Working Late Ch. 03

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Note: This is best read from the beginning of the series for full context. Otherwise, the storyline so far: Amelie, a sensible, professional PA, is asked to work late by her boss, Karl. For the past two evenings in the office, Amelie’s secret fantasies have been coming true as Karl has initiated sex. This chapter also properly introduces the man in the lift, who has appeared in the first two chapters.

I’m always looking to improve my writing so feedback is welcome and appreciated.

I hope you enjoy it!


“Good morning.”

Amelie heard the voice as she backed into the door, juggling cups of coffee as usual. Glancing around, she saw the suited man as she entered the bustling lobby. She greeted him in return, and they walked together to the lifts.

“My name’s Jack, by the way,” he said as he pressed the call button on the lift.

“Amelie,” she replied.

He would have preferred to offer his hand in their proper introduction, but she always carried those damned takeaway cups on a morning. And he hadn’t been able to catch her on an evening, yet. It wasn’t that he liked the formality of shaking hands. His frustration came from being forced to miss the opportunity for physical contact as he suspected that her skin would be soft and warm. He would’ve liked to have known her grip, feeling her fingers around his own. It would have lent to his imagination of what else she might wrap them around.

He nodded at her name. He already knew but wasn’t about to admit that he’d asked around. Watching her speak, he focussed on the sheen of moisture along the inner edge of those lips and wondered what she tasted like.

The ping of the arriving lift pulled him from his trance. Stepping aside, he invited her to board first but fellow workers quickly descended upon the lift and Jack had to manoeuvre through the bodies to be near her again. The pushing of bodies into the cramped car forced them into the corner and Jack ended up facing her. Clearly within her personal space, he reached to hold the metal bars either side of her as she held the two cups against her chest. Standing a few inches taller than Amelie, he bent his head to speak.

“Sorry,” his lips twisted into a wry smile as his voice dropped.

“It’s fine.”

Being nudged from behind, Jack shifted slightly. He saw her awkwardness but didn’t attempt to move. The flush on her cheeks, her averted eyes, and unsteady breathing told him that perhaps she was enjoying this more than she was prepared to admit. The lift came to a stop on a lower floor and several people departed. The extra space gave Jack reason to step back, yet he remained still.

“You can move back a little now,” Amelie pointed out quietly.

“I know,” he murmured.

Amelie’s gaze locked with his and saw the meaning in his eyes. Her breath caught. Averting her eyes again, she felt her cheeks warm further. Focussing instead on his shoulder, she registered the mint on his breath; the cologne he wore. Standing so close, he filled her senses. She’d never really noticed how men smell before now. She hadn’t understood all those fawning women on television adverts. She’d scorned at how mesmerized they had acted just from the smell of a man. Now, a shiver ran down her spine.

Jack continued watching her. She gave a little frown before her chest rose in a slow, deep breath. Her eyes fluttered closed for a moment and Jack’s own chest thumped hard. The hunger to kiss her right here, right now, almost overwhelmed him. He had to make this happen.

“I was wondering…” he started.

The bell pinged again, and Amelie’s eyes darted to the digital display above the doors.

“My stop,” she breathed.

He stepped back and followed her into the corridor. He wanted to try again but Amelie was already walking away. He watched as she strode several paces then stopped to glance back at him. The flush still lingered as a smile curved her lips.

“See you later.”

Without waiting for him to respond, she hurried to the office. Confusion crept in with each step she took. She’d found herself physically responding to being cornered. Almost trapped. She would’ve thought that she’d have felt panicked. Instead, her skin had prickled, and her heart raced. Because of Jack. She’d wanted to kiss his neck, taste his skin. The thought of his hands sliding behind her and pulling her hard against him had filled her mind.

As she hung her coat and stowed her bag, she could hear Karl talking through the open door. Taking his cup, she entered his office. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. His eyes swung from the computer screen to her. He continued to talk on the telephone, but he gave her a small smile before returning his attention to the monitor.

Leaving his cup beside him, she exited the office feeling annoyed at herself. The past two days with Karl had been amazing and she didn’t want it to end. She knew it was Karl she wanted, there was no competition in that. So, why has she been lusting after another man only minutes ago?

Because you like the attention, she taunted herself,you’re a slut.

She yenidoğan escort winced at her own use of the label. She’d never considered herself a slut before. Yes, she’d engaged in mutual sexual fun without being in a serious relationship, though never one-night stands. Those occasions had been more of a friends-with-benefits situation. And never had she had more than one friend at a time.

