Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 12

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Abby took her molested sister inside the house. The twins’ first date had turned out to be a nightmare for Beth. She had been attacked. Abby hugged Beth with feeling.

Breaking the embrace, Abby asked quietly, “Can I get you something to eat or drink?”

Beth just shook her head.

“Do you want to talk about…what happened,” Abby said as a tear rolled down her cheek.


“Okay…Okay. But we have to tell Brenda and Aunt Janice,” Abby said calmly.

Abby led Beth to the sofa, where earlier they had eagerly practiced kissing in preparation for their first date, and sat her down.

“I’ll be back in a second,” Abby explained.

Abby woke Janice and took her into Tyler and Brenda’s bedroom where she woke them as well.

Sleepily, Brenda yawned and said, “Oh Hi. How was the date?”

Abby said slowly, “After the movies the boys drove us to a field. Tom was nice. He and I talked and kissed. But Paul attacked Beth in the field. He pulled off her clothes and made her cry.” Abby was crying now.

“Oh no,” replied a brokenhearted Brenda.

Janice added, “Is she hurt? Where is she?”

Sniffling Abby said, “She’s downstairs.”

The adults rushed downstairs with Abby following. Janice and Brenda immediately hugged Beth.

Brenda, sobbing, said, “I’m so sorry.” She felt terrible because she was the one who had orchestrated the date.

Janice, with tears in her eyes, said softly, “Dear, what did he do? Where are you hurt?”

When Beth didn’t reply, all eyes turned to Abby. Abby said,

“He pulled her clothes off and was lying on top of her. He said mean things about us…about our legs… about us being high school teasers.”

Dreading the worst Janice asked, “Did he rape her?”

“I… don’t think so,” Abby said.

Beth spoke up, “No he didn’t rape me. He pinned me down and pulled my clothes off. He was…rough…with my breasts. He said horrible things. I hate him!” Beth began to cry.

“Thank God,” Janice prayed silently. Out loud she said, “There. There. You have a good cry.” Janice hugged her lovingly. They cried together.

Tyler, Brenda and Abby stood around feeling angry and awkward, unable to comfort Beth, and unable to extract revenge on Paul.

Silently, minutes passed. Then, Janice addressed Beth, “What do you want to do? We could go to the police.”

Beth’s eyes glowed with hate as she answered. “I want to hit him. Punch him right in the nuts!” She paused, the fire in her eyes died out, and she said “No, I don’t want to go to the police. He’s just an asshole.”

“Are you sure?” Janice asked.

“Yes. I’m not really hurt, just some scrapes and bruises. Tom stopped Paul before….” Beth welled up with tears realizing how close she had been to significant harm.

Beth continued, “I feel foolish. I was too trusting. I shouldn’t have gone off alone with Paul. He was a stranger. Abby, next time we have to stick together.”

Abby hugged her sister, “Yes. We stay together.” Abby was thankful her sister was not seriously hurt. Beth was thankful she was not alone. She had this loving family.

“Aunt Janice,” Beth said, “I want to take a bath and wash his touch off me. Everyone, go to bed; I’m okay.

Tyler and Brenda returned to their bed. Abby and Janice took Beth to the bathroom and sat with her as Beth washed and soaked her wounded body. Janice almost started crying again when she saw the bruises on Beth’s arms and the bite marks on her breasts. But not wanting to upset Beth, she fought back her tears.

After the bath, the three women retired to the guest bedroom. The twins didn’t want to be alone. Janice didn’t sleep much. Instead, she watched over her little darlings.


The next day was a quiet one. Janice let the twins sleep in and assisted Tyler and Brenda with their morning toiletry. She cooked them breakfast. Talk was minimal. All were in a somber mood.

Late morning the twins came down. Janice made them brunch.

Brenda felt terrible. Unable to forgive herself she began to cry and said,

“Beth, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. I forced you into a date with that…that…asshole.”

“No canlı bahis Brenda. It’s not your fault. It’s not my fault. It’s Paul’s fault,” Beth said in a definite manner adding, “I’m not going to let one bad event ruin my life.”

Brenda stopped crying. Everyone was impressed with Beth’s statement and the one that followed.

“Abby, when are you seeing Tom again? None of this was his fault. He was rather gallant coming to my rescue. Thank him for me and tell him you want another date.”

The women engaged in a big group hug.


After lunch there was a knock at the door. Through the peep hole Janice saw Tom on the front porch with a bouquet of flowers. Janice opened the door slightly and leaned her head into the opening. She hid her nude body behind the door. Tom greeted her stammering,

“Ahh, good morn…good afternoon. Is Beth okay? I want to apologize to her and to give her these.” Tom held the flowers up.

“Young man, you have nothing to apologize for. It’s my understanding that I should be thanking you for rescuing my niece.”

As she was speaking, Janice’s big right tit wobbled into Tom’s sight line. Tom was startled to all of a sudden see a large naked breast and a giant nipple. Shocked, he just stared at it. Oddly, Janice acted unconcerned. In truth she was unaware. Finally, Janice noticed the direction of his gaze and looked down. She discovered that her saggy boob had swung into view. Exasperated, she scooped it up and moved it out of sight thinking “betrayed again by my weak flesh”.

