Aysha Ch. 1

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Friday night, end of another working week and I couldn’t wait to go out and party with my friends Yasmine and Carla, in fact Yasmine was supposed to pick me up in a couple of minutes and I was still not ready, I was just on my way to the shower when I heard the door bell.

“Can you get that Dad” I yelled out, “it will be Yasmine, tell her I wont be long”

And I dashed into the shower.

About 15 minutes later, I’d showered and dressed and rushed into the lounge room, full of apologies for being late, and found dad and Yasmine having quite a laugh together. Couldn’t help noticing that Yasmine looked particularly stunning in a short black number that was cut quite deep between her fairly lush breasts, and she was making no attempt to hide them or cover them as she leaned forward to talk to dad. He didn’t seem to mind though, and for a moment I felt a quick pang of jealousy, god, wish I had breasts like that, breasts that drew men’s eyes the way Yasmine was drawing dad’s. Then I grabbed my bag, gave dad a quick peck on the cheek, said the usual, don’t wait up, and we were gone.

As soon as we got into Yasmine’s car she started in on me, demanding to know why I hadn’t told her I had such a gorgeous dad, why I’d kept him hidden from them. I was quite stunned, then I burst out laughing,

“But he’s just my dad”, I spluttered.

“No he’s not, Aysha” she said, “He’s a gorgeous hunk of man, good looking and incredible sexy, and he can put his shoes under my bed anytime!”

I almost choked with laughter, my dad? sexy? what a hoot. But if I thought that was the end of it, I was mistaken, as soon as we met up with Carla, Yasmine was singing the praises of this gorgeous hunk she’d met, and Carla was all ears, also turning to me and asking why I’d hidden him away. I hadn’t, of course, they’d just never come to my home before. Eventually, music and dancing took over and a couple of young and not so young men tried to pick each of us up, but none of us seemed particularly interested that night, Yasmine kept on comparing them to my dad in most unflattering terms, and I found myself getting quite embarrassed. My dad? goodness, he was nothing special, he was just there, know what I mean.

Eventually we called it a night, although by this time it was 3 am, and Yasmine dropped me home, calling out to me as she drove off

“Hey, give your dad a big kiss for me, OK”

I laughingly called out “OK”, with absolutely no intention of carrying it through, and went inside and started to undress for bed. Then I heard a noise in the kitchen and went out to investigate, forgetting that I was only wearing a shortie, see through nighty. It was dad, getting himself a hot Milo because he couldn’t sleep, and he asked me if I wanted one.

“Why not” I said and sat at the Kitchen table while he served up. He grinned at me,

“How did the night go?” he asked

“Ok, I guess” I said, then grinned, “But Yasmine irritated me a bit because all she could talk about was you, you really impressed her”

He blushed, he actually blushed, and mumbled something about Yasmine being nice too, and I almost giggled, and before I could stop it, I blurted out, “Yeah, she has gorgeous breasts, doesn’t she?”. His face turned bright red, and he gulped,

“I guess so” he stammered.

I laughed, “Don’t pretend you didn’t look” I said, “cause I saw you”

“Well, she was kind of showing them off” he said with a slight grin, then looked up and me, and flushed again, “But yours are just as beautiful” he stammered again.

This time it was me that flushed, but it was only part embarrassment, part of it was pleasure, and that really surprised me. I’d dropped my eyes when he spoke, and now I lifted them, and found him looking almost longingly at my breasts. As I glanced down again I realized with a shock that they were clearly visible through my nightie, my naked breasts and my surprisingly stiff and swollen nipples! and suddenly heat was flowing uncontrollably through me, casino oyna and my pussy was starting to feel very wet. This was crazy, totally crazy.

I quickly gulped down my drink and mumbled something about must go to bed, have to be up early, and stood up from the table and almost ran from the room, even forgetting to give him the usual good night peck on the cheek. From the corner of my eye I saw him turn his head slightly to watch me dash off down the corridor, and I could almost feel his eyes burning into my naked ass, even though the corridor itself was quite dark, so I knew he really couldn’t see me, but I could sense his eyes, and that made me hotter still.

I threw myself into bed and curled up under the covers, but within minutes I was frantically fingering my steaming pussy, and shocking myself all over again by wondering what it would be like if dad was doing it. Just that thought made me explode in as wild a way as I could ever remember, then I drifted off to sleep.

The following day. being Saturday, I didn’t need to get up early, so I slept almost until noon, then pottered about the house doing nothing much. Dad was in and out a fair bit, but there didn’t seem to be any residual embarrassment between us, although I still found myself acutely conscious of him in a totally different way – as a man instead of as my dad – and I began to see why Yasmine had raved so much, he was really still very good looking and kept himself trim, even though he was now about 42 years old, and he had a gorgeous, engaging smile. But I tried not to think of him too much, and looked for things to busy myself with, waiting for either Yasmine or Carla to call and chat.

