Wagner Park Ch. 03

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I wondered what new adventures the van would bring. When I went over to James’ house on Saturday morning the three of us cleaned out the inside of the van and installed curtain rods on the back window and behind the 2 front bucket seats one of those telescoping shower curtain rods. Then we drove the van to Dwayne’s house where his mother made curtains for the back windows and turned and old sheet into a curtain for the front. She put hooks on the top of it like a shower curtain so it could be easily closed when more privacy was needed. While we were there Dwayne’s mother kept making little innuendoes and from the way she looked at me, she knew what I was doing to the boys. When we were introduced she’d made some kind of comment about Charlie being short for charlotte.

I heard her tell James as we were leaving, “If the weathers too bad to go to the lake remember you can always bring her here. I’ll give you all the privacy you need.” There was no doubt in my mind what she meant.

There was a motel we passed on the way over that was up-dating their furniture so had a bunch of old mattress stacked up by their dumpster. We pulled in the back of the parking lot, had a clean looking one in the back of the van and was gone before anyone could even realize we were there.

Until the insurance was in place, James’ parents weren’t comfortable with him driving the van. So it sat in the driveway until the insurance was in place.

Sunday night after church because it always proved to be such a good night for me, I hopped on my bike and zoomed the few blocks to the park. Instead of coming in the entrance I came in on a side street, hide my bike in the bushes and came in through the woods. I’d scouted the trail out during the day so had no trouble approaching the cursing area from the back. This time there was a guy already sitting on my bench. I sat down beside him and struck up a conversation. He was about 20 or so and a goofy looking bastard. He looked like Urkle, high water pants, white socks with dress shoes and a pocket protector full of pens. Couple that with big ears, a cowlick that stuck up like Alfalfa’s and coke bottle lensed glassed.

He had no finesse about how to do things. After a couple of minutes he just blurted out, “Are you one of the fags who comes here to suck cock?”

I kinda smiled and asked, “Why do you want your cock sucked.”

A very polite fellow, he said, “yes, please.”

Getting up I said, “Let’s go for a walk and talk about it.”

I lead him back to a clearing I knew about. You had to push through the bushes to get to it so few knew it was there. I had some card board stashed in the bushes so the rocks and crap wouldn’t hurt my knees while I knelt. I’m not sure if he was very anxious or just not shy, but he had his pants down and his cock out by the time I was on my knees.

And what a dick it was. It was only about 5 inches but it was thick with a large swollen head that was already leaking pre-cum. I reached out and grabbed his protruding cock and immediately sucked it into my mouth. The soft feeling of skin avcılar üniversiteli escort in my mouth was exciting. I could feel all the veins on the shaft with my tongue and how the soft hood of that cock felt as it rubbed on the roof of my mouth. I started trying to get as much of it in my mouth as possible. The hair around his cock and the odor was pleasant and the feeling of his balls in my hand as I manipulated them between my fingers was exciting.

I can’t describe the feelings of crossing a bridge that I knew I wasn’t capable of crossing and how it felt for the first time in my life to have a cock in my mouth shooting its cum and me swallowing it. I was gagging and my eyes were watering but I stayed on the cock sucking it and enjoying the feeling it gave me as it softened and slipped from my mouth and back through the hole.

As this cock in my mouth was becoming more aroused I felt his ball sack start to tighten up and his cock got harder and his breathing began to quicken. I knew he was going to shoot any second so I just backed off until my lips were clamped around its base just the head was in my mouth as far as it would go, which was just enough to the back of my throat. I can’t describe the feelings when he started shooting hot salty cum and me swallowing it.

When I got back to the bench a guy was setting there in his car. When he saw me he motioned me over. Opening his door to shield the action he turned sideways with his feet sticking out the car door and dangling out on the ground. Taking his cock out he asked, “Do you want to suck this?’ For an answer, I went to my knees and took him in my mouth. As I started to suck I felt his throbbing man meat growing inside my hot mouth and knew my anonymous lover was getting ready to cum. I couldn’t wait to have this luscious cock spewing into my mouth.

I picked up the pace bobbing faster, sucking him deeper and harder on each down stroke. . I felt him thrust his hip off the car seat and then the first spasm hit and a gush of thick, steamy cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly but not fast enough, the second shot of cum filled my mouth and oozed out of the corners of my mouth.

I knelt there enjoying the feeling of the warm cum in my mouth, languishing in the salty flavor. With each spasm of his throbbing cock, I found myself enjoying the taste more and more. Finally, his cock stopped the flow of cum and just twitched in my mouth every time I ran his tongue along the sensitive underside. I didn’t want to let go. I was enjoying the feeling of having his cock in his mouth.

When I stood up there was there was a police car slowly pulling into the park. The entrance wasn’t that as the crow flies but driving around the ball fields and the big parking lot they were a good 4 blocks away. Not wanting them to see my face and get on their radar, I drifted back into the shadows. In minutes I was in the brush making my way to my bike. I was on it and peddling towards home before the cops even got to the turn-around by the bench.

Nothing avrupa yakası escort happened all week but school. This was my 5 day without cock and I was feeling it. Fortunately James’ father got around to calling his insurance agent and had it in place by Friday.

