Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 06

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Startled, by the voice behind him, Tom almost dropped the field glasses in the warm water. Looking over his shoulder, he saw his Uncle, wearing a very expensive tailored business suit, walking across the patio toward him carrying two frosted bottles of beer.

“Please do. I was just watching that hawk. He’s been in the same spot for the last 10 minutes.” Tom said, turning in tub so he could see his Uncle without having to twist his neck.

“He’s probably spotted lunch and is waiting for it to move to where he can catch it.”

Kind of like me, thought Tom, sitting here in the tub while you move in. Then Tom thought he saw movement behind the window beyond Max, but wasn’t sure.

Max moved over to the tub and handed one of the cold beers to Tom, while at the same time glancing down to see if Tom was wearing anything or was nude. Then he moved over to an armless patio chair near the tub, spun it around, straddled it so he was facing Tom with his forearms resting on the back of the chair the other beer in one hand, and asked in an even tone, “Did you have a chance to look through any of the photos on the computer?”

“Yes, I did,” answered Tom in a neutral tone and waited for his Uncle to pursue the issue further. He was hesitant to innate a discussion on the topic of their shared predilections, but happy his Uncle had stated the conversation.

“Which ones did you look through?” Max asked, his voice now showing unmistakable concern about Tom’s response.

“I looked at mine, part of Dad’s and part of Auntie May’s,” Tom answered; relieved his Uncle had continued to pursue the subject of the photos.

“Did you see me in your Dad’s photo file? Max asked, in an anxious voice, as if to confirm he’d heard Tom say he’d see his photos.

“Yeah, I did,” said Tom a pleased tone, relieved Uncle Max had had directly raised the issue of his sexual predilection so quickly.

“What do you think?” Asked Max, obviously concerned with Tom’s reaction, and Tom heard the apprehension in his voice.

Tom suddenly realized his Uncle had been worried about how he was going to react to the information that both his Dad and Max were bisexual, and had been engaged in an incestuous homosexual relationship with each other for years.

“You want the truth?” asked Tom, facetiously enjoying the opportunity to prolong his Uncle’s anxiety, while knowing his answer would both relieve and excite Max. “Yes, I do,” Max said seriously, “I want you to tell me exactly what you think.”

So Tom told him exactly what he thought, “When I saw you fucking Dad, and saw how much he enjoyed you doing him, I wished you were fucking me. I got so hot looking at the photos of the two of you fucking, I started jerking off and shot my load all over myself, then I licked my cum off my hand, wondering if you’d like the taste of my cum if you sucked me off and let me cum in your mouth, before you turned me over and fucked my bottom.”

Shock showed first on Max’s face at the vulgarity of Tom’s explicit description of his homosexual lust for his Uncle, then relief erased the strain of his uncertainty about Tom’s reaction, then raging sexual desire showed in his suddenly flushed face, and the pulsating veins in the side of his neck betrayed his accelerated heart rate.

Tom looked but couldn’t see if Max had gotten a hard on because the back of the chair blocked his view.

Tom watched him with increasing interest. He wondered if Max was actually going to undress right there in front of him, and join him in the tub. He hoped so. He enjoyed watching people undress. Male or female, each had something he liked to watch when their clothes came off. In fact the slower the clothes came off, the better. He liked watching each piece come off. Some were bashful when they realized he was watching them.

A casino siteleri few of those that knew he was watching, were exhibitionists and put on an impromptu strip tease for him, designed to make him wait longer to get his hands on them. Given the photos he’d seen, he figured Max would be an exhibitionist. He was right.

Seeing Tom was watching him to see how he reacted to his confession of homosexual lust for him, Max stood up and slowly removed his jacket, hung in on the back of the chair, then asked, “Have you ever specifically watched a man undress?”

“A couple of times,” Tom said carefully, not wanting to tip Max that he was a closet voyeur, and loved watching people take their clothes off.

“Why did you watch?”

“Well, the first one kept bragging about how good looking he was and I wanted to see if his muscle tone and his cock were as great as he said and were as good looking as his face,” Tom said, unconsciously suggesting there were other reasons for him watching.

Max picked up on the suggestion and prompted, “And were they?” He asked as he started to take his tie off.


“Were you disappointed?”

