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Ashley rolled onto her side, facing me. Her expressionless face was cupped in one hand. The other hand lay on top of her hip. I once again took a moment to study the gorgeous twenty eight year old woman’s body. Her bikini certainly didn’t hide much. And now, on her side, Ashley’s ample breasts were seemingly ready to fall out of her suit.

“Good. Hold it,” I said.

I focused the camera lens and clicked the shutter. Ashley then pulled her top leg toward her stomach, while stretching out her bottom leg. The bottom of her bikini was essentially hidden except for the little string over her hip.

I took another shot.

But it was those breasts that I wanted to focus on. The nipples were barely covered by the bright material of her suit. The more erect they got, the more erect I got. And this seemed to be as exciting for the young school teacher as it was for me.

Without a comment, Ashley put her fingers on the side of her right breast—the one now on top—and lightly pulled back on the bikini top until the nipple hit against the very edge of the suit. Half of her areola was visible, but not the bright pink nipple itself.

With her hand back on her hip, I took several shots, changing the angle each time; capturing more of the youthful curve of her breasts with each picture.

Ashley’s expression appeared to be changing. Her eyes locked in on the bulge in my shorts and a look of excitement filled her face. She was a fifth grade teacher, not a model. She had come to me–a high school photography and journalism teacher–knowing I did amateur portraits as a hobby. And our session was turning her on.

I wanted desperately to suggest some more daring poses, suspecting I may never again have a subject with an incredible body like Ashley’s. But I also didn’t want to scare her off.

So I was more than pleasantly surprised when Ashley suddenly said, “Turn around.”

I obeyed and heard rustling behind me. A moment later, she gave me the OK to face her again.

Ashley was on her stomach, her arms folded in front of her, her face looking up at me. She was topless. The stunning breasts I had been teased with before were hanging behind her arms, only the very tips hidden from view. Over her shoulders I could see the inviting curves of her waist and hips and ass.

“God, Ashley. You’re going to drive me crazy,” I said.

“I’ve noticed.” Her eyes stared directly at my aching cock. “Now, are you going to take pictures or not?”

I got down on the floor and took a series of photos looking straight at her. Ashley changed the position of her arms, but never allowed me an unobstructed view of her dangling breasts. Lying face down on the floor only increased the severity of my erection. By the time we were done, I was embarrassed to get up.

Ashley smiled broadly when she detected my condition, but luckily had me turn around again while she put her top back on. This permitted me to reach inside my shorts and lessen the tension on my throbbing cock.

“OK. I’m done,” she announced.

I turned to face her.

She asked, “Do you think these will be any good?”

I tried to keep eye contact with her, and not continuously scan the perfect body in front of me. “Oh, I think they will be great. How could any picture of YOU not be great?”

Ashley blushed. “Maybe we can take some more later in the summer when my tan’s better?”

“Of course. Whenever you want,” I assured her.

She took a couple steps forward until she stood just inches from me. Her hand touched the front of my shorts, feeling for the outline of my thick cock.

“Did you have fun today?”

I felt her fingers press harder onto my shaft.

“Very much. How about you?”

“Absolutely. I’m flattered that you find me attractive,” Ashley said, leaning even closer.

It would have been easy to kiss her, or put my hands on that luscious ass of hers, or both. But this was her dance and I was going to let her lead.

“Attractive hardly describes it,” I said.

“Did you say hard?”

“Hardly,” I replied.

Her hand stroked me a couple more times.

“I might have another customer for you?” Ashley slowed her fondling and looked up at me.

“Oh. Who?”

“Susan Fielding.”

Ashley’s hand rested on my cock now. She had to feel it twitch at the mere mention of the new first grade teacher’s name. Susan Fielding was a stunning blonde right out of college. She was part homecoming queen, part cheerleader, part athlete, part supermodel.

“Really?” I said as nonchalantly as possible.

“Really. Should I tell her you’re interested?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.”

“She’s been looking for somebody she can trust to take some…uh, discreet private shots of her. I think you’d be perfect,” Ashley said, finally backing away just a bit.

I took a deep breath, just now realizing what affect she had been having on me. “Thanks, Ashley. I’d love to talk to her.”

“Great. I’ll have her call you.” With that, Ashley planted a kiss on my cheek and turned to find her clothes.

