When Callia Met Delilah Ch. 02

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Callia grasped Delilah’s hand as they left the room they shared in the Golden Oak with Amakiir. Their soft giggles continued as they made their plans as they descended the stairs to the common room. They had planned to share a bottle of wine before making their way outside to meet up with Nathan. Callia smiled as she touched Delilah’s side and directed her to a table and called for the serving wench.

She moved the chairs as close together as she could and patted the seat, inviting Delilah to sit. Delilah obliged and soon the two were whispering softly between them, pressed close in an intimate pose. Callia handed the serving wench a few platinum coins when she delivered the bottle of the inn’s finest Elvish wine. She immediately popped the cork and went about pouring the delicately delicious elven spirit.

“You’ll love this,” Callia purred, raising her glass in toast. “It’s the best.”

“I do believe you intend to get me drunk on your high class spirits. I’m really just a simple girl, more accustomed to swill.” Delilah replied quite dramatically.

“I think we’ll both need it for the night to come. I so want my Nathan…,” Callia sighed as she stared up into Delilah’s beguiling eyes. Yet at that moment, the truth of it all hit her. It humbled her. She had never wanted anyone so badly in her life: to be kissed, held and touched by Delilah, to hear Delilah’s words whispered so softly in her ear. Callia never wanted to be parted from her ever again.

She watched as Delilah took a hearty swig and licked a drop of the wine from her lips. Callia let out a groan and ran her hand the length of Delilah’s thighs. As Delilah lips parted ever so slightly once more, Callia had an urge to kiss her, to cover her lips with her own and draw in her breath, her life, her words, her smiles and laughter. An ache crept through her body and her moan deepened. She leaned over and kissed her softly, sweetly. She didn’t care they were in a room full of people. It didn’t matter to her if folks stopped and stared. Let them watch. The thought made her behavior all that much more daring and naughty. She inched closer and brushed her hands over her shoulders and down to the tips of her breasts. Her nipples sprung to life through the material of her tunic and Callia grinned wickedly.

She moved her hands down further over her lean, taut stomach and stopped at her triangle of her lush thighs. Callia wanted to slip her fingers inside her trousers. Delilah squirmed about in her chair, parting her thighs ever so slightly and it was just enough for Callia’s hands to cup the mound. Her eyes glanced into Delilah’s as hers were fluttering shut, locked in the haze of potent wine and the headiness of desire. She let out a soft moan and re-opened her eyes, focusing on Callia, who smiled warmly at her.

Delilah’s lips returned the smile, curling upwards as another sigh slipped out. And her hands, long and slender, lifted from her sides to caress Callia’s arms and then her shoulders. She tugged gently, wanting to pull Callia even closer. Callia obliged and gazed into her face, taking in every line, every feature…dark eyebrows, large, soft brown eyes, a small, perfect nose, sensuous lips. Callia sighed, appreciating her dark beauty. Delilah laughed gaily and squeezed Callia even closer, pulling her from her chair and onto her lap. Callia settled in, straddling Delilah’s lap. Their breasts found each other and there was a mutual moan, Delilah’s then Callia’s. Her hands traced Callia’s back gently, making every muscle stir. Her skin came to life in a thousand tingles as nail and skin combined. She stretched her legs out so she could be even closer. Soon they were tangled around each other and Callia felt Delilah’s pubic bone next to hers. They rocked together in a slow dance. Callia kissed and sucked at Delilah’s neck and shoulders. She tasted slightly tangy, and still smelled of sex.

Callia wanted more. She had to have more. Delilah laughed again and whispered Callia’s name in a low growl.

Delilah enwrapped Callia in her arms and cuddled into her, her hand rested on Callia’s breast, circled her nipple through her halter, then traced down further over her stomach to the bottom of her thigh length skirt. Every inch of Callia tensed as Delilah inched her fingers inside and up to the vee of her thighs. Callia groaned into her mouth as Delilah’s fingers parted her nether lips and inched closer to her clit. It seemed like an eternity before her fingers reached the swollen nub. As she tickled and circled her clit, Callia felt her hips rise to Delilah’s touch and was suddenly thrown into a frenzy. Every part of Callia ached and she grasped at Delilah’s skin, urging her on.