That evening, as was our custom now the three instead of just James and me went to the drive-in. I don’t know what was playing but it was a double feature. As always, we park in the back row in the dark. If it aint broke don’t fix it…we waited until the pre-views started to go load up with junk food.

While we were in the concession bar Dwayne split off from us and talked to Mitchel, from our school. Mitchel looked mad. After they talked, Dwayne came over and whispered to James. They talked too low for me to hear, then Dwayne went back and talked to Mitchel again. I don’t know what he said but Mitchel walked away looking happier than when they first started talking.

Before we went back to the van, they flipped a coin to see who got sucked first. James’s won. He was so excited about getting his dick sucked that he’d pitched quite a tent in the front of his gym shorts on the way back to the van. He stashed his junk food on the dash and then slid between the seats back to where I was. I helped him get his shorts off and then he sat down on the mattress and spread out his legs. I crawled between his legs and he laughed with anticipation when I lowered my face and kissed his head. It was so much more comfortable lying between his legs than scrunching down on the cramped floor board. I took my own sweet time about bring him off. I brought him to the edge twice before I let him explode. Not bothering to put on his shorts, he moved back up to the front seat.

Then it was Dwayne’s turn. After I’d sucked for a couple of minutes he pulled his thick cock out of the way and pushed me down to his ball. I was licking them eagerly when he muttered, “Get down under my balls now.” Moving down, I found the spot right where his ass crack began and started to mouth and tongue him there. I have to admit that the musky male taste and smell of him down there wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. It was even a little erotic. I twirled my tongue around his puckered ass hole a couple of three times and then stiffened my tongue and slipped it about a quarter inch in. That got Dwayne’s attention. I could tell by the way he bounced his bottom up off the mattress.

From there I slowly lick my way back up his thick shaft back to his swollen head. I watched Dwayne’s face light up as I ran my tongue around the base of his head and then took it in my mouth. I quickly went all the way to his balls to show him that I was serious. Then I tightening my lips around his hard shaft and slowly moving back to the head.

Pausing at the head, I worked it a little in my mouth and then I slowly started moving back down. Bobbing slowly at first but adjusting the speed to his breathing. Despite his grip on my head and Dwayne’s effort to speed me up, I continue to go just slow enough bağdat caddesi escort to keep him from going over the edge.

When neither of us could take it any longer, I slowly sped up until his balls drew up. And then I tightened my lips behind the head and rode out the storm of his eruption, savoring and swallowing every drop of his big load as it spewed across my tongue and down my throat.

But I wasn’t done when Dwayne’s finished cumming. I held his cock lovingly in my mouth as it deflated. Then I tighten my lips and cleaned it as I drew my mouth up and off of it. Then I lifted it with 2 fingers and gave the head a thank you kiss for the prize it had just given to me.

Both physical and mentally exhausted, Dwayne and I slumped on the mattress and just laid there until the first feature was over.

Most people leave after the main feature so at intermission when we restocked up on junk food there wasn’t much of a crowed. When we started back to the van Mitchel joined us. When I looked at Dwayne questioningly, he said, “We’re giving him a ride home.” When I kept looking at him funny, he said, “Don’t worry. He won’t interfere with our plans.”

“Am I supposed to suck you with him watching?”

“No. you’re supposed to suck him with us watching>”

I didn’t know what to say to that so I kept my mouth shut. James and Dwayne got in the two front and stowed their junk food on the dashboard. I got in the side door and Mitchel held it open. After I’d stashed my junk food on a shelf James’s uncle had installed. Then Mitchel handed me his box of junk to put on the shelf too. Then he climbed boldly in and shut and locked the door behind him. As I sat there staring at him, he brazenly kicked off his tennis shoes then unzipped and pulled his pants off. Thumbs hooked in the waistband of his briefs, he saw the look on my face. “What? Are you going to suck me with my underwear on?” Then he pulled his underwear on down and exposed his already hard cock.

I couldn’t believe it. It was as if my mouth belong to someone else. Suddenly there I was, happily gobbling Mitchel thick cock. I was moaning softly and making wet slurping sounds as I pumped my mouth up and down on his cock. Of their own volition my hands danced sensuously up his legs until I cradled his cum filled teenaged balls.

And I wasn’t just suck cock. I was making a serious production out of it. I was making these silly little sounds like a kid does when he’s eating an ice cream one.

Tonight was teaching me a lesson. Neither of the boys paid much attention before. But for some reason Dwayne turned and knelt in the passenger’s seat so he could see belter and James actually moved back on the mattress with us so he could see. I couldn’t believe how hat it was making them to see Mitchel cum in my mouth.

James almost didn’t let me get Mitchel’s cock out of my mouth before he shoved his in. I actually think they bumped cock heads during the switch.

As I sucked James’s cock, Dwayne quickly moved back and leaned down close enough to watch James’s cock pumping in and out of my mouth. When James started working his hips Dwayne moved behind me, grabbed my head and held me in place, while he fucked me.

Dwayne could hardly wait to get hi cock in my mouth.

What a fucking evening. And judging from the look on Mitchel’s face when he cummed in my mouth, another cock is being added to our Friday night drive-in ritual.

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