Trucker’s Earlier Luck Ch. 02

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This is the second part of a two-part story. It won’t make much sense unless you read the first part first. It is categorized under erotic couplings, but includes Chloe’s story about group sex, including some non-consent.


I saw Chloe again the following week. After I dropped the trailer, I drove to her house and enjoyed a nice dinner but I couldn’t wait for her to put her kids to bed. They are great kids but I am just not into kids. But I sure was “into” Chloe. Literally and figuratively. It was great to see her (and feel her) again.

The affair was exciting. We became regular lovers over the next six months. It continued even after she found another boyfriend who also shared her bed occasionally. I didn’t really mind. I could only see her a couple of times a month, and that wasn’t enough to fill Chloe’s strong sexual appetite. Plus, I was married then, so we weren’t exclusive — there was no future for us a couple, so she eventually went on to greener pastures, but not before we shared many wonderful nights together.

But I want to tell you about a couple of experiences we shared and a little bit about Chloe’s background.

Several times during the first few months I knew her, I tried to get Chloe to tell me about parts of her past such as why her marriage broke up. But she refused, saying she didn’t want to lose me. Eventually I got her to open up.

Chloe had grown up in an extremely strict Mormon household until she got out from under her parents’ obsessive control at age 18. She had a very sheltered childhood, attending Mormon schools and spending all of her free time in church-related activities. Her high school had only 45 students in the whole school – all girls. There was only one classroom, so they didn’t change classes. They sat still and different teachers came in to teach different subjects. She was not allowed to date and had almost no opportunities to be with boys. She did meet one boy through a church social and kissed him. A teacher caught them, and both were severely punished.

Chloe told me she always had a strong sexual appetite, she just didn’t recognize it at first. She was young and very naive.

By her senior year, Chloe was frustrated and angry with her parents. No dates, no proms, no dances, and her dad was already working on an arranged marriage for her with a Mormon boy she had never even met. Ay her parents’ insistence she applied to Brigham Young in Utah, and she pretended she only applied to Chico State in CA as a “fallback,” in case she didn’t get in. Her grades were good, so her parents never worried, assuming she’d stay close to home and mostly under their control.

Fortunately for Chloe, she turned 18 just a week after graduating high school and announced she was going to Chico. Her parents went ballistic. Not only was Chico State not Mormon, it had a rep as a party school. They forbid her to go and threatened to cut her off if she defied them. Chloe contacted the financial aid office and secured a student loan and told her parents she was going to Chico with or without their blessing and money. Her father yelled, screamed, and disowned her, telling her to never come home again if she went off to Chico State.

Chloe said she was the most naive student at Chico that fall. Her dorm mate Suzie cold not have been more opposite, but they quickly became fast friends. Chloe was a religious virgin, Suzy was an atheistic nymphomaniac. To illustrate, Suzy had fucked both of the two guys from another dorm who had helped her carry some of her junk up to their dorm room – not one, BOTH of them. It was her way of saying thanks. The very next day Chloe walked in on Suzy fucking the R.A. – a handsome upperclassman whose ass was the first man’s ass Chloe had ever seen. All she saw when she opened the door was his ass cheeks bouncing away at Suzy’s naked body. He was taking Suzy from behind doggy style on the bed, and they both looked over their shoulder at her when she walked in.

“Oh hi, Chloe,” she said nonchalantly. “This is Tom, he’s the resident assistant for our dorm. He came by to welcome us and we were just getting acquainted.”

The RA nodded a hello and kept slamming into her, and Suzy kept talking to Chloe as if she had interrupted her putting on make-up rather than having sex. Chloe was flabbergasted and left the room, but soon grew accustomed to seeing and hearing her dorm mate fucking various guys in the next bed just 4 feet away.

Chloe said Suzy was a bad influence (or a good one, depending on how you looked at it). When Suzy realized how inexperienced Chloe was, she made it her mission to help her lose her virginity and get her caught up to being age 18 and free. Chloe was too shy to flirt with the guys she was attracted to and didn’t know what to do with them even if one asked her out. So Suzy became her tutor. What Chloe didn’t see from across the dorm room, Suzy introduced her to via Internet porn. Chloe had never seen porn before, and admitted that she became almost addicted to it for the first couple canlı bahis of weeks she lived in the dorm. Soon, she could have made her own porn. Maybe it was all those years of sexual repression, but once her sex life started, she made up for lost time.

