A Friendly Lunch

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So I’m heading to lunch with one of my best guy friends. He’d been out of town for a few weeks, and we both had a lot of catching up to do. I’d been daydreaming about him all day, and couldn’t wait to see him. We always have a good time in each other’s company, lots to talk about, and the hours seem to fly by. We hadn’t been friends long, but we talked so often that it seemed like we’d known each other for years.

I get to the restaurant, our favorite Mexican eatery, and park the car. Kris meets me as I am walking towards the door, and greets me with the customary hug, but rather than the usual peck on the lips, I get a soft, lingering kiss. We separate, and he keeps one hand at the small of my back as we walk to our table. Lunch goes well, as usual. We have a great deal of conversation, verbal teasing, and laughter. I kept getting a vibe off him, as good friends always do when something else is up, but ignored it. Soon we fell silent, and I found him staring at me.

‘What?’ I asked him after a moment. He kept looking at me, and then it dawned on me what he was thinking. He was remembering the night we ended up naked on his couch. The night I discovered he ate pussy better than anyone that had ever eaten me, and the night I gave him a blow job. Everything about that night suddenly popped into my mind as though it had just happened, rather than being a memory from a few months ago.

The longer I sat there watching him, the more I saw that look he gave me that night. The same dusky eyes, the half-drunk expression….and suddenly something in me let go, and I wasn’t interested in much else except him. He gets up from the table, grabs my hand and we are out the door within seconds. He leads me to his car, and we get in and take off towards his place. Along the ride, he keeps one hand on my knee, letting it wander up and down my thigh.

At a stoplight, I lean over to whisper my thanks for lunch in his ear. I nibble on his ear lobe, ataşehir escort and gently nip his neck. His hand tightens on my knee, and I sit back down in the seat. I take his hand from my knee, and I start kissing the insides of his palm, nipping the base of his thumb, and then licked up the thumb itself, getting a moan from him. I sank his middle finger into my mouth, like I would his cock, and swirled my tongue around it, making sure he could see what I was doing.

‘God, yes!’ he exclaimed. I kept sucking his fingers, licking them like I would his cock. I felt him shudder, and then hit the accelerator to get us to his place faster. In no time, we were in his driveway. ‘Come to bed with me’ he said. I almost beat him in the door.

We walked into the house, and wrapped each other up in a huge hug. My hard nipples rubbed him through my thin tank top. There was no mistaking he was ready, his cock was pushing against me through his shorts. We made it to the stairs, and I pulled his shirt off him. I’d seen him shirtless before, but I always loved the sight. He worked out, and was well built, and not too muscular. He pulled me to him and kissed me long and hard, keeping me against him. I kissed his neck, dragged my tongue down the ridge of his throat, and nipped the skin at the base of his throat.

His hands were keeping busy in my hair, pulling it down from its ponytail and tangling his fingers in it. His hands found my breasts and rubbed them lightly, making the nipples erect all over again. I stood up, thinking to go further up the stairs, and his hands were at my waist, unbuttoning my jeans. I pulled them off and headed upstairs with him.

We made it to his room, kissing and stripping along the way, until he pulled me onto the bed with him. He pulled me close to him and said, ‘I’ve been trying to get you in my bed since that night. I need a second helping of that pussy.’ I moaned in response, and he rolled me onto my back.

In kadıköy escort too much of a hurry to let me take them all the way off, he tore my panties and went straight to my pussy. He ate me like he hadn’t eaten in months, and my body reacted with a wetness that I haven’t had in months. He sucked my clit, and I thought I was going to come up off the bed. He kept going, licking and sucking, until I was writhing under him like a lap dancer. ‘Kris, please!’ was all I could get out.

He kissed me, mouth wet with my juices, and rocked his cock against me. Taking that as a dare, I rolled over him, straddling his hips as I got on top of him. I started grinding against him, rubbing my wet pussy all up and down his cock, but never taking him. I wanted to torment him like he had tormented me. I scooted myself to where I was straddling his right leg, my breasts were around his balls, and my mouth was at cock level. I took him deep in my mouth in one stroke, all the way to the base, and teased his balls with my tongue. As I bounced up and down on his cock, I rubbed his balls with my breasts, and ground my pussy into his knee so I could feel his kneecap on my clit.

I teased him, going faster and faster, then slowing way down. Kris, not a vocal person in bed, started moaning and bucking under me. I played with his balls while I sucked him off, and he started moaning half-words. ‘More’ was a favorite. I felt his start to pulse in my mouth, and I started slowing down, determined not to let him cum just yet.

He pulled me upward, off his cock, until I was laying on him, full-length. We kissed, our tongues doing battle as our bodies wanted to. ‘I want to fuck you. Now.’ He said. I responded by kissing him more aggressively.

His hands pulled my legs apart and he took me. He wasn’t gentle, and I wasn’t complaining. He held onto my hips with a death grip and pumped up into me over and over until I couldn’t be still any longer. bostancı escort bayan I started riding him, pushing him back as hard as he was pushing into me. My hands clamped down onto his chest, and carnal instinct took over. I fucked him and fucked him.

His hands started rubbing my hips, and one slapped my ass, making my ride him harder. I felt a thumb rub my clit, and my body hurtled toward orgasm. I could feel him getting harder, his breath was coming faster and shallower, and I knew we were both going to cum soon. And then he stopped. Mid-stroke he stopped. I was pissed, I wanted to fuck him, get him off better than anyone. Then he pushed me off of him.

I fell onto my stomach, and he followed me, ending up on my back. And then he took me, pulling me up onto my knees and pounded into me. Balls slapped against my clit, and my body started screaming for the release he had been keeping from me. I stopped bucking against him, determined to slow down, but before I could move, he flipped himself under me again. Dammit, I wanted to fuck, not play musical chairs!

He settled himself against the headboard, and impaled my pussy with his cock. Pulling my hair off my neck, I heard him whisper, ‘Let’s see what that spot does that I’ve heard so much about.’ He bit me, on the neck, in the spot that wakes up my deeply carnal side. I became a different person then, riding him as hard and as fast as I could go. I bit him, dragged my nails down his body till he was moaning with lust. I slapped his ass and made him fuck me like a whore.

We locked eyes and I knew I was finally going to get my release. He dug his hands into the roots of my hair, at the base of my skull and started pumping as hard as he could go. My nails dug into his back, my hips pushing back every stroke till I felt pain. We went on like that until we both started screaming, and cum was everywhere in our laps.

He held me rigid on him like that until we had both stopped cumming, and then kissed me gently. ‘That was better than my imagination comes up with!’ he said. I got off him, and we laid there a while, just holding onto each other.

As I was falling asleep, I heard him say, ‘Next time, let’s do it blindfolded.’

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