But she couldn’t deny the urges that had consumed her in the lift. She wasn’t interested in knowing Jack’s favourite meal or what music he listened to in the car. She just wanted to quench a thirst. To satisfy her curiosity of what his cock looked like, tasted like. To know if he felt as good inside of her as Karl did. She had enjoyed the clear message that he wanted her and considered the possibility that she was becoming hungry for the power of arousal. The thought of being able to toy with their lusts. Maybe she wanted to test it.

With a bemused sigh, Amelie willed herself to box her thoughts for now. Hearing Karl finish his call, she collected her notebook ready to meet him but before she could stand, he strode out of his office. With case and coat in hand, Karl informed her that he needed to attend a last-minute meeting at one of their backers. Together, they checked that he had their most current projections and then he was gone.


Amelie had barely come up for air when Jack appeared. Leaning against her doorframe, arms crossed, he watched as she typed. She used all her resolve to complete her sentence before stopping to look up at him.

“Hi,” Amelie smiled.

She refused to acknowledge her heart beating faster purely because her imagination was already stripping his well fitted suit.

“Busy morning?” He asked.


“Is he in?”

“No, meeting.”

“You need a break.”

“As long as it’s not an all-night break.”


“Oh,” Amelie blushed, “Dirty Dancing. You know? Erm, no, you don’t know. It was a quote, it doesn’t matter.”

She felt her face burn and shook her head as she begged for the ground to swallow her up. Jack paused then moved to perch on the corner of her desk.

“You’re cute when you blush.”

“Oh, shut up.”

Jack laughed and Amelie felt herself relax again.

“So, what are you doing for lunch?”

“She’s busy.”

The stern words came from across the room. Amelie and Jack simultaneously looked to see Karl standing in the doorway. Jack stood while Amelie felt a sinking in her gut. Karl did not look pleased.

“I am?”

“Yes, you are, a working lunch.”

“Oh, of course.”

Amelie sighed inwardly at the prospect of yet again sitting at her desk eating in between typing. She knew that this week’s demands on her lunchtime were an exception, but still, the idea of lunch away from her desk had appealed.

“Hi, Mr Wallis, my name is Jack Herd and I work on the fifteenth floor for Abram and Co.”

Jack offered his hand. Karl looked at it for a moment then politely took it. In the seconds that their hands gripped, they silently measured the other and each drew their conclusions.

Amelie noticed that Karl didn’t proffer the use of his own first name. As he walked through her workspace towards his office he looked at her.

“I need to have a word with you in my office, Amelie.”

Karl disappeared, leaving Amelie to follow.

“Wow,” Jack stage-whispered, “he’s rather arrogant, isn’t he?”

“No, he’s confident and focussed.”

Amelie scowled at Jack as she followed Karl’s path. She threw him a goodbye and disappeared into Karl’s office. Jack frowned and walked out, not understanding why his words had been so wrong.

Closing the Karl’s office door, she left Jack behind. Karl stood staring out of the window in almost the exact spot where last night she had stripped for him. Her body ached at the memory of it. As the latch clicked, Karl turned to face her.

“What the fuck was that, Amelie?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you kidding me?” he retorted, “yesterday you were angry that Jessica came on to me but here, today, you’re more than happy to be flirting away with him.”


“Is this how you think it will go? That you can have double standards like this?”



“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Amelie whispered, “I want you, Karl.”

“Good,” he responded, “now, prove it.”


“I want you to prove that we’re on the same page.”


“I want you to go to the ladies’ restrooms and remove your tights and panties.”

“What?” Amelie’s voice wobbled, “w…when?”

“Right now.”

Amelie remained still as she tried to process what was happening. His eyes were dark, mouth set. He was serious.

“I…” Her words trailed off, not knowing what she wanted to say.

Karl mirrored her stillness as if in a battle of wills. Forever ticked by until words were spoken again.

“I’m waiting.”

Despite still being unsure of what she was doing or why, Karl’s words pushed her into motion. Walking down yenikent escort the corridor, she tried to unpick her jumbled thoughts. Her hand shook as she slid the lock shut on the cubicle. Standing in the private space, Amelie kicked off her heels and lifted the hem of her skirt. Slipping her fingers under the waistband of the nylon, the sheer material glided over her skin and as her bare toes touched the cold tiles, she asked herself what she was doing.