Chloe told me her first sexual experience was anti-climactic and she didn’t remember much about it. Suzy took her to a party, and Chloe who was also new to alcohol, got drunk. In a half daze, she found herself naked on some guy’s bed and feeling something sliding into her vagina. He finished and was zipping up before she had even realized what had happened. He had taken her virginity and she didn’t even know the guy’s name. She wasn’t even sure if he had been the ONLY guy who had sex with her that night. She just didn’t remember.

Chloe told me that all of the sexual urges she had pushed below the surface for 18 years suddenly unleashed like an explosion. To hell with masturbation. Like Suzy said, why do it yourself when so many guys were willing to do it for you? Soon, she was matching Suzy guy for guy. A couple times, she took Suzy’s “leftovers” after she was through with them. The two girls developed quite a rep, and guys from all over campus came by to hit on one or the other or both of them for some quick and easy sex. Often, the two girls each had a sex partner in the opposing beds, which made it a lot easier to put up with the noise and distraction if you were making some moaning and slapping noises yourself.

Chloe told me she –I’m using her words now – “sort of went off the deep end.” Suzy kept encouraging her to experiment with wilder and wilder sexual adventures. Suzy also gave Chloe a lot of “tips” on how to give blowjobs – hot to please a guy, and promised her she’d get used to the taste, and probably grow to like it as much as she did. What Suzy didn’t tell her, Chloe learned by watching and listening. Suzy was completely unabashed and had no qualms about making love to her partners in the bright daylight of many afternoons while Chloe tried to study on the next bed. Chloe was studying all right, but not English Lit. More like anatomy. Suzy actually encouraged her to stay while she fucked guys. She called it “tutoring,” and made sure she gave Chloe some valuable sexual training. Oddly, Suzy would often talk to her during it as if they were having lunch or something. Chloe watched Suzy’s moves, the positions she used, and then imitated them with her own partners.

One time, apparently, a guy rolled off Suzy after a noisy and passionate session of 69, and lay on the bed breathing hard. Suzy had obviously enjoyed it even more than usual and complimented him on his technique. Chloe chimed in and said it had looked and sounded good from over there. Suzy looked over at Chloe and said “Do you want to try him? He’s really good.” She said Suzy offered her lover as if she was offering Chloe to borrow a sweater or a hairdryer or something. Chloe and the guy both shrugged and said “okay sure, why not?” and he walked over to Chloe so she could suck his cock hard, and then do 69 with him. Suzy watched closely and coached Chloe on what to do. Chloe told me not to take offense and she wasn’t not disparaging me as a lover, but said that that guy was the best she had ever had. Over the next week, she and Suzy shared him a few more times, then he moved on.

Chloe obviously had a couple of wild years at Chico State, tallying up so many lovers she lost count. I asked her how many she thought she had fucked or blown or both – and asked for a wild approximation, and she hesitated to guess at a number. She said she “probably did half – no, probably only a third of the guys there.” That didn’t’ sound so bad until I looked up Chico on the Internet and found out how many students are enrolled there. I did the math. Then, it was like, oh my god. That’s a lot of man meat. She told me that she and Suzy had done their share to keep the condom manufacturers profitable.

Apparently, when Chloe told her husband how many lovers she had had, and told him about some of her group sex experiences, things were never the same after that. Things went downhill and they ended up getting divorced. She said she had promised herself never to tell other men about her history, but then she looked at me and shrugged and said “Guess I just did it again. Hope you’re not gonna walk out on me now, too.”

“No. I’m not. But I am going to be sure to use a condom, but no. I’m not going to walk out. If anything, I am turned on.” I told her. She was surprised but quite pleased.

“You don’t have to worry, I’ve been to the doctor dozens of times and I don’t have any diseases. But yeah, condoms are always a good idea, even if I am on the pill.”