“No, I didn’t like the guy. He was pompous, arrogant, and stupid. I was just curious to see if there was any truth to his constant boasting about his donkey dong, and how strong his was. When his arms and chest turned out to be more fat than muscle, and his cock was smaller than average, I told him he was full of shit and was lucky anyone would date him after they found out what a liar he was.”

“And why did you watch the other guy undress?”

“I liked him, I was horny, and I wanted to see if his hard cock would pop up out of his shorts and bounce around like mine does when I’m really hard.” Tom said avoiding his uncle’s gaze.

“Who was the second guy?”

“Billy, he was my roommate at the time.”

“Was he good looking or were you just horny?”


“And what happened after you watched him undress?”

“The first few times nothing. He didn’t know I was watching him, or that I liked him.”

“So you watched him undress more than once?”


“And then?”

“He caught me watching him.”


“He told me to stand up and strip for him.”

“Did you?”


“What were you wearing at the time you had to take off?”

“Shirt, jeans, shorts, socks and shoes.”

“What did you take off first?”

“My shoes.”


“He told me to.”

“What were you thinking when he told you to take them off first?”

“I was thinking it’s kinda difficult to get jeans off over shoes and he’d want me to take them off next.”

Did he?”

“Yeah, he said, “Now let’s see your pants come off. Turn around, show me your back side and shove em all the way down to your ankles.”

“So how did you take em off?”

“Like he said, but I was hoping I could get them off without pulling my shorts off with them.”

“Why?” asked Max, while Tom watched as Max slipped his pants off, turning slightly to give Tom a three quarter view of his bottom that also concealed the bulge in his crotch, and that he kept his shorts on.

“I wanted to tease him and make him wait to see either my bare bottom or cock,” Tom said. Conscious Max was following the same pattern he was describing when he had removed his clothes for Billy.


“He was sitting up against the headboard on the bed playing with his cock and I wanted to make him wait because I liked watching him play with himself; and the longer I took to strip, the hotter he got, and the faster he jerked off.”

“That sounds like a good idea. If you’re gonna watch me undress, I wanna watch you play with yourself while I do it. Sit up on the side of the tub and let me watch you canlı casino fondle yourself.”

Tom did as he was told, standing up and deliberately turning his back on Max, giving Max a clear view of his bottom as he stepped up on the seat of the Jacuzzi he’d just been sitting on, then sat on the cushion that ran around the edge of the Jacuzzi and spread his legs so Max had a clear view of his crotch and slowly stroked his now throbbing cock while he watched Max watch him masturbate while he undressed.

“What did he tell you to take off next?”

“My socks,” said Tom, looking past Max at the kitchen window where he thought he saw movement.

“Not your shorts?”

“No. He wanted my socks off before my shorts came off.”

“How did you take them off?”

“I leaned on the desk, with my back to him, raised each foot up to my ass, reached back and pulled each sock off by the heel. I’d seen a stripper do it a couple months before and thought it was cool how she got her socks off, and she gave us a good view of her bare ass at the same time.”

He watched as Max removed one sock and then the other just as he had described, but Max’s boxer shorts didn’t give him the same view that he’d had of the stripper’s ass.

Then, he thought he saw movement in the window behind Max, but again, when he looked to see what it was, there was nothing but the drapes.

“What did you take off next?” Max was making this last a while, and Tom realized that Max was deliberately going slowly.

“My shorts.”

“Before your shirt?”

“Yea, Billy said he liked seeing boys with hard cocks poking out from under their shirt tail, and then seeing how much of their ass showed under the shirttail when they turned around and bent over to flash him. So he told me to keep my shirt on and take off my shorts.”

Did he say how you should take them off?”

“No, he just said ‘now take your shorts off.’ so I did.”

“How did you take them off?”

“I pushed my cock down as I slipped them off so it would pop up and bounce around when I let go of it, so he would see how big and hard I was.”

Tom watched as Max did exactly as he had just described. Max turned slightly sideways giving him a good profile view, slipped his hands down into his shorts, grasping his now fully erect cock and forcing it down as he slipped his shorts off, then let it spring up and bounce freely, trailing a thin thread of pre-cum, as his shorts hit the patio deck.

“What happened next.” asked Max breathing heavily, his cock wobbling with his steps, as he moved over to the Jacuzzi, stepped into the warm water and sat down in the warm water across from where Tom sat on the edge of the tub, all the while watching Tom fondle his own hard cock.

