Three’s a Party

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Jordan looked at the one dollar and fifty cents sitting on the table.

People were assholes.

He did his best to be nice, courteous and attentive when working, but it was moments like this. When some snobby asshole came in ordering expensive wine, showing off to a woman that could’ve been his child, staying for longer than necessary, and leaving a shit tip that made him want to give up all hope on humanity and wish for a plague to wipe everyone out.

People. Were. Assholes.

The Troubadour wasn’t the worst place to work at, but as far as slow days went, this was a shitty one. His other job at the Lodi local newspaper was disheartening enough without having to wear a uniform and be treated like shit.

Either way, he suffered through it as it kept a roof over his head.

“Why so glum chum?”

Jordan looked over at Arnie’s perky face with disdain. The 19-year-old spunky blond was always on the edge of irritating. But, he bussed tables like a champ, and he was saving up for a trip to Italy, which was admirable in all its naiveté.

“Just tired.” He answered stuffing the tip in his waiter’s pouch.

Arnie stood next to him towering over him. Jordan looked up and shook his head. He was average at 5’8″, but standing next to someone who was 6’2″ wasn’t a picnic.

“You got any plans tonight?” he asked still bobbing to music that was only in his head.

Jordan let out a long sigh. “Yeah, but they’re not as fun as you’d think.”

Jordan slumped lower knowing he was going to go home, watch porn, jerk off and go to sleep alone.

The rockstar life.

With an exasperated sigh, he mussed through his short brown hair and walked towards his section, which was now empty, to clean the one table he had.


“Happy birthday baby.”

Jana smiled and looked out the window. They were frequent patrons of The Troubadour, but tonight was different.

It was her birthday.

Fay turned the car off and looked over at Jana. Her eyes were the color of ice and just as hypnotizing. “Are you sure you want to do this, because you know I’m game for anything.”

Jana leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. With a soft tug on her short, dark brown tresses, she said,


Fay licked her lips and pulled Jana in for a deeper kiss.

It was broken suddenly as Jana shuddered in ecstasy.

Fay smiled wide biting her bottom lip. “Just checking to make sure it works.”

A few weeks’ prior, Jana had asked Fay to surprise her for her 30th birthday, and no matter what she decided they were going to do, she was going to go with it.

Fay had known all along what she wanted to give her, but couldn’t think of how to present it without Jana turning it down.

Now that she had full reign, she was going to take the utmost advantage of it.

It started off with Breakfast in bed while Fay gave her an orgasm over eggs and bacon followed by sending her a bouquet of orange lilies, purple daises, and vibrant yellow sunflowers at work with promises of more to come that evening.

Once home, Fay gave her another one of her gifts.

A pair of vibrating panties that she was to wear when they went out for dinner.

Her clit throbbed watching Jana undress and put them on without hesitation.

Now they were at her favorite wine bar where the last surprise was waiting.

Ever since they’d started going there nearly a year ago, Fay knew that Jana had a crush on Jordan. She could understand. He was handsome enough with his boyish smile, and kind eyes. Though she’d experimented, she found herself more attracted to women.

Jana lived more fluidly.

They walked in happy to see that it was, for the most part, empty when the hostess greeted them.

“Just the two of you?” she asked.

Fay nodded. “Could we be seated in Jordan’s section?”

The young woman smiled. “Of course, right this way.”


The Troubadour was rustic in feel with wooden walls lined with some of the rarest wine bottles and tasteful parts of all the winemaking experience. It could have been overbearing and just this side of being douchey, but they were careful not to go over into full on snobbery.

She led them over to a corner booth were Jana had just managed to sit before Fay was pushing the on button sending another jolt directly to her clit.

Her honey colored eyes looked up pleading for her to stop, but the smirk she wore on her full lips was asking for more.

“I’ll get your waters and Jordan will be right with you.”


Fay slid in next to her and leaned back rubbing on Jana’s back.

“Are you excited for this next part?”

Jana looked back at her curious.

“There’s more?”

Fay nodded slowly

Jana licked her lips. “If I’m honest, I’m a little nervous, but I’ve never been this turned on.”

Fay revved up the vibrator another notch causing Jana to rest her head on the table. Her bright red curls fanned out in front of her.

She stopped as the hostess left waters at the table.

“Oh sweetheart, you’re in for a great night.”


Jordan ankara escort sat in the kitchen counting his measly tips when Mandy came up behind him.