We made love that night – really passionate sex. She gave me a couple of her expert blowjobs (and now I knew where she had learned to be so good). I was very turned on by hearing about all of her previous lovers, and I made sure Chloe enjoyed the sex as much as I did. In fact, once she connected the sharing of her history with me and my resultant bahis siteleri arousal and vigorous love-making, she made a point of telling me more of her experiences. Maybe I’m odd, but it was erotic. Now if my wife had told me she had done something like that, I might have been more upset, but hell, Chloe was my fuck-toy and I honestly didn’t care who else she fucked – past, present , or future – as long as I got my rocks off.

For example, once while we were lying in bed after sex, she told me she had let two guys tie her up, blindfold her, and take turns having sex with her. The guys were brothers a year apart in age and physically very similar. The game was that she had to try to guess which one was fucking her at any given time. Every time she guessed wrong, she had to take another shot of tequila. After an hour, the guessing didn’t matter because both guys started doing her at the same time. She told me she liked that kind of thing. After telling me all about it in great detail, we had some more amazing one-on-one sex as I imagined her being bound and double-fucked. And I began thinking about how I might bring another guy into the picture to repeat the fantasy.

On my next trip through the area, I stopped by as usual and we went through our usual routine. Chloe made the meatloaf and mashed potatoes I like so much. Even though she was having her period, we went after each other hungrily after she put her kids to bed. It was mostly her giving me oral, and me giving the rest of her body a lot of physical attention. Afterward, we lay in bed, talking and I diddled her cit with a finger while she yammered on and on about mostly boring stuff. But after awhile, I got her close and she stopped talking, began breathing heavily, and let me get her off a couple of times. Then we hugged and rested awhile.

“Want to do some more?” she offered with a devilish smile. The woman was insatiable. I declined, saying I was too tired and couldn’t get it up again.

“Men have no stamina,” she teased playfully. “Now women, we can go all night and please a whole football team of partners.”

“Oh yeah right,” I teased back, “If I know you, you probably DID do the whole football team.”

“Well, no, but something close!”

“Really? Tell me about it.”

She was uncharacteristically reluctant to give me the details, but eventually I coaxed it out of her after swearing on the Bible I wouldn’t think bad of her for doing it

It was toward the end of her junior year just before she met and starting dating the guy she would eventually marry. She and Suzy had become quite the pair of nymphettes, screwing everything in sight (my description, not hers). Suzy, who was quite well-endowed in the chest department, liked to flash her tits in bars when she had enough to drink. Chloe didn’t join in the first several times because her breasts are smaller than Suzy’s and she said she was afraid she’d be teased in comparison to Suzy. But eventually, when Chloe got drunk and uninhibited enough, she’d flash or dance topless, too. A couple of times, they went to the Bear (a college bar) and began dancing with one another. One night, when no one approached them for 10 minutes, they both stripped off their tops and danced half-naked for awhile. That got the men’s attention in a hurry, and soon dozens of guys were buying them drinks They had so many offers of “dates” (euphemistic requests for sex) neither of them could keep up or choose, so they flirted with all of them all night, being coy, and enjoying having so many guys compete for their affections.

Chloe said Suzy disappeared for awhile and had sex with a guy in the men’s bathroom stall. He was tall and quite handsome. She gave him a blowjob in a stall, then had sex with him bent over the sink while other guys came in and used the facilities. Chloe didn’t do that, but found herself surrounded – almost harassed – by a crowd of mostly frat guys all trying to get her to go home with him. She was glad to see Suzy return and reclaim her barstool. Chloe said it was incredibly exciting and erotic for them to be hit on that way, and she and Suzy lapped it up like thirsty animals at a desert stream.

After constant harassment and pressure, Suzy and Chloe tried to narrow it down to just a pair of “winners” in the crowd of sex-seekers to see who would get to take them home and fuck their brains out. The girls gradually narrowed it down to 5 guys, four of whom lived at the same frat house, and two of whom were roommates. Suzy thought it would be fun for them to choose the two roommates, but Chloe was reluctant because Suzy had chosen the better-looking guy and his roomie was nice but kind of kind of dumpy-looking. Chloe’s preferred choice was a well-built “footballplayer-type” who was about the same height as her, but very muscular and egotistic. She had asked him if he worked out and he bragged about how much iron he pumped, and showed her his pecs and biceps. She said he was a macho muscle-head type of guy she normally avoided, but at that point, there was only one muscle of his bahis şirketleri she was interested in. The two guys weren’t roommates, but they did live at the same frat house, so Chloe and Suzy ended up going back there together, leaving the others deeply disappointed. But as it turned out, they didn’t stay disappointed for long.

