Banged My Sister-in-law Pt. 01

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Hey guys, hereby I am going to share the story of how I had the first encounter with my Sister-in-law.

My name is Shoaib. I have a Muslim father and an Indian-Iranian mother and I live in a small town near Mumbai. 3 years ago I had a love marriage with a beautiful girl who was in my tuition class during my post-graduation.

I am 27 years old 6″ tall guy and I am a huge fitness enthusiast. My wife is from a middle-class family. For the past 2 and a half years, I’ve not even talked properly with my step-sister whose name is Jenna. Jenna is 23 years and has a medium built body.

Though I never showed any interest in her throughout 2 and a half years I secretly fantasied about her now and then and I have masturbated thinking of her countless times.

6 months ago when my wife went to her home for a short period somehow I and Jenna started chatting. Things were going good and we started to chat like the whole day. I am a conservative guy at the start but when I get going I don’t stop at all and neither did she. Every single day I woke up I used to chat with her and it would end when I go to sleep in the night. The conversations were getting so much spicy and spicy day by day that I was feeling wood in my pants every time I chat with her. The feeling of taboo was making me feel hornier than ever.

She stays in the town fairly near to my town. I always use to ask her, “hopping karne ayegi” means You wanna come shopping which she never refused nor accepted but I always kept on asking her every day for shopping or ice-cream or lunch or movie kinda things.

One day I was chatting with her in the early morning and she messaged me a good morning and we started chatting. I was about to get ready to go to my job and thought she must be getting ready to go to her job. As usual, I asked her, “chal aaj ayegi kya movie dekhne” means “wanna come for a movie” to my surprise she said, “which?”

At that time there was a movie called Julie 2 was released in India. There were other good movies but this movie was full of sex and taboo and it was perfect for what I had in my mind and on top of that it will clear out what was going in her mind too. So I asked her about it and she was ready for it.

“I will be there by 10:30, pick me up from the station.”

With my dick hard like never before, I said, “my pleasure sweetheart.”

She sent me a kissing smiley and I called my boss for sick leave and went to the bath to get ready. While taking shower my cock was not ready to cool-down. Somehow I managed to cool it down and wore a pair of Black Jeans&shirt as I knew she likes the black most.

At 10:15 I left my home. My mom was on her job and my dad went out of the city in the early morning so I locked the door and started going downstairs of our apartment when suddenly a thought came in mind that a bike would be better than a car. I quickly unlocked my home and exchanged car keys with the bike.

I got a little late because of the traffic to reach the station. I parked my bike and started to look around for her and suddenly I saw a milky white babe wearing a dark purple which is my favorite color shorts with the pockets lurking on her luscious thighs and a total backless black-top.

I went to her from behind and tapped on her gorgeous shoulder and said, “Hey, beautiful.”

She turned around and said, “First time and you are late, I was getting roasted by the scorching hot sun, huh.”

“Sorry, It was because of the traffic,” I said.

“Now you have to compensate for it by taking me shopping after the movie.”

I knew it from the start that Jenna is nothing like her sister, she is a little bit attention seeker and a money-hungry babe.

“Yes, No problem but you have to buy one thing of my choice.”

“Okay,” she said.

We went to the parking and started moving towards the theater on the bike. Surprisingly she was sitting very very close to me that I could feel her breath on my neck. I was already having a hard-on because she is the one that I was fantasizing for a long time and today she was with me.

We reached the mall in which the theater is situated. We sat on our seats and the movie started. A lot of steamy scenes came through, during one of the scenes I turned to see her face and as a reaction see turned her face towards me and we had weird eye contact but we both smiled it off. I was so turned on that I just wanted to fuck her right there in the theater but I kept my breath.

The movie ended and as promised before we went to the mall for shopping where we ate ice cream first and then she asked me to buy her a white Gucci T-shirt. It was so costly but I was expecting a bigger reward from her, later on, I bought it for her.

“So, what are you going to give me of your choice?” she said.”

Hold on my sexy Saali(sis-in-law), we are on our way for it, it’s in the last shop of 2nd floor’s left corner.”

“Ooooh you just said sexy?” she asked.

“Yeah, If you are sexy, what’s the big deal in calling you sexy?”

“You remember, I am your sister in law?”

“Yes, I do but that casino oyna doesn’t change the fact that you are a god damn sexy.”