Abby heard Tom’s voice and came to the door. Forgetting her nudity, she stood in front of the door opening and said, “Hi Tom.”

Tom smiled when he heard her voice. He looked lovingly at her. He drank in the beautiful sight: her big brown eyes, her porcelain white skin, her perfect breasts with small firm pink nipples, and her small waist leading down to slim hips. Her shapely legs gapped at the top of slender thighs exposing her shaven sex and thick pussy lips. Tom was spellbound by her loveliness.

When his consciousness returned, he stopped staring. Out of respect for her, he turned his eyes and whole body away.

Only then did Abby remember her condition. “Oh!” she said. However, she didn’t attempt to cover herself.

Janice laughed at Abby’s predicament and her schoolgirl naiveté. Janice liked this boy. He had manners. Still hiding behind the door, Janice said,

“Tom, you’re welcome to come in. In fact, I wish you would. However, I need to tell you we are all naked. I’ll let my niece tell you why. You are under no obligation to join in our nakedness.” Janice gave him a friendly smile.

“Do come in, Tom. I’d like to talk with you,” Abby added reaching her hand out to him.

Tom blushed. He thought about it for a moment and then he stepped forward saying, “Thank you, I will.”

Janice stood in front of Tom. Tom politely looked her in the eye and then looked her up and down taking in her naked form. He noted that her pussy was bald like Abby’s. He found Janice attractive with a good figure even though time caused her large tits to sag. She gave him a quick hug and said,

“Why don’t you two go talk out on the patio?”

As Tom passed through the greatroom, he received greetings from and an unobstructed view of everyone. Tom stopped in front of Beth. He saw the bite marks and scratches on her breasts and her bruises. He said,

“I want to apologize for what happened last night. Paul was a beast. I want you to know that I’m not going to have anything to do with him from now on.” He handed her the flowers.

“Thank you for helping me,” Beth said as she stood. Her milky white breasts bounced about as she moved. She took the flowers and hugged Tom.

Abby grabbed Tom and Beth’s hands and said, “Let’s go outside.”

“Abby, he is here to see you,” Beth said not wanting to interfere with their blooming relationship.

Abby said to Beth, “I want you to come,” Abby said with a smile. “We stick together, right?”

Turning to Tom, Abby said, “Tom, we are a package deal. If you want to see me, you’ll have to see her too.”

Abby broke up bahis siteleri laughing, realizing the double meaning in her words considering the state of nakedness she and her sister were in.

Tyler couldn’t pass up commenting and said, “You mean he has to look at two gorgeous naked 18 year old females?”

Everyone laughed except for Tom who was too embarrassed. He smiled weakly. The three teen-agers went outside. Abby and Beth quickly filled Tom in on the situation.

Abby said, “You can see that Tyler and Brenda have bandages on their injured hands. Aunt Janice, Beth and I are their hands until they recover.’

Beth explained, “Tyler and Brenda are nude because Aunt Janice said she didn’t have time to be pulling their pants up and down all day long.” Beth and Abby laughed.

Abby continued the story, “We’re nude too; so Tyler and Brenda won’t be embarrassed when we bathe them and take them to the bathroom. Brenda told us it was the only way Tyler would get over his fear of us seeing his penis.”

The girls laughed again, not remembering how traumatized they were when they first had to strip. The conversation soon died out. They all sat back and enjoyed the warm summer afternoon. Tom had almost become comfortable sitting with a naked Abby and her naked sister.

Beth said to no one in particular, “The sun sure feels good.”

They all agreed. Abby, who had been looking for a reason to extend Tom’s visit, asked,

“Tom, would you like to sunbathe with us again?”

Tom had also hoped to spend more time with Abby, so he readily agreed. The twins went inside to get towels and lotion. When they returned, an uneasy Tom was naked. His pale pecker was a shriveled, wrinkled mass almost hidden in his dense blonde pubic hair.

The twins smiled at one another. Abby took it as a good sign that he had voluntarily adopted their dress code.

They settled on their towels and applied sun screen. Tom’s dick filled out as he watched the girls caress their breasts and rub their pussies. This time he coated his cock himself.

Abby smiled and said, “Tom, I’ll do your back if you do mine and Beth’s.”

Tom gulped. He would love to touch Abby, but he worried that she would be upset by any involvement with her sister. In truth, he tried not to even look Beth’s way. Abby saw his hesitation and the look of concern on his face. She brightened when she guessed at his problem.

“Are you worried about getting a boner touching Beth?” Abby giggled. “I trust you and I think it’s sweet the way you have avoided looking at her. You don’t have to act that way. I love and trust Beth.”

Turning to Beth, Abby said sternly, “Sister. Would you ever steal my date?”

Beth pretended to pout and then answered, “Steal? Of course not. And I promise not to borrow him without your explicit approval.”