“You’re a popular guy this evening.”

Jordan turned around.

“I thought you said you’d sit the next table in someone else’s section.”

Mandy flashed him a smile. “Sorry stud, but they asked for you by name.”

Jordan looked at her curiously. “They?”

He walked out of the back to see who would possibly ask for him.

A smile spread across his face at the sight of his favorite couple.

For him, Jana and Fay were some of the hottest women to step into the overpriced establishment. And for reasons beyond him, they singled him out as their favorite waiter.

Over the last year, they’d come in spent a lot, leaving big tips. Fay was petite with a voice that went right to your genitals while Jana was a gorgeous curvy redhead that Fay had the honor of sleeping next to every night.

If Jordan were honest with himself, he would admit that given the chance, he would’ve loved to bend her over and take her while Fay watched. Or joined in. Occasionally, he let himself believe that she’d even flirted with him once or twice, but quickly brought himself back to reality.

Every time he’d come up to the table, she always had this… smile. He couldn’t help but smile back in kind every single time giving himself away. Liking her just a little more each visit.

Tonight, as he stepped up, her look was completely different. She was disheveled with a gleam of sweat on her brow.

She looked like she’d been… he shook the thought from his mind. There was no way.

“Hey ladies. You alright tonight?”

Fay looked up and smiled lazily. “Jordan! You’re lookin good tonight.”

Jordan looked at her with suspicion. “Pretty sure I look the same as I always do.”

Fay looked at him sideways. “No, there’s something different today.”

He scoffed. “What can I get you ladies tonight?”

Fay smoothed Jana’s hair out of her face. “What would you like sweetie?”

Jordan focused on Jana’s look more. He smiled to himself. She definitely looked as though she’d been rode hard.

Jana licked her lips. She may not have been going for seductive, but the twitch in Jordan’s pants suggested otherwise.

“How about some bison sliders?”

Fay smiled turning the vibrator on the low setting again.

Jana hummed slightly and crossed her arms which caused her chest to push up nearly sitting on the table like a meal of their own.

Jordan swallowed hard. He could feel his pants getting more and more uncomfortable.

“Are, do you, um…”

He was struggling to find words watching her.

“Anything else?” he asked finally.

Fay watched him with a sly smirk.

“Bring us a good Pinot Noir as well. We’ll let you choose.”

Jordan nodded absently.

“Absolutely. Anything… What?”

Fay chuckled. “A pinot with those sliders.”

He nodded. “Of course, I’ll bring it right over.”

Walking away, Jordan was in a daze. He couldn’t believe the sight of her. He wanted nothing more than to grab her and take her right then and there.

Too bad Fay was going to be the one giving it to her.

Jerking off tonight was a must, but he wouldn’t need porn to do it.

Fay watched as Jordan walked away. It was clear that he had a growing hard on. It pleased her knowing the night was going just as she’d planned.

“How would you feel if I had you down on all fours. My face buried in your pussy while you’re taking Jordan in your mouth and down your throat?”

Fay was leaning into Jana whispering in her ear while keeping the panties on the lowest setting. She knew Jana was getting frustrated, but she couldn’t help herself. She wanted her to be right there, needing just the right moment to send her into a blissful orgasm.

When Jordan first came over to get their order, Jana had tried to press harder on the vibrator, but Fay wouldn’t give it to her that easily. She turned it off and on doing her best to contain her smirk. Jana could only bite her bottom lip and pout.

Now she was filling her head with all sorts of scenarios, and it was driving her insane.

“How about you riding on his cock while I take the vibrator and fill your other hole and watch you come all over him?”

Jana gulped.

“Would you like that?” Fay’s husky voice was torture to her, but she wanted all of it.

With a slow nod she whispered, “Yes.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Fay saw Jordan returning with their food.

She turned Jana’s face to hers and kissed her before revving the vibrator to the full speed.

Jana could not stop the squeal that came out of her. The orgasm was intense and forceful.

She buried her face in Fay’s shoulder trying to stay silent.

“Now just imagine if Jordan went under the table and lapped up all your juices right now.” She whispered.

Jana wouldn’t dare look out now hearing the plate being placed on the table.

She could only imagine what it looked like from his angle.

Jordan had seen Fay whispering escort ankara something in Jana’s ear earlier, but was now certain that the real scene was underneath the table. He’d only ever seen Jana like that in her fantasies. Her hair was everywhere, some of sticking to her flush cheeks, and she was breathing heavily.

