You’ve Got Mail – and Then Some

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Thanks to Juggling Fool, T.A.M.I.A. and a few key people for the inspiration, tact, shared writing skills and most of all for their dirty minds and libido. *kisses*


It was a little cool outside that morning. She got to work early and took that time to get rid of the full in-basket. The hustle in the office started up at around 9:00, when big bosses get things moving onto the little bosses, when calls get made and meetings get postponed.

As routine as her job may be, she always finds a way to block out the noise. She plugs in her favorite punk rock cd and cordless headphones and messes her hair a little so no one knows she’s not even tuned into their conversations.

This chick was perhaps too savvy on technology. She’d been able to tap into her boss’ computer and know exactly what he was doing, who he was doing and how often. This morning could be fun. Maybe she’d set up a meeting between the boss, the wife and the mistress of the week. All work in the same building anyhow – why not, she grinned.

After heading down to the coffee shop for her double Expresso Macchiato, Nicole came back to her office. There was a new pile of to-do requests on her desk, and a few parcels. Those were usually new hardware pieces for office staff and diverse promotional material packets from companies begging for attention.

This one package though caught her eye. It was addressed to her personally and bluntly stamped ‘Confidential / URGENT’.

“Ah” she thought, “this is probably another employee information package or yadda yadda, or hmm, perhaps a gift from the company.” She left it aside, uninterested and grooving to her tunes, and just ripped through the fresh mail.

9:45am, the phone rings. Slipping her headphones off, she picks up, soon blurting the usual greeting at the caller. “Don’t you open your urgent mail first?” the voice says. “Huh?!” she says, dropping the headphones clumsily. “Hmm, yes – I guess I should, who is this.” she calmly adds into the receiver. “Just grab the parcel sweetheart, go to an empty office to open it. Trust me ok? DO it – now. *click*”

She hung up, shaky hands, excited and rouge-faced all at once. She pawed at her cheeks to tone down the evident blush. Grabbing the parcel anxiously, she sat it on her lap. Her hands braced on the chair’s arms, she was tickled. The empty corner office would be the only place to go do this. She now knew it was him on the phone. Her feet just drumming, trying to figure out what was in that box. It wasn’t like him to do this. Yet, he did owe her, but there was no way of knowing how he’d counter attack. He was a sly one.

Waiting by the elevators down the hallway were Donna, Brenda, Leslie and Anne. She managed to avoid the ‘oh, hey, where are you off to, girlie?’ question on their faces. Instead she simply waved at them and put on her ‘oops, gotta go’ face.

Once inside the empty corner office, sliding the door shut, she grabbed a seat in the leather chair. It was 9:54 on her watch. She ripped through the package tape with a fingernail and pulled back the cardboard flaps.

Inside was a note, and a glossy gift box. In the slightly dark office, she could read:

“I’m thinking about you right now.

I don’t care how you put this on but it’ll only fit in one place – snug, inside your sweet pussy, where I long to be right now.”

She rubbed the glossy box unconsciously as if it were his skin, so smooth and cool.

Nicole finished reading the note, sighing and licking her lips. Already sensing a moistness crawling between her cunt lips.

“Turn the knob to ‘Remote’ once you’ve got this on you. I’ll know once you’ve done what I’ve asked you. Be a good girl. I’ll call you at 10:00am.


She hurried to check her watch again. 9:57am, Crap! She dug into the little box quietly yet hurriedly and slipped out the content; this electric blue sleek-curved apparatus, with two thin lacy straps. It was shaped like a big ‘J’. She slipped a hand under her skirt in haste and pushed her panties aside. But taking another look at this gadget, she yanked her panties down and over her high heels to slip the straps of this thing over her thighs. It was to be worn like panties but for a much different kind of comfort. “MMMmm” she thought to herself. “Fuck he drives me bonkers!” she thought, yanking the straps up and swaying her hips to make the bands wrap up and over her hips. She slid the tip of this smooth object between her pussy lips deep and slow. ‘Remote’ switch turned ‘On’. She was already excited.

Smiling, she caught her panties with the toe of her shoe and flicked them up to catch them in her hand. Bunching them together, she shoved them into the box and closed it shut with a sly grin. Making sure nothing was left behind in the unoccupied office, she turned on her heels gingerly, heading back to her office.

Now back to crossing the elevator hallway again. “Damn akyurt escort I hope no one’s waiting at the elevators this time!” she muttered.