Delilah caressed her with the flat of her palm, making Callia incredibly wet! Delilah moaned and Callia let out an ecstatic sigh as she slid a finger inside of her. She thought she would explode. Delilah moved her finger slowly at first. Callia’s hips rocked and rose to catch her movements, then she slid another bakırköy escort inside and Callia called her name out desperately as she melted. She pressed as tight as she could and pinched Delilah’s nipples through her shirt. Delilah’s fingers were deep inside Callia, knowing she was driving her crazy.

Then Callia came all at once, suddenly, strongly, her hips bucking into Delilah’s palm. She let out a squeal as she pressed her mouth against Delilah’s neck and nipped in effort not to scream. Her movements quickened then slowed. Delilah raised her head, smiled, and laughed devilishly as Callia growled out all the naughty elven words she knew while Delilah withdrew her fingers from Callia’s dripping cunt but cupped over her to catch the remainder of her orgasm. Callia moaned and sighed as her senses returned. She pulled Delilah back to her so she could hold her and kiss her. She rocked her in her arms and kissed her mouth, her face, and her ears.

But all too soon the moment was broken as the serving wench slammed a mug on their table and leaned towards them. “Get a room if ye haven’t one. The common room is not meant for such dalliances.”

Callia and Delilah burst into giggles as they stumbled to their feet and straightened their clothing. With a fit of pique, Callia fastened her hands on Delilah’s breasts and squeezed while she drew up tight against her. She planted upon her glorious mouth a passionate kiss before leading her to the door. She hoped Nathan would be waiting. If not, she’d likely press Delilah against a wall and make her scream. She wanted her very badly. She wanted to feel her hands on her soft skin and slip her tongue between her silky sweet lips. She had to have her again…very soon.

Callia glanced skyward as she pressed Delilah up against the side of the building. The moon was almost at its apex…soon Nathan would join them. But for now, she turned attention to her sweet Delilah.

“I want to fuck your pussy…now,” Callia demanded as she gripped her lover’s trousers. She coaxed the dark haired beauty’s legs apart as she untied the drawstring, letting them shimmy down her shapely thighs to pool at her feet. Lifting her slightly up the wall, Callia settled herself in the cradle of Delilah’s hips and groped for her bag of naughty tricks. Brandishing the ivory phallus, she slid it back into its harness and guided it between Delilah’s wet lips.

“Touch me,” Delilah moaned. “Please, finger me…”

Callia let out a moan as she sought her lover’s lips and kissed her, slipping her tongue out to dance with Delilah’s. She softly caressed Delilah’s breasts, pulling the tunic up to expose her milky globes to her seeking hands. She fondled and gently tugged her nipples, plucking them until Delilah’s moans grew louder against their dueling mouths.

“Touch me…,” Delilah pleaded as her own hands sought out the ties on Callia’s halter.

Down Delilah’s lithe body Callia slid her hands until she reached her pussy. She teased her as she rubbed the tip of the ivory phallus back and forth over her swollen pussy lips. Delilah writhed and moaned as she moved her lips to Callia’s pointed ears. She nipped and sucked, flicking her tongue over their sensitive points. Callia groaned, jabbing the phallus upwards to penetrate Delilah ever so slightly.

“Ooooooooooohhhhh…touch me please…,”

Pulling back, she slipped her fingers in the phallus’ place. Then she slid her hand between them until she could feel the heat and moisture of Delilah’s cunt. Her hips rocked against Callia’s hand as she explored her. Callia found her clit and stroked it as Delilah moaned. She moved her other hand down over her belly and mound till she located her clit once more. Callia tickled it as her other hand entered her pussy. Callia could feel all Delilah’s inside muscles clamp down on her finger. Delilah nibbled on Callia’s neck, shoulders and ears, leaving marks all the way and whispered her name. Callia began sliding her finger in and around Delilah as her other hand teased her clit. Her hips started to speed up, and Callia quickened as well. She slid in yet another finger. Delilah moaned deeply as her orgasm neared and Callia slid my fingers in right to the third knuckle. Delilah was hot and very wet and both of them groaned with appreciation. Delilah was melting around Callia’s talented hands. Then Callia slipped in a third finger and Delilah’s head snapped back, her hips rocked, and a low and desperate moan escaped from her mouth. Callia could feel Delilah throbbing as she whispered my name over and over. Her juices coated Callia’s hand as she delved into her. Her hips jerked and rotated as Callia sped up, and finally she let out one final groan. But Callia had only begun pleasure her sweet Delilah. Rubbing the ivory phallus over Delilah’s lips, she readied her for what was next. She nipped her ear and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you now. Tell me you want it! Tell me…,”

“Yessssss, Ohhhhhhhhhh, yessssss…please bakırköy eve gelen escort fuck me…I want to cum again…,” Delilah moaned against Callia’s neck.

