A Pleasurable Escape

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©Nora Quick 2014

Author’s Note: This story is only authorized to appear on .com and noraquick.yolasite.com. If you see this story posted elsewhere please notify me immediately of the copyright infringement, thank you. This is a short erotic story of heterosexual sex. At the time of being written it is a 6,000 word stand-alone short story. If you’d like it to become a series, please leave a comment to that effect. All comments/ratings are welcome, thank you!


Sandra was bored. She’d eaten a snack, found nothing good on TV, unpacked, dusted the cabin. Well, she’d come to relax, break routine. Perhaps now, away from her family, she could really relax. Nervously she looked around to reassure herself she was alone before she opened her suitcase one more time and took out the black bag. Unwrapping it she smiled once more at her choice.

Pirates XXX. She’d been enjoying porn for years, but she was sick of the Internet, and there wasn’t any in the little cabin in the north of Wisconsin. So she had stopped at an adult store on the way out of Chicago, just outside Janesville, and took a little trip into the past. She had graduated high school just as the Internet was taking off, but in the first days of college the best choice for toys and porn were stores.

God, the last time she’d had an orgasm had been that quickie by herself when her parents and grandma had been at church. Something about the guilt of ditching God to diddle herself had been thrilling, but truthfully it had been necessary. Her last social orgasm wasn’t even in the past calendar year and Sandy was going nuts.

She caught her reflection and sighed. She felt invisible, and no wonder. She wore her ordinary long brown hair in a ponytail or French Twist at all times, only added light brown mascara to her pale blue eyes, and dressed for work in boring suits and at home went into oversized t-shirts and yoga pants like she had on now.

She was alone and she was horny, damn it. Once she had loved being naked, the sensual, natural feel of it, and so she set the DVD down and peeled off her clothes. She had a decent shape, but like many tall women her hips were only slightly flared and her breasts were on the smaller side. Maybe if she bought some new clothes including a push-up bra and got a makeover…well, she’d probably still be alone to diddle herself but she’d feel snazzier.

She tossed her hair loose and padded down the stairs to put the DVD in. The cabin was in the middle of nowhere, but so was the nearby town and there was electrical service. Outside the warm spring air sizzled wit the promise of a storm so it might not last. Resolved, she pushed play and grabbed her purse.

She’d never been able to bring herself to orgasm with just her fingers. She often wondered if that was normal but had never gotten up the courage to ask any friends. So she relied on a toy she had become so addicted to she carried it around with her everywhere. Just three inches long it was translucent pink, little more than a vibrating egg and handle in one. It did the job, and was one of the few toys out there actually designed by a woman. Why men thought women wanted ten-inch hot pink dildos was beyond her. Oh, she loved the real thing, but alone she just wanted something that worked fast.

She sat through the previews and found them more funny than erotic, but it was relaxing. As the Free Speech PSA came on she hopped up and poured another glass of wine. Sitting back down she took a leisurely sip as the movie began.

After the first scene of dialogue that was actually pretty well done, a flash of lightning lit up the windows. Ten seconds passed and then low, loud thunder rolled. She prayed it wasn’t close but went ahead and grabbed the remote. Screw the dialogue, she wanted to see one of the male actors eat some pussy.

She nearly giggled at the crude thought but there it was what she wanted. Sandy was alone and hadn’t she promised herself a weekend of whatever she wanted, when she wanted?

She settled on a scene where impossibly two “pirates” began to fuck inside a burning room. Still, she found what she wanted and Sandy sunk low on the couch. More lightning came and the thunder fell closer to it, but she was lost.

With a simple twist the toy turned on, buzzing loudly, and she slid it between her pussy lips and nearly jumped as it touched her clit. Soon it got good as her nipples pebbled against the warm, humid air. She felt her body tighten, her breath quicken, but the scene moved onto a blowjob too quickly. She loved giving them, but watching had never done anything for her, so she used the remote to go back to the beginning and settled in.

Hell, she didn’t have to be quiet. She was alone! She could scream if she wanted. She could conjure a fantasy lover and yell out his name if she chose too. Alone for the first time what felt like forever, she allowed herself to moan. And gasp.

God, it was a beautiful thing to be a woman. All she had to do was squeeze her thighs together and the toy held in place. She cupped her breasts and stroked her thumbs across casino oyna her nipples. Lightning and thunder crashed as one and it jarred her into orgasm.

