When Saying Thank You Isn’t Enough

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Ashley Williams

The haunting sound of an owl broke the silence of the evening as she made her way towards the leisure center. Yvette spun around at the sound and was relieved to see the owl that sat on a nearby fence. It turned its head and fixed her a steely glare.

Smiling to herself, she turned back and entered the building. She had never come here alone before. But her friends all had boyfriends now and she was fed up sitting at home by herself. The Internet had lost its appeal of late and she needed to get out into the real world.

She changed into her swimming costume, put her belongings into a locker and made her way to the pool. It was quiet this time of the evening, only half an hour or so until closing time. She planned to swim as many lengths as she could within that time.

Two men were already in the pool. And as Yvette approached, a middle-aged woman was leaving. They smiled at each other as they passed by.

Yvette stood at one end of the pool and pulled her hair into a ponytail. The two men seemed to be competing against each other, one man was blonde the other dark. Their beautiful bodies cut through the water with ease.

Yvette dived into the pool and started to swim. She was not a particularly strong swimmer, so she kept to one side so she could always hold onto something if she needed to stop. She had done a few lengths and had not been taking any notice of the men, when suddenly the blonde man surfaced right in front of her. Her feet automatically reached for the bottom of the pool but they could not find it. She was out of her depth and she started to panic. She grabbed wildly for the side of the pool but couldn’t reach it. The smile on the face of the blonde man froze when he realized she was in trouble. He tried to help her; but in her panic, Yvette grabbed his head and pushed him under.

Suddenly, she felt two strong arms grab her round her middle and haul her to the side of the pool, where she clung as though her life depended on it.

“Nick, what the hell were you doing? You frightened the life out of this girl.”

Nick was coughing up the water he had taken in.

“I didn’t know she would react like that.” He spluttered as he pushed his wet hair out of his eyes.

The bakırköy masöz escort dark man helped Yvette from the pool.

“Thanks… umm…” She held out her hand.

“Alex.” He replied as he took her hand. “Anytime.” His eyes strayed down her body, and now she was out of the water he could see what a beautiful body it was in her thong bikini. He smiled in appreciation as he gazed at her voluptuous breasts.

“Would you like to come up to the bar for a drink with us?” Alex asked her.

“I think the centre is about to close.” She took some steadying breaths, as she answered him.

“No, not yet, it’s late opening tonight.”

She was still feeling a bit shaken so she accepted their offer. She agreed to meet them in the bar in half an hour, as she headed off towards the showers.

She showered, changed, and dried her hair. She made her way pass the security guard on reception and upstairs to the bar. The two men were playing pool.

“Hey!” Called Alex, “What can I get you to drink?”

“My name is Yvette, and I’d like a Malibu and Coke please.”

She walked over to Nick at the pool table.

“Do you play?” He asked as he handed her a cue.

“No.” Yvette took the cue from him. “I’d like to try though.”

She tried to take a shot and failed miserably.

“Let me help you.” He said as he stood behind her and showed her how to hold the cue. She could feel the heat from his body against hers and she began to feel flustered. Her face was flushed red and as Alex returned with her drink, she accepted it gratefully and moved away from the table.

Her skin still tingled where Nick’s body had touched her. It made her feel strange because she actually found Alex more attractive.

“So you have never played?” Alex asked. “We will have to teach you then. I will partner you against Nick, and who ever win gets…”

“A kiss from me?” Yvette surprised herself at her answer. The attention of these beautiful men was going to her head.

Nick set up a new game and took the first shot. When it was their turn, Alex would stand behind Yvette and hold the cue with her as they took their shot. She was very aware of Alex’s bakırköy otele gelen escort body against hers. She was getting very turned on.

At one point, it looked like Nick was going to win. Alex took the next few shots alone. He seemed determined to win the game.

“Yes!” Shouted Alex as the black ball went down. He turned to Yvette, “And now my prize.”

Yvette stood quietly as Alex approached her. He cupped her face in his hands and bent his head. She closed her eyes as his lips gently touched hers. It was the sweetest kiss she had ever experienced and she melted into his arms.

When they eventually broke apart, their eyes were filled with desire.

“Mmm… that was nice.” He smiled down at her. “What would you like to do now?”

“A sauna would be nice.”

“I think a sauna would be very nice, shall we go?” Alex led her out the door and back down the stairs. Nick followed behind them.

As Yvette got undressed in the changing room, she decided she must have gone completely mad. What had possessed her to suggest a sauna with two men she had only just met? Other than the fact that she found Alex incredibly attractive, and Nick was rather nice too.

Wearing nothing except a towel tied underneath her arms, Yvette approached the sauna. She tentatively pushed open the door, where she found Alex sitting with a towel around his waist.

“Come and sit down.” Alex patted the seat beside him.

She joined him on the bench, the steam was stifling and beads of sweat began to break out on her forehead.

“Where is Nick?” She enquired.

“Oh he had some calls to make. He’ll be along in a minute.”

Yvette laid back and closed her eyes. She thought she could feel Alex watching her. She opened her eyes and sure enough, he was looking at her.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he told her, much to her embarrassment. He reached over and released her hair from its ponytail; her golden hair fell about her shoulders.

“Do you realize you saved my life today in the pool?” She told him as he ran his hands through her tresses. “Perhaps I should repay you in some way….” She leaned forward and kissed him on the bakırköy rus escort mouth.

Alex moaned and deepened the kiss, gently exploring her mouth with his tongue. His hand fell to the towel and gently worked it open. As the towel fell away he dropped his head to her breasts and nuzzled and kissed them. Yvette was in heaven; her hands fell to his head as he kissed lower and lower down her body.

She gasped as he reached her centre and spreading her folds he began to flick gently at her clitoris with his tongue. He really was an expert at this, she thought, as his tongue swirled around and dipped inside her. She wasn’t aware of anything except his tongue, when suddenly she felt another mouth at her breasts. Her eyes flew open to find Nicks blonde hair in front of her. He glanced up.

“Okay?” He asked her as he continued to suck her hardened nipples. She couldn’t resist. She just moaned in ecstasy at the sensation of two hot mouths on her already hot body.

Alex brought her easily to orgasm. As she was coming down from those heights, he moved up and into her. She could feel him fill her completely. Nick began to move aside, until she took hold of his erection and began to lick and suck on it. She could hear Nick gasp as she took him as far as she could into her mouth.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. One man buried deep inside her vagina and the other in her mouth, both men moaning her name as they approached their own orgasms.

Nick came in her mouth, his knees buckled under him and he slid to the floor. Alex immediately kissed her mouth, he moaned as he tasted his friend’s seed on her tongue. He began moving harder and faster into her and as her second orgasm washed over her. Her muscles rippled along Alex’s length; and he too came deep inside her body.

The three of them were soaked in sweat. Together they made their way to the showers where they washed each other clean.

Once dressed again, Yvette realized how late it was. Alex offered her a lift home, which she gratefully accepted.

The car pulled up outside her house, and Alex pulled her to him for another kiss.

“Damn, you were amazing tonight.” He told her, gazing at her in awe.

“Actually I surprised myself.” She admitted. “I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“It was fun, with Nick joining us, but I would prefer it to be just us next time, if you would like there to be a next time…”

“Oh, Alex, I would love there to be a next time. After all you did save my life tonight and I don’t think I have thanked you enough yet.”

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