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Beto lived on the land, under the wire so to speak. Living in the woods he sometimes migrated closer to residential areas. He used simple traps for smaller game, and a cross bow for larger game for subsistence. He knew how to find edible fruits and nuts. Beto also had a trail cam he sometimes used for tracking game.

On this occasion, he found on his trail cam, a coed boy partially clothed walking down a trail near a lake across from a University. Tracking the young man, Beto discovered he was an exhibitionist, and a cross dresser. The young man used a covered back trail to approach the side of a busy main road, and would walk along it displaying his cock and bare ass. He played his cock and balls in public to oncoming traffic.

Cleverly he would then disappear back into the woods before getting caught, and back to the clearing where his clothes and back pack were.

Over a period of several weeks, Beto tracked him to his secret outdoors clearing, and watched as he took video clips of himself naked with the lake and beach in the back ground. Sometimes he took video of himself wearing panties and other women’s clothing sexily posing, or walking with a female like shift in his hips. He posed bent over with an inviting asshole, and posed naked facing the lake.

Beto strongly suspected he was an anal virgin, and just an innocent college coed.

Beto hadn’t had a woman in a while since his cartel days, and though he was not gay, this young coed caused his cock to get hard. He looked on at the coed bare ass and it looked good. The young man laid on a blanked nude on his back with his feet toward the lake visible through the opening in the trees. He played with his cock for a while, then turned over with his head toward the lake, and his ass up, with his legs splayed as if to get some air on his balls. He was sunning his back side.

With his trapping skills, Beto devised a way to capture the young man in the act.

Andrew without a worry in the world went to his secret spot before daybreak one day. He loved the predawn fresh air and he could hear the forest waking up. As stealthy sunrays began to penetrate the sleepy cove overlooking the lake, Andrew could see mist rising from the water, and fog hiding the banks in secrecy.

It was warm enough so Andrew stripped his clothes off and set his camera to take some dramatic photos of his naked ass partially covered by mist and fog. He made sure to get some canlı bahis poses with his dangling cock from behind, and some frontal pictures.

He put the camera on video, and tried on some panties, and some sheer white hose, with garters. He slipped on shoulder length sheer white gloves, and then slipped on a bra with glitter. He posed with a nipple showing. He posed with his cock hanging out the side of the panties, then bent over and slipped the panties aside showing his asshole.

One day he planned to post his pictures anonymously on the college blog. He had to learn how to make it untraceable though.

Using his night goggles and night vision binoculars, Beto slipped into place during the night, and watched as Andrew arrived and started playing around.

Beto put on his mask and slipped up behind Andrew, discretely turning off the camera.

Quickly Beto put Andrew in a choke hold, but pretended to save him.

In a commanding voice Beto said, “Don’t move you are standing by a rattlesnake den. I will save you from it but you must stay still.”

Andrew was practically naked, barefoot, and scared.

Beto said, “I will take care of the rattlesnake den for you, but you must stand still. Did you know you have killer amoeba crawling up your legs.”

Andrew shook his head, “no.”

“I will help cleanse them off, but you must follow my instructions.”

Andrew was still processing this when Beto said, “we must take these off,” and pulled off the gloves causing Andrews arms to be raised, and replaced them with wrist straps. Beto quickly fastened the BDSM straps and threw them over the tree branch spread apart. Andrew was now in suspension.

Before Andrew could assess the situation and ask questions, Beto had inserted a cock gag in Andrew’s mouth. Next came a blindfold. Beto pulled down the panties and removed the bra.

Andrew jolted when he felt Beto’s hand caressing his cock and balls, then ass crack. In spite of the situation, Andrew was starting to get hard.

Beto cut some branches, and made an ankle spreader and knee spreader, tying them into place.

Beto pulled the ties until Andrew was on his tippy toes. The uncomfortable position caused his feet, and leg muscles to tire quickly. Beto took Andrew’s camera and took some pictures of his taunt butt cheeks in this position. He pinched his butt cheeks and watched as Andrew hunched his ass forward tightly. This made a lovely bahis siteleri picture. Beto ran his hand under Andrew’s crotch all the way up his crack, and all the way across asshole, balls, and to his cock. Andrew reacted by clinching his ass which made an even better picture.

