A Massage with Benefits

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Danny was removing equipment from his van. He was a 30-year-old massage therapist who after apprenticing with a large firm had struck out with his own one-man private operation providing massage service in the home. He was scheduled for an appointment with a client in an apartment complex. His business cell phone buzzed just as he was prepared to enter the building.

He said, “Hello, Danny here, what can I do for you.”

A familiar voice answered, “Hi Danny, Linda Holt speaking. I was wondering if I could arrange an appointment for today sometime.”

Danny replied, “Oh, hi Mrs. Holt. I’m sorry but my day is booked right until 6 but could schedule you for sometime tomorrow if you want.”

Linda replied, “I knew that I had left it too long, but I really need some relaxation today.” There was a pause and then she continued in softer voice, “I have heard that you sometimes work in the evenings. Is there any chance for an appointment tonight?”

Danny hesitated, little warning bells tinkling in the back of his mind. He in fact did do evening work, but only for particular women clients. And he would never have placed this lady in their category. Someone had been talking. He said cautiously, “Well yes I do on occasion, generally for clients who are too busy during the day. So you are asking about this evening?”

Linda said, “Yes indeed, I would very much like a session tonight if possible.” Before Danny answered she continued tentatively, “I have also heard that you provide a different sort of massage on request.”

Danny had to regroup before continuing with this discussion. He said, “Look Mrs. Holt, I am on my way to an appointment right now and am running a little late. Could I call you back in an hour or so and we can discuss an appointment in more detail?”

Linda replied, “Sure, that will be fine but call me on this number, my cell phone, don’t dial my home phone. In fact I am not at home. I’m booked at the Green Briar Suites for a week on my own. I will wait for your call.”

Danny replied, “Good, will be back to you within an hour.”

Danny had struggled to provide that simple reply. He was now certain that Mrs. Holt was looking for more than a relaxing massage, but he still could not accept that this seemingly timid woman could be seeking intimacy.

She was a quietly attractive woman of about fifty or so and she had never projected any hint of erotic interest during their sessions. This was one of the critical issues for his profession, especially for one who delivered home service in a usually unsupervised manner. To massage the body of a semi-naked woman without imparting erotic interest took a lot of mind control made more difficult if the woman reacted in a seductive manner.

Linda was a very sweet and kind lady and one could easily believe that she was beyond deceit and particularly not of the sin of infidelity. Maybe she was just curious.

Danny did indeed provide a few different versions of massage, from the usual relaxing Swedish type massage to deep tissue methods for sore muscles and sports injuries. At the request of some of his lady clients he had perfected an erotic version. He walked a fine line with this one. Despite often becoming aroused he made every attempt to submerge his desire for sex with the client. He never provided this service to women in their homes, only in a hotel or motel where privacy was assured. They paid nicely for it.

The Green Briar Suites was one of the hotels that had been used by some of his special clients on a few occasions. This caused him to suspect that the person who had informed Mrs. Holt about his erotic option was one of two ladies, clients of his that were members of her golf club. While he enjoyed the money received and the excitement in arousing a woman, he kept the numbers of such clients limited to a few that he considered extraordinarily discreet, apparently not the case with one of them at least.

He completed his assignment on time and after stowing his gear in the van he called her back.

She responded immediately, obviously not straying far from her cell phone. She breathed, “Hi Danny, I’ve been desperately waiting for your call. Funny isn’t it?”

Danny thought that it was more strange than funny but continued in a business-like manner, “Hi again Mrs. Holt. I should tell you first that I double my rates for evening work and charge by the hour. And you would have to book the length of your appointment ahead of time.”

She was obviously not concerned about rates or booking length replying, “Danny please call me Linda. Tell me about my massage options. And you know the option I’m talking about.”

Danny replied with a laugh, “I think that someone has been talking to you Linda. Are you sure that you need a description?”

“Oh yes,” she said, “I want to hear everything that you would do for me. I mean everything.” She was breathing heavily.

Danny collected himself before cautiously continuing. He said, “It is obvious that you are talking about an erotic canlı bahis form of massage.”

Linda said, “Yes indeed, I’ve heard that you will provide this on occasion to some clients. Tell me what it entails please and what I should be wearing to receive it.”