Sandy came wailing, ignoring the next crash, shaking with it. God, it felt so good perhaps she didn’t need a partner after all.

“Hello? Are you all right?”

She screamed and fell off the couch. That second crash had been the door, she realized as wind and rain came in. Looking about wildly for a weapon she peeked over the couch and cursed like a New Yorker.

Standing in her doorway was a man…a big one. Tall and broad, he looked muscled, young, wore a flannel shirt and worn jeans along with a baseball cap and mud-crusted boots. She had an impression of tan skin and a strong jaw and then the lights go off.

“I’m sorry!” he called as she shrieked again. “God, I’m so sorry. I was just out, my truck got stuck in the mud. I knocked but I heard a noise and- oh, God.”

“Get out, just get out!”

“All right, but please, I just need a phone. The rain ruined mine and I just need to call my brother to come get me.”

“Get out!”

The door closed and she peaked over the couch again. He was outside on the porch, silhouetted by lightning, and it looked like he was cursing. She wanted to lock the door but streaked up the stairs and found her clothes, putting on the t-shirt and pants.

She waited what felt like forever but the lights stayed out.

Oh, by all that was holy. He hadn’t attacked her and everyone she’d met up here was right out of Mayberry and nice to a fault. So he had caught her in a private moment. With the racket she’d been making she supposed anyone would be worried. And it was a terrible storm out there.

Feeling guilty and embarrassed, and certain this was God’s punishment for skipping church, she crept downstairs and found her cell phone on the kitchenette counter. She opened it and there was just one bar of a signal, but it was something.

Opening the door the porch was empty, but the rain was coming down in torrents. “Hello?” She called. No response. “Hello?!” She shouted.

Her eyes had adjusted slowly to the dark but she saw him, huddling under the overhand of the tool shed.

“Look, I’m sorry. You just scared me. You can use my phone!” She screamed.

Slowly the huddled shape unfolded ad again she had an impression of brawn. God, she hoped he wasn’t a serial killer. Well, just in case, her father kept a shotgun under the kitchen sink, and the shells were…shit, in the shed behind the man jogging to her.

“Thank you. I am really sorry,” he said once he reached the porch. “Do you have a towel or something? I don’t want to ruin your phone.”

“Come on in, leave the door open.” She backed up, remaining facing him, and she thought he smiled.

In the kitchenette she found a large dish towel and handed it to him. “Phone is on the counter. Let me find matches for the lantern.”

“Thank you. Are you…Mrs. Johnson?”

“Mz. ‘Mrs.’ is my mother. Sandra, everyone calls me Sandy.” She extended her hand and he took it, his hand rough, grip firm.

“I’m Joe Korbett.”

She pulled her hand back and struck the match. In the flare she saw him watching her, warily. She it the lantern and adjusted it bright and blinked along with him. The poor man looked like a drowned rat.

“Wait, Korbett, Korbett…any relation to Doc Korbett?”

“I assume you mean my father. He’s retired now, lives in Florida. My brother and I are both Dr. Korbett.”

Joe. She sucked in her breath. Her family had owned the cabin since her grandfather’s days, and spent summers there, her dad driving up on weekends. She remembered Joe Korbett, a tall lanky youth three years older than her who’d grown into the brawny football hero of the local high school. God, when she was fifteen she’d had such a bad crush on him.

The years had been kind from what she could see. He pulled off his hat and patted his face with the towel. He was still brawny and his hair still golden, though darker slightly with age, still streaked light by the sun. His dark eyes had a few lines at the corner but she was willing to bet his smile was still something to behold…or so she guessed. He seemed cautious.

“I thought your brother used this cabin now.”

“He does. I’m just here for a week, he won’t be up here with Ann-Marie and the kids for another week. And she’s Mz. Johnson-Hertzog, officially.”

“Sandy?” He said and then his face split into a grin. Oh, yeah, still a lady killer.

He laughed and slapped his thigh. “My god, I should have recognized you. Little Sandy Johnson, all grown up.”

She blushed and ducked below the counter, pretending to search for something. Of course he hadn’t recognized her off the bat, she’d never been naked and wrist-deep in sin in front of him before. “You should call your brother,” she mumbled.

She found some cans, caned hams, canned tuna, canned vegetables, some of her grandmothers preserved fruit in mason jars. There wasn’t much inventory to do so she tried to divine a new way to hide.

