Trespassers Beware

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Ethan silently glided through the canyon bottom. He had spent all day scoping out canyon bottoms killing wild hogs that had been wreaking havoc on his maize fields. He knew he ought to keep hunting until dark, but it was a beautiful late summer evening. The sun was out and there was only a slight breeze. Prime fishing weather and he was only a few hundred yards away from his personal lake.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had been down to his lake, so today was an excellent day for him to take his boat out and do a little fishing. He remembered there ought to be some beer in the refrigerator from the last time his older brother and him went fishing. The day was getting better and better.

As he stepped up on the porch of his lake house, he swore that he heard a feminine laugh come from the backside of the lake. But it was probably just a bird or his ears playing tricks on him. Surprisingly, he had left the door to the lake house unlocked after the last time he had went fishing. The lake house only had two rooms, one which served as a kitchen/living area and another that was a small bathroom. He immediately started towards the refrigerator, but instead decided to go wash some mud off his hands.

As Ethan washed his hands, he glanced at the reflection of himself in the mirror. His face and neck were deeply tanned from working long hours out in the sun and wind. He had inherited his square jaw from his father and brown eyes and hair from his mother. The crooked nose was a gift provided by a hard ground ball in his college baseball days. Farm and ranch labor coupled with daily bicycling had kept his 5’8″ frame fit and as athletic as ever. Looking into his eyes, you would detect a quiet confidence and a twinge of humor.

Finally, he finished washing his hands. He was out of towels, so he just wiped his hands on his pants as he walked to his refrigerator. Opening his fridge, he was shocked to find just one beer. But he shrugged it off, laid his Ruger .45 long-action revolver on the table and walked out the door. He grabbed his fishing gear that he left outside the door and headed off down to his dock.

Suddenly, as he neared the dock, he spotted something that made his blood boil. Empty beer cans were strewn out all over the dock and in the water. He was typically a laid back person, but some things set him off and one of those was trespassers. He had done everything he could from locking his gates to posting “No Trespassing” signs, but once teenagers found a spot, it was impossible to stop them. Besides the littering and trashing of his place, these teenagers provided huge liability implications. Especially since he was a successful author who had attained wealth through a number of different business ventures.

As he surveyed the scene on his dock, he noticed that the beer cans weren’t the only things out of position. His pontoon boat was missing and he had acquired three sets of tank tops and shorts. Then he heard the laughing and giggling again. This time he knew exactly what he heard and it appeared to be getting closer.

He grabbed the clothes on the dock and tossed them out into the water and then left the dock to hide in the shadows of a nearby tree. His pontoon boat glided through the water towards his dock, three girls were maneuvering it and he couldn’t help but be impressed with the paddling skills that the girls possessed. As they neared the dock, Ethan immediately recognized the girls as being members at the local high school’s 2009 graduating class.

As they entered the docking area and eventually latched the boat down, Ethan got a good look at the girls. One was wearing a tiny, solid black string bikini, appeared to be about 5’7″ with light brown hair, small A cup sized tits, the makings of a six pack, and long, athletic legs. Next, their was a blonde who was also wearing a tiny black bikini, but her top had white polka dots on it. She appeared to be only about 5’2″, had bleach blonde hair, perky B cup sized breasts, narrow hips and a flat stomach. The last one off the boat was a brunette, she was approximately two inches taller than the blonde, was also wearing a black bikini, but she had white flowers on her bikini. She was also well proportioned with C cup sized tits, feminine hips, a perfect ass, and a flat stomach.

The brunette may have been the last off the boat, but she was the first to notice their clothing was in the water. She started to say, “How did our….” but immediately froze as he stepped out of the shadows. The other two also turned towards him as they heard the dock creak as he stepped up on it. Both brunettes went deathly white as he walked out to them.

When he finally spoke, he simply asked, “Who gave y’all permission to be here.”

Ethan almost had a heart attack when the blonde replied with, “Ethan O’Bannon told us we could go swimming out here.”

He couldn’t help but be an asshole, so he asked, “Ethan O’Bannon, you say? I must not know him, what does he look like?”

