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I love black bodies and cocks. Something real special about them. Maybe lots of things. The sizes are legendary. Muscular, wiry-haired bodies – underarms, chests, bellies, pubes, buttcracks. Loads of hot, creamy cum.

I was watching a vid about a white guy in a fuck club with five black guys. I envied him so. Got so horned up I decided I had to go get me some right now, this night. I had heard of an all-black club – a bar – in the rural countryside and determined to go find it. That was not much of a problem.

It was the only building on a lonely stretch of road near the coast. Nothing elaborate, just a wooden building with a big, gravel, sand and shell parking lot. No exterior lights, shaded windows. I parked my van at the end of a row of other vehicles.

Went into the club and straight to the bar like it was home. The club was busy. About a dozen guys, three hot looking women. A small elevated dance floor with a couple of poles at each end. A honey, naked as the day she was born was doing her stuff to one of the poles, then across the floor in many postures, lots of hand touching of herself, to the other pole, to the edge of the stage, back, all around to the beat of the music.

I noticed right away most of the guys were ignoring her. The club women weren’t getting much attention either. One was at the bar between a couple of guys, obviously pumping them for drinks and offering her wares. The other two were at tables; one sitting with three guys, the other with two guys.

The bar served only beer and mixers for BYOB customers. Several bottles were in view – brandy, some flavored, gin, vodka, whiskey. I perched on a bar stool with one on either side of me and ordered a Bud. As I drank my beer I turned to watch the dancer, my legs apart, package on display, lips and tongue working the head of the beer bottle.

Didn’t take long. A middle-aged guy came to the bar on my left hand side as I faced the center of the room, still watching the dancer. He stood beside the stool, close to me, close enough I could smell his nice cologne. He leaned on the bar and ordered a Sprite ™. When the glass of ice and bottle of Sprite was served, he poured two fingers of vodka into the glass and topped it off with the bubbly, clear soda. Took a drink, then turned to me.

“You looking for some pussy, man?” he asked. “Like that black girl?”

Smiling at him, I answered, “No sir, not, but she is okay.”

“Whaddaya want then, man?” he grinned back at me. “We don’t get white dudes in here much.”

“Well, I guess a good answer is, I want what the ladies in here want,” I answered.

“Alright,” he said. “You ain’t no more subtle than me. Let me buy you a drink.” Without waiting for my answer, he ordered another set up – a glass with ice and a Sprite. The bartender brought it over. My benefactor poured the two fingers of vodka from his bottle. I added the Sprite and took a swallow.

He let his hairy arm brush against my arm between us. “I ain’t got much time, man. I got a bitchy wife at home, her mother and a houseful of kids. You wanna get what you came to get now?”

“Sure,” I said.

“So let’s go to the john,” he suggested, draping his arm around my shoulder.

“I have a better idea,” I countered, “let’s go outside to the parking lot. I have a van with a mattress in the back.”

We gulped down our drinks, sat the glasses on the bar. I got off the stool, picked up my bottle of beer. We walked out his arm around my waist. Everyone appeared to be going on about their business or pleasure, but they were looking, trying not to be obvious about it.

———— 2

At my van on the end of the row in the dark parking lot, I sat my beer on the top of the van near the lift up back door. We dropped trou’ pulling them off over our loafers, sockless. Neither of us was wearing underwear. Even in the dark I could see his black meat was just what I wanted. It hung half way to his knees, thick, a big, well-defined, circumcised head.

Our trousers held in one hand, his and mine, I reached, grasped his cock and felt its circumference. Yes, this is what I wanted, as my hand felt his hairy ballsack, the big nuts in his wrinkly pouch. His cock slit was leaking slimy pre-cum already. I stroked his shaft milking out his pre-juice, smearing it over his knob and down his veiny stalk. He spread his legs, taking a wider stance.

“Unh huh unh,” he cleared his throat. “What you want to do?” he asked.

Explicit, I answered, “I want to kiss, lick, suck your nipples; lick your belly; tongue your navel; kiss, lick, suck your big cock; mouth your balls. I want you to fuck me, cum in my mouth.”

“Well we ain’t doin’ it out here in the open,” he said, as I continued sliding my hand up and down his stiffening pole glistening with his slick, still flowing juice.

“I know,” I said, and let go of his hardening tool. I opened the lift door, threw my trousers inside the back of the van and crawled in onto the mattress giving him a good view of what he would soon be fucking. I rolled onto my back watching him.

He got into the van. His cock no longer dangled. casino şirketleri It stuck out upright, his balls hanging. He laid beside me and put an arm over me, his cock pressed against the side of my leg. He lifted a leg over both of mine, shifting his wet cock to the top of my leg, brushing against my hard and pre-cum wet dick. Much to my surprise he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, searching for my mouth. I kissed him on the lips, took his tongue inside my mouth, gave him my tongue. He grasped my cock, stroked it. I did his. We kissed, stroked for several minutes.