“Damn canlı casino it, no signal. Storm is pretty powerful. Look, if I can just wait it out I should be able to get my truck after it passes. I can wait in your shed if you’re uncomfortable.”

Time to be an adult. She rose and sighed, forcing herself to look up and meet his gaze. “I’m just embarrassed. Let’s pretend you just walked up here now. Have a seat, I’ll see if I can find some of David’s spare clothes. They might fit and that way you can get dry.”

“I’d like that, thank you.”

She forced herself not to run around the counter and up the stairs. She did leave the lantern and enjoyed the dark. Aside from the DVD player downstairs and in the aster bedroom that had replaced VCRs, nothing had changed in the cabin since she was a child and she knew her way around.

In the hall upstairs she found another lantern and a pack of matches in the drawer of the long hall table. Her older brother and his wife now used the master bedroom and in there she found an oversized t-shirt David wore when gardening and a pair of sweatpants. She found clean socks and brought it all down.

Joe had started a fire and the already room grew warmer, but it was more brightly lit. He was hunkered down and with the second lantern she had enough light to sneak a look at his ass. Damn, even better than when she’d last seen him as an eighteen year old.

“I hope this fits. David’s a bit smaller than you.”

“Thank you.” He rose and took the clothes and she was struck again by his size. Just an inch under six feet, few men made her feel small, but Joe was one of them.

“Bathroom is through that door, take this lantern.” She passed him that and watched him disappear.

Sinking to the couch she sighed. Outside the storm was wailing and showed no signs of slowing. Great, looked like she had a few hours of trying not to embarrass herself in front of her, and damn it, she was still horny. Thinking of Joe wet and naked just feet away sent a flash of heat through her.

God, she was stupid. He was back in town, a vet like his father. He was probably married with three kids by now. All right, so she’d wait out the storm with him, catch up on town gossip, let his brother fetch him, and then go upstairs, lock the door, and aim for another twenty orgasms.

He emerged and her mouth went dry. David’s shirt was ridiculously tight on Joe showing he was in terrific shape, hell even the sweatpants were stretched thin over is thighs.

“I hung my clothes on the shower rod, thank you. Could I have some?” He gestured to her wineglass sitting on the coffee table.

“Uh, sure. Just a moment.”

Scurrying to the kitchenette she poured him a glass and opened the silent fried to quickly grab some cheese. He sidled up and sniffed at the wine like an expert as she found a knife and began slicing, happy to have something to do.

“How’s your family been?”

She nearly jumped at his baritone rumble and covered it by reaching for the water crackers she’d brought with. “Well dad’s still at the firm, mom’s mom. David got married, has two kids, lives in the Chicago burbs. Grandma is still crazy.”

Joe smiled. “Does she still stuff roadkill?”

Sandy grimaced. “Unfortunately, yes. So, you and your brother both came back?”

“Yeah. Surprise, surprise. This is really good.” He indicated to the wine.

“It was a Christmas gift,” she said stupidly. Sandy set out the cheese and crackers and ran to get her wine, wanting to keep the counter between them. She dragged a stool over to the kitchen side, something her family had often done to form a makeshift table.

“Do I make you nervous? Sandy we know each other, or we did.”

Not really. The longest conversation she’d ever had was when her childhood dog Mistake had gotten sick on a trip up there and they went into Doc Korbett’s clinic. She’d been twelve and Joe fifteen, a bored teen working the receptionist desk. He’d been kind to the worried girl and that had born a die-hard crush that had lasted until she went off to college and found new adventures.

“Yeah…sure. Do you think the storm will last long?” It was still going strong, the sturdy little cabin lurching with the gale force winds.

“Probably. There was a flood watch out when I left.”

“Why were you all the way out here on a night like this?”

“The Dixon’s mare was giving birth and struggling, they needed some help. When it’s important they call and I go, damn the weather.”

“Well…at least you’re safe now. So, um, do you specialize in horses?”

“All ungulates, actually.” He laughed at her blank expression. “If it has hooves I can treat it. I do work on the normal cats and dogs, but the domesticated houses pets are my brother’s main stomping grounds. My luck I’m the guy who always gets called at three in the morning because a pig got the flu.”

“Interesting. If I remember, you didn’t like working for your dad much.”