She looked at me with no expressions on her face at all and I was like it is what it is. As we were approaching the shop after a bit of silence she asked me “What do you find sexy in me?”

I made eye contact with her lustfully and said, “You want to know? I mean do you promise you won’t get offended?”

“Yes go on,” she said.

“Your two beautiful Ass chicks”

She was stunned for a second but then we reached the shop from which I wanted to buy her something and changed the topic by saying “Forget it, here we are”

When she had a jaw-dropping reaction because the shop was of Victoria’s Secret lingerie hub.

“What? you gonna buy me lingerie?”

“Why not?, That’s why I told you earlier that you will have to take whatever I buy for you. Now you can’t back off. I know you are a woman of your words sexy.”

The dirty look on my face made it clear to her about what I was thinking about her but after a little bit hesitant, she just went inside the store. I went behind her. I bought her a full white Shawl neck-ware with G-string panties along with a white pantyhose. As we went out of the shop there was a weird silence between us. We went to the parking without a word of the conversation. We sat on the bike and got on the city road.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Where do you wanna go?”

After a moment of silence, she said: “Wherever I can have some fun.”

Now, I didn’t understand what she meant with the word fun but I thought we are on the same track so I said, “Okay then, here we go” but I didn’t tell her where I am taking her.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Just sit tight, I am taking you the place where you will reach cloud 9 unless you don’t want to go in there.”

We made an eye-contact in the mirror and my eyes told her, I am going to rip you apart.

Finally, we reached the place.

“What, we are going to your home? No way I can’t come to your house, your father might come at home anytime,” she asked

“So if my father was not a problem you would have come with me to my house alone?” I asked her putting my one hand on her sexy thighs.

“I didn’t mean that” she fumbled saying it.”

“Don’t worry, he is out of the station for two days.”

She was still not ready, so I told her, “What? I’m not gonna eat you” though I was 100% going to eat her pussy if she comes inside my home.

We were in my apartment parking by the time, I parked the bike but she was still resisting a little bit, so I grabbed her left hand in my right hand and took her to the elevator. I didn’t release her hand in the elevator and tickled inside the area of her palm to clear my intentions.

We reached the floor and told her, “Just have some rest baby than I will take you to the station and you can go home sexy.”

She came out of the elevator and I unlocked the door of my house and told her to go inside “Ladies first” just because I wanted to see her wide big ass from behind. I went after her and closed the door and dived on her from behind.

“What are you doing Sho?” she used to call me Sho.

“What you and I both wanted to do from a long time”

“No…No I never. Ahhhh” before she completes the line I bit her neck like a black mamba and she was out of words.

“Stop lying Jenna, I know you wanted it as much as I.”

I turned her around and smooched her like a mad bull, eventually, she started to get active by scratching my back with her razor-sharp nails. I didn’t react because my dick was going to take the revenge of those marks later on. I lifted her wrapping her legs around my waist as I pulled her hairs with 1 hand while grabbing her back with the other and took her to my king size bed in my bedroom and threw her on the bed.

“Do you know why I bought you that costly as fuck lingerie?”

“Yes, I knew your intentions, Jijajee(brother-in-law) as she giggled.”

“Than what are you waiting for bitch? Just go to the bathroom and show me that lingerie.”

She got up from the bed and started to walk she touch passed my cock with her hand and I couldn’t resist it so I grabbed her from behind and unbuttoned her short and rubbed her pussy over her panty while kissing her neck and groped her boobs with my left hand for a while before letting her go to the change room.

Meanwhile, I removed my clothes and only kept my underwear on, after a few minutes she came out of the change-room and the sight that I saw was one of the best moments of my life. That G-String with lingerie and stockings were looking perfect on her.

“Beautiful, sexy, breathtaking,” I said.

“Yes, I am,” She said.

“Now I want to see the thing that I’ve been waiting to see for eternity. Turn around and show me your ass baby.”

She turned around while winking at me and those wide beautiful 34″ Ass with 22″ of her waist were in front of me.

I called her in the bed with the gesture of my fingers. She slowly walked towards canlı casino the bed then put her left knee on the bed and said, “you know what Sho.”

I replied, “what?” then putting her right knee on the bed she leaned towards me and said, “I’ve always wanted to see and feel your perfect abs Sho.”