I gölbaşı escort was in a state of near-constant erection the next couple days reviewing the pictures of Ashley and thinking about having Susan pose for me. I wondered what Susan wanted. She wasn’t married, so maybe she wanted a few special photos to entice some rich guy. Maybe she just wanted to tease me until I…

The phone’s ring brought me back to reality.


“Hello, John?” The voice was soft, quiet and very feminine.


“Hi. This is Susan Fielding. I work with Ashley.”

I told myself to be calm. “Oh, hi Susan. Ashley told me you might call.”

“I’m glad she mentioned it. Did she tell you I might want some pictures taken?” Susan sounded like a teenager asking her parents for a favor.

“Yep. You realize, don’t you, that I don’t do this for a living. It’s more of a hobby,” I said.

“I know. But I’ve seen the pictures you gave Ashley and I think they’re really good.”

I wasn’t staying very calm. At least not inside. “Thank you. That’s nice of you to say. What did you have in mind for yourself?”

There was a slight pause. “Well, uh, I thought…maybe you could take some pictures of me outside. Maybe in the woods.”

“No problem,” I assured her.

“And I might want some to be a little more, uh, erotic. I’ve had a couple modeling agencies approach me and I’ve been told by people who should know that it wouldn’t hurt to include a few pictures of me…exposed.”

If it was possible to hear somebody blush, I heard it from Susan. My heart was pounding. Susan Fielding. The woods. Nude.

“Susan, I’d be glad to do it.”

“The only one to see the pictures will be me, right? This will be done confidentially?” Susan asked with a hint of desperation.

“Absolutely.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say that wouldn’t sound like I was begging her to let me do this.

“Great. When are you available?” Susan asked.

I figured ‘Now’ was an inappropriate response, so I stalled as if I was looking at a calendar. “How about…let’s see. Tuesday? Is next Tuesday OK with you?”

“That’s good. Sure.”

We spent the next few minutes setting the time and locale. We settled on a piece of private property that I had access to from an old hunting and fishing friend. She agreed. I hung up, a very happy and excited man.

I was fiddling with camera equipment in the cabin when I heard another car pull into the gravel driveway. By the time I got to the window, Susan was almost done fixing her hair in the car’s rearview mirror. I watched as the car door opened and the young woman’s long legs appeared. My pulse quickened as she strode towards the cabin, dressed in a tight fitting tank top that stopped just above her belly button and a short skirt that resembled a cheerleader outfit.

I waited for her to knock, then cheerfully welcomed her inside. As she went to place her bag on the couch I admired the natural fullness of the breasts pressing against the material of her top. They were wonderfully shaped with nipples conspicuously pointed up and out. Her waist was flat and tight; her legs, shapely and tan.

Clearly, she was much more beautiful in this setting than in a classroom, if that was possible. Her conservative dress at work never came close to revealing the youthful loveliness of her body.

We talked and drank for a few minutes, with Susan sipping at wine nervously. Perhaps a glass was what she felt she needed to allow what I imagined would soon follow. She was definitely shy and I don’t think posing…with or without clothes on…came natural to her.

In any case, twenty minutes later I was gathering up equipment and leading Susan out the back door towards the thick woods. It was a marvelous day with bright sunshine, low humidity and a gentle breeze. As we walked, the name I had been wracking my brain to remember finally came to me: Meg Ryan. Susan’s hair reminded me of Meg Ryan’s. And in the summer breeze it became even more disheveled; even more sexy.

Once we were well back into the forest and the cabin was just out of sight, Susan turned and asked, “How’s this?”

“Whatever you feel comfortable with. But I think it’s a good spot,” I replied.

“Then let’s get started,” she said confidently.

I looked around for the best angle, sunlight and landscape. Soon, I had a tripod set up and the light meter working. Choosing an appropriate camera and lens from my pack, I was ready to shoot in another two minutes.

“OK,” I said finally. “What do you want to start with?”

“How about a few standing, then maybe sitting on that log.” Susan pointed toward a very large, moss covered trunk across the path.

“Perfect,” I said.

Susan positioned herself about five feet from the camera and I made the final, little adjustments in her location. Seconds later the shutter was clicking away.