Instead of doing the smart canlı bahis thing and keeping her mouth shut, the blonde bitch replied with, “Actually, he is a couple inches taller than you, skinnier but looks sort of like you! Haven’t you heard of him, he is supposed to be a famous writer? I tried to read one of his books once, but it sucked.”

The tallest girl now stood glaring at the blonde and said, “Emily, would you please shut the hell up, you are about to get us into even more trouble. He is Ethan O’Bannon the writer.” Now it was the blondes turn for her face to go deathly white.

At this point, Ethan had enough and when he spoke next, he was screaming. “I lock my gate, you climb over my fence and walk down to my lake! I put up “no trespassing” signs, you don’t heed them! And now this stupid little blonde bitch has the nerve to sit here and tell me that I gave you permission! I have had enough with being Mr. Nice Guy, I am calling the game warden and I will let him handle this!”

All three of the girls were now close to tears, but the tall brunette gained enough composure to beg; “Please don’t report us, we will pay you or whatever it takes! I have never done anything wrong before, I can’t afford a criminal record.”

He just stared at her and said, “Did you really just attempt to bribe me? Why the hell would I want some 18 year old girl’s money? I generate more money in a weeks time then what you can in an entire year.”

Tears were streaming down her face as she said, “Please, there must be some other way we can work this out without you charging us with trespassing?”

He just shook my head and said, “I know each one of you graduated from high school last spring, so that means all three of you are 18. Trespassing is only a misdemeanor and I damn well know that you will each get another misdemeanor or two during college. I feel like each one of you ought to be old enough and mature enough to be held accountable for your actions. I didn’t want to have to do this, but I need to make an example out of you three, so that the rest of your little teenage friends won’t feel like they can walk all over me.”

As he said this, Ethan turned his back to the girls and walked up hill to where his cell phone would get better reception. He wasn’t for sure if this was the game warden’s jurisdiction, but he was a good guy and he knew the game warden wouldn’t be to hard on these girls. He just finished up dialing the area code when the tallest brunette walked up behind him.

She said, “Can we talk this over?”

“What is there to talk over?” he replied.

“I saw the way you looked at me when we talked earlier, maybe I could show you my boobs or something?” she meekly announced.

His laughter bellowed through the canyons, “You are going to show me your boobs and expect me forget about your trespassing violation? How immature are you, I can go look at tits on the computer?”

Her face went turned to a bright shade of red, “So then, is there anything we can do like cleaning or something to get out of this?”

He decided that there was one route that he could take to get her to quit begging and pleading. “Alright, I might have an idea.” He paused for a second and her face immediately brightened. “Wait, let me tell you what it is before you get all excited. I take all three of you over to my lake house and I fuck all three of you, for as long as I want and how ever I want.”

He had never seen a face change shades of colors so fast, she went from normal to ghostly white to blood red and finally she stammered, “You are a disgusting perverted freak!” and then she turned and walked back to her friends.

He smiled and whispered, “I thought so.”

So he called the game warden and made small talk for a few minutes about the upcoming hunting season. Ethan was just about to tell the game warden about the girls when the tallest brunette came up and said, “Please don’t tell him, we will do it.”

Now it was my turn to be shocked, but he decided to take it a step forward. “Do what? he said.

“Sleep with you.” she replied.

“No, say it like it really is, tell me the three of you are going to fuck me.” he answered.

Hearing the next words come out of such a perfect, angelic girl was one of the hugest turn ons he had ever experienced.

She looked him in the eye and said, “We are going to fuck the shit out of you, all night, every second until you are too exhausted to even open your eyes.”

He immediately came up with an excuse to get off the phone with the warden.

All three of the girls had walked up to him now and Ethan decided it was time to learn their names. The blonde of course was Emily, the shorter brunette was Shelby and the one that did most of the talking was Chloey. As he followed them up to the lake house, he immediately decided to make Emily his first conquest.

