Bad Situation

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What happened and why was beyond comprehension. What had I done and how could I ever make up for the confidence lost? I had to do something, yet fear held me in place. I tried to rationalize the events but even my best mind games wouldn’t get me past this situation.

I wallowed in my misery wishing I could disappear from the face of the earth. In the midst of it all I heard a gentle tapping on my bedroom door. The only other person at home was my sister and she was the cause of my present condition, my bad situation.

“Go away and let me die in peace,” was all I could muster as an answer to the knock.

“It won’t be that easy,” she said as she turned the knob and entered.

She had cleaned herself, showered, and dressed in her usual shorts and T-shirt. She looked like the sweet little girl she used to be until the dastardly thing I did to her a couple hours ago.

My sister was just 19, her birthday today. I was the older brother at 20, almost 21. I wanted to give her the perfect gift for a newly christened adult woman and spent way too much money getting her the photo equipment she wanted. When she saw everything laid out neatly on her bed, she came soaring into my room with heaps of thanks, hugs, and kisses. I responded by raping her and stealing the one thing she could only give once.

She is such a beauty, in my eyes anyway. She is very cute, attractive, about five feet five inches, maybe 115 pounds; with a womanly form that I think is properly proportioned. Her blond hair and blue-green eyes top off the package. Her lips are designed for kissing, her body for loving.

“Michael, we have to talk, you know that don’t you? We have to talk about what happened. The evidence needs to get cleaned up.” Her tone was not angry. She wasn’t wielding a butcher knife to chop it off. Her face was aglow with life.

“Michael, it really felt good, not the hymen part, that hurt, but the rest felt good. Don’t be so rough next time.” She sat sideways to me, one leg dangling just off the mattress, her other leg bent at the knee, she spread her hips virtually inviting me to try again.

“Make it feel good this time, please, Michael.”

“Slowly, sweet sister,” as my arm snaked from under the sheets touching her leg at the ankle, and taking a gentle feel of her calf, “so slowly.” She responded straightening her bent leg fully outward.

I thankfully recalled I did shower after I didn’t rape her? My confusion stopped when my lips parted and I drew my tongue over the top of her foot.

“Michael, remember those old armed forces radio tapes dad has? Remember Casey Kasim?”

“I won’t stop until I reach the top.”

“Michael, everything in between is open territory.”

My focus on leg kisses was distracted by the rustling of clothes as her T-shirt slipped over her head. I rarely call my sister by her given name; she has all my life been my sweet sister. Now I gasped, “Katie!”

Katie scooted up the bed until she was face to face with me. “Let’s start with kissing and other words that end with ‘i-n-g’ later.”

Katie settled her warm body next to mine, our noses just touching. I felt the pucker of her lips and knew the kissing part was underway. We only touched lips, hands to ourselves was a mutual torture, we couldn’t put much pressure into the kisses.

Katie kept her lips touching mine while her arms and hands rustled her shorts down her hips. “Touch. Feel how smooth I am? I shaved it all off.”

“Katie, teach me to feel you,” I whispered between kisses.

I’m not naive, I know about zones of a woman’s body. But this is Katie and itÕs her pleasure I want. Katie began giving me a fingertip-to-fingertip tour of her body.

Katie became very excited as we both touched her where she wanted to be touched. I took over the tour and began using my mouth to tenderly lick, suck, and nibble at her nipples. I continued the tour lower over her stomach stopping to lave out her belly button. She reacted strongly to her navel being licked, how would she react when my mouth is on her velvet pussy lips?

Katie convulsed and tightened as my tongue made its first contact with her tiny clit. She screamed as an orgasm overwhelmed her. I let her calm before having another taste.

I probed with my tongue, “Does it hurt if I use my tongue?”

She panted, “No.”

I slowly licked and poked into her with my tongue until she arched and had another orgasm. I didn’t let her calm this time. I inserted a finger and probed for her g-spot, kept my tongue on her clit and took her over the top for a powerful orgasm that left her limp.

Katie pushed me onto my back, straddled me, and guided me slowly and smoothly into her waiting pussy. A little pain registered on her face as she accepted me a second time. Her pain lapsed into sighs and moans as she fully sat on my hips with my cock completely in her.