Callia let loose a throaty chuckle as she pressed the juice slicked phallus against Delilah hot slick cunt. She shifted her hips and pushed Delilah a tiny bit higher up the wall while finding the perfect cradle for her own hips. Delilah whimpered as the course grain of the wall scraped her bare bottom. Yet all was forgotten as the phallus slid within her swollen lips. Delilah let out a cry and clutched at Callia’s back, her nails raking the skin. She wrapped her legs around Callia, giving her more thrusting room. Inch by tormenting inch, Callia slowly eased into her, spreading her walls, still amazed that Delilah had remained so tight even after their earlier tryst.

Delilah let out a low cry as the ivory phallus slid in all the way, causing her nerves to ignite. She let out a moan.

Callia knew she had her where she wanted her. She began her thrusting, pacing herself as she started slowly and worked her way up to the quicker, deeper thrusts. She gripped Delilah’s ass cheeks, spreading them open. Delilah squealed as Callia rubbed a finger against the entrance to the sexy assassin’s tight ass.

“You want it…sweet Delilah…want me to take your ass…,” Callia moaned against her lover’s cheek.


Callia worked herself into a frenzy as she pulverized Delilah’s pussy, making her sloppy wet while she smeared her ass with the juices.

“Soooooooo close now…please…fuck me harder…,” Delilah begged.

And Callia obliged, slamming the ivory phallus in to her as hard as she could. She waited for the right moment. She knew Delilah was close, as her moans, pants, and cries started to get louder. And as her pussy blossomed with a gush of wetness, Callia pulled out and pressed the head of her ‘cock’ against Delilah’s ass. She pushed through the tight ass lips, causing Delilah to squeal and squirm from the pleasure/pain of the moment. Callia soothed her as she plucked her nipples and returned her fingers back to the now empty pussy. She curled them forward, searching once more for Delilah’s sweet spot. As she located it, she was rewarded with a loud moan from Delilah. She knew Delilah couldn’t take much more as her pussy walls gripped all three of Callia’s fingers, her juicy fluid flooding as the seconds passed.

“YESSSSS…HARDER…FUCK ME…,” Delilah cried, as she buried her face against Callia’s neck.

Several more hard thrusts followed before Delilah screamed and exploded against the wild elf’s fingers. She slumped against her lover and moaned.

“You are so wonderful, my sweet,” Callia purred as she pulled the ivory phallus out of Delilah’s tight ass and sought out her lips for a steamy tongue filled kiss.

Delilah returned the kiss, adding to its hotness as she slipped her tongue between Callia’s lips.

Callia jumped as she felt a pair of hands on her bottom. She pulled back from Delilah to growl a warning at whoever had touched her, but her warning fell short as she heard a voice whisper in her ear.

“Did you start the party without me?” the voice purred.

She relaxed and allowed him to press his body against hers. “We couldn’t help ourselves,” Callia giggled. “Have you come to join us?”

“Of course, how could I turn that down?” Nathan purred as he nipped her ear and nuzzled her back against his body. “Shall we seek somewhere more private?”

“Have you any place in mind?” Callia asked, knowing she couldn’t take him up to her room within the Golden Oak.

“I do, if you lovely ladies will come with me.” Nathan replied.

After allowing Callia and Delilah to right their clothing and put away the toys, he grabbed each of their hands and led them out into the street away from the Golden Oak.

They walked for several minutes, crossing over into the old city by way of the Moonbridge. He took them to a small cottage that looked very old and elven in design.

“Feels like home,” Callia sighed with a hint of remembrance in her voice.

Opening the door, Nathan ushered his lovely companions inside. The inside turned out to be as impressive as the outside. Flowing elven craft dominated the interior. “It’s beautiful.”

“But not as beautiful as you, my love,” Nathan whispered. He drew her into his arms and held her close to him. They began to kiss feverishly with their tongues indulging in a seductive heady dance. Callia let out a needy whimper as he cupped her ass and pulled her flush with his raging erection. “Feel what you do to me. I can’t stop thinking about fucking you up against that wall. You were sooo good, love.”

“It only gets better.” Callia untangled herself away from Nathan and reached for Delilah. “You can’t even begin to imagine what we have in store for you.”