They all entered the main room and stood their fidgeting nervously. So he said, “This is how it will be for the first round, each one will bahis siteleri go individually, starting with Emily, then Shelby and last is Chloey. The two that wait have to sit at the table in the middle of the room and watch what is unfolding”

He immediately led Emily over to the couch, pulling her up on his lap, kissing her deeply on the lips. She temporarily resisted and was obviously uncomfortable but soon her mouth opened and she was sucking on his tongue. Her breathing had become rather rapid as his hands glided across her back, down to her ass, around to her thighs, up stomach to where he gently cupped the undersides of breasts. As he rubbed his thumbs up over her rapidly hardening nipples, she arched her back towards him. Finally, he quit caressing her tits through the fabric of her bikini and slid his hands around to untie the knot in her bikini top. As her top slid away, he leaned over and kissed each one of her pebble sized nipples. For a few seconds each, he licked and suckled on each nipple.

He picked her small body up and placed her on the couch beside him. Her eyes grew wide as he unbuttoned his pants and slid his cock out. Before she could say anything, he pushed her head down towards it. She was a little meek at first, as she licked and kissed the tip. But with his urging, she began to take it into her mouth and begin bobbing her head up and down. She was situated on the couch in a way where her side was facing her friends. So they had a full view of her taking his cock all the way into her mouth. Both of them were locked on to his every move, if he tweaked her tits they watched, when he slid his hand down into her bikini bottoms, they watched. They could see her hips arching back towards his fingers that were playing with her pussy. They also listened to her gasps of pleasure around his cock as his fingers discovered her sensitive spots.

Between her perfect mouth suctioning down on his cock, that perfect pussy responding to his touch and the attentive, undivided attention of her friends, Ethan was rapidly losing control. As he felt his balls swelling, he grabbed her head and held her tightly down on his cock as he shot load after load into her cute little mouth.

It took him a moment to recollect myself. But as soon as he did, he picked her up and took her over and sat her on the kitchen table. He pulled the tiny little black bikini down her short legs and tossed it out of the way. She shyly crossed her legs, but it did little to hide that tiny pussy with the cute little blonde landing strip.

She watched him intently as he placed her legs over his shoulders and lightly leaned over and kissed her pussy. He started gently kissing and licking around her outer labia and after a few moments, he parted it and started licking up and down the inner labia. At first she was uncomfortable, but soon she relaxed and then he worked his tongue up to her clitoris. He started licking, kissing and gently suckling on her clitoris. At the same time he slid one finger into her ultra tight vagina. Immediately her hips started bucking and soon she began making inaudible squeals and moans as she neared orgasm. Suddenly, her thighs latched around the back of his head and she tightly clutched his hair with her hands. She had an orgasm that seemed to last for minutes.

Her incredible little pussy and her cries of pleasure was having its intended affect on his erection. So he finally moved out from between her legs with her juices covering his face and walked over to a little table with a small compartment. He pulled out the condoms that he kept for whenever his girlfriend visited.

She was still lying on back with her eyes closed trying to catch her breath. Her eyes opened as he pulled her across the table to his waiting cock. When she was finally close enough for him to stick it in, he gently started rubbing it across the outer lips of pussy. She let out a moan and then looked him in the eyes and said the first words that anybody had said in over 30 minutes. “Fuck me, please fuck me.” With this, he gently pushed his cock into her ultra tight vagina.

She was so tight that it took several minutes for him to bottom out. He fucked her gently at first and slowly increased the speed until he was fucking her with force. Her fingers were clutched down tightly on the table and her squeals of pleasure filled the room. As she quickly came to another wild orgasm, he glanced over at Shelby on his left. Her right hand was inside her bottoms and her face was flushed. Chloey on the other hand, was also turned on, but she was just rubbing herself on the outside of her bikini bottoms.

He pulled his cock out of the exhausted Emily and motioned for Shelby to follow him back over to the couch. He kissed her on the lips momentarily and then turned her away from him as he undid her top and slid her bottoms down to the floor. He didn’t waste anytime as Ethan sat down on the couch and brought her down on his cock facing away from him. Her hot, wet pussy felt just as good squeezed down bahis şirketleri on his cock as Emily’s had. His hands slid up her sides to play with her incredible tits. He gently kneaded her nipples between his thumb and forefinger as she slowly started sliding up and down on his cock.