Katie’s breasts swelled with her excitement. Her nipples were stiff eraser points that she rubbed and pinched. I brought my hands to her hips and filled each hand casino oyna with her butt flesh as I tried to draw her tighter on me.

After a few moments, Katie began moving on me slowly up a little and back down. Her movements became more determined with her building excitement. I ascended new heights as Katie climbed to her heights.

“Oh, Michael,” my sweet sister called, “cum with me!”

Katie’s eyes glassed over as her peak arrived. She dropped her weight on me and immediately clamped my cock. I didn’t know a voice could reach such a high note as Katie squeaked before exhaling a scream of orgasmic bliss.

As she asked, I came with her. My cum bathed her depths in waves of molten sperm propelled from my cock by my own strong contractions. Katie’s glow in post orgasmic high spread an aura that enveloped us both.

“Katie,” I sighed deep in sorrow for forcefully taking her virginity, “I raped my sweet sister. Why didn’t you stop me? I hurt you so much.”

My cock dislodged from her and I felt our combined mess begin puddling on my stomach.

“Michael, I didn’t stop you because I wanted it too. Maybe not exactly how it happened, the way you ripped through my hymen, but I feel all womanly now full of cum and lots of orgasms.” She lightly kissed me between words.

We both knew that our sex was done for the day; our parents would be home soon for her official birthday party.

“Sweet sister, we have time to shower together before we are interrupted by mom and dad.” Katie gathered her clothing darting off to the bathroom; I followed. On standing, our cooled mixed spice began slipping over my cock.

I entered the bathroom just in time to hear my sweet sister expel the rest of our cum. She saw the mess on me and beaconed close to her. She licked me clean. I almost fainted when her tongue began lapping; I went instantly hard.

“Everywhere in between is fair territory,” I panted in repeat of Katie’s line only a little while earlier. We both knew it was too risky to go further and opted for the shower rather than discovery.

We were dressed in much more proper attire for dinner out. My sweet sister was promised a banquet for her nineteenth birthday. Our parents wasted nothing on her night out.

It was probably 9:30 or later when we got home. Katie brought out the camera gear I got for her. “I bet he spent a half a paycheck,” she joked. It was almost three paychecks and a few hundred from savings.

“Michael asked me to take him out to show how I can get some of those night shots. Can we? Its not like I’m going out late some guy you don’t know.”

Mom piped up, “No harm, not like Michael would hurt you.”

“I remember her hurt me once today.” Her tone sounded hurting to mom but playful to me.

“What! What happened?” Mom went into protection mode.

“You know how he gets sometimes. He was acting goofy teasing me about turning 19 and he bumped into me kind of hard. It really hurt for a while. I made him be sorry for a while.”

I called from the door, “Are you going to teach me some photography or will I have to just imagine it?”

We drove off toward a destination only I knew about. Katie became instantly inquisitive, “What’s out this way? Where are we going?”

I kept silent until I came to a turn off and the car headlights illuminated an older looking house that had some recent work done.

“I bought this place a couple months ago. I saved as much as I could and bought a place of my own. I did it for me, before today. It could be for us, your secret escape to do photography work.”

“This is not a good night for photography, Michael. Maybe you should show me around.”

We walked wrapped in the others arms as we approached the door. There I stood with key in hand, placed it in the lock, and turned to my sweet sister. I kissed her with as much passion as I could, turned the lock, swooped her into my arms and carried her across the threshold. I showed her the entire place and her bedroom, for appearance after today.

“When will you move, Michael?” Her question had an edge of concern and maybe loss that I am moving away from home.

“I can move any day. I wanted you to see it first. Even before today, I wanted you to be the first to see it. IÕm serious about your room, too. You can move some of your stuff here if you want.”

My sweet sister surveyed the surroundings carefully. She pulled me by the hand with her as she took more of it in. “Where did all the furniture come from?” Katie had many questions for me to answer and I answered as best as I could.

The one question we both wanted answered was how long before we made love on my bed in my house. We lingered in my bedroom knowing that tonight was not the night.

“I am telling mom and dad this week about the house and moving this weekend. They will want to help and, I’m thinking by Saturday afternoon I’ll have everything moved. Saturday night might be a good time for my first overnight guest.” Katie was satisfied that she was included in my plans.