Finally Yasmine called and immediately asked after dad, much to my annoyance, “You can talk to him yourself, if you like” I said rather brusquely and slammed the phone on the table and called out to dad. He came over and for the next 20 minutes carried on a laughing conversation with Yasmine before handing the phone back to me with a cheeky grin. I was still put out when I got back on the phone, so our phone conversation didn’t last very long, and when it was over I stormed into my room and flung myself on the bed, I didn’t even know why I was angry!

Dinner that evening was a very quiet affair, dad seemed amused by my fit of pique and that made me even more quiet, so afterwards I went into my room and read for a couple of hours before turning the light off and climbing in to bed. It was one of those very muggy nights, so I didn’t bother with a nightie, just lay there completely naked and drifted off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I must have had some kind of nightmare because I woke up crying out very loudly and sitting up in bed. Almost immediately the bedroom door opened and dad stood there, “Are you all right, Aysha, I heard you scream”

“Oh daddy, I’m scared” I half sobbed, not sure at all what it was I was scared of. Dad came straight over to the bed and wrapped his arms around me and held me close.

“It’s ok baby, daddy’s here, no need to be afraid any more” and he rocked me back and forth. Mmmm, it felt so safe and comfortable in his arms, and I squirmed in deeper, realising suddenly that he wasn’t wearing a top and my naked breasts were pressing and rubbing against his naked chest, and my nipples were becoming incredibly hard and sensitive. I guess he realised at almost the same time that I wasn’t wearing a top, and he pulled away, and even in the half light that streamed in from the hallway, I could see the flush rushing on to his face.

But pulling away did something else too, it meant I was now fully in the light from the hall and he was seeing my naked breasts even more clearly than he had the night before, and he couldn’t help himself, his eyes automatically dropped to them, and I heard the slight intake of breath. Perhaps I was still half in my dream, or half scared or something, but I shocked myself and him by reaching up and brushing my fingers over his canlı casino cheeks and saying “Do you still think they’re beautiful, daddy?”

“What?” he half squawked

“My breasts, daddy, do you still think they’re beautiful?”

“Oh god, yes” he almost moaned, “Beautiful, exciting and incredibly sexy”, then blushed again as he realised what he’d said.

His words sent fire racing through me again, I was incredibly turned on and yet I felt incredibly in control, so I glanced at him coyly from beneath lowered eyelids, “And the rest of me, daddy, is that beautiful and sexy and exciting too?”

This time his groan was loud, “Oh don’t ask me that, not that”

“But I want to know, daddy, am I really sexy, do I have a sexy ass and sexy legs and a sexy pussy too?” I said, in a low, but hot voice.

I saw the shudder run right through him, his eyebrows lifted and his jaw dropped, “Aysha” he gasped, “I can’t, I mustn’t, it’s not right”

“Please, daddy, please” I whispered and took one of his hands and clasped it to my naked breast, holding it there, moving it lightly over my breast so he could feel my hard nipples, and this time I felt as well as saw the shudder rush through him, and I grinned, then just happened to glance slightly sideways and gasped myself, very loudly. Daddy’s pajama bottoms were like a huge tent! I don’t think I could have stopped myself if I’d tried, it was a purely reflex action, my hand reached out and brushed across the top of his bulge, and he nearly jumped off the bed! “Oh, daddy, daddy, you do think I’m sexy” I gasped and slipped my hand in through the vent on his pajama’s and encircled his swollen cock with my fingers.

This time the shudder and the groan were both huge, and his own hand automatically grasped my breast more firmly, and I groaned right along with him. Then my fondling hand on his cock loosened the pajamas even more and his cock popped right out into the open, clearly visible in the light from the hall, and I gasped anew, he was MASSIVE. Well, that’s how it looked to me! I’d played with a few boy’s cocks and had even had sex a couple of times, but I’d never seen anything this big and thick, and I let my hand stroke slowly from it’s base to it’s tip, totally fascinated.

“Aysha, no, we mustn’t, we mustn’t” he croaked, but it was far too late for that, I was completely on fire, but I played the game a little more, teasing and flirting with him.

“OK, daddy, I’ll let go if you can look me in the eyes and tell me truthfully that you don’t want to make love to me, that you don’t want to slide this beautiful, hard cock deep into my pussy, can you tell me that, daddy? can you?”

He didn’t answer, couldn’t answer and I knew that, I could see it in his eyes and on his face, he wanted me, wanted me very much, and the crazy thing was that I realized that I wanted him very much too.