After Suzy disappeared into her guy’s room, Chloe went with her Mr. Macho who woke up and kicked out his sleeping roommate. They then stripped off their clothes and almost attacked one another. They tongue kissed while he groped her tits so hard she almost cried out in pain. Then he rather forcefully shoved her to her knees and stuck his erection in her face. She said she gave him a good one – as good as she could, given how much alcohol she had consumed. He came quickly, and blasted her face and hair with cum. Then he threw her on the bed and as soon as his erection came back, he fucked her fast and roughly. She said no one had ever done it that rough with her before. It was midnight and he had come twice and he had never even tried to get her off at all. He thanked her and tossed her panties at her and said he had to let his roommate back in to get some sleep because they were both driving down to San Diego the next morning to see their girlfriends.

Chloe said she was insulted and felt used, so she grabbed her clothes and stormed out of the bedroom which was right off the living room where all the other frat guys she had seen at the bar were hanging out. It was obvious they had all heard her screwing their buddy, and now they had all gotten a good look at her naked. The whole time she was getting re-dressed, they pressured her to stay and wait for Suzy to finish up with HER partner. One guy, who looked sober, promised he would drive then both back to their dorm as soon as she came out, so Chloe waited. But Suzy didn’t come out for awhile. They could all hear everything that was going on in the other bedroom. Suzy was still going at it at 3:30am. Meanwhile, the others had plied Chloe with drinks, hoping she might choose a second partner from among the group of very horny guys.

When Suzy didn’t come out, Chloe let a guy kiss her. After all, the muscle-head guy hadn’t made any attempt to satisfy her and she was rather worked up from a night of flirtation and drinking. The other guys sat around watching the action, teasing and taunting them, and begging for a turn to kiss her. So, to quiet them, she agreed to give each guy a kiss. They were long tongue kisses. The second guy she kissed, grabbed her tits. The third one did that even more boldly and then put his hand up inside her top. The fourth one grabbed her tits and pushed a hand down between her thighs.

Things progressed from there. She let one guy lift her arms and pull her top over her head. She was still taking turns kissing six different guys, but now they had unrestricted access to her breasts. It went from feeling up her tits to sucking on them. Then she sat topless, chatting with them, and finishing off another glass of beer before resuming the kissing and groping with the only sober guy, the designated driver, who had promised to drive the two girls home. He was a very attentive lover and sucked her nipple while his hand expertly found its way inside the top of her panties and onto her highly-sensitive clit. Within minutes he had her breathing hard, her head back and tossing, moaning and groaning, and then finally cumming – right there on the couch while the other 5 guys watched and hooted.

She was still recovering from her orgasm when she felt her pants being tugged off. But she only gave token resistance. A hand was inside her panties and another was grabbing her tit. The finger on her clit quickly got her back to another near-orgasm state and Chloe said she really wanted to feel another one, and didn’t object when she felt the guy removing her panties.

As soon as Chloe came down from her second orgasm, she was bent over the roll arm of the sofa on her stomach. Someone was behind her and wiping her moisture up and down her crack with his finger. Then, before she knew it, he was inside her. No condom. Bareback. She said she remembered demanding he use a rubber, and she heard someone say he would go and get some from his room, but by the time he got back, the guy had already come (he pulled out at the last minute) and another was moving in to take his place. She said she made the rest of them use rubbers, but she remembered that it wasn’t as much fun as she had thought it might been when she had fantasized and masturbated about group sex many times in the past. She told me the real thing was quite impersonal and that she felt like she had an out-of-body experience – watching herself being gangbanged as if she was seeing some other girl on a porn site.

While the third guy was screwing her from behind, a fourth walked up to the arm of the sofa and lifted her head until it was positioned to suck his erection. He didn’t really give her much choice, and was soon being gangbanged by two at once. The guy in front of her was really thrusting fast and hard and was doing what could only be described as fucking her face. He blew his load into her mouth and another guy immediately took his place, just before the cock in her pussy reached its peak.

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