I canlı casino broke the news the next day and sure enough, dad called in a debt and had movers getting me settled in my own house. We took a drive to the address and mom and dad surveyed the house. They were satisfied that the house was in good shape and livable.

“I was even thinking about Katie. She can stay here nights if she wants to in her own room. It isn’t like her bedroom at home but she can make it her own.” Having movers helping get me settled, it was only Thursday afternoon. “Katie can even stay now if she wants.”

“Can I,” she begged. “I have to go home to pack a few things for a couple days. I want to help Michael settle.”

Decisions made, mom, dad, and Katie left. Katie returned about an hour later with the few things she needed for a long weekend.

We both knew clothing would become optional before the evening played itself out. Within five minutes of Katie returning, we were kissing and hugging. My work schedule and Katie’s school schedule kept us apart during the day and evenings at home with parents around meant we could only steal an occasional kiss or intimate hug.

Katie and I were anxious and nervous wondering how long we could keep our newfound lust for the other a secret. Since we were always close growing up, we knew we could a secret for a while. All the time we knew that at some point we could slip up.

After putting away her clothes in her bedroom, I was an interested bystander; Katie moved to me I silent recognition of how our lives changed in just a few days. “Caution to the wind,” she said in a hushed tone.

I waited for the wind to blow a gale force and it came quickly. With like minds, we scrambled out of our clothing and connected skin to skin. We were liberated from the thought of getting caught. The crisp clean linen on my bed was about to get stained.

We tumbled to the mattress as our foreplay continued. We touched and kissed, groped and pinched, until we could withstand no longer.

“Take me, Michael. Make love with me.”

Katie took position on her back, legs bent at the knees, and legs spread wide. I continued to tease and tickle a bit longer. “Fuck me, Michael!”

She took my cock in hand and wedged it between her folds. I thrust in completely and settled in her. The shock of my sudden thrust surprised her as Katie lay beneath me wide eyed and deeply penetrated. She circled my waist with her legs and her arms held me tight to her chest.

I flexed my hips and withdrew a bit before thrusting back. Each movement was met by a satisfied moan, groan, and sigh. Soon, Katie was getting into rhythm as we worked our bodies together.

We were both close to orgasm and begging the other to cum. When it happened, it was lightening bolts and jerking spasms. Katie clenched my cock, called my name, and punctuated it with a scream as her orgasm detonated and overwhelmed her consciousness. My cum jetted into her in deep sprays.

The realization that my cum was in my sister for a third time made me worry. “You could be pregnant, Katie. We have no protection.”

“You’ll protect me, Michael.”

“Katie, I came in you. That’s not protecting you.” Worry must have shown on my face although none showed on Katie’s. She began playing with my cock already slippery from her cum. I was getting hard again.

Katie swung a leg over my stomach and squared on my almost stiff cock. It must be true that a guy has enough blood to think with one head at a time, I forgot my fears of pregnancy and we made love again.

As I shot another load of my cum into her wishing well, Katie sighed, “I’m on the pill.”

Another surprise, “Mom let you start birth control!” It wasn’t a question, rather an exclamation.

“I use them to control my periods. They were crazy and the only way to control them is the pill. So, I’m on the pill. Why do you think I came back to you after the first time? I wanted you in me.”

After two cums, I took more time to recover and suggested we clean up and have some dinner. I grilled some steak and grilled some vegetables on the side. We had a nice repast and talked long into the evening.

Katie told me some of her fantasies and I told her some of mine and we vowed to use the information to our mutual satisfaction. We were off to bed, together.

In my, our, bedroom, low lights accentuated our nerves. No, we were not nervous, we were excited to know that on top of all the taboo things we’d already done, we added sleeping together, sans clothing.

We hadn’t decided on side of the bed to sleep and Katie went left so I went right. We rolled into the waiting arms of the other as our bodies touched the mattress. Our energized beings began exploring body parts. We kissed and groped our way into a 69 position and I smelled Katie’s musk. Our senses kicked in and in a simultaneous moment we tasted the other.

Katie opened her mouth and gave the head of my cock a tentative lick. My tongue snaked out to lick at her labia. My tongue touched her nerve kaçak casino center, her tiny nerve filled clit. As I tickled her with my tongue, Katie opened wide and took my cock in her mouth. The sensations we gave each other drew deep groans of satisfaction.