“He told me to turn around so he could see my bottom below my shirttail. I did, and he told me I reminded him of his girlfriend wearing his shirt. I told him his girlfriend didn’t have and 8 inch cock to fuck his ass with.”

“What did he say to that?” asked Max, fondling himself while watching Tom do the same.

Watching Max fondling himself while listening to him, Tom again thought he saw movement in the window behind Max, but when he looked again, he didn’t see anything.

“He said he was going to suck my cock till I came in his mouth and then he was going to fuck my bottom till I came again and shot my cum all over myself. After that, if I could get it back up I could fuck him, but he was gonna do me first.”

“So describe for me exactly what he did to you that first time,” said Max, his face flushed, the veins in his neck throbbing, and his hand clearly fondling his cock concealed from Tom’s view below the waterline by the bubbles.

“He told me to sit on the bed; then he knelt on the floor in front of me and started to run his tongue kaçak casino up and down my cock licking me like an ice cream cone, then around and around my cap. Then he just sucked me for a few minutes till I was going to cum. He stopped and pushed me over backwards on the bed, told me to raise my knees and spread my cheeks so he could lick my balls and run his tongue up and down my crack. I did, I loved the feeling of spreading my leg for him while he licked my balls, ran his tongue up and down my crack, and rimed my hole till I was so hot I was about to shoot in his face and I said so, but he pinched me hard to slow me down.

Then he sucked me for a few more minutes while he finger fucked my bottom, and when I couldn’t take it any more, he let me shoot my load down his throat. Then he turned me over, told me to raise my ass up on my knees with my face on the bed, told me to reach back and spread my bottom wide for him, and then he rimmed my bottom a with his tongue while he fondled my cock till I started to get hard again, then he finger fucked my hole till I was open wide enough for his cock, and then fucked me till I came a second time, then he shot his cum all over my bottom.”

“Did you fuck him too?” Max asked as if he was holding his breath.

“Not then. I was too tired after I came the second time, and then we fell asleep. When I woke up he was gone.”

“What did you like most about him?”

” I don’t know what I liked about him most, but I really liked the way he sucked me while finger fucking me, and then making me turn over and spread my cheeks wide so he could give me a good rim job, and then him fucking me doggie style.”

“Do you still see him?”


“What happened?”

“He dumped me after a few weeks. Said I was too dull for his taste.”

“Do you miss him?

“I did for a while. But then he left school last semester to join the Navy. He said he was board with school and wanted to see some of the real world. After he left, I started dating Gretchen, I didn’t think about him as much, but I then I found out I really wanted my bottom fucked, and she wasn’t up to doing me. I really liked having a boy’s cock pound my bottom, and Gretchen just didn’t have a cock. “

“Does she know you like sex with guys?”

No, I didn’t tell her. She’s not the adventuresome type, and since we started dating she’s told me on a couple of occasions she doesn’t like queers or lesbians, so I kept quiet.”

“So what did you do about your desire for getting your bottom screwed?”

“I was at a party one night where I met Bryan. He invited me over to his place for a late drink, and when we got there he said what he really wanted to do was to suck my cock and then fuck my bottom. I told him I was so horny I’d probably cum within 30 seconds of him starting to suck me, but I would really like him to fuck me. So he did. I shot my load the second he took my cock in his mouth, and he swallowed all of it. Then he turned me over, gave me a good rimming and screwed my bottom till he came and shot his load all over me. After that I didn’t loose anymore time thinking about Billy or what Gretchen thought.”

“When did you last see Bryan?” asked Max, clearly not caring when Tom saw him last, but wanting to know when Bryan had last screwed him.

“Two weeks ago when he went home for a visit,” Tom answered.

“Does that mean you haven’t had a cock screw your bottom for two weeks?” asked Max.

Tom nodded; distracted again by movement in the window near the door Max had left ajar when he had come out to the Jacuzzi. He looked at the window, and then the door, but saw nothing.

“Well, yeah, it’s been more than two weeks. Our schedules where different for the last couple weeks of school, so I haven’t actually had any for about a month, and I really need a good screwing. After I saw the photos of you and Dad, I was really hoping you’d fuck me this afternoon.”

“I thought you’d never ask …” said Max in a whisper as he moved toward Tom.

To be continued …

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