A Night to Remember

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Her name is Sophie.

I can’t now remember how we first got together, but the relationship we had suited us both. I was a town DJ and she was a regular that sometimes worked behind the bar.

We were fuck buddies.

We tried going on a date once, but we realised the only thing we had in common was that we liked to fuck each other.

If she was out on the town with her friends she’d give me a quick kiss on her was past and I would know I probably wouldn’t see her again that night. If she bought me a drink she wanted a lift home and a quick fuck in the car on the way.

The night I’m thinking of, Sophie bought me a drink and sat at the bar until I finished.

She would sit where I could see her. She looked good and she had curves in the right places. She was always well dressed, usually in something revealing.

She would watch for when no one was looking and show me her skimpy knickers at me across the pub. That’s if she had any on at all.

Our regular place to go was a quiet lane down by the river.

She already had my cock out and teasing me as I drove to our dark playground.

As I turned the corner to the bush and hedge lined road, we hit a small problem.

This night there were bollards up and the single unlit lane, was closed.

She was holding my cock as familiar as if we were holding hands. Teasing me by rubbing the tip with her thumb.

We needed to find another place but where?

I drove on and over the nearby bridge. As I got to the other side I saw the sign for a picnic area car park. I hadn’t been there before but it was worth a look.

It was dark apart from a dim orange light at the far end. As I drove in I could see another car. It was far over to the right and had its lights off. It wasn’t the type of place to leave a car casino oyna over night.

I stopped. “What do you think?” I asked.

“They are probably just doing the same as us.” She said with a wry smile.

I drove to the opposite end of the car park near the orange light and parked up.

Sophie started to laugh, because she knew what was next. In seconds I had removed her head rest, pulled her seat forward and lifted the lever that dropped her seat flat.

It was something I had off to a fine art and It turned my old Audi 80 Coupe, into a mobile bedroom.

Her hair was red and looked like it was on fire in the dim orange glow from the light outside. She was beautiful. As we kissed her fingers ran across my stomach making me quickly inhale a short breath. She smiled as we kissed. She knew what I liked as she slipped her hand down to my cock.

My hand ran slowly round her back and on the first try her bra released and I moved my hand round to caress her perfect breasts.

We sat up for a moment so we could take off our clothes. I turned the light on so we could see where we were putting them. (always handy to know where your jeans are in case anyone disturbed us).

As soon as my jeans were off she pushed me back and began to suck on me.

For some reason this night she seemed more horny than normal and that’s saying something.

Her hot lips on my cock made me rock hard. I was able reach around and play with her ass. As I dipped the tip of my finger In her ass hole. She winced and dropped her head, taking my full length in her mouth.

I pushed her over on her back and pinned her down with one arm and put my head close to her thighs. I could smell sweet her juice as I slowly licked my way down from her belly button.

My fingers started exploring her shaven mound. canlı casino Her soft, smooth lips were soaking wet. Sophie parted her legs to let me slip my willing tongue inside. I began to suck her little hard very wet clit. She had the cutest moans that I loved to hear and she was making plenty of them.

She lifted my head and moved me up so I was on top of her. Her hot, soft naked body felt fantastic underneath me. My rock hard cock found her pussy as if it was going home.

As I slid inside her I could feel how actually wet she was. She’d been exited before, but that night she was soaking. I wasn’t complaining. Her moans grew with every thrust.

I didn’t want to cum too soon so I slowed down, enjoying every second I was inside her slightly clenching pussy.

As I paused for a second, still trying not to cum too soon. As I stopped, I happened to look out of the back window of the car. Looking back at me was a nice looking young woman.

I stopped moving. Shit what do I do? I thought. I was balls deep, not far off cumming and there is someone watching me and… smiling?

She was smiling and then blew me a little kiss.

Sophie started moving under me twisting her hips and sliding herself on my hard cock.

The young woman outside was gesturing for me to carry on.

I did.

From where Sophie was I knew she wouldn’t be able to see our new audience.

As I began to move in and out of Sophie, I watched the young woman. She wasn’t just watching. I could see she had her hand under her skirt, fingering herself as we fucked. I didn’t think it possible, but my already hard cock seemed to get harder.

I began to pound Sophie harder.

I could see the young woman more clearly as I pushed myself up, straitening my arms.

Sophie couldn’t see what I was going on kaçak casino outside as her head was forward and looking behind me.

I was loving this.

I could see my watchers hand moving more quickly. She’d lifted her skirt higher to show me exactly what she was doing. She wasn’t wearing underwear, but she was wearing a huge smile which told me I was doing what she wanted to see.

The stranger changed from rubbing her clit to sliding her fingers into her pussy, occasionally stopping to suck her own moist fingertips.

Sophie’s moans grew and then I felt her strong, pussy muscles tighten on my rock hard throbbing cock.

I loved her to cum with me inside her. As she did, so did I.

I forgot for a second about my audience and just enjoyed the feeling of us holding tight onto each other. Our whole bodies synchronised in ecstasy.

As we relaxed my mind was racing, trying to think of a way to tell Sophie about the other woman in our fuck session.

As I rummaged for words there was a light tap on the window.

I looked up out the back and the woman was adjusting her skirt.

It wasn’t her that tapped. I looked to my right and a young man was looking at us with a huge smile.

What the fuck? I thought.

He too was adjusting himself.

“Thank you. You two are amazing” he said with a huge grin.

I looked down at Sophie and she began to laugh.

“What the fuck?”

“They’ve been watching us since we started.” Sophie said with a beautiful giggle.

We dressed as the couple went back to their car.

They flashed their lights at us as we left. Which I took as a thank you.

I told a friend a few days later what had happened. Apparently the car park was a known dogging site and leaving the lights on in the car is an invitation for people to watch.

Also if someone flashes their lights at you it’s an invitation or you to follow them.

Looking back at our already fun night could have been even more of a night to remember.

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