Not daring to answer, she again reached under her skirt and removed her panties. Her own scent filled her nostrils and she looked at the damp underwear in her hand. Her pussy clenched and breathing quickened. Her mind cleared to one simple fact. This excited her. The urge to touch herself swelled. She debated whether to finger herself here, now, but time was against her.

With heels back on, and delicates in hand, Amelie left the cubicle. Stopping at the mirror above the sink, she turned, checking that her skirt was smoothed down over her backside. Outwardly, she still looked presentable, but she could see the slight flush on her neck and the nervousness in her eyes.

“Okay, calm down,” she whispered to herself.

Amelie took a deep breath. She watched her reflection pull her shoulders back and gave a chuckle at how crazy she felt. Gripping the material in her fist, she hid her hand behind her back as best she could and hurried back to the office.

At her desk, she stuffed the discarded underwear to the bottom of her handbag. With a final check of her composure, she entered Karl’s office ready to show him her ‘proof’.

“Ah, good, you’re back, let’s go.”

Karl walked towards Amelie and took her arm gently, leading her out of the office and to the lift.

“What? Where are we going?”

“To lunch.”

“What?” Amelie spun to face Karl as he hit the button. “I can’t…”

“Yes, you can. He was right, you need a break.”

“But I can’t!” Amelie hissed, “I’m half naked here!”

The lift doors opened. Karl placed his hand on the small of her back and pushed her in. Once the doors closed, Karl glanced over Amelie.

“You look perfectly presentable to me.”

Amelie paused and frowned. He’d heard Jack telling her she needed a break. That meant he’d heard her pitiful joke. She groaned inwardly and shook her head.

“No?” He queried.

“No, not that…not…nothing, forget it,” Amelie stumbled over her embarrassment and crossed wires.

“He was wrong about you being cute when you blush, though.”


“Yes, it’s not cute,” Karl’s voice dropped, “it’s captivating.”

The lift stopped at ground floor and Karl continued to guide Amelie until they stepped onto the street.

“This way. We’ll eat at Dominique’s.”

Walking beside Karl, Amelie’s eyes darted to every face that passed her. She could feel the air begin to caress her bare pussy. The silky lining of the skirt stroked over her arse cheeks with each step.

“Relax, no-one knows except you,” Karl murmured in her ear as they paused at the kerb to cross.

“And you.”

Karl threw her a grin before continuing to walk as normal. Amelie felt a fresh flare of electricity course through her body from his wicked smile. She was certain that her pussy juices would begin to leak onto her thighs soon. Fortunately, Karl drew to a stop and indicated for her to proceed through the tinted glass door.

As she entered the restaurant, she felt his hand rest on her arse. It remained there as they stopped at the Maître D’s desk. Karl’s hand massaged her gently as they were greeted and Amelie threw him a scowl, which he ignored.

They were shown to a curved booth which overlooked two of the empty tables on the main floor. Amelie had barely gotten comfortable when Karl surprised her by ordering their food and drink. With order in hand, they were left alone.

“I don’t have a choice on what I eat or drink?” Amelie challenged.

“I apologise, but I wanted to be alone with you, not interrupted every few minutes.”

Amelie had been ready to argue her independence, but her words faded as he stroked her hand resting on the table.

“So, why didn’t we just eat at the office?”

“Because I appreciate your commitment to helping this week, Amelie, and so this is a thank you,” Karl paused for a moment then lowered his voice, “and I can’t help but think of last night you being pressed against the glass, and others watching you being fucked. And maybe you liked it.”

Amelie’s breathing quickened. Her mouth opened and closed without saying a word. Hunger for him consumed her. Sitting less than a metre away, she ached to be closer to him.

“It excites you to think of being fucked in public, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never…”

“Youare wet, aren’t you, Amelie?”

Amelie nodded.

“Show me.”

Amelie glanced nervously around. The restaurant was not empty but from their seats they couldn’t see the other diners. She shuffled in her seat. The riskiness caused her blood to pump furiously through her veins. She felt alive and wanton. yenimahalle escort But her lifetime of professional modesty warned against it.

“Amelie,” Karl leaned in closer, his lips grazing her earlobe, “show me where my cock should be right now.”