“Stand up, daddy, stand up” I said, and he did, and I let go of his rampant cock for a moment. His pajamas slid to the floor and he was totally naked, so I pushed the quilt away from my body and showed him that I was totally naked too, and I held out my hands to him in invitation. For just a fleeting moment I thought I’d gone too far, I thought he was going to turn and run, then another shiver ran through his body, and he slowly moved forward to kneel on the bed beside me and his lips came down and brushed lightly against mine, his hand briefly cupped and caressed my breasts, then slid down over my belly and brushed over my pussy lips, and it was my turn to almost jump off the bed.

Then he pulled back slightly and there was the horniest smile on his face, “If you really want to know, Aysha, I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long, long time. I’ve dreamed and fantasized about you more times than I care to remember, but I never thought it would happen, but now it will, because I’m going to fuck my hot, horny daughter until she begs me to stop!” and with that he began to run his lips and his tongue over my neck and over my breasts kaçak casino and over my belly and over my pussy, all the way down to my toes, which he sucked individually, gosh, I didn’t realize what a turn on having your toe sucked was!

He drove me wild with his lips and his tongue, especially when he concentrated on my pussy, licking, sucking and lashing my clit over and over again, and bringing me to multiple orgasms, then he moved up to my breasts and really started to lick and suck my nipples, sending shivers of pleasure and passion all through my body, and I felt his hard cock brush and press against my pussy, “Oh yes, daddy, put it in me, fill me with your hot cock, fill me up, fuck me, fuck me daddy, fuck me!”

And he pressed forward sliding his big, thick cock deeper and deeper in to my writhing pussy, until I felt his balls bounce against my ass cheeks and knew he was in me to the hilt, and I loved the filled up feeling it gave me, better than anything before. Then he slowly withdrew until only the tip was inside and I almost groaned with disappointment, but then he slammed it back in to the hilt and I jumped and screamed with absolute pleasure. Twice more, three times more, the slow withdrawal and the hard thrust and my body arched into an incredible orgasm, “Oh daddy, that’s so good, don’t stop, fuck me daddy, fuck me”

And he did, slowly increasing the speed and hardness of his thrusts until he was pounding me down into the bed and I was a blubbering mess as orgasm after orgasm ripped through me, then I felt his cock start to swell, getting bigger and bigger, then it exploded, shooting gallons of hot cum juice deep into my steaming pussy, “BABY” he screamed, “I’M CUMMING, I’M CUUUUMMMMIIIING!” and we both bucked and heaved as orgasms ripped through both of us and his cum juice kept pouring into me. I was just holding on for dear life as waves and waves of incredibly hot, lustful feelings threatened to drown me completely, and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I’d finally been FUCKED, well, and truly FUCKED.

As the shakes and the shudders finally started to diminish and I felt his cock softening within me, he slid sideways, so as not to crush me, and I moved with him, determined not to let his cock escape, even for a moment, and we lay like that for what seemed an age, just holding each other and enjoying the afterglow of that sensational fuck.

Finally he pushed back slightly and looked at me with a warm grin on his face, and shook his head, “And how the heck did that all start?” he asked,

I giggled, “You’d better blame your friend Yasmine” I said

He looked puzzled, “Why, because she spoke to me tonight?”

“No, because last night she wouldn’t stop talking about how handsome you were and how sexy and how she’d love to put her shoes under your bed, and I suddenly saw you in a different light” I said

“Mmmm, guess I owe Yasmine one” He said, with a grin

“Well she’d certainly take you up on that” I said

He blushed again, “Oh, I didn’t mean like that” he said

“NO?” I asked with a wicked grin on my face, “Are you telling me you wouldn’t fuck Yasmine if you had the chance?”

There was a moment’s silence, then he grinned hotly, and I felt his cock jump to attention inside my pussy “Well, if the truth be known, I’ve fantasized about Yasmine , and your friend Carla too, and with only half a chance I’d love to be inside their pussies!”

I laughed, and squeezed down on his now hard cock, “Yeah, I can tell” I said, “And maybe I can arrange that, but only if you keep me well satisfied first”

He rolled over on to his back, taking me with him, “You on top this time, so I can really pay homage to your gorgeous tits, and then anyway you want, cause I’m sure going to enjoy seeing if I can keep you satisfied”

I grinned, “And Yasmine and Carla?”

“Yeah, as soon as possible! now shut up and lets fuck!”

So we did! the rest of that night and all of Sunday, and there’s plenty more to come now the ice is broken, and as for Yasmine and Carla, can’t wait to see dad’s big cock ramming into them too, but maybe in a few days – maybe! right now I want his gorgeous cock all to myself.

To Be Continued…

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