there was almost uncontrollable to my libido. My cock, now throbbing, was rubbing the boxer material with every pulse making my already sensitive head hyper sensitive. I fought hard with myself to not just reach into my shorts and grab my shaft.

Approximately thirty minutes had passed before Heathers door opened again. Fully dressed in a sundress, I can make out her bikini through the thin material. She once again went into the bathroom closing the door behind her. A minute later, I heard the sound of her hair drier and figured that it was my chance to retrieve my phone from her room.

It would be a very quick process with me being in and out within a few seconds. But if she happened to catch me up and about, there would be no possible way that she wouldn’t see the huge tent encircled by a large silver dollar sized wet spot that was now visible on the outside of my shorts.

My heart was racing at this point, not out of fear of being caught, but from the excitement of what I was about to see as soon as I dumped the file onto my laptop. I hurriedly dashed into her room and grabbed my phone. I also noticed that her previously closed hamper was now open with her towel half way flung into it, partially exposing a new pair of panties she must have last worn.

Please hurry up and leave already, I greedily thought to myself. Trying not to act out of the normal, I sat back down on my couch and positioned my laptop over the bulge in my pants and brought up one of my social network pages.

She finally finished drying her hair and five minutes later was heading for the front door.

“Okay, I’m out, have fun today.” She said, grabbing her bag and keys from the end table by the door.

Chuckling to myself, I was thought, if she only knew how much fun I was going to have and why.

“Yeah, you too, I’ll see you later.” I replied with a smile. What I was really thinking was, yeah, you too, I’ll see you in a few minutes.

She couldn’t have left any sooner as my raging hard tool was being painfully constricted canlı casino in my shorts under the weight of my laptop. Wanting to give her enough time to get good and gone, I stayed seated. But I did push the laptop to the side and undo the button and zipper of my shorts, allowing some pressure relief.

My cock now jumped freely as the large veins struggled to pump more blood into the stretched to its limit, 7 inch shaft. I was a mess. The precum that had previously soaked my boxers and shorts was now dripping from the slit of my purple head, covering my pubic area.

Once I felt comfortable that she was gone, I sprung up, grabbed my phone, cord and laptop and headed to my room to download the video. As I passed Heathers room, I dashed in and grabbed the panties that saw earlier on top of her hamper. Incredibly, I was so aroused at this point that I feared that I may blow without any physical touching.

I made it to my room where I immediately started to download the file to my computer. As I waited, I took the panties and shoved them to my face. This time, the aroma was a bit different and they were very damp as if she had recently had sex. It had the different pussy scent. Not the scent of musty sweaty pussy, but the smell of aroused pussy with a slight hint of semen. I had thought to myself, wow, the aroma from those panties last night must have permeated the other clothes in her hamper, I didn’t realize that it would have been that strong.

As I took in the musky fragrance of our combined fluids, I began to lose control. Amazed that I could possibly cum without any physical stimulation, I felt my balls tighten. I pulled the panties from my face and relocated them to my now pulsing cock.

Within a second of my panty clad hand reaching my shaft, I began pumping load after sticky load into the material. Being an unsolicited orgasm, it was unlike anything I had ever felt before. There were at least six healthy streams of cum that had shot out before starting to taper off. My mind and body were in a different world as the beep sound of my computer notified me that the file had been successfully transferred.

My mental focus was snapped back to reality when it registered what the beep was. Spent but wanting to see what my little voyeur camera had recorded, I left the jizz filed panties clinging to my now semi hard erection as I turned my attention to the computer.

Upon opening the file, I was greeted to a view of her empty bedroom. I fast forwarded about five minutes into the video and hit the play button. Another 30 seconds or so went by when it finally happened, Heather walked into her room.

My eyes wear glued to the monitor, waiting for the moment that she dropped the towel from her moist body. The anticipation had my cock stirring again, but it would have to wait a bit longer as she went about retrieving the outfit that she would wear.

After another couple of minutes, my cock was at full mast again. This time it really was like a flag pole with the panties flag hanging from the top. And then it happened, the towel found itself airborne heading for the hamper. There she stood with her back to the camera giving me a wonderful shot of that nice ass that she carried so well.

My cock, being as hard as it was, now began to throb again as I watched her fiddle with the clothes on the bed. For a second, my conscience kind of hit me and the wrongness of what I did or was watching ran through my mind.

That was all erased when she turned towards the vanity, showing the camera something that caught me totally off guard. Her dark triangle was gone. She had shaved her patch off leaving nothing but smooth skin. I had liked the little patch but now she was as smooth as the day she was born and her bikini line was definitely not going to be an issue anymore.

