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‘Komm mit, Bitte.’ The technician led me down a darkened passageway to the main room.

It was large, about the size of our cafeteria when I was in school, and totally black. Black walls, black rubberized floor, black ceiling and completely surrounded with black curtains, blocking out the bright daylight outside. The light came from a couple of striplights up amongst the spotlights clustered in the ceiling. In the centre of the room there was a raised podium on the middle of the room with a black rubber mattress on it. There was also a large metal cage on wheels in a corner.

Around the sides of the room were a couple of video cameras on tripods, and my guide went to join a bunch of other technicians that buzzed around them. There were a couple of other girls in the other corner, next to a coupe of long tables, and I went over to join them.

I was here on a secret mission. I had been in Germany for five days now, and I was pretty damn bored. I had gone to see the video makers the first afternoon, and he had laid out the deal to me through an interpreter from the agency.

‘We make sex films for European market. Europe had sex films long before most. Germany home of the sex film. Europe want always bigger, better, faster, more. Now difficult to find girls who will do all that is expected of them in German film. Most films we make only sell to US market.’

I nodded to show I was keeping up, despite the inadequacies of simultaneous translation. He continued, ‘our main competition has girl will do anything.’ Here the conversation flagged for a moment as my interpreter tried to recall the English for the various perversions that the German proceeded to list.

I cut him short, as the list was irrelevant. I had had more than long enough to consider them all myself. ‘I won’t do anything that causes any actual physical damage or oral scat. Anything else is fine.’ The interpreter looked lost again so I went through a list of synonyms for scat until I felt like a sex thesaurus. Eventually his face brightened and he resumed the conversation.

‘The last is a shame, but acceptable. The main thing is that you are very much younger than their current star, and much more pretty.’ I accepted the compliment without protest. After all, I hadn’t seen her yet, and I was still three months away from my nineteenth birthday. ‘We want you to star in some films that are like theirs, but better. We are better at making film, have experience on location and in studio. They studio only. Limited.’

Everything seemed to make sense. They gave me a stack of DVD’s to take back to my hotel and watch to get a feel of it before I made up my mind. I was certainly a lot younger than the star, she must have been at least thirty-five, but she was still quite attractive. It was all shot a little amateurishly, but it did turn you on by the sheer scale of it. Nothing I hadn’t done before, though. Thing was I wanted to enjoy the experience, not be a film star. And with all this edited footage I couldn’t see what that was like.

I had explained my reservations to the agency when they called, and they arranged ataköy türbanlı escort this little covert mission. I was to be a fluffer at the competition’s next video shoot, my cover story that I was a poor English girl on holiday that had all her money stolen, and was desperate for some cash, provided she wasn’t on camera. As a fluffer I had to keep the men erect off-screen during the quiet periods of filming, and before filming to get them erect in the first place. And it should give me a chance to see what went on.

I quickly discovered the other two girls spoke almost no English, and as I spoke no German, conversation stopped after hello. I sat there on one of the tables twiddling my thumbs for a while whilst the girls chatted, and then two of the crew came over to the tables and proceeded to strip off. That was a little unexpected. Neither of them looked particularly well endowed, but not too small either. I wondered whether to start fluffing, or if they were just stripping in solidarity.

I looked to my left and the girls had started to strip too, so I thought when in Rome… I made my clothes into a neat pile and placed them on the table along with everyone else’s. I looked over the two girls, and was pleased to say I was in much better condition, and about three or four inches taller than both of them. One of them had quite large breasts, something I’d always wanted, but as they were natural they sagged unattractively.

I licked my lips in anticipation, and sat back on the table. I fingered my clit absent-mindedly whilst looking around, and the two men muttered something, smiling at each other and at me. Their penises began to rise slowly. Hell, I was doing my job already, and I hadn’t even touched anyone yet!

There was a noise in the passageway and a crowd of guys came in. And I do mean a crowd. I had to jump down off the table otherwise there wouldn’t have been room. I never did have time to count, but there must have been at least a couple of dozen of them, all big guys. The girls let out squeals of delight seeing one or another of their favourites, and ran to hug and kiss them. I hung back a little, but a few of them came over to me anyway, saying ‘hallo, wilkommen’ in deep German voices, stroking and groping my breasts and ass. I giggled with delight and kissed them each in turn as they ran their hands over my lean body.

They stripped off and somewhat to my disappointment I saw that most of their (huge!) cocks were already erect, and the two other girls were already dealing with the one or two that weren’t. Even the technicians were erect. I played with random cocks to pass the time for a while until one of the still clothed crew stepped forward and shouted ‘Zwei minuten!’

The two crew still with us broke off and collected a small camera each and hoisted it up onto their shoulders. Other cameramen made their way to behind the two cameras on tripods. The striplights went off, and the spots came on. This time from the back of the hall the voice came again, ‘Meine Damen und Herren, vorstellend “Bianka”!’