Noone in sight. “Great!” she thought, tip toeing her way through the hall.

About half way there, she suddenly felt this faint buzz coming from the gadget. “WWWhoa!” she let out. Her heel almost slipped and if she had not caught her hand against the wall, this girl’s ass would be on the ground. *Buzz… buzz* the gadget whirred again. This felt like her strongest vibrator, humming right into her G-spot and tilting left and right as she walked. But by God, she was on her way to her office! How wicked could he be.

She walked slower now, studying the vibrations and the deaf humming of this thing. *BIZTTT* it went again as she roared, catching her mouth with her other hand. This shot went to the right spot. She now had one hand on the wall and one on her mouth, knees practically buckling, cursing the fact that her office seemed miles away now. Her cunt was now twitching and she couldn’t do a thing about it.

“The BAStard!” she thought, “so THIS is what he meant by ‘Remote’!?, I hope he knows how to control this fucking thing!”

By the time she reached her office, her chair was no savior. It only made the toy drive in deeper and tighter against her G-spot. The way it was curved, it kissed the contour of her cunt walls, kissed underneath of the clitoris and another vibrating pulse dispensed over the clitoral area. Inside and outside stimuli. She was fucked, in most senses of the term. “Oh gawd. Oh Jesus fucking H. Christ, he’s giving me payback and he’s *tightening her pussy muscles*… doing it so right” she groaned to herself.

At that instant, Mr Stanford showed up, requesting the last statistical report update. She nodded quickly, not quite comfortable in her chair yet, hoping nothing would show. *whirrr…. whirrr…. whirrr* the little vibrations went. It felt like her lover’s insistant tongue was softly nudging at her sensitive clit, endlessly. “Yes, Mr. Stanford, I’ll be right over with a fresh copy”, she gulped. “Are you ok dear?” he asked, half concerned. “Yes, ye-, yes of course.” He shrugged and walked back to his executive style office.

Her phone rang and she picked up, not very sure of what to say. “Hello, uh, how may I help you?”

“Mmmm, you may help me by telling me how juicy that cunt of yours is getting, sweetie.”

She immediately felt a strong pulse coming from within, it felt like the length of the toy was gyrating in fast repetitive jerks. She gripped the edge of the desk, her shoulder and chin almost letting go of the telephone receiver as her hips bucked forward.

“Oh my GOD Jack, ssstop it!” and the whirring toned down immediately.

“You want me to stop. Ok. I’m stopping. Is that what you want, Hmm?”, the toy now slowing to a low almost imperceptible whir.

“This is… driving me nuts,” she swallowed. “I need you.”

Nicole felt a new sensation slither into her cunt. This time is was impossible to hide her dilemma. There came an incredible rippling wave through the whole gelly length of the curved toy, running back and forth from G-spot to clitoris, non-stop. She whimpered helplessly into the phone receiver, at his complete mercy.

“Oh, wait, you’ll love this one sweetie” he groaned into the phone. She couldn’t help but sigh as her shaky hand lazily sat on her mouth, her face practically pink from the heat. Then, the whirring stopped, as she slowly breathed a sigh of bittersweet relief.

In a low dominant tone, he adds “You enjoyed that, didn’t you, my sweet sexy bitch.”

“I did. God I did, Jack.”

“That was ‘Ripple’, for your information. Oh and uh, I’m not done with you yet.”

And he had hung up.

She gulped and put the receiver down, chewing her bottom lip. As soon as she snapped out of it, she got the damn report update ready for the big boss, and slipped it on his desk while he was away.

Putting herself back in a sweet trance, all she could think about was how his tongue felt when he was devouring her cunt, so gentle and relentless, bringing her hips to an unsteady shake, until he had her cuming all over his soft lips and tongue. A twitch deep inside her cunt made her come out of her trance, and realize she had been softly rubbing the tip of this toy right into her clit, between her thighs, through her skirt, for a moment now. She didn’t care that someone might have seen her do this while passing by her office. Couldn’t be bothered to stop aching for him.

She snapped out of it slowly, going back to her tasks with no interest in them really, while a full hour crept by. No whirring, no gyrating, not even a whisper of a buzz. Nothing.