He continued to play with her left nipple but slid his right hand down to rub her clitoris. With my cock inside her and his finger playing with her sensitive nub, she was rapidly approaching climax. Her tits began bouncing up and down as she increased her pace. The suddenly her orgasm came with a deafening scream, squeal fest. As he lifted her off his cock, it slid out with a wet plop.

His last target now sat spread eagle on her chair with her right hand inside her bikini bottoms roughly rubbing herself and her left hand pulling and playing with her left nipple. Her eyes were rolled back as he walked across the floor towards her. Emily was passed out on the table from exhaustion and Shelby was sprawled out on the couch trying to catch her breath.

So he picked Chloey up and stood her in front of him. They kissed hard for several minutes, his hand caressing her ass, down the backside of her hips and then back up. He pulled the drawstring of her string bikini and let if fall away and then slid up and undid her bikini top. He stepped back to enjoy her incredible body. The narrow waist, the tapered hips, the small breasts with pert nipples, the completely clean shaven pussy and the sexy, athletic hips. She dropped to her knees which surprised him, wrapped her hand around his cock and slid the condom off. She leaned forward, kissed the top and then licked off some of his pre cum from the last encounters. Then she began slowly taking his cock into her mouth, the entire time staring up at him with those big green eyes. .

Finally, she started bobbing her head on it. Her mouth was suctioned down tight and she felt incredible. He knew from his previous encounters, that he wouldn’t last long. But her mouth made his resistance even more futile. Before long she was sitting there while he fucked her mouth. Those big green, desire filled eyes still staring up at him as pulled his cock out of her mouth. She took her right hand and starting jerking him off until began shooting load after load of cum onto her tits and face. He pulled her up and held her tightly as they began making out. He knew it would be at least 30 to 40 minutes before his cock was ready again.

With her body tightly pressed against his, he could feel her taut nipples poking into his chest and she had positioned herself so that she could rub her wet pussy up and down his right thigh. He slid both hands that had been caressing her back down to her buttocks. He spread her cheeks and slowly ran his middle finger down her crack causing her to gasp. He ran it across her puckered asshole and farther until he found her soaking wet pussy.

She involuntarily spread her legs a little, offering easy access. So he began lightly rubbing across her lips and then slipped his finger inside her vagina. Her mouth was now biting down on his shoulder as began fingering her. After a few minutes her breathing had accelerated to the point where he knew she was close.

His left hand was on the small of her back, clutching her tightly against him. He slid it down to her butt cheeks, spreading them slightly with his forefinger and little finger. He found her asshole with his middle finger and then he plunged his finger into it.

At the same time both of his middle fingers bottomed out in her pussy and asshole respectively, she instantly screamed “Oh fuck yes!” so loud that she would have blocked out the sound of a bomb exploding nearby. He had never seen a girl have such a powerful orgasm. Juices shot out of her, drenching his thigh and soaking the floor.

Ethan continued to hold her tightly, for fear she might collapse, as she came down from her orgasm. He had quit fingering her pussy, but he was now fingering her asshole while she was to out of it to notice.

After several minutes, he asked her if she was alright. She replied with, “I feel incredible, but a shower would be nice?”

He smiled and said, “Only if I get to join you.”

Chloey just smiled and took his hand and led him to the bathroom.

Since both of them were already heated up, they decided a cool water shower would be just fine. Ethan had build the shower himself, so he had actually built it large enough for two or three people. After lightly rinsing each other off, he moved her out of the spray of the water and began lathering her up with soap.

She giggled when she saw that he had rubbed soap on nearly every inch of the front side of her body. But the giggling turned into gasps when he spread her pussy lips to clean there. Then he did the same routine on her backside, doing the same stimulating cleaning routine on her asshole as he did her pussy.

Finally, when she was completely covered in soap scuds from head to toe, he moved her back into the spray of water. He deliberately started cleaning the scuds off with a wash rag. Once he had her completely cleaned, he told her that he needed to check to make sure and the best tool for testing cleanliness was taste.

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