Big Brother Knows Best

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Nala sat at the front steps, a cigarette and a glass of wine in her hand. Her nails, long half moon specks of red that matched her full and pouting lips.

Maddox liked her look. Classic, beautiful…sexy. Yes, he would admit only to the deepest most pitiful part of himself, he was attracted to her. Of all people, his body ignited to the flame of his little sister.

To the delicate heart shape face, to her lush, long blonde locks that fell artfully about her sunken in waist and full hips.

Family visits like these were short. Once he turned eighteen he left his home, his loving parents and sister for any type of escape he could find from those desires. It happened so it was the military which found him, and he had spent the past eight years dutifully and admirably serving. In between seeing his little girl turn into the beaut she is today. A milky skinned, sumptuous eighteen year old.

He was dragged from inappropriate thoughts when she finally took notice of an approaching figure, her blue gaze falling into Maddox’s golden one. Her smile was sincere as she scrambled to embrace him. Her body was warm as it pressed into him, melting away the filter once again and he inhaled her scent deeply, allowing his fingers to curl in her hair as he enjoyed the closeness of her.

A bit dazed as she broke away, he spoke almost too softly to her as they caught up and the evening progressed. But it wasn’t unusual to anyone who took notice, because it had always been that way. Maddox’s parents would often accuse him of spoiling the girl. Every birthday gift topped the next Christmas one and nothing she did was ever foul. Even the little temper she had.

As the night died down it wound up to being just them two on the couch. It didn’t seem much different than any other one they’d shared, they sipped on their drinks and told stories, new and old when very suddenly, and unwarranted Nala procured a very stirring question.

“How do you make a girl cum?”

Maddox almost spit up his drink, the words falling casino siteleri from her mouth echoed to his groin, causing him to look with much horror at himself, in between her legs up to her full and perky c’s.

“Surely you’ve made yourself cum…Haven’t you?” His hardening cock twitched at the question.

So much more lurked in it than just rhetoric. He licked his lips, a predator-like instinct possessing his thoughts as he scanned the blushing face of his prey.

“Well…I have but is it different for every girl?”

“Everyone likes different things…” He should have stopped there but the rest just flowed out…

“Some girls will like slow and soft sometimes and hard and fast others. But it’s well known that a little attention to the clit can make a big difference. What makes you ask me?”

He wondered the last bit aloud and the girl blushed again, her thighs pressing together as more wetness seeped into her panties, she could feel her swollen lips just aching for a stroke of some fingers. No, not just anyone’s either, she knew just who she wanted to make her cum. She had for a long time.

“Honestly.” She began, whispering as she leaned in closer to him, making him shift, his eager body wanting as much of hers as he could get away with.

“No guy I’ve been with in any way has ever been able to make me cum. Or girl.”

Her big brother blinked at her in surprise. The idea of his little sister with another girls face buried between her legs as she cried out was almost too much and his cock was fully hard now and in desperate need of some mercy.

His facade of nonchalance dropped and he gave a small groan “Jezz Nala, spare me a little okay?”

The girls head gave a coy little turn as she eyed him curiously.

He laughed and said. “I’m sure you just haven’t met someone who knows how to read your body yet.”

“Read my body?” She repeated sultrily, and he wondered if that was how he was speaking to her first or if she had started it.

“Yes…Know what gets canlı casino you going. Or you meet a person who can just fuck you until you have no choice but to cum.”

The girl gave him a slightly shocked expression, he couldn’t blame her, he could hardly believe he had said that aloud himself.

But the comment made her belly swim with desire, the thought of her brother, her overly protective big brother pounding away at her juicy cunt was a breath stealing idea that left a trail of goosebumps.

She wanted to reach down and rub her clit for him, the exhibitionist in her wanton and insatiable. “Maddox…” She said with a need he mistook with her earlier shock.

Giving a little laugh he apologized, saying “I always was too open with you about everything even when you were young and I wonder about your flagrant sexuality.”

He teased her, giving her a little shake on her chin with his strong, long fingers that Nala had always been so interested in.

“I want you to do it.” She blurted, leaning in even more, so that she was almost on him now. The emptiness of the large couch bringing their embrace even greater intimacy as Maddox tried to formulate a coherent thought to her whimpered confession.

He knew what she was implying, her body spoke enough but before he could ask what she meant anyway, she slipped one of her legs across his, her hands at his shoulders, inviting him in.

“I want you to make me cum.” Her voice dripping with dirty urges and almost sweetly polite as she raised her dress for him, revealing her lace thong and more of her soft skin. He dared his hands to roam up her sides, reveling in the form of her hourglass.

“Nala.” He groaned, his head resting on the back of the couch as she began to grind herself on the thick bulge of his pants.

“I see the way you look at me, the way you always have.” She moaned as she continued her assault, licking and rubbing herself on him with a lust mirrored by his own frantic grips and grabs of her tight body, his hands owning as kaçak casino much as he dared.

“I’ve waited for you and I know, I know you’ve been waiting a long time for me too. So take me now, make me yours, anyway you want just…use me.”

The last of her words barely making its way out as Maddox suddenly grabbed her hips tightly, with little effort placing her beneath him, locking her arms above her head with one hand, his hips winning over her bucking as he stayed her almost fully.

“Shh Little Nala…” He beckoned, relaxing her frenzy as they met an a intense stare.

Maddox caressed his young sisters cheek, the smooth porcelain of her neck and chest. They could not look away, the eye contact making it all the more real…all the more erotic…dirty.

“My little girl has been so needy -” All of her was open to him as he grabbed at her lips with his own, the only sounds were the sweet sucking and meeting of tongues.

Nala groaned, her back arching, forcing herself into him, again rubbing her breasts and clit against him, hard, making him salivate.

“Please.” She began to whine softly, just as she would.

“My impatient little Nala, so eager…” He smiled into her neck, taking pleasure in her torture. “Don’t worry little one, you don’t have to wait much longer.”

Abruptly, all contact seized, as he began to bring them both up to a sitting position again, a distinct sound of displeasure came from below but before she could question Maddox smiled, a soft teasing look back in his sharp, angled features.

“Come, time for bed.”

“But..Why-?” She began to protest but he caught her in a quick kiss saying simply –

“Big brother knows best.”

Nala was fully pouting now and by the time he had her in her bed, she had stopped meeting his eyes, a soft pink staying in her cheeks as she shyly cursed herself for her her obvious affections until Maddox said in a deep, near growl of a tone before he left the room. One reminding her what just took place…

“Tomorrow, I’ll pick you from school and take you to my apartment.”

A chilling want covered her body heavier than her blanket as she dreamed of wet panties, long fingers and her brothers promise for the night to follow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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