He shrugged, and closed a large, rough hand somehow delicately over the thin stem of his wineglass, kaçak casino raising it to his lips for a sip before responding. “I was just a kid. Growing up in a tiny town like this makes it feel almost like everyone is family. And remember that feeling as a teenager where you couldn’t wait to escape family and forge your own path? I felt like that about every inch of this town and everyone in it back then.

“But a funny thing happened. I got to college and life shifted on me. Here I was the bug star, the quarterback in the fall and the best damn goalie on ice in the winter. Didn’t even make a hockey team and the best I did at college was make third string on the football team. Big fish in a small pond becomes fodder fish in the ocean.”

“Where did you go?”

“UC Santa Barbara. I found for the first time I had to rely on my brains. Good looks and athleticism don’t get you very far at a big school.”

“Don’t forget modesty,” she teased, and realized the wine had started to go to her head.

He smiled but at her startled blink knowingly pushed the food closer to her and waited until she bite into a hunk of cheese before continuing. “So it turned out I was good at biology. All those lectures from dad sunk in, I guess. I loved it, and when grad school came along I knew what I wanted to do.”

“But why did you come back?”

“You mean why confine myself t a Podunk town like West Orchard?”

She shook her head. “It’s a great town, but your brother was already here, I’m guessing.”

“Something happened that made me understand I much prefer the easy pace of small town life. What about you?” He abruptly changed the subject and she knew whatever it had been that he spoke of, it was bad.

“Well, you remember my dad’s a lawyer, Daniel was already past the bar when I went to college. We didn’t need another so I went into graphic design.”

“Really?” He seemed truly surprised.

She fought s blush. “I always liked drawing, but was too embarrassed to show any of my work. I got out and got a job assisting a designer, moved to New York. It was good, mostly. The economy hasn’t been very kind to designers who try to appeal to the shrinking middle class, so I got laid off and moved back.”


“I’m not sure yet. It’s embarrassing, but for the past month I’ve been staying with my family. They’ve been driving me nuts so I came up here to escape.”

“And here I interrupted your solitude. Sorry.”

She shrugged. “Actually it’s nice to talk to someone who isn’t constantly bugging me to apply to law school. As if Hell needs a few more demons.”

He smiled at that. “Still looking for work?”

“Actually, I’ve gone out on my own. Website design, mostly. I have to admit, nepotism played a role. Dad called in just about every marker he had so my client list has started out strong. The few projects I’ve completed in the first three weeks were small, but got me more interested parties. I have a waiting list.”

“Nicely done. Family can make all the difference.”

“I guess. I have a great family, no doubt, but as bratty as it sounds sometimes I wish I could say I’d made it all on my own.”

“They can help, but family can’t do anything if you don’t have drive, determination, and passion.”

She smiled forlornly. “Dad and David are great, so is mom, but sometimes I swear they’re following a script and nobody gave me a copy. They just know the right thing to do at the right time. I’ve never even seen David lose his temper.”

“I did.”

“When?” David had been her parent’s planned child, and six years later Sandy had been a welcome surprise. Three years older than Joe she hadn’t ever even seen them speak on those summers.

“The week before I left. He never told you?”

She shook her head, thinking back to that summer and her stupid, useless crush.

“Let’s sit on the couch, it’s gotten cooler.”

If anything she felt pretty hot, but he took his glass and the plate and stood so she helplessly followed. Sitting with him on the couch again she felt small, a novel sensation. He looked good in firelight, and his drying hair was still long to his collar. He didn’t look like a vet, he looked like testosterone personified and at that moment she felt hotter than the damn fire.

“I told you everyone in town feels like family, and it’s true. Did you know at eighteen I was still a virgin?”

Her tongue knotted inside her mouth but she slowly shook her head.

“Pretty easy when it begins to feel like every girl in town is your cousin.”

She was truly shocked. The girls of the town had all lusted after him, and more than one told a tale that suggested Joe Korbett had been the opposite of an awkward virgin.

“I guess that’s important to note in the story because if you remember, those sexually frustrated teenage years are hard on guys.”

She snorted and rolled her eyes. “It’s hard on girls too, we just know how to hide it better.”

His grin was dazzling. “Good thing I didn’t know that back then. The point it, I was acting a damn fool. And I look around, just a few weeks to go before going off to college, and there’s this real pretty girl I never noticed before. Real pretty. Local girls tried to act all glamorous, wore tons of makeup but this girl was different.

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