Andrew was gagged, but Beto asked him, “have you ever swallowed cum? I think you would like it. Have you ever been fucked in the ass? No? So you are an anal virgin?” Beto patted Andrew’s asscheeks. “you have a mighty fine ass.” He cupped Andrew’s balls, “These are nice too.” He played with Andrew’s cock for a minute to tease it hard, but just to the edge.

“Are you tired of me playing with your body? I might quit if you want to suck my cock and balls. Would you like to suck me off? No?”

Through a little craft and strength, Beto changed the ropes such that Andrew was still suspended but was now upside down.

Beto was in a playful mood. Andrew was upside down and his cock was at face level with Beto. Beto, kissed and licked Andrew’s cock, and fondled his balls laying in his upside down crotch. “If you want your cock sucked wouldn’t you like to suck mine first?” Beto twisted the rope turning Andrew around. Then his ran his hand along Andrew’s taunt butt fondling and feeling the firm butt and tight crack. He took a finger and drew it along the crotch until it tickled Andrew’s asshole.

“Do you want me to finger your asshole? Have you ever hand anyone finger fuck you? I bet you want it. Let me just touch it for you.”

Andrew squirmed and clinched upside down making wonderful pictures of positions.

“Oh come on, it is only the finger tip.” Little by little Beto put his entire finger into Andrew’s asshole. Using his finger he began swinging Andrew back and forth upside down.

Beto took some pictures of his finger sunk into Andrew’s asshole.

“Now we are going to have some fun and then go for a walk. Have you ever had a standing fuck?”

Beto using the ropes and his strength got Andrew back into the original position on his tippy toes with his naked ass slightly arched.

Beto took out some anal lube and coated Andrew’s asshole, fingering it. Then he lubed his cock. Standing behind Andrew he touched his hard on to Andrew’s asshole. Andrew clinched and tried to pull forward, bowing his ass up, and losing the support of his tippy toes. When his tip toes were overcome with fatigue, his ass hole dropped over bahis şirketleri the head of Beto’s cock. Andrew tried to twist away from it but only sank deeper. Beto enjoyed the sensations, and rocked his hips, thrusting his cock up, and now his shaft was halfway in, and Andrew’s legs were shivering from the strain. Finally Andrew let his weight drop him down almost like he volunteered to get fucked bareback.

Beto started humping and thrusting smacking and spanking Andrew’s butt. This was his first time anal.

Secretly, the spanking sounds when Beto’s cock sank all the way in, began to turn him on. Soon he felt Beto tense up, and then felt cum shots hitting his insides, and this began to turn him on. Andrew was developing a new fetish.

Beto packed all Andrew’s clothes and items in his back pack, and led Andrew down the trail, still gagged and blindfolded, with hands tied behind his back. Beto knew of an abandoned barn where they would go. As they walked, Beto would pinch the lower inside butt cheek to keep Andrew at attention.

They walked into the abandoned barn. Andrew had no idea of where he was.

Beto tied Andrew’s arms overhead again, and pinched his butt. “This is your new home for awhile. This is where you are going to learn more discipline, and learn how to properly suck cock and balls.”

Beto continued, “Would you like to suck my cock and swallow my cum?”

When Andrew didn’t answer with a nod, Beto pinched his butt rather sharply.

This routine continued until he got the proper nod.

“Do you love me and dream of tasting and swallowing my cum?” Again this question was repeated until he got the right answer with a nod.

Andrew was placed in a closet like enclosure, and was required to say, “I will obey,” a thousand time, before Beto gave him a half sandwich to eat from his own pack.

The next day, Beto was required to say, “I love sucking your cock and balls, swallowing your cum, and licking your ass.” This was Andrew’s new lust.

Beto taught him how to lay over a table submissively, and get fucked like a girl. Ultimately this began to turn on Andrew.

Beto allowed Andrew to dress in girls clothes.

After months of sex slaving, Andrew was released in girls clothes close to home. He was too embarrassed to report the events, but now he truly liked his experiences.

Once he got his home life back in order, he started cross dressing in public and hung around car parks trying to get picked up. Now he was a confirmed bisexual. He was a good lay and made many friends.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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