She’d just had an orgasm, or she was close. Either way, she had him standing at full mast straining on his jeans.

Trying to be discreet, he moved his hands in front of his body.

“Here are your bison sliders.” He announced with a strained smile.

“If you need anything else, just let me know.”

“Oh believe me, we will.” Fay answered winking at him while rubbing Jana’s back.

Jordan swallowed hard. He wanted to lick her entire body clean and then do her all over again.

“This Pinot is good by the way.”

He snapped back to Fay.

“Yeah, of course. Did you want more, or… anything else?”

Fay smiled wide. “Not yet, but we’re getting there.”

Jordan nodded slowly. “Of course. I’ll be around when you need me.”

He walked away slowly trying to adjust himself discreetly.

“You alright?” Morgan asked.

Jordan smirked. “I’m good. Just… need to use the bathroom.”

Jordan brushed past her into the employee bathroom and locked himself in.

Without thinking, he unzipped his pants and fished his throbbing member out stroking himself aggressively.

He bit his bottom lip imagining Jana’s lips on his member while Fay sucked on his balls.

He could feel himself getting when there was a knock on the door.

“I’m coming! Give me a sec!” he yelled.

“Sorry, but the girls are asking for you.”

At Mandy’s words, Jordan exploded across the bathroom floor. With a low grunt, he bowled over doing his best to stay quiet.

“Tell them I’ll be right there.”


After collecting himself and freshening up, he walked out a different man. Even though he enjoyed watching them, he was clear headed again and could enjoy the show that was going on.

In truth, Jordan figured there was no way Jana could want someone like him when she had that rubbing all over her ample curves at night. But he could appreciate them while they were there.

“Hey, Jordan?” Fay called.

He sauntered over unable to contain the shit eating grin on his face.

“Hey ladies. Still doing good?”

Jana giggled while Fay simply smiled.

“We are great.”

He nodded looking over at Jana who seemed like was still being worked over pretty well.

“I was just wondering,” Fay continued. “Did you have any plans tonight?”

Jordan was stuck. There was no way she was asking him seriously.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

“Well, you see, it’s Jana’s birthday today, and it’s a very special birthday.”

As she spoke, Jordan watched as Jana’s eyes closed and her lips parted just a little. He gulped.

“Happy Birthday.” He breathed out.

“We wanted to keep the party going. Isn’t that right Jana?” Fay asked.

“God yes.” Jana groaned out.

Jordan’s boner started to harden again already.

“Are you interested?” Fay asked him.

Jordan cleared his throat. “Um, I mean, I’ve got nothing going… if you don’t think I’ll get in the way.”

“On the contrary. You’d be right in the thick of it.”

He let out an awkward chuckle and placed the check in front of them.

“Pay whenever up front.”

Quickly he turned and left.

This night was not happening. He was not just asked to join two hot women for an after party.

That was not his life.

“Hey, you good?”

Jordan looked over at Arnie with a blank stare.

Not only had Fay asked him to come over, but promised that they’d be waiting out in the parking lot when he was done.

“Jordan, are you still in there?” Arnie asked waving his hand in his face.

Jordan blinked a few times. “What? Did you ask me something?”

“Where are you man?”

Jordan stood with a sigh. “Can you do me a favor? Help Mandy finish closing?”

Before Arnie could say anything, Jordan placed his tops on the table.

“It’s not much, but it’s better than what you had before.”

Arnie’s wide smile was all he needed before he went to the back to grab his jacket. Maybe he was dreaming. They could all be going to a regular party, and he was going to be stuck with his dick in his hands.

Not that he hadn’t done that already.

But he wasn’t going to know unless he went out to the parking lot.


Outside, Jordan approached as Fay was grinding into Jana while they made out heavily on the side of her black Mustang. His own Honda paled in comparison to the sleek black of the muscle car.

“Uh, hey.”

Fay turned around wiping her lips. “Hey, glad you could join us.”

Jordan looked back and forth between the two women. He was back at half-mast again.

“Happy to.”

Fay walked over to him and cupped him causing Jordan to take in a sharp breath.

“Why don’t you follow us?”

He nodded, tight lipped

She smiled, her ice blue ankara escort bayan eyes piercing right down to his groin.

“I hope you can keep up.”