I was amazed at the naturalness of her posture, smile and movements. She seemed to glow. At first, the keçiören escort poses were statuesque. Then Susan relaxed and instinctively improved upon the few instructions I provided her. I shot her head-on, from the side, and with her looking over her shoulder. Every inch of her body curved perfectly.

After a bit, she moved to the fallen trunk and tried to find a comfortable spot.

“Oh, God, it’s wet. And cold,” she laughed.

I had to laugh with her, or at her, as she attempted to get relaxed. Her little skirt rode far up her legs and I felt a twinge between my legs that I knew couldn’t be controlled. She ended up crossing her legs and leaning on the log with one hand, her legs exposed nearly to her pussy. Her breasts spilled to one side of her tank top, perilously close to falling out.

I encouraged her and she seemed to really get into it. She beamed huge smiles as we took a series of fun poses. Finally, she lifted both legs so that she lay on the log, her head in one hand, the other on her hip. I knew my erection was beginning to show under my shorts. And I’m sure I saw Susan glance at my cock and smile while my face was buried behind the camera.

She rolled off the log and tried to brush herself clean, giggling the entire time. Between the wine and the excitement of posing, she was feeling good.

“What next?” she asked with a hint of pleasure in her voice.

I wondered if it was too early to start getting more erotic. But I could only think of what she had said over the phone, so I gave it a chance.

“Move over to that tree.” I pointed to a large pine with a trunk approximately the same size as her waist. “Put your back to it.”

She leaned against it with a look on her face as though she knew we were about to enter a new phase.

“Grab the center of the bottom of your shirt and pull it up a little,” I instructed her.

She did exactly as I asked, exposing the bulk of her taut stomach and waist. With so much skin exposed, it made her skirt appear to be even lower than it actually was. Which worked for me.

I changed angles several times before noticing that Susan was pulling the tank top higher and higher, until her hand was between her breasts and the bottom of one breast began to appear.

I backed away and our eyes met. She smiled mischievously. We never spoke.

My hand began to shake when I saw Susan’s hand slip inside her top and rest on top of her right breast. Her eyes were closed as she rubbed the nipple with her palm. Then she grabbed her erect nipple, the material of her top just barely covering her hand. She looked at me again, then at the huge lump in the front of my shorts. She wasn’t smiling any more. It was a look of pure lust.

She grasped the bottom of her tank top and pulled one side up to her shoulder, completely exposing the breast she was playing with a few seconds ago. The nipple was glowing pink against the lighter skin of her luscious breast. I found myself holding my breath while capturing the scene.

The camera was off the tripod now, so I could move up, down and around her body. She played with the exposed breast, teasing the camera with her hand. Soon, both breasts were visible.

She slowly, tauntingly lifted the top over her head. Susan held it in place with her arms outstretched above her head, both breasts pulled taut against her chest. Then she dropped her arms, still clutching the top before dropping it onto the forest floor.

I felt the first drop of precum ooze from my cock at the sight of Susan Fielding topless. I backed up to get a few shots of her entire body. Then moved back in tight. She seemed to have a magnetism that pulled the camera to her. Only now was I really beginning to feel the urge to drop the camera and devour the young model.

“Turn to the tree,” I managed to tell her.

Once again, she seemed to know exactly what I wanted. She pressed her body against the trunk, flattening her breasts before backing up again and turning slightly to one side. She wrapped her arms around the tree, leaned on it seductively, and tilted her head back as if making love to it.

“Beautiful,” was all I could say, almost in a whisper.

A minute later we took a much needed break.

“How am I doing?” Susan asked with a grin.

“You say you’ve never done this before?”


I wiped my forehead clear of sweat. “I find that hard to believe.”

“Do you find it exciting?” she asked as we found a dry spot to sit.

“Of course.” I didn’t think I needed to answer that one.

“I thought so.” We both laughed and she did not hide her direct stare at my thick cock. The fact she remained topless while we talked didn’t help.

“You’re very pretty. With a great body. I think you’d make a great model,” I said sincerely.

“Thanks, John. You make it easy.”

We rested for another few minutes, making small talk about school and related topics. Then she said she was ready to do more. My heart raced again.

She chose the pose ankara escort this time. She moved back to the large, fallen truck and stood behind it, one leg on the log. This caused her skirt to split and cover only her pussy and ass, virtually nothing else. When she leaned forward to put one elbow on the leg rested on the log, the bottom of her ass finally appeared. Then she put both hands on the ankle of her raised leg and, from just the right angle, I got both her ass and her breasts hanging free.