The phone rang again. She absent-mindedly picked up, hoping to hear his voice. – “Could I please have the 1-800 number for hotel reservations, dear? I seem…” ayaş escort the caller asked. She pulled the receiver away from her ear for a moment, sighing. “… Really… wouldn’t mind… my nephew… could you… have this meeting…” She was not even listening. Growing impatient, sweetly she answered “Excuse me Sir, the number you’re looking for is 1-800-505-0011, and please don’t hesitate to call if you need anything else! Have yourself a great day.” she chirped, hung up, “…you lazy ass.”

As soon as she muttered those words, a strong humming vibration came from the toy. “Oh GAWD!”, and the humming didn’t stop. It grew down slowly to a steady barely perceptible buzz. The longer it stayed, the more intense she would have wanted it but the remote was not in her hands.

Nicole took a deep, deep breath, shifting in her seat. A little disappointed, chewing her lips together, her fingers drumming the keyboard. Although the wait was frustrating, she was quite appreciative of the entertaining sensation. Nicole gave her mouse a few clicks and was once again in work mode, as best as she could manage.

The postmaster, Jimmy, delivered a few more parcels and letters to her desk. He seemed to look at her with an unusual grin. She smiled back innocently, squirming in her seat though unnoticeably, and started going through the mail before Jimmy turned around to leave for his next delivery. Hoping perhaps installment

of the day’s fun would be in the bundle, the envelopes and parcels were opened one by one, but none were addressed to her. She resigned herself to get back to her tasks and make the best of the rest of the day, the faint humming of the toy would definitely make the day go by faster.

A few minutes before 3:00pm, her phone rings. She picks up and greets the caller. “I hope that sweet cunt is still wet, sweetheart. Parking garage, 2nd level. You’re already too slow.” The deaf tone of the phone made her stand up.

She hung up, left her office behind and seemed to just hover over the office carpet onwards to the elevators. Once the doors shut, she pressed the button for the 2nd level parking and leaned against the door, crossing her fingers for no interruptions and no other floor stops. Whirr, whirr, the toy started again. Growing more intense by the millisecond. Her heart was sprinting like a wild horse, her hands shaky again.

The ding of the elevator rung in her ears. The doors slid open at snail speed. All was quiet. There he was, not 40 feet away, his green eyes already fondling her all over from where he stood. This vacant parking garage, the warm breeze and smell of gasoline and another sudden whirr inside her pussy; all she could sense. She noticed his hand in his pocket, barely moving.

He was standing between Jaguar and BMW. This is where the big bosses left their wheels. He snapped his fingers, “Get over here, sweetheart” he groaned. Approaching him in haste, almost weak in the knees again, almost there.

*BZZZTT* the toy jerked, inside. He smirked knowingly. Her will power… gone fishing, her clit throbbed back at the toy as if in a lover’s brawl. Tsk tsk.

Biting her lower lip, she could finally reach for him, her hand barely caressing his jaw as she aimed to kiss him so furiously, already groaning. He grabbed both her hands, making her gasp, stopping her in her tracks, growling slowly against her cheek like a lion. He swirled her around, pressed her palms onto the trunk of this silver Jaguar. His strong hand on her back, instinctively molding her spine into a scrumptious curve. “I came here to get one thing, and one thing only sweetie. Now… let me see that sweet ass.” he whispered, as he yanked her skirt up over her thighs and hips from behind. She was now putty in his hands.

“Take note of where your hands are. I don’t want to see them move, clear?”, she nodded. He unzipped his trousers while snaking his fingers between her thighs. Slowly he leaned down and studied how the toy seemed to be suctioned into her tight sopping cunt, as he pulled it down with the lacy straps, to hang just at her knees. “Spread”, he ordered. She did. He whacked her right ass cheek hard, making her entire body tense as she let out a small shriek. “Goooood girl” he smirked.

In one slow grind, he slipped his cock head right against her moist slit, and slammed right into her, making her head jerk forward. She gasped out loud, echoes bouncing around the parking lot, like ghosts. Without wasting time to adjust, he grabbed hold of her smooth ass cheeks and simply rammed his way into her sucking cunt, over and over again. Sensing her juices slowly seeping down her skin, seeing her head bow down onto the hood of the car, hearing that clear wet churning sound just drove him into a frenzy.

His slow hand creeped between her thighs. She could feel him looking for her sensitive clit. Jack rubbed intently, not missing ankara escort one thrust, not even slowing down, pounding his cock back and forth to the hilt while gliding his fingertips over that nub repeatedly. “Oh, you’re so wet sweetheart,” he growled, bringing his hand next to her ear and suckling noisily, “but that’s not quite wet enough for me, you know” he groaned into the nape of her neck. He had a way of getting downright demanding when she was starting to enjoy the fucking he was giving her.

