Think of Me

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“Think of me in the shower.”


Headphones off, I turn away from the computer and head to the shower. I always enjoy listening to him play games. That voice. That beautiful deep, sexy voice. I shiver getting into the shower.

The hot water flows over me. I run my hands through my hair, feeling every muscle relax as the warm water eases my tension away. ‘Think of me.’ That voice is still in my head. I can imagine him in the shower with me.

My hands run down my neck, kneading the muscles in my shoulders, before moving over my breasts. My breasts feel soft and full in my hands. I squeeze each breast, pushing and pulling on the flesh, imagining his hands are mine grabbing and massaging. I roll a nipple between my fingers, squeezing hard and tugging, imagining his teeth biting me. Feeling the water cascade over my breasts feels like his mouth is on me, licking and sucking at the flesh.

I lean back on the tiles and close my eyes. His hands are all over me, grabbing my hips, gliding up my back and resting on my shoulders. He pulls my shoulders down and back, my hips pressing against his, my head falling back, opening my chest to him. He lowers his head licking my neck and nibbling. His beard tickles my chest as his lips travel up my neck to my lips, capturing them with his. His mouth crushes mine as our tongues caress each other.

I feel renewed wetness between my legs. I slid my hand down my body and into my crotch. Raising a leg onto the side of the illegal bahis bath, my pussy opens to my waiting hand. His hand. Parting my lips “he” taps my clit with his finger sending shockwaves through my stomach. I gasp. He runs his finger along my pussy, feeling the lubrication of my excitement. His finger glances my clit again causing me to shiver despite the hot water running over my naked body. In one movement his fingers are deep inside me, fucking me wildly. My fingers rub my clit, eyes closed imagining so much more. ‘Think of me,’ the words ring in my ears.

I arch my back as I envision him replacing his fingers with his hard cock. I slid two fingers inside me, pumping them in and out as a thumb bounces off my clit. My breathing quickens as I feel the orgasm rising in my belly. He grabs my hips and begins slamming his cock into my tight pussy. Pulling my hips down, he drives deeper and deeper into me. My fingers are furiously rubbing my clit bringing myself to a wild orgasm.

As my breathing returns to normal, I’m once again in the shower, hot water running over my body. My nipples tight and erect. My pussy dripping over my fingers still embedded inside. I removed my fingers, brushing my sensitive clit sending electricity through me. I suck my fingers into my mouth, tasting the pleasure produced by the images in my mind and the voice in my head.

I begin to lather my body with vanilla body wash. The smell is intoxicating. The loofah slides over my body. Over my shoulders illegal bahis siteleri and down my chest, circling each breast before travelling over my stomach and down. The fibres glance my still swollen clit and I jump. Continuing down one long, slender leg and back up the other. Briefly pausing at my pussy, pressing against the lips, making me breath deeper. Up and over my hip to my tight arse. Massaging and circling the cheeks before sliding up my back. If only he were here to complete my back for me. I imagine leaning into his strong, tall body as his arms engulf me. He takes control of the loofah and massages my back, starting at my shoulders, working in small circles down to my arse. My body is alive again with thoughts of his presence. I need more.

Leaving the shower, I lay down on my bed, still wet. My hands find my breasts once more. I arch my back, pushing my chest forward into ‘him’. I pinch my nipples hard, his teeth biting and pulling on the flesh. My pussy is soaked again but fingers will not suffice. Delving into the drawer of pleasure I retrieve the desired toys. He sucks my nipple into his mouth, his hand rough on my breast, squeezing, fingers digging into them. My hand moves to my drenched pussy, sliding one, two, three fingers inside. A moan escapes my lips. His mouth is on mine. My fingers wriggle inside me sending jolts through my body.

I lay him down on the bed. His hard cock in my face. I slide the toy deep into my throat, imagining it is him. My teeth graze canlı bahis siteleri the shaft as my tongue caresses the knob. The length of him hits the back of my throat. Fresh saliva dribbles from my lips, coating his balls. Slowly I life my head up, the phallic shape leaving my mouth before I plunge it back in, lips gripping tight. My fingers play on my clit as I continue to hear his voice “Think of me.”

I remove the toy and straddle his hips, my back towards him, my tight rounded arse visible. I lower my soaked pussy onto the toy, onto him. Slowly I take him in. Inch by inch.

“Oh baby. Fill me up.”

My pussy is tight and wet. He slides in, all in. His knob hits the walls of my pussy and the pain is mixed with exquisite pleasure. “Yes…” I breath. I rock my hips back and forth, riding his hard, throbbing cock. He places his hands on my arse, digging into the muscles beneath. I push my arse back, begging for more. The toy slides out of me as I raise my hips, then slams back in as he forces my hips down, “Yes… fuck me hard…”

I push my arse back hoping he takes the hint. His hands move in and caress between my arse cheeks. I wiggle my arse, causing the cock inside me to nuzzle against my g-spot. My body shakes with the impending orgasm. I move the beads behind me as he slides a finger into my arse. First one bead, then two, three, four. His finger tips me over the edge and I scream as I cum. Hips bucking from the electricity radiating from my pussy.

I flop back on the bed. Exhausted. The phallic toy glides out of my convulsing pussy. I lay, panting. My eyes close as I drift into a peaceful sleep. His deep sexy voice still in my head “Think of me…” and the beads embedded deep in my arse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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