Susan was more than just teasing now. She was being blatantly sexual, and she was very good at it.

She stood up with another playful giggle and stepped back from the log. When she knew the camera was ready, she put her thumbs inside the waistband of her skirt and pushed it down. I saw the tiny straps of her thong, then the triangle of material covering her pussy, then the skirt falling to the ground. I hoped the pictures did justice to the eroticism with which Susan undressed. Gracefully, she stepped out of the skirt and kicked it aside.

Susan placed one hand on her pussy, gently pushing in on the thin material of her thong. The opening between her lips was plainly evident, while moisture made her thong nearly transparent. She spread her legs seductively, then slid her hand inside the thong. I captured the outline of her fingers as she played with her clit and cunt. Her other hand manipulated a nipple.

Then she began to take off the thong. I moved around her in a full circle, attempting not to miss a single curve as she bent to remove the undergarment. I finished in front of a naked Susan Fielding.

My cock reminded me, once again, that it was confined within my shorts. It throbbed even harder as I took a second to admire Susan’s nakedness.

Her short, wild hair accentuated her round face, full lips and cute chin. Her breasts rose from her chest proudly. Her little waist turned into smooth, round hips. Her pussy was neatly shaven and formed a perfect “V” at the meeting of her thighs. Her ass was high and tight, with delightful folds where the cheeks met her legs. Those legs were long and curvy. This was the perfect woman.

“Wow,” I said, realizing how stupid it sounded as soon as I said it.

“Thank you. Now what?” Susan said with a smile.

“Do what feels natural. Use the setting around you. Become part of it.”

She seemed to appreciate the freedom I was giving her. And I knew, whatever she did, it would look great.

Susan moved among the trees and undergrowth; standing, kneeling, sitting and laying. She used leaves to temporarily hide body parts, then exposed them fully to the lens. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take her erotic masquerade.

As if she sensed my sexual frustration, she suddenly said, “John, put down the camera for a second.”

I obeyed.

She stood directly in front of me in all her sensual beauty. “Let’s take another break.”

Before I could answer, her hand was on my shorts, lightly touching my cock. She leaned forward and put her lips on mine. I put my arms around her and we embraced fully, passionately.

The first touch of her bare skin on my hands was magical. I moved my fingers up and down her back, then onto her ass as she gripped my cock harder. I clutched at her ass cheeks, pulling her body up to mine. She removed her hand so my cock was allowed to press against her stomach.

Then Susan ripped off my shirt and fumbled with the button and zipper of my shorts. They fell to the ground and she reached inside my boxers. We kissed harder, our tongues exploring each other without hesitation.

She stroked my cock and moaned when I put a hand on her breast. She harder she squeezed my cock the harder I pinched her nipple. I was afraid I was going to cum all over her hand.

Susan kneeled down and removed my boxers. Instantly, my throbbing cock was between her lips, then deep inside her mouth. Her tongue slid along the bottom of my shaft while her lips held me tight.

“Oh, God, Susan.”

She moaned her approval and had to feel the blood gushing into my cock. My balls wanted to explode, but not until I was inside this gorgeous babe.

I only had to wait for her to sit back onto her ass, then recline in the soft underbrush. I watched her spread her legs for me, reaching up as if to beg me to finish her off.

I got between her legs and kissed her again. She used one hand to guide my cock to the entrance of her dripping pussy. I wanted to thrust into her and fuck her like a madman, but chose the gentle route instead. Inch by inch I entered her, the tightness of her young pussy amazing me the whole way. When I was almost all the way in, she wrapped her legs around my waist and we began in earnest.

My hands slid under her ass and I pulled her body up to mine. She was so small, so tight, so wonderful.

“John, you’re so big. It feels so good,” she sighed.

“I want you to cum for me. Hard.”

Her body responded to my words with increased vigor. Our pace quickened and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock.

“That’s it, Susan. Cum for me.”

She moaned loudly and squeezed me again. “Fuck me, John. Faster. Harder.”

I did just that. But it was words that seemed to excite her the most.

“Come on, Susan. I’m going to fuck you until you cum.”

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