Callia drew Delilah into bakırköy grup yapan escort her embrace then reached back for Nathan. Her arms caressed both of them. She flicked her eyes back and forth between the two as they seemed to size each other up. “Nathan dear, kiss my pretty Delilah.”

Nathan didn’t have to be asked twice as he leaned in to capture Delilah’s sexy mouth. Delilah moaned as his tongue flicked between her parted lips and gave herself over to the passionate kiss. He moved his hands to cup her breasts. She arched her back, cooing. When she did this, he moved to capture the tip of her ear between his lips, and she gasped. He kissed her ear, blew into it. She squirmed against him. Everywhere his skin met hers tingled with electric pleasure and wanted more and she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a deep kiss. Nathan kissed her back with the same intensity. There they stayed for an eternity in a lover’s embrace just feeling each other’s bodies against each other. She felt her nipples tighten at the lazy caresses as his fingers plucked and rolled at the sensitive peaks through her tunic, a shiver racing down her spine as he pressed kisses along her neck.

All of their clothing melted away as they stood together, naked, entwined, feverishly exchanging heated kisses. They took turns exchanging kisses, lips and tongues entwined. They slid onto the bed and continued the heady kiss. Callia let out a soft moan as Nathan’s lips settled over hers. They were hot as they moved over hers in demanding kisses. His mouth slanted over hers, more unrelentingly. She gasped when his tongue plunged between, only to slide deeper into her mouth. Fire licked through her. She moaned as he sucked lightly on her tongue, feeling an answering throb between her thighs. He shifted, pressing against her thigh as one of his wedged itself between hers. His hand slid up over her belly to rest just above the swell of her hips. Yet Callia had other ideas. She winked at Delilah and motioned to her. The two pressed Nathan to the bed and slid up against him. Following Callia’s lead, Delilah went straight for Nathan’s crotch. She leaned forward and took his steeled cock deep into her mouth, swirling her tongue along the shaft as she pushed herself further down. A quick moment passed before Delilah pulled herself away. Slick now with her own lubrication, she went back to working, licking, sucking and stroking her way down his cock, until there was nothing left but his balls hanging just below her lips.

Nathan cried out as he felt his orgasm beginning to rise. He could think of naught else when her delicious mouth was wrapped around his cock like this. Delilah let his cock slide out of her throat and began the ascent up his shaft.

As soon as it cleared her mouth, Nathan lunged forward and grabbed her, pushing her down across the bed as he mounted her from behind.

“Yes, Yes!” She cried out, her words echoing in the large chamber. “Please, fuck me….”

Her words were lost as he shoved his cock deep inside her, bottoming out against her back wall with a single stroke. She shook and grabbed the bed sheets in her fist as her body started to convulse with her orgasm.

“FUCK ME!” Her scream was ripped from her body.

Nathan grabbed her small body by the hips and gave himself over to the moment, pounding his long cock deep into her cunt on every single stroke. Delilah cried out over and over again, thrusting herself back into him, trying to increase the force of his strokes even more.

Tired of not being able to see her face or hear her screams right in his ear, Nathan pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy and spun her around. She lay back onto the bed, legs spread wide with one hand diddling her clit. Her eyes widened as he crawled between her legs and hitched her legs up over his shoulders.

“Yes… Please…” Delilah begged. “Fuck me… please, yes……”

Nathan dipped his head down between her smooth thighs and ran his tongue straight from her puckered rosebud all the way up and over to her clit. He dove down again, spearing her asshole with his tongue, teasing her clit with his fingers as he began to make a slower and gentler circuit around her pussy.

Using his hands and mouth to explore every inch of her dripping wet snatch, Nathan took his time and enjoyed himself. Delilah might beg and plead with him to fuck her, but he would have none of that. This was something he enjoyed just as much.

Nor could Delilah deny the effect that his explorations had upon her body. The first orgasm had rocked her world, and now, aftershocks and tremors ran through her body constantly under his assault. Writhing back and forth upon the bed, she mewled her pleasure out softly now, rather than screaming it to the high heavens above.

Finally, Nathan found what he’d been looking for. Hooking two fingers against the wall of her pussy, Nathan found the sweet spot, the one spot that would drive her insane, no matter what he had visited upon her before that moment.

Delilah exploded. Her eyes shot open and her hands seized Nathan by the hair, pulling him hard into her pussy as it expelled load after load of delicious cum into his mouth and onto his face. Her body shook uncontrollably now, holding onto him for support as much as to prolong her own pleasure.

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