“Okay,” he said, “we would relax you with your normal work-up first.” Danny was still trying to come to grips with this gentle woman and what appeared to be an erotic evening in the making.

He said, “You can wear whatever you like for the first stage. If you are not comfortable without clothes, panties and bra like last time will do and in fact I suggest that you do that. Should you wish to continue to the second stage, you would be nude.”

Linda said softly, “I guess I expected that, in fact some ladies tell me that they are naked for all their massages. I have never been bold enough to do that but I often thought about it with you. And then?”

Danny became less business-like as he accepted that Linda new full well what to expect and said, “I can usually tell by your response what areas of your body are the most erogenous. So I would initially explore for those. I don’t want to give it away now, better if you are a little surprised once I begin.

Those spots might include your lips, neck, ears, breasts, nipples, inside of your thighs, your cheeks and anal area, your mound, your vulva and clit, and if you wish, digital insertion with a vibrator or fingers aided by sweet warm oils. It is quite unpredictable where things end up, with everything being your decision. My objective would be to manipulate you to an orgasm. How does that sound?”

Linda moaned, “Are you kidding? Sounds wonderful and just what I want, I can hardly wait. But, how can you do all of that and not want to have sex with me?”

Danny said softly, “With great difficulty. That is one of the reasons I don’t offer this option to everyone. As a professional whose reputation depends on not becoming intimate with clients, it is a ‘no go’ area and discretion is paramount.” The fact was that he had indeed had sex with two of his clients. Most others had been thrilled to just experience a body-shaking climax while one lady offered him a blowjob that he had gratefully accepted.

Linda was twisting in erotic pleasure as she replied, “Oh damn, what time can you get here and how long can you stay?”

Danny composed himself before responding; “I suggest that you have dinner early, rest up and put yourself in a relaxed mode with a shower or a warm bath. I will arrive at 8 pm. I will leave the evening open as to length of stay, and not book anything else for tonight. What is your Suite number?”

Linda’s heart was pounding as she tossed her phone on the bed. She had never been so bold. She was naked under a hotel robe and jumped up to drop the robe and pose in front of a full-length mirror.

She was comfortable with her body despite it not being in the traditional TV or movie star category. Her breasts hung quite nicely and she had wide hips with nice legs that sort of made up for her thick waist. She was a strawberry blond with white freckled skin and blonde pubic hairs. What would Danny think of her naked? She stood with arms akimbo and legs spread and grinned; ‘here it is, come and get it.’

She had been in a downer the last few years, living the life of a woman who no longer felt relevant. Children all away living their own lives in other cities, a workaholic husband who compensated for the departure of his family by working 12 hours a day, every day, and who appeared to have lost interest in his wife of almost 30 years. As for sex, it had become a distant memory.

Her life had brightened somewhat during the past year after joining an upscale golf club to resume the sport of her youth. She had made new friends golfing, and it was two of these ladies, Muriel and Beth that had recommended she contact Danny for massage therapy at her own home.

She had not imagined that she would be able to allow a stranger to run his hands over her near naked body. But she had loved the feelings from Danny’s first touch. It was more than his hands that had soothed and excited her; she was very attracted to him. A quiet man tall and slim with powerful hands and arms, she entered a dream world each time he drifted silently around her body, soft music playing in the background, firm but gentle hands caressing and fondling her muscles and tendons, seeking and adjusting those taught nerve ends.

Her mind had returned to thoughts of sex as a result of her weekly sessions with Danny but she had not allowed her desire to surface because after all, what would a gorgeous 30 year old man want with a woman of her age?

And then, just a week previous, and while enjoying one too many drinks after golf, Muriel had asked her whether she was still having Danny over for massages. Linda confirmed that she was and Muriel asked if she had graduated to the next level.

Linda said, “What do you mean, the next level? He pretty much does the same each bahis siteleri time and I love it. What more could I expect?”

Muriel said, “A lot more honey.” She was obviously just as deep into her cups as was Linda. She continued, “Beth and I have both enjoyed evening sessions with him and things can become a hell of a lot more interesting. We’re not supposed to mention this to others, but you sound like you could use a little tender loving care.”