Everyone burst into ataköy ucuz escort applause, and I joined in, though I didn’t know what we were applauding. Bianka, the star of the show, appeared from the passage. She was naked but for thigh-length boots, a black choker, and a black alice-band that held back her shoulder length hair. She walked languorously to the middle of the room, bowed low before the applause, and then removed from herself a huge long purple rubber double-ended dildo that was doubled over in her ass and cunt. Once removed she licked and sucked it long and hard on both ends, and then smiled. She sat down on the mattress, and the show began.

The two naked cameramen went over to her first, taking long, sweeping shots of her ass and pussy and her smiling face, and then the first of the men went over and plunged his cock into her mouth. She accepted it without a murmur, just holding her pussy open for the cameras. Other technicians were coming forwards and taking still pictures, flashes unnecessary in the bright studio lights. Slowly, one by one other men moved forward until she was surrounded by a ring of male flesh, from the rear the cameramen indistinguishable from the rest.

My attention had totally been taken by the floorshow, and I hadn’t noticed that the other girls had begun quietly lavishing attention on those left behind. Feeling guilty I quickly took the nearest in my mouth and grabbed the cock to one side in my spare hand. Despite what you may read, it’s almost impossible to suck cock no-handed. The cock’s owner cried, ‘Oh, Ja!’ and put his hand to the back of my head, pushing me down onto his big cock further than I could manage on my own. I gagged a little, and removed it, to lick the base of his testicles and around the base of his rectum. He was nice and erect now, and I let go to concentrate on the semi-erect penis to my left.

He walked away quickly to the one-woman orgy in the middle of the room, and I noticed there were already some coming back, having shot their load. I wasn’t sure what to do about them, but as neither of the other girls were moving towards them I decided they could wait for a while, to get their breath back. The cock in my mouth was now swollen and quivering, and I decided if I sucked him to completion I would probably get thrown out, so I reluctantly let go and moved on.

One of the other girls came and began to suck cock next to me, her actions mirroring mine, and we glanced at each other and allowed ourselves a slight smile. We competed with each other for a while as to who could swallow the most length. Normally I would have won this sort of competition hands-down, but these guys were huge, and their cocks came to a peak at their heads, rather than expanding as normal. Lovely for fucking, but a bastard to get down your throat. With a pop the problem was removed from my mouth and the owner headed for Bianka. Bitch.

That meant I had run out of original guys to suck, there were only the returns. I moved towards them and they shook their head in a clear no. Okay, if I wasn’t allowed to touch them ataköy üniversiteli escort yet I had to do my job some other way. I sat up on the table, my legs wide apart and placed my legs wide apart, opening up my pussy lips, and putting my hands over each other and into my pussy I began to masturbate, groaning loudly.

This caught their attention, and afforded a much more interesting view than the wall of male bottoms in the centre of the hall. The girl who had been sucking cock next to me caught on to what I was doing and as her client left her she went down on my open cunt, bowing low with one of her hands opening her own pussy to the guy’s view. I removed my own hands and let her go for it, her little tongue lapping at my clit for all it was worth.

One of the men came to the back of the table I was leaning over and began slapping his hardening penis across my face. I could just see another two at the foot of the table slowly playing with themselves. Once the cock was hard enough he tuck it into my mouth, my head upside down off the end other side of the table, his balls flapping against my nose. In and out he pumped it, two, three times until it was too stiff to go in anymore. Reluctantly I let him leave; his cock had tasted of a heady mixture of male and female cum.

Another, though, soon replaced it and I let this one do the same, this time more forcibly. Still, I didn’t mind it rough. I was also aware that the feminine lapping at my cunt had stopped to be replaced by a bearded thrusting of a thick masculine tongue. The excitement was too much for me and I came onto it. Soon after that stood up and thrust an erect cock that was meant for Bianka inside me, and then leaned over me to kiss me. I returned the kiss passionately, saliva mixing with my own cum in our mouths, sucking on his thick rough tongue, and enjoying the feel of his thick beard against my soft cheek. I had never kissed anyone with a beard before, and I liked it.

By now most of the first shift had come back to the table, and I hopped off again to suck and stroke them. I tried to give them all a quick lick and stroke quickly before moving on to the next to get a taste of cum before the other girls did. I thought I might be being a bit selfish in this, but as I looked at the girls’ faces I could see that they didn’t much care for it, so I felt vindicated. The cum all tasted different, some sweet, some sour, all salty. I was frustrated at getting just a taste of all of them, but it went with the job.

I don’t know how long this went on, but finally the crowd all moved away from us, and I turned to see what was going on. Bianka had finished her fucking, and now sat beaming in a pool of white cum, with it plastered all over her, oozing out of her cunt and ass, all over her hair, her cheeks, everywhere. The men cheered as she scooped up handfuls of it and gulped them down. She smiled and flopped back down, washing herself all over with the white stuff, rubbing it into her skin, rolling around in it, smiling all the while. Cameras clicked and whirred all around her. I was incredibly jealous.

For us, the show was already over. The two girls began to get dressed, and reluctantly I followed suit. I half-heartedly joined in with the cheering at the very end of filming and disconsolately accepted my pay. I went home feeling both unsatisfied and excited in equal measure.

That show was over. But my own would be much better. Bigger, better faster, more.

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