The girls broke up laughing. Tom was relieved, and he joined in the laughter.

“Roll over Tom.” Abby playfully ordered. She knelt beside him and applied lotion to his back. She enjoyed rubbing her hands over his thick, muscular neck and back. Tom was big to the twins. Although he only stood 5′ 8″, that made him 6″ taller than they were and his stocky build re-enforced that impression. He had thick legs and a barrel chest.

Abby didn’t hesitate a bit when she finished his back; she immediately began rubbing the lotion on his butt. Tom squirmed when she slid her hand down his butt crack. It made him uneasy. In a flash Abby had covered the back of his legs. Tom’s erection throbbed when she stroked his inner thighs.

“Okay, Tiger. You’re done. Do Beth first,” Abby instructed.

Tom was embarrassed to stand knowing that he was sporting a full erection. The twins noticed the change in his condition and they exchanged smiles. His prick had quickly gone from 2″ to 5″. His cock was as stocky as he was. What he lacked in length he more than made up in girth.

Tom approached Beth cautiously. He knelt beside her and began rubbing the sun screen on her back. Beth lifted her hair out of the way so he could do her neck and shoulders. His strong hands felt good on her skin. Tom found her soft and pleasing to touch. bahis şirketleri He finished her back and stopped.

Reluctant to touch her ass, he moved down by her foot. As he applied lotion to her lower left leg he couldn’t help but see up her legs to her hairless pussy. He saw the split lips and pink slit. He looked away quickly and re-focused on his task.

Abby watched him intently as Tom finished her sister’s left leg. She wasn’t concerned that he checked out her sister’s vagina. What boy could resist? She was more interested in his reaction to the stump and the prosthetic right foot. Tom was curious about the twins’ handicap. However, he was not put off by it. In a workman-like manner he applied the lotion to Beth’s right leg.

Again coming to Beth’s ass he paused. He looked over at Abby. She was expressionless watching how he would handle this situation.

“Beth, do you really want me to touch your butt?” Tom asked politely.

“What do you think, Abby,” Beth said. “Does he deserve the honor of touching my butt?”

Abby was pleased by Tom’s respectful approach to her sister and how he had accepted their deformity. She answered,

“You know, I think he does.”

Tom quickly applied the lotion. He stayed well clear of all erogenous zones.

Janice was concerned about the twins so she positioned herself to keep them in view. She gasped, “Oh, dear.” When she saw Tom put sun screen on Beth’s backside. When Brenda heard her exclamation, her curiosity made her join Janice and look too. Silently the two women kept their vigil. Both women took note of Tom’s thick cock.

Tom repeated the process with Abby. He was reverential in his approach. Abby liked his touch. His hands were big, strong and felt a little rough due to his calluses. Tom did a professional job on her back and legs.

Feeling naughty and playful, Abby got on her hands and knees when it came time for Tom to do her butt; and she stretched like a cat. She looked at him over her shoulder and saw him staring in awe at her ass and sex. She liked the effect she had on him.

He had an effect on her too. Her sex had blossomed. The lips were damp and beginning to spread. Her pink inner tissue was on display. Her small brown anus stared back at Tom.

An uncertain Tom asked, his voice cracking, “Ah… Abby are you sure you want me to touch your …butt?”

“Yes, sweetie,” a wicked Abby said as she shook her ass from side to side. “And make sure to do a thorough job!”

Janice was doubly concerned when she saw Abby move so provocatively. Brenda said to herself, “That move looks like something I would do”.

Tom poured an oversize portion of sun screen on his hands and gently began rubbing it into Abby’s butt cheeks. Taking another play from Brenda’s playbook, Abby pressed back into his hands. As Tom stroked her crack, her movements caused him to knead her asshole. She liked it and let everyone know with a sigh of satisfaction.

The adults saw it too. Janice grabbed Brenda’s hand and said, “We better get out there before this goes too far.”

Brenda responded, “Yea, before he mounts her.” Brenda pictured that in her mind and thought, “I bet that thick dick would hurt…hurt so good”. She smiled.

Tom caressed Abby’s inner thighs. He tried to avoid her pussy. But Abby had other plans. She moved into his fingers causing him to bump her clit and slightly penetrate her virginal opening. Tom marveled at the heat and slickness he felt. Abby’s body froze as she experienced an orgasm.

Beth smiled at seeing her sister pleasured. Watching the two of them had aroused her.

“Maybe sex isn’t just for the participants,” she pondered. Beth ground her clit into the towel trying to release the tension that she was suddenly feeling. The air was filled with a womanly aroma and sexual tension.

Brenda and Janice came charging outside to cool down the situation. Tom was embarrassed. They caught him touching Abby and they saw his erection. He quickly retreated to his towel and lay face down.

Beth halted her unladylike behavior. She stilled the motion of her hips and swallowed her sexual frustration.

Abby didn’t move. She was concentrating on the lingering waves of orgasmic bliss that flowed through her body. Then with her eyes still closed, she stretched out on her towel. She did not notice Janice and Brenda. She didn’t notice anything.

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