He nuzzled my neck with his mouh, us still stroking, fondling nuts. Kissing, stroking, fondling nuts, nuzzling necks. I realized he was not going to just fuck my mouth and ass. We were making love, hot, sweet, sensuous, tingly, mindbending love.

He kissed one of my nipples, licked it, sucked on it, went to the other one. Kissed, licked down my chest to my stomach, stroking me still as I stroked him, and he tweaked a wet nipple, rolled it between his thick thumb and forefinger, the other. Tongued my navel. I was breathing hard, humping up and down, gasping, trembling it felt so good.

He kissed my cockhead, right on the slit, tongued off the flowing pre-cum, took the crown in his mouth, licked and sucked; went right down to my pubes on my 6.5″ hard, throbbing cock, massaged my balls. He worked his head up and down. I moved with his mouth, humping my hips up and down.

“Oh, oooh, unh, oooooh, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned.

He squeezed my nuts gently but firmly, slurped up my cock and let it snap back against my belly with a wet smack.

“Unh uh, no, not yet, baby,” he said in his deep, gravelly voice. “Later. My turn now.”

He lay back beside me. “Get over on me and do me. Do what you said you wanted. Make me feel good. Get me ready to take your sweet ass.”

An invitation to worship his strong, muscular, black, wiry-haired body, his big cock, balls. Like I needed it. I rolled to him, kissed him on the mouth, tasting me on his lips and tongue when he slid it along my tongue, swabbed the inside of my mouth. Stroking his cock, feeling his balls, I went down over his neck to a nipple. Kissed, licked, sucked it, the other one, back and forth, in between them on his chest hair. I kissed, licked down his body to his navel, had to move his long, wet, hard cock to the side. Tongued his navel for a while. Worked my tongue down his treasure trail into his wiry pubes, licked the pre-cum drooling from his cockslit, tasted it, kisssed his helmet, wrapped it in my lips, tongued more pre from his wide cock eye, gently fondling his balls, brushing a fingertip on his perineum, pushing more pre-cum up his long shaft over my lips, onto my tongue, slurping it.

I worked my lips down his slimy rod inch by inch, writhing my tongue on the thick-vein along the underside of his hard cock to take more in my mouth. The bulbuous head touched my throat entrance. I felt with my fingers at the base of his shaft. There was still at least two, maybe three inches beyond my tightly clasping lips. I milked his pre-cum onto my tongue, into my throat, but I could get no more of his long, thick cock deeper into my throat.

We were at my cock limit in my mouth. Still massaging his big nuts in their wiry-haired sack, feeling his nipples, rubbing his chest, rippling muscular stomach, I clasped my lips tight, concaved my face cheeks and slid my mouth up his shaft until only the head was between my lips, his slit feeding me more of his slick, lubricating, tasty juice. Hands, mouth working slowly, lovingly I sucked his big cock.

He put his big hands gently on the sides of my head, face and rocked slowly up and down with my mouth movements. We were fucking his cock, my face together. I was loving the feelings, tastes, sounds, smells. Hard cock, veiny, slimy pre-cum, wiry hair, big but gentle hands on me, tasty juice, slurping squishing, cum odor, crotch musk, our mingled sweat.

—— 3

I reached into the glove box along the side wall of the van, fished out a bottle of Astroglide(tm), and my amyl nitrate poppers from Canada – the good stuff. Still sucking his cock, feeling him with one hand, I gave him the bottle of Astroglide. He lubed his fingers with it. I kept sucking, sweat dripping off the end of my nose, face, chin, sweat sheened on both our bodies.

I positioned myself, legs open wide, his cock rotated in my mouth as I sucked, sucked, bobbed my head up and down. He slid his middle finger up and down my asscrack, lubing it. He pressed with his fingertip. I opened the bottle of poppers and took a hit in each nostril, concentrated on relaxing, letting his finger into me. In it went, slowly past my sphincter, pause, deeper, deeper. His hand pressed to my splayed open crack, finger as far as it would go up in me.

He wriggled his finger, opening me more. He pressed the tip on my prostate. I felt like I was pissing, exuded so much pre-cum it stringed to the mattress on the floor of the van. I moaned.

“Oh, yeah, baby, moan on that big cock,” he grumbled. “Feels so good,” he praised me. He pressed casino firmalari again, another string of pre-cum, again, again, again.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh,” deep in my throat. Pre-cum flowing, steady, cockhead tingling, dick lurching up and down, throbbing, throwing the strings of pre-cum back and forth.