As she approached the vanity, her torso filled the screen showing from her neck to her upper thighs and everything in between. Her beautiful tits perched on her chest as if some magical force was holding them from drooping. I could also make out the start of her pussy as it disappeared between her legs.

My god she’s really hot, I thought to myself as my cock bounced in rhythm with my pounding heartbeat. But no, that would not be the highlight of this show. What happened next would have me spraying cum like a fire hose.

To my utter amazement, Heather hiked up a leg onto the chair and pulled on her clean pussy to examine her handy work. Holy shit, she was literally 12 inches away from the camera giving me the best view of her spread eagle pussy.

My mind just did a back flip as she began to pull her hairless pussy lips from one side to the other and then apart looking for any stray hairs that may have escaped the wrath kaçak casino of her razor. As if on autopilot, my hands dropped to my throbbing tool, one hand grabbing at my shaft as the other pulled the panties off and shoved the crotch straight into my mouth.

With my mind spinning and the extremely erotic vision on my monitor, I ether didn’t think about or care about the fact that her panties were now also saturated with my own seed. The closest that I have come to tasting my own jizz was from kissing my ex after she had given me head. The difference is that with kissing, I would only taste the flavor, which was negligible in amount. With what I was doing now was more like eating a creampie, her juice mixed with a whole lot of mine.

Our combined juices were so intoxicating that as I continued to suck on the material, I started to stroke my cock again. It was amazingly apparent that she herself was becoming turned on by the wonderful sight that she was inspecting. She began pulling on her lips in more of a playful manner.

We were both watching her inner pink slowly begin to glisten from the moisture that was finding its way to the surface. As if debating with herself, she continued softly tugging on her smooth lips. The aroused side of her won, she hovered her index finger over her slit only to slowly submerge it between the now very wet folds of her womanhood.

When she slid her dripping finger up and started to tease the little button, I knew she was committed. I am going to blow another load regardless if she brings herself off or not, but if she does, I want to finish with her, I thought.

The combination of sucking on her cum socked panties and watching the massage that her little bud was receiving was almost too much. Then, as she slid her finger back between her dripping lips, she didn’t stop and her finger effortlessly dove into the tight little hole that was being hidden within her smooth pink folds. This did prove to be too much as I had to stop stroking my cock if I was to cum with her.

Being that her pussy was so close to my phone and along with the image that it was recording, it also recorded sound and the sounds that it was recording was clear conformation of how aroused she had made herself. With the sight of her glistening, juice covered fingers and the sound of her fluids sloshing around her tight hole, I couldn’t hold back anymore.

Even though I had stopped stroking myself in an effort to cum with her, my cock tightened up again and for the second time in so many minutes, I was seconds away from another unsolicited eruption.

Vocally quiet, Heather increased her finger action into a sloppy sounding frenzy upon her hardening clitoris. Still not wanting to cum until she did, I removed the panties from my mouth and controlled my overwhelming urge to just grab myself and finish by placing my hands under my butt and sitting on them. Unfortunately, as before, I was so aroused at this point that physical contact was not necessary to induce another orgasm.

As her fingers moved in a squishy blur on the screen, my efforts proved to be futile as my balls unleashed the first blast of my orgasm. I was only able to get a hold of my unrestrained cock after it had already sent a large rope of jizz hurtling in the air.

That first rope of jizz landed like the Hindenburg, staring from the middle of my chest continuing upwards until it stopped on my forehead. The instantaneous shock of my cum strung across my face was a long enough second that even though I had my hand now gripping my cock, it shot off a second rope which in turn followed almost the same path as the first only this time starting at my chin ending on my forehead.

It wasn’t until after I had managed to catch the rest of my cum in my hand that I had realized that along with the self facial that I had just given myself, I was also now tasting the cum that had stretched across my lips. Not being repulsed by this small taste of just my own cum without the help of Heathers pussy juice, my inhibitions let loose a little and I pushed my tongue out, scooping more jizz from my lips for a better taste. Not that I would go out and suck a dick for it, but I realized that I really didn’t mind the taste of cum.

Once my orgasm finally subsided, I had noticed that Heather had also stopped fingering herself. Without the usual aural cue’s normally associated with an orgasm, I didn’t realize that while my jizz was splashing across my face, Heather was also in the grips of her own orgasm.

As I was coming down from my orgasm, I continued sitting there watching the screen with my cum still running down my face dripping off my chin. I now understood why her panties had that recent sex dampness to them as I watched her walk over to the hamper, grab the panties that she was wearing and with the crotch in her hand, wiped her pussy clean of all her orgasm which I would be sucking on no more than 20 minutes later.

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