Her body craved him. With this, her eyes fluttered closed. Her reservations hushed. She reached under the table and inched up her skirt. Her arse pushed back into her seat as Karl nudged the table a fraction away to see as her thighs bared. As the hem neared her bare pussy, she slowed the reveal. She heard his breathing change, and this spurred her on further. The trimmed hair covering her wet lips came into sight. She saw his hand move towards her.

“Your drinks, Sir,” the waiter announced.

Amelie yanked the hem down to cover herself. Karl’s hand smoothly changed course to accept the glasses instead. He thanked the waiter, and she stifled a nervous laugh.

Alone again, Amelie sighed with relief as Karl grinned at her.

“You’re utterly wicked,” she whispered.

“And you are damned sexy.”

The air of intimacy quickly returned as Karl reached and tapped the skirt. Amelie’s smile disappeared. Resuming her actions, she pulled the skirt up until it revealed her pussy. She watched his closest hand reach between her thighs, sinking into her soft flesh to open her legs further. Probing his forefinger as far down as he could reach, he then lightly drew it upwards over her slit. Once at the top of her pussy, he repeated this but with his fingernail. The third time he pushed his finger between her lips, and her breath caught. He stopped at her clit and held his finger still.

With his free hand, he took his glass and casually sipped his drink. Amelie smiled at his teasing and reached for her own glass. As the water touched her lips, Karl rubbed her clit and a sudden burst of delight fired through her body. She jerked, almost spilling the water. His fingers halted and Amelie shakily replaced the glass with a splutter of pleasure. She opened her mouth to scold him when his finger moved again, rubbing her slippery clit in circles for longer this time. Her hands pushed down hard on the table. Her body trembled. She groaned aloud and his finger stopped.

“No, don’t stop,” she whispered.

“You need to be quieter, then,” he taunted.

She nodded and held her breath in anticipation. His hand adjusted and this time she felt two fingers sliding either side of her clit. She bit her lip. Pushing down, he spread her lips wider and a gasp caught in her throat. Keeping her open, his middle finger pushed knuckle-deep into her wet hole. Her fingers curled into fists and pressed harder against the wooden tabletop. He rubbed back and forth with his single digit causing her to shudder. It crossed her mind that she should reach for him, attempt to return some pleasure, but her greed kept her focussed on the waves of pleasure she was riding.

She glanced at Karl. He was watching her closely. His breathing uneven, his eyes dark. She opened her mouth to tell him that she needed to fuck him when she caught movement in the corner of her eye.

“Waiter!” She gasped instead and grabbed the cloth napkin to cover.

Karl’s fingers stopped moving but this time they stayed at her pussy. Glaring at him, she yanked his wrist, but couldn’t move him. Instead, she slid forward on her seat to help conceal her lap by the table. The waiter arrived at the table with their lunch only moments after.

She assured herself that Karl’s hand looked as if it were resting on her thigh. A typical move as lovers do. Lovers. Her brain halted. Not colleagues, not friends. Lovers. His hand remained there. He was happy enough to let the waiter make those assumptions. Her heart pulled at the thought that he wasn’t embarrassed to be seen with her like this.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” the waiter asked.

“No, thank you,” Karl responded.

The waiter wished them ‘bon appetite’ then turned to leave. Before he was out of sight, Karl slid another finger inside her and pushed hard.


Amelie’s exclamation caused the waiter to turn around, seeing if he were being called again, and she couldn’t help but giggle as she waved him away.

“Eat your lunch,” Karl ordered.

He picked up his fork with his free hand and began eating. With his fingers sliding in and out of her soaking cunt, she took her fork and chewed a small mouthful of pasta. Karl launched into a pattern of finger fucking her as she ate. As Amelie chewed, his fingers kept a steady pace. With each swallow he pushed as hard as he could. But with each bite, he increased the pace a fraction. By the sixth bite, Amelie was struggling to keep her composure. Karl had nearly finished his plate.

“Oh God,” she whispered, swallowing the seventh bite. “Karl…”

“Yes, Amelie?”

“I’m getting close.”

“You need to eat to keep your strength up.”

Amelie whimpered. Her weakness right now had nothing to do with the lack of food. Taking her next mouthful, she froze. Two businessmen were being seated only metres away in direct view of the booth where Amelie was being fingered. She tried to seize Karl’s hand as she chewed frantically to be able to talk but once again, his strength was more than she could control. His fingers continued to fuck her. Amelie’s legs trembled. She suspected that he’d increased his speed.

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