“Oh shit!” I mumbled with his cock in my mouth.

“You ain’t shittin’ honey,” he said, “it’s going the other way in that ass now.”

He eased his finger back, slid his index finger with his middle finger.

“Oh, oooh, yeah,” I breathed thickly mumbling again filled with his long, fat cock.

“Umnh huh,” he agreed. “Talk to it. Talk on it.”

“Fuckth,” I gurgled, slimy pre-cum, saliva dripping from my mouth onto his cock and pubes.

“Yeah, more,” he urged me, now with three fingers – middle, index and ring – sliding back and forth in my opening hole, spreading me.

“Hmmmmmnnnnnnnnh,” I hummed on his cock.

“Oooooooh, unnngh, the best,” he grunted. His cock thickened, lengthened, throbbed in my mouth, a blob of creamy, thick cum shot onto my tongue, coated the back of my throat.

He pulled his cock out quickly, leaving my mouth empty except for the wad of cum gurgling in my throat. I hacked it up onto my tongue, tasted it, opened my mouth showing it to him, then swallowed deeply relishing the taste, feel of the oyster sliding down my throat.

“Umnh,” he moaned, “that was close. We gotta fuck now.”

“Oh yeah, how do you want me?” I asked.

“On your back, baby, legs up and wide. I want to watch your face as I put it in your pussy hole,” he instructed me.

I rolled over onto my back, spread my legs, lifted them, bent my thighs back, and opened my cheeks with both hands, breathing slowly.

“Just put the head on my hole,” I pleaded. “Let me get ready for it, then when I say, go slow. You are so big.”

He sat between my legs grinning down at me. “This is gonna be so good,” he said. “I know you got a good, tight cunt for me. So tight on my fingers, all of them as you opened some.”

He fumbled around some for his trousers as I lay there fully exposed to him. I rubbed my lube slick, crinkly assfolds, watching him. His hand came out of his pants pocket with a condom – a magnum. He ripped open the foil, tossed it aside, checked the latex ring for the right direction of roll, capped his mushroom crown with the rubber, and worked it down his shaft.

He seated the end of the roll against his wiry-haired cock base, stretched out the reservoir nipple end to be sure it was at max for reception of his cumload. He squirted a big string of the Astroglide onto the top of his rubber-covered cuntpleaser and a handful into his cupped palm. He massaged the lube all around his shaft, then smeared the excess into my crack, concentrating on my crinkled asshole.

He slid his slick middle finger into me, checking to see if I had closed too much. He wriggled the finger around, prepping me for his monster cock. It looked even bigger to me now. The cock I had just sucked, the cock that had just fucked my mouth, gave me just a sample of the cum he was going to deliver to me – his babymaking batter.

I trembled in anticipation more than reluctance, fear or any other emotion other than the love of a big black cock fucking my ass. He eased his finger out of me.

“Ready, baby?” he asked.

“Umnh huh,” I agreed, “but just put the head against me. Let me tell you when to put it in.”

“Ok,” he grunted smiling down at me. He guided his thick knob to my hole.

I let my asscheeks close on it, held it there. I took double hits on the poppers, each nostril.

He took the bottle and did hits too, his cock still wedged right at my pussy door.

I did two more popper hits, capped the bottle and laid it on the mattress.

“Ok, now,” I said.

“Now?” he asked.

“Now,” I said.


“Now, please.”

I shifted my hips, rocked them, lifted them and seated myself on my spine, ready.

He pushed forward.

“Unnngh,” I grunted.”

“Aaaaaah,” he moaned.

“Unh, ah, aaah, oh yeah,” I agreed.

The knob was in me. My hole was breached.

He put a hand on my chest, the other on one of my buttcheeks.

I rocked just a bit, up, down, side to side, up, down.

His long, fat cock slid right up into me, the thick head making way for his big shaft.

“Unnnnh, unnnh, ungh,” I grunted.

“Okay, baby?” he asked, pausing, resting over me, taking my cock in his hand and stroking it slowly.

“Okay,” I grunted.

“More?” he asked.

“Yes,” I breathed.

He smiled and pushed.

“Umnh, honey,” he said, “what tight, good pussy.”

“Aaaaaah,” I breathed, smiling up at him. “Fuck me. Fuck my slutty cunt. Fuck it good.”

He pulled back slowly, pushed in, back, in, back, in, with each stroke more of his long cock went into me, deeper, deeper, the head rubbing over my prostrate, my pre-cum flowing again. He stroked my cock, leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth to take his tongue, give him my tongue.

He güvenilir casino bottomed out, his wiry pubes pressed against my ballsack, his balls resting in the crack of my lube-slick ass.