Before I could reply she planted a hot kiss on my right middle ab while her hairs smoothly caressed my chest and my tummy, she made an eye contact whilst licking my right upper ab before sucking on both of my nipples while the only thing I could do was to enjoy and moan. It was a moment when I felt I was in total control of Jenna. Her face, hairs, ass all the things were mesmerizing me.

My eyes were wide shut as I allowed her to do whatever she wanted, she slowly started to kiss upwards toward my face. First my upper chest than my neck and chin before planting a hot french kiss on my lips.

Her whole body was on top of me. I opened my eyes and we got eye contact where I felt like she is the medusa and I am her victim. Somehow I gathered my consciousness and grabbed her ass with both of my hands and started to rub her anus which made her moan. I planted a gentle kiss on her lips before we got into wild smooch while I was constantly rubbing her anus and her clit.

After a while, she said, “My sister is so lucky to have you Sho, I am jealous that she has a sexy and successful guy like you, who can fulfill her all the financial dreams but also is a hot bedroom partner, ah baby please keep rubbing my pussy. I love it, baby.”

“But now you have me baby so what’s the problem.”

“Ya but, the Problem is I will soon get married.”

“That’s not a problem because I am sure shot going to bang you even after your marriage baby, now shut up and go take my caged mamba out.”

She slowly initiated to go towards my underwear panting kisses and licking some parts of my upper-body while her nails smoothly scratched my chest. She sucked on my lower abs and went more downwards to kiss my already hard throbbing cock on top of my underwear. I have no words how that moment felt to me. It was beyond my wildest dreams.

she lightly bit my cock with the underwear on and sucked it sideways before removing my 8″ cock out of the underwear. She was surprised by the size of my cock so I asked her, “What happened Jenna? I think this is the biggest you have seen today”

“No no it was because it’s my first time.”

“Don’t fool me, Jenna, I know you had affairs with a couple of guys before. Maybe more than that whom I don’t know and I don’t believe they haven’t fucked you with you having this amazing ass. Accept it, baby, that your puny boyfriends were not as manly as me”

“Okay, I had it with my last BF but only 3 times and he has a very skinny and short dick.”

“I think you are still fooling with me but if it is true then none of your boy toys were real man, I mean I won’t let you go before banging you 3 times today if we had time and they all haven’t had with you more than 3 times overall!!. Bunch of puns”

She gently kissed the top of my dick before licking it around several times. I could see the urge on her face to have that cock in her mouth and her holes.

“Have you ever sucked a dick?”

“I tried it but didn’t like it, it smells so bad and tastes like shit but your cock is different I just love the smell and taste of your cock Sho.”

She finally took my dick top in her mouth and I was gasping of pleasure “Oh yeah Jenna, suck it as much as you can.” She was a new visitor to the blowjob vile but she was doing fairly good. She was grabbing the base of my dick with a right hand stroking it gently and her fluffy lips traveling up and down on my dick.

“Hey Jenna, has your idiot boyfriend ever licked your pussy?”

She was about to say No when I quickly got up grabbed her from the waist and rolled her around on the bed on her tummy and shifted her G-string away to spearhead my tongue inside her sweet and fully wet vagina. I buried my face inside her heavenly ass chicks while going deeper and deeper inside her vagina.

She was screaming like hell because nobody had done this with her before. I asked her to spread her right leg so that I can rub her clit with my right-hand fingers while licking her deep inside. The screams got even louder. “Don’t stop, don’t stop Sho, I’m feeling something is happening in my body which is feeling so-so good, please don’t stop” and after a bit, she reached her orgasm and the cum flew out like a hydro pump of Blastoise. I stopped and cleaned my face with the towel.

“What was that Sho, you are a magician. I’ve never had that before”

“It’s your orgasm baby, shame on your previous BF’s but this is what real man does to a beauty like you. It’s just a starting baby, there’s a lot more to come.

While talking with her I quickly turned her around and spat on my cock while spreading it with my right hand. I slowly rubbed my cock on top of her clit traveling towards her navel several times.

“I am going to impale my 8” inside you, Jenna. Do you think you can take it? kaçak casino Do you think you can take it without screaming? ha? Do you want that fat cock inside you? You think you are as strong as you portray honey?”

“Yes I am ready, asshole, I won’t even moan. Go on dickhead.”