Leaning back, looking at her, eagerly pawing her ass cheeks apart with both hands, his cock kept nailing her hard. He slid his unrelenting thumb over her asshole while admiring how his shaft slipped out more and more slick on each pull, he rubbed his thumb hard and made her grunt real low, real slow. “That’s it. That’s what I came for” he whispered, half chuckling.

She realized what his grand plan had been in that instant. “Oh god, Jack” she moaned, feeling her knees weaken a little more, knowing she was going to have the biggest orgasm yet, in this very underground parking lot, and she didn’t give a damn about the details. Pushing his thumb slowly in tiny circles into her bud, she could sense her cunt walls rippling and sucking his cock further in, aching now. She felt his other hand, he came prepared, flipping open a small bottle of lube. A few dollops of this and his thumb was now sliding deep into her ass, making her grunt at will. “Oh gaaaawd, Jack.”

He slowed down his pace, tossing the bottle of lube onto the metal surface. Her eyes flung open, seeing the long squiggly trail of translucent oily liquid slowly spill, trailing its way down towards her on the curved metal. Not noticing him come to a full stop, she smirked as she imagined the car owner’s reaction if he were to see what use his ‘ride’ was getting right now.

Jack leaned down to slip the straps of the toy back up her smooth thighs, very slowly. Instinctively, he let the fat tip of the toy glide right back into her pussy as he slipped his glistening cock out. Up to a full vibration, he slipped the knob of the remote up from inside his pant pocket, now at ankle level. A slight grin hooked from his cheeks, he leaned back to look at his sweetheart’s full backside, writhing, willing and in pure bliss, all at his fingertips. Well, at – all – his enjoyable tips actually.

Jack trailed his paws down the sides of her thighs, just enjoying how Nicole’s hips were rolling back and forth at the whirr of the toy. He waited for a bit, just giving her time to want more. Then, one slow lick across her ass crack and she arched her back like a cat in heat. “No no no beautiful. Keep that ass jutting out like I want it – smack – mmm that’s it, baby” He dove in with his tongue, crouched there behind her glorious curves, tonguing her asshole so languidly and firmly she was about to cum. Jack got up on his feet slowly, slowly getting back into place with his fat cock head poking at the toy inside her cunt. He teased. He was so good at it. His slick beautiful cock head prying her slippery asshole, he pushed ahead, intently.

She gulped, her nails clawing, her hips at a stand still. The loose lube seeping down the trunk of the car right between her hands. One very slow thrust inching forward. Jack’s cock was in, halfway.

How sweet and intense it felt. His soft hands kneading her ass cheeks and sides of her thighs as he waited for her to relax. His fat cock just throbbing there like a ticking bomb, feeling like millions of tingly nudges inside her all at once. The crystal clear trails of his nails dragging their way up her thighs, he pushed her skirt up again to prompt her attention elsewhere.

He gave one more shove and he was in, to the hilt. Like clockwork, slowly dragging his cock back, and on, and out, and in, deeper, and oh how it felt amazingly good. His hands now gripping at the back of her hips, digging his thumbs into the small of her back, sensing her head sway back and forth, he controlled her movements now. Piston motion, slowly and deeply fucking her willing ass, her knees weak and whimpers falling from her lips. “Good girl, mmm such a good girl” he grunted.

He finally sensed her body wrack into the most intense orgasm he’d ever witnessed from her. Clutching at his cock, he felt her insides sucking him in, tight and intent. Relentless, wanting to see how long he could keep her cuming, he let go of the grip on her hips and simply fucked her ass steadily for a moment. She came again, he knew it, sensed it, loved it.

Finally, he felt his balls tighten, as his body tensed behind her and.pounded his load of sticky white hot cum into her hot ass. Throb after throb, gush after gush, sending little jolts to and fro. He caressed her thighs, hands trembling, cock soft and slipping out slow.

Giving her ass cheeks a playful tug, dancing his fingertips up to her neck, he helped her stand up again, he shifted her skirt down and neatly where it should be, though nicely wrinkled.

“Keep the toy for further use, later. Time for you to get back to the grind, sweetheart.” he whispered in her ear, kissing her sweaty neck.

How could she get back to work now?

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