The Test Drive

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I received a call from my car dealer. He had a car I might be interested in. I told him I would be in later in the day to check it out. I arrived around 5 p.m. and it was pretty quiet. We went out to look at a nice Corvette. I think he was more interested in my attire though. Probably shouldn’t have worn a low cut dress, but hey, if it gets me a good deal. Looking around the car I found a few issues but nothing I believed to be bad. As I was looking at the engine, I caught him looking down my top, and had to smile. He suggested a test drive, and I agreed.

We took it out and buzzed around town, then out onto the highway. She had some good handling, but better pick up. We were about 30 miles or so up the road when it started to sputter. I pulled off the highway, and into a lot before the engine died. He was very apologetic, and told me he would fix it. Not sure how he figured he would but, nothing to worry now.

He dialed a number, and called a tow truck. Then a second number, and informed me that his manager was not happy about what had happened.

The tow truck arrived, and hooked up the car. I glanced into the cab and realized it was not made for three people. Oh well, nothing could be done about that either. I climbed into the cab, and across the seat. My dress rode up a bit. They climbed in on each side of me. The driver fired up the truck, and away we went, onto the highway for the return trip. As the driver shifted gears, his hand and the shifter kept pressing between my legs. Finally he hit top gear, and buried the stick right into me. I jumped as I got pinned between the shift knob, and the seat. With no room to move I was in a bad position. The vibration of the engine, and the bumpy road was having an effect.

The vibration, the bumpy road, and the bad position had me getting wet. As I sat there getting turned on. I tried to reposition myself, each time placing myself in a worse situation. I couldn’t help but my head was starting to tip back, as I got closer to orgasm. I know the driver was noticing, but the dealer was on the phone with his manager. I doubt he was mutlukent escort oblivious to my plight though. My head back, and eyes rolling, I wasn’t ready for the driver getting off the highway. As he went to downshift, his hand went right between my legs, and into my wetness. That pushed me over the edge, and I exploded in orgasm. I’m sure my sounds left no doubt to either of them about what had happened.

I didn’t even realize that we were pulling into an empty garage, and that they had exited the truck. I heard three voices talking outside the truck. I was greeted by the sales manager, when I could focus I found myself, staring directly into his eyes as he extended his hand to help me out of the truck. My legs shaky, my breath shallow. The force of the orgasm had left me a little uneasy, as well as very horny. He helped me across the shop and into a plush office. Still a little off kilter, I was not thinking clearly. The softness of the sofa, the fogginess of my mind, and the closeness of three handsome men had me lost it thought.

The manager sat next to me, talking softly. His voice telling me that it was alright, that it wasn’t uncommon. That it was a good thing, and that I should accept it. Allow it to be blissful. I sat staring into his eyes as he spoke, his words echoing in my head. My body was still riding very high. The sofa moved on the other side of me, but his hand on my shoulder held me in place. Their words whispered in my ears telling me how sexy it was to know that I was open, and horny. That I was in a safe and friendly space, and open to my desires. My mind open, relaxing me further.

Hand’s on both sides of me touching my skin that was already on fire. I was lost in the moment, not thinking clearly, and so horny. The sales manager then kissed me, soft, slow, and deep. I found myself responding the same way. As another voice told me it was okay to open my legs so I did. The hands touching my thighs inflamed my desire further. The other hands moving my dress straps down my arms freeing my 36c breasts. My head rolled back at tuzla escort all three sets of fingers found their marks. One set on each breast, another between my legs. The thoughts in my mind were jumbled, but for a moment. When the fingers were replaced by mouths was when I was totally lost.

A mouth each sucking my tits, the third using his tongue on my clit. Working independent of each other made it hard to think of anything, save the pleasure they were giving me. Their mouths each focused on its target, sending me into overdrive. At this point, I was gone. My body has betrayed me. I was wet, and super horny. I started to moan, and shift. Wanting whatever they had to give. As I was riding higher, and closer to another orgasm, my hands were moved, placed on two hard cocks that I stroked willingly. Feeling them get harder in my hands. They felt good, but not as good as the approaching orgasm I was ready for. It hit with a powerful force making me scream as I came clouding my judgment even more.

I was stood up on very shaky legs, as my dress and panties were removed. I was held on my hands and knees on a table top as I heard the rustling of clothes. The hands that held me continued to tease my pussy keeping me on a high. The hand was removed, as I felt a cock rubbing up and down my slit. Wanting it so much, I asked for it. Happily I was rewarded as it sunk deep into my wet pussy in one smooth motion fucking me into bliss. More rustling as a second cock was placed at my lips. I started sucking the cock in my mouth. Working it deeper until it was all the way in. As I started to get close he pulled out of my pussy, but another one took his place. He was a little smaller in length but at a faster pace. The one in my mouth pulled away, to be replaced by the one who had just fucked me. He was pretty big as he filled my mouth. Sucking my own juice off as he pushed deeper into my mouth, while the cock in my pussy picked up his pace.

They continued to switch places, each taking a few turns in my pussy, and mouth. They would take me right to the edge each time, anadolu yakası escort only to switch without letting me cum. This treatment was driving me crazy with desire. I so wanted to cum, badly. I did so, but only when things got changed up. The smallest of the three pulled his coated cock out of my pussy, and pressed it into my ass, slowly. That new sensation sent me over the top, and I came for the third time. But now I wanted even more since it felt so good. Again they took turns, driving into my now soaked pussy to coat their cock before pulling out, only to fuck my ass. This action of fucking my pussy, then my ass, while sucking another had me orgasmic to the point I couldn’t hold myself up.

Two of them lifted me, and placed me down on the third. I now had a cock deep in my pussy to ride, but not the where with all to do so. He was buried inside me, but neither of us moved. My ass was spread open, and a second cock was pushed in. The one in my ass would push me into the one in my pussy. The double penetration was driving my orgasms into overload. Not to be left out, the third was pushed into my mouth. I was full of cock. They fucked me slow and steady for what seemed like forever. The feeling of a hard cock in each of my holes was incredible. Getting into a good rhythm they were giving me a thorough fucking. The one in my ass started picking up the pace. He hammered me into the cock in my pussy harder. The guy in front of me held me by the hair, and was fucking my mouth. My body was totally gone. I desire to cum was uncontrollable. I lost all control, as I felt them all get harder. Trying as best I could to ride and fuck all three of them. Knowing that they would all cum soon made me even more wanton. I was rewarded when they each shot off in turn. The cock in my pussy was first, I felt him hit my walls. Next was the cock in my mouth, I swallowed as much as I could. And lastly the cock in my ass filled me there too. Then my final orgasm hit me so hard, I passed out.

I woke up a while later on the sofa under a blanket, with so much cum dripping out of me. Sore, but happy. The sales manager greeted me with a smile, a glass of water, and some Chinese food. I sat with the blanket wrapped around me, eating and drinking. We chatted about a very good deal on a car he was holding for me. Well below market value. I smiled sheepishly when I asked if I could take it for a test drive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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