Katie licked and sucked me as she became better acquainted with the art of sucking a guy. I knew I was desensitized by my orgasms of the day and was not concerned with cumming too soon. I concentrated on licking and kissing my sweet sister until she exploded in my mouth, begged me to fuck her, or both.

It didn’t take long before Katie began bucking her hips against my face. She bucked hard and stiffened after another couple minutes. She came hard and long, screaming out her lust and cum. I added a finger in her and found her little g-spot. I rubbed that little gland and she gushed more of her fluid.

I was on my back with Katie on top sucking me. She spun to mount me and my cock disappeared into her cum soaked pussy. She was beyond making any sense. She just mumbled nonsense words as she slid my cock out until barely the head was inside her then she pressed down with great force. At the bottom she held me deep and squeezed my cock. Again and again she did this routine until her eyes glazed over and she screamed, “Fuck me my brother! Fuck me Michael!”

Katie scrambled to her knees, leaned forward, and presented her pussy to me. I drove my cock deep with the first thrust. Katie pushed with equal resolve. We worked our bodies hard; I held Katie’s hips pulling her onto me, me into her. She buried her face in a pillow and screamed again as another orgasm slammed her. How could she cum so hard and so often?

One hand left her hip and smoothed over her butt cheeks. Her butt was soft to the touch but firm in tone. I let a finger explore along her butt and into the valley between her twin globes. Katie must have anticipated my finger poking around her tiny butt hole as she relaxed into feeling her yet unexplored butt getting poked by a finger.

“Oh fucking god, Michael!” My finger penetrated her sphincter with ease, she was so wet from cum. Katie launched into uncontrollable spasms, her body jerking against me begging, “Fuck me!”

Beyond the point of no return, our bodies connected by sex, I came in my sweet sister again. It was as though we had some kind of awakening of unknown or undiscovered pleasure. It was more than cumming; it was as though we were mentally, physically, and emotionally joined in one body.

Our bodies were drained as we collapsed to the mattress and slept the sleep of lovers. Waking in the morning we barely had enough time to shower and dress for work and school. “We need an alarm clock,” we laughed.

Katie’s college schedule was only two class periods today and she arrived at my house much earlier than I from work. She set about doing some more cleaning and organizing and made a simple dinner for us.

When I arrived, my sweet sister was in her usual garb, gym shorts and T-shirt. “Michael, I can’t believe how my classes went today, I was energized and excited all day.”

“It was a good day at work for me, too. Too bad we have to return to normal Sunday afternoon.” One of us had to face the truth.

“I can stay here with you, in my room.”

“Katie, what about appearances? Wouldn’t people, you know mom and dad, figure out what’s going on. You don’t date, I don’t date. Why? Because we don’t want to bring home a date and disturb the other?”

“I’m off the market to boys. I only want to disturb you.” She walked over to me, turned her back to me, and rubbed her butt into my crotch. “I have one virgin opening, Michael. And, your little finger can’t fill it.”

My sweet sister, barely 19, and a master manipulator. I slid her shorts to the floor.

Katie walked me to the bedroom; I began removing my clothes as we walked the few paces.

“Make me wet, Michael.”

Presuming she meant lick her, I leaned down on her exposed butt hole and probed with my tongue.

“I meant lube, but tongues are much nicer,” Katie panted.

Slowly we edged closed to the bed. When close enough, Katie bend her torso forward over the mattress spreading herself open. I knew it was time to make a rear attack.

I guided my cock over her twin globes and stroked up and down her valley. My cock connected with her butt hole and Katie relaxed to the feel. I pushed gently against the strong muscle. When my cock head penetrated, it felt like it popped in. Katie moaned.

“It hurts. I’ll stop.”

“No you won’t,” she answered as she pushed against me. More cock disappeared.

We controlled the penetration, as Katie grew accustomed to my invader. One of Katie’s hands snaked down to her pussy; she was masturbating herself in time to my slow movements.

My sweet sister was working herself to orgasm and she pushed hard into me; I was fully engulfed as she came. She cried out loudly, “Fuck my ass!”

There wasn’t much moisture left and I knew we had no lube to ease our movement. I withdrew slowly and rode my cock back into her just as slowly. After a few strokes, moving in her tight butt became easier and we moved against the other with more speed. Katie continued masturbating.

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