Linda’s heart was pounding as she said, “Do you mean he touches other parts of your body?”

“Honey,” said Muriel, “there is not a square inch of your body that he does not touch. Not one! Inside or out!”

Linda’s voice trembled as she said, “How does it end? I’d probably get off!”

Muriel laughed and said, “That’s the point baby. That’s why you do it. And it sometimes doesn’t end by just getting off!” Muriel’s eyes widened, her lips shut tight as she nodded wisely.

And so here she was today. She had told her husband that she wanted some time on her own. He gave a non-caring shrug and did not even ask where she was going no doubt assuming she would be leaving town to visit a sister. She drove to the hotel Muriel had recommended, about a 30-minute drive from her elegant home in the suburbs. She had made the first call to Danny within an hour of checking in and was now ready to bring some erotic excitement back into her life.

Danny arrived on schedule toting his board and a small satchel. Linda had pulled on a heavy white robe following her bath and clutching it closed, led him to her bedroom where he set up in front of a sliding door opening to a deck with a view of the city lights. The only other lighting was from a table lamp beside the king size bed. Linda could already picture herself writhing around in it like a snake together with her massage therapist, totally naked of course.

Danny could sense her nervousness as she faced the reality of a fantasy playing out in real time. He turned from her and stripped to his shorts and pulled on a satin robe. Linda had a quick peek at his lithe body and the excitement began, the first shot had been fired in arousal therapy.

When he was set up he turned to her, guided her to the massage table and loosened the tie-belt on her robe. He smiled and said, “I have been wondering what you would be wearing tonight.” He moved behind her and lifted the robe from her shoulders.

He had positioned her so that he could view her in a full-length mirror. She looked great. She had selected a strapless bra and mini-panty combo of a very thin black mesh providing sharp contrast to her white freckled skin. The lingerie disguised nothing; the pink hard nipples and blonde triangular bush were startlingly obvious. It was somehow more erotic than looking at a totally naked woman.

Linda caught Danny’s eyes roaming her mirror image and instinctively raised one arm across her breasts and placed a hand over her pussy. Then she smiled and said, “Actually I considered using pasties instead of bra and panties.”

Danny said, “Either way you are a very beautiful woman.” Their eyes held for a minute and he said, “The tables warm now, I’ll help you up.”

“Remember now,” he continued, “no different from our usual procedure. Just relax and let me loosen you up. Don’t worry about later; that will either happen or it won’t. It will be your call. Get on your belly first. Shall I proceed without the towel?”

Linda exhaled and murmured, “Please do. Without the bra and panties if you want as well. I’m just going to let myself go, to hell with the world.”

Danny whispered as she settled down, “They’ll be off when they need to be, now just relax and let me earn my money.” As usual, he started by caressing her temples and head and neck. The obvious tenseness evaporated from her body as the soft romantic ballads of Nat King Cole floated around her.

He applied drips of warm oil as he moved from her neck to her shoulders to her upper back, rubbing and caressing and stretching muscles down her arms to her fingertips. He said softly, “Might be time to remove the bra and allow me full access to your back and waist.” He unhooked her bra and whispered, “Lift up a bit.”

Linda felt her breasts loosen with the bra unhooked and pushed up until her nipples grazed the board and she felt the bra sliding out from under causing them to tighten and harden. “Oh God,” she murmured, her toes curling in anticipation of the return of his soothing hands to her body.

He completed the oil massage of her back and legs, carefully avoiding the intimate parts of her body, which of course only intensified Linda’s rising desire to be touched on those spots.

“Okay,” he said, “to your back now,” and stepped back a bit, waiting for her to roll over.

She paused, suddenly realizing that she was about to expose her breasts to someone other than her husband. And then with a defiant grunt she flipped over quickly, her breasts flailing as she did so. She did not look him in the eye as she readjusted bahis şirketleri to her back, but she sensed that he was looking at her breasts and groin areas.

Danny approached the table once more. “Okay,” he said as professionally as was possible, “Just like always but without the towel.” A pause and then, “Or bra.” Linda giggled.