“Oh, sweetie, you took it all,” he said. “My tight ass bitch can’t even do that in her sloppy twat or up her ass, and she won’t suck me at all.

“Oh yeah, fuck me,” I pleaded, humping my hips up and down. “Fuck me good, hard with your big black cock. Make me your bitch, slut, whore.”

Like he needed an invitation at that point. He started sliding his cock back and forth in me. I rocked my hips up and down to meet his increasing thrusts.

He stroked my cock. Kissed me, sucked my titties. Fucked me. We fucked together.

I started cumming through his stroking fist onto my belly. My ass clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed on his pistoning cock.

His cock thickened, lengthened, throbbed, jerked. I could feel the cum filling the rubber, the heat of it, heard the squishiness, felt and smelled our sweat together as I moaned and writhed, begged him to fuck me more.

Thrust, pump, jerk back, thrust. He slammed into my pussy, jetting out more wads of cum with each drive to the hilt up my twat.

He let down on top of me, his long, fat cock still up me, all the way, throbbing, flexing.

“Ummmmmnh, oh yeah, so good,” I moaned. “Pull it out, let me suck you, taste your cum, clean your beautiful cock.”

“Squish, plop,” his cock slid from my hole. My cunt stayed open, gaping. Some juices ran into the crack of my ass onto the mattress.

He got up on me, sat his big butt on my chest, peeled off the full condom, and fed me his cock. I kissed, licked, sucked it, cleaning him, tasting his cum.

Rolling his cock out of my mouth with a hand, I grinned at him, his cum coating my lips, chin, tongue, and said, “I want it all. I love your cum.”

He laughed, upended the rubber as I held my tongue out like a little bird being fed by the mother or father bird. He poured the cum out of the rubber into my mouth. I took all of it, rolled it around on my tongue, tasting it, chewed on it, swallowed some. Opened my mouth, showed him the white elixir on my tongue, closed my mouth and swallowed, once, twice, three times, gulping his sweet jism into my stomach. Licked my lips. He leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, tasting the remnants of his cum, swapping spit with me, so I could have another taste too.

“Sorry, baby, but I gotta go,” he said.

“Okay,” I said. “We can meet again, yes?” I asked almost begging, pleading.

“Sure honey, you got one fine mouth and ass. I love fucking you.”

We got out of the van. Put our trousers back on. I took a swallow of the beer, offered the bottle to him. He took a swallow and passed it back.

We walked back into the club arms around each others waist, flushed, freshfucked, grinning, happy, my ass still gaping, the taste of cum in my mouth, smell on my breath, licking my lips.

—— 4

As we entered the club, the dancer was on the edge of the stage taking a long, thick, black cock in her wire-fuzzed pussy, her ample tits bouncing as she was fucked and fucked back onto the cock. The woman at the bar was on her knees between two of the guys sucking one cock, then the other, jacking them. The cunt with the three guys was airtight on top of their table, big, black cock in her mouth, ass and pussy. The other woman was being double-fucked, fore and aft, in her mouth and ass.

The bartender was stroking his cock behind the bar. The other five guys solo or in pairs were gathered around the sucking fuckers, stroking their long, thick, slimy poles. A couple of them were stroking each other. One guy was on his knees sucking another. All were buck naked, clothes on tables, chairs, the floor.

Ike and I paused just inside the doorway. He took me in his arms and we kissed. The room erupted in cheers as the single guys stopped beating their meat. They came to Ike and me, gathered around us and started asking Ike questions as if I wasn’t even there.

“Good white pussy, Ike?”

“He suck good man?”

“Got a cock on him or a weinie?” The others laughed.

“What does he like most, Ike, big black cock in his mouth or ass?”

“Ike, we gonna get a chance at him or is he your new bitch?”

Ignoring them at first, Ike kissed me again. I kissed him back as we stood our bodies pressed together, arms around each other, my cock growing hard again against his big erection.

“Man, I gotta go,” Ike said. “See you again another night?”

“Sure, Ike,” I answered. “You have my number. Call me. You can come to my place anytime you like, or I’ll meet you here.”

“Well you be careful with these horny fuckers. They ain’t got no manners and all their brains are in their smaller heads,” Ike warned me.

I turned from Ike, still holding his hand as he moved away and left me with the other men. Ike waved to me at the door. I returned his wave and went to the bar for another beer. The bartender wiped his hands on a towel and handed the bottle to me unopened with the hand he had not been using on his cock. Then he tossed a bottle opener to me. I opened the bottle and took a swallow, tasting both beer and Ike’s cum in my mouth. The guys closed around me as I sat on a stool, my back to the bar, watching the women sucking and getting fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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