“A lot of women have said that but alas no one has overcome it, Jenna. Get ready here we go.”

Boom and the scream were almost enough to break the window glasses of my bedroom’s french window. She was shaking like its a fucking jackhammer planted inside her pink pussy.

“How do you feel now? Helpless Jenna? This is what happens when I enter strong babes like you. All the strong fullness goes to dust to 8″ of meat.”

She was unable to speak and she was so much in pleasure and pain she bends her waist making an arc as much as she can. I slowly started stroking my manhood inside and out feeling every inch of her pussy wall rubbing on my cock while Jenna was holding her screams by closing her mouth with both of her hands like a helpless babe. The sight which I always enjoy while banging chicks.

Short after I pulled her hands of her mouth with my left hand while rubbing her clit with my right hand. Jenna was like “Ohh God!! Ohh God, you are so big for me. It’s so painful but also pleasureful don’t stop Sho please don’t stop.”

“Don’t worry I will make your pussy use to my cock very fast bitch.”

I started to stroke her harder as I leaned my body on top of her and started lip kissing her while fucking her in a romantic missionary. I was exploring her mouth till her throat with my tongue while her eyes were rolled up and she was in a complete pleasure zone. I increased my pace and grabbed her right thigh with my left hand pulling it towards our faces. Because we were kissing she was unable to scream but to moan. Every moan of her was making me more excited. Each shot was getting more and more intense and our bodies were making sweet noise while they collide every-time. After about 10 minutes I got exhausted and slowed down to a very slow pace.

I got up on my knees while my dick still inside her and pulled my dick out of her vagina till only my head was left inside of her. We made an eye contact and while she was indulged in a romantic moment I ruthlessly stroked my all 8″ inside her and she screamed like there was a bomb explosion inside my room and before she could gather her shit I did it twice thrice and so on for 7-8 times before finally taking my cock out of her sweet pink tunnel.

“I’m sorry Jenna, I was so much into the moment that I got so hardcore.”

“I liked most of the part Sho, no worries,” she said.

We were so much indulged in the sex that I didn’t even make her naked. Though it was looking sexy on her, I removed her lingerie because I wanted to see and fill Jenna fully naked. now she was sleeping face up fully naked in front of me.

“Turn around Jenna, it’s time for you to be a real bitch of your dog.”

She turned around and got up on her knees with her ass touching my balls and my dick over it.

“Not like that Jenna, go and grab that wooden rod of the bed.”

Jenna went to her left and grabbed her rod. She was in a C shape from her head to her Ass. “Perfect,” I said while grabbing my cock with right hand lubing it with my saliva leaning my body slightly to have a perfect view of her pussy to spearhead my cock to the perfect target.

I put my cock inside her in doggy style while still grabbing the base of my dick with my right hand and my left hand grabbing and playing with her firm-wide ass chicks. I was pushed and pulled my whole cock in and out of her vagina before starting to fuck her from behind constantly without pulling my whole cock out.

As I started to get a little bit fast I put my right thumb inside her asshole. “You like it, baby?” I said. “Yes, it feels so good Sho. Keep going…Keep going” I kept fucking her at a steady pace for about 6-7 minutes and then asked her, “Hey Jenna, do you want me to bang you hard again.” to which she said, “Yes Sho, I am ready to feel that again.”

The sound of our bodies colliding with each other started to get louder. I can feel Jenna was feeling weak in her knees. It took a few minutes till doggy turned into the prone-bone.

Jenna was screaming like a little bitch while she suddenly said it’s happening again so I quickly wrapped my right hand around her waist and started rubbing her clit with my right-hand fingers.

“Oh! my god.. oh! my god. Don’t stop fucking me Sho…I love that…Fuck my cunt harder…Rub my clit faster…Oh god yes yes yes…Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.

She did cum all over my cock but I didn’t stop fucking her. She was shaking like there was an earthquake inside her body. I flipped her around and started fucking her in the Asian reverse cowgirl position while grabbing her waist high with my strong hands and banging her as deep as possible with some extra hard strokes in between.

Her pussy juice was traveling through my cock towards my balls, and because of the juice our bodies were making an excellent sound. I spread her legs a little bit more and removed my cock out of the vagina and entered my middle and fourth finger inside her vagina and started to penetrate her very fast after a few seconds she was cumming again.

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