He repeated his moves to the upper front of her body in a professional manner, somehow managing to steer clear of her bare breasts and mound. But both she and his breaths came a little shorter as his fingers edged close to those forbidden parts. He finished by running his powerful oiled hands up and down her legs to her feet and toes.

Danny stepped back again, drew in his breath and said softly, “Do you wish to continue?”

Linda breathed, “Oh God don’t stop now. This is what I came for and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

“Good,” said Danny, “I must admit that I’m looking forward to and am a little excited about pleasing you.”

These were exhilarating words to Linda, erasing any lingering doubts about carrying this out to wherever it would end.

Danny said, “We’ll continue with you on your belly once more. But I should remove your panties before you turn. Or would you prefer to do that yourself?”

Linda responded immediately, “I can’t believe that I am saying this but I would love for you to remove my panties.” She bit her lip in both embarrassment and anticipation.

Linda peered down in fascination as Danny approached from the end of the table. He had a pair of scissors in his hand. She shivered at the feel of the cold steel sliding up along one hip and smoothly cutting her panties through the waistband. He repeated the cut on the other side and turned to replace the scissors in his satchel. He gently lifted the frontal part of her panties to unveil her mound and pussy as he whispered, “Lift your bum up Linda, and spread your legs.”

She was trembling as she lifted up while Danny pulled the panties out between her legs and along her slit free of her pussy. She noted him licking his lips as he gazed at her exposed vulva. That alone was almost enough to get her off.

Danny examined the panties and smiled, “Your panties are already wet Linda.” It was game on! Linda rolled back to her belly.

Danny said, “Okay Linda, we’re going to try a few experiments, just to see what arouses you. Are you ticklish at all? I mean does tickling get you going or just make you laugh?”

Linda giggled, “Depends what’s getting tickled, go ahead please and let’s find out!”

She shivered as something feathery brushed her ears, neck, back, under her arms, the swell of her breasts and down her backbone to the crease in her butt and down the back of her legs. She guessed that it was indeed a feather, but whatever it was it had the desired effect. Every nerve ending in her body was tingling.

The next sensation was the feeling of Danny’s hands encased in fur gloves working down the same path as the feather. Danny said softly, “They are chinchilla gloves, some say more arousing than mink.” He was at her butt now, his powerful hands circling and massaging her cheeks, his fingertips teasing that crease between her cheeks and the back of her thighs.

He whispered, “Spread a bit Linda.” He slipped the edge of one hand down between her cheeks, grazing her anus before brushing her pussy lips. Linda moaned, spread wider and raised her butt up providing him more room to fondle her.

Linda cried out, “Oh Danny, Danny, feels so hot! Stay there.” She spread wider as the fur teased her clit.

He withdrew his hand and whispered, “More on that later Linda. You won’t want to miss all of the fun by coming now do you? Linda, can I call you baby?”

“You can call me anything you want and I love that you want to call me ‘baby’.” She settled a bit despite the fact that the fur-lined hands were now roaming her legs and thighs.

Danny said, “Before we turn you, I have one more treat.” With that she felt warm oil dripping on her cheeks and then a squirt in the crease between her legs.

“Oh, oh,” said Danny, “A little too much there, let me dry it out.” With that he took a light cloth and his fingers slipped down the crease, parting her cheeks and then pausing and circling her butt hole before continuing down to her slit. He worked the edge of his hand up and down the crease before withdrawing and completed this phase by massaging oil into her butt cheeks.

Linda’s body was like hot mushy putty as Danny rolled her to her back. “Make love to me Danny. I can’t bear much more.” She checked his crotch area for the first time, her thoughts now focusing on total sex. What the hell! He wasn’t hard.

The fact was that Danny did have an erection, but it was holstered in his shorts and down the inside of his leg. He turned from Linda and quickly dropped his shorts to the floor.

Danny moved back close to the table and whispered, “We’ll touch up those areas we missed the first time and then get you off. Oh baby, you have one sweet pussy. Still want off?”

Linda was content as she noted the tent now formed in Danny’s robe and she breathed, “Oh yes, more than ever. I want to be your ‘baby’. I want it all Danny. You have to know that.”

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