The moment he parked, he felt his stomach drop. Fay was standing there waiting for him on the balcony of their apartment.

“Thought you got lost back there.” She stated.

He smirked walking up. “My car may be a piece of shit,” he started getting next to her. “But it kept up alright.”

He moved with all the confidence he wasn’t feeling at the moment.

As he approached the landing, Fay took his hand and walked him inside.

The apartment was simple, but well put together. Off white walls decorated in abstract art, plush sofa, open kitchen and nice entertainment center. One thing was that it was clean. Like, smelled clean. Smelled like women lived there.

“Would you like something to drink?” She asked.

“Water, if that’s alright.”

“Of course.”

She walked to the kitchen and poured him a glass of water.

“So, how old are you, Jordan?” she asked.

Jordan smirked. “31.”

Fay nodded. “I wouldn’t have guessed it. You look good.”

Jordan smirked. Must be the working long hours and insomnia.”

He gulped down his water. Fay moved in close to him and took the glass.

“I want Jana’s night to be special, so anything goes as long as she’s well sated and taken care of.”

Jordan nodded not sure what to say.

Fay sat the glass on the table and took him into the room. There, Jana was just coming out of the bathroom.

“Why don’t you two get started, and I’ll join you in a minute.”

Jordan was in awe. As sexy as Jana always looked at the restaurant, seeing her in just a thong was unbelievable. Her curves were amazing, her skin milky smooth, and her breasts… Jordan’s mouth watered at the sight. Perfect hourglass shape.

“I think you’re overdressed.”

Jordan looked down to see that he was still fully clothed. When he looked back up, Jana was now right in front of him. With sure hands, she pushed his flannel off his shoulders. Once that was gone, she grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head.

Jordan’s hands caressed her arms before snaking around her waist.

“You’re beautiful.” He whispered.

She smiled. “Thank you.”

The first kiss was better than he could’ve imagined. The softness of her lips was the best thing he’d had on him for years. She continued down his body, caressing his neck and down his chest.

He watched as she moved to her knees unbuckling his belt.

Since walking into their apartment, Jordan had been hard, but somehow, he’d gotten even harder seeing her down in front of him.

He hoped he wouldn’t end up embarrassing himself.

Jana kissed his hip before pushing his pants and underwear down to his ankles.

“Look at that. I’d say he was definitely worth it.”

Fay walked in completely naked. She had more of an athletic build with small perky breasts. But her lips were just as nice.

Jordan couldn’t believe what he was seeing. These two beautiful women were on their knees pleasuring him, licking his shaft, and sucking his balls.

He knew it was Jana’s birthday, but he’d be lying if he wasn’t enjoying himself.

His hands busied themselves in both of their hair until Fay moved behind Jana. She kissed a trail down her back following her slender fingers until they slid down between her legs.

Jana moaned on Jordan’s dick nearly making his knees buckle.

“Fuck.” He grumbled doing his best to hold it together. He watched as Fay began rimming Jana. Before he could stop himself, he started mimicking Fay’s tongue fucking Jana’s mouth. The sight of the two of them was better than any fantasy he’d ever had.

If he kept going at that rate, he was surely going to come too soon. He let out a deep breath and backed away from her sitting on the bed removing his shoes along with his pants and underwear. He then motioned her to come to him.

Jana smiled and stood up.

This time it was Jordan’s turn to be on his knees kissing her on her mound where a faint strip of red hair was. He stuck his tongue out licking her slit testing her before licking her again, this time spreading her lips with his tongue and flicking her clit. Jana’s hands rested on his shoulders to steady herself.

Jordan smiled to himself. This was going to be fun.

With a bit of force, he turned her until she was next to the bed and gave her a gentle push down. The moment she hit the bed, he yanked her to the edge and started kissing her inner thigh until he was just above her awaiting center. With a smirk, he stuck his tongue out as far as it could go licking her with long strokes, his cock jump as her back arched in pleasure.

Jordan enjoyed the noises she made as he sucked on her clit. Fay joined them licking on Jana’s tits and playing with her clit along with him.

Jordan watched as she writhed uncontrollably under all the attention.

As much as Jordan understood that this was about Jana, he wanted to make sure both women get the chance to enjoy themselves.

Fay’s ass was in a perfect position from where he was kneeling. He looked up to see her glistening pussy exposed to him. With a finger still inside of Jana, he moved upward giving her a flick of his tongue before going back down to Jana.

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