Black Magick Ch. 15

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The walls of the cavern were shaking violently, and the smile an Victoria’s face seemed a white crack in a black mask. It did not belong to that beautiful face Nick had learned to love.

Nick plunged head first into the red hot bubbling lava. He closed his eyes, but after an initial shock, he noticed that he didn’t feel the heat. Instead of being burnt to a crisp like so much fried chicken, he seemed to fall right through the molten rock and out the other side.

Nick took a deep breath and tried to compose himself. All around him, he could hear screaming, which mixed with the deep, passionate laughter of his red-suited dominatrix. He thought he saw a white tear run down the black mask of Victoria’s face, and Mary waved sadly, her expression empty.

Even more incomprehensibly, Nick landed in a big pile of embroidered satin cushions. It took him a moment to recover from the surprise and become aware of his surroundings, but when regained his wits, he found himself in a beautiful square marble chamber. The room resembled a Roman bath that Nick had once seen in a porno, which he found in the VCR while his mother was busy in the garden.

For several moments, he was trapped in the memory of masturbating to the video. The thought that his mother might have gotten off on it had fueled his passion so much that he could hardly contain himself, and he had had to take his hand off his cock every three seconds or so to keep himself from coming too quickly.

A mysterious, soft, drum-like music yanked him out of the fantasy and back to the world he was inhabiting. It seemed to emanate from somewhere in the distance, though Nick couldn’t quite make out where, and made his body vibrate, stimulating him subtly, like a beautiful woman’s hands on his sensitive skin.

His cock was already rock-hard and tingling, as though he had been stroking it for hours without climax. He was so horny it was almost painful.

There was a dramatic lightning burst. Nick’s three sisters and Amber suddenly appeared in front of him, as if they were spirits from another realm. All engaged in some form of exotic dance, their bodies twirling and gyrating seductively, making Nick’s cock very aware of their every movement. A cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and he had to resist the urge to pant like an overheated animal.

Apart from the colors, pink, green, yellow and violet, the girls were dressed identically in semi-transparent costumes, with matching veils covering their noses and mouths, jewel-encrusted dancers’ tops that left liberal views of the soft flesh of their breasts and nipples, and loose, translucent skirts that sat very low on their hips. The skirts had big revealing slits at the sides that started from the waist and made the girls’ very shapely thighs seem to go on forever.

Nick had to tear his eyes off their breasts and hips before he noticed that each of them had a perfectly cut gemstone in her bellybutton. Even then, he would have been rather far from really caring if the light of the jewel didn’t accent their soft tight little bellies so deliciously, making him very nearly mad with lust.

He was half-standing on the satin cushions, completely lost to himself. His cock was harder than he ever thought possible. His fingers were squeezing the head as though to remove the last few ounces of cum from the tip, though he was yet to spill a single drop. His mouth hung wide open in reckless abandon.

Nick watched as the girls continued to perform their intoxicating dance, bare flesh twisting and writhing with every movement. Little subtle glimpses of ankles, asses, and breasts, their hair moving wildly as they continued to strut and gyrate devilishly, lifted his sprit and his overly engorged cock to new heights, so that every glance, every gesture left him completely spellbound.

Nick felt a sharp jolt of an elbow and turned to see his mother standing over him. She had been gently fanning him with a big woven fan, perhaps for some time, completely unnoticed by him. When his mother saw him look around, she was quick to offer him some delicious-looking fruit on a golden platter, and some wine in an unusually long vessel that reminded Nick of something he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Nick was in seventh heaven. This was better than anything he had ever experienced in his whole life. It was better than the time Amber swam around with her bikini wedged up her pussy, it was better than sex with Victoria on the altar at church, it was better than watching his two supernatural sisters make out under the influence of the pussy fruit.

His brief trip to hell was now light-years from his mind. The heat of the lava as he was hanging over it, the pain of the rose branches hitting his bare ass, all were completely forgotten.

Nick relaxed back down into the satin cushions and lay with a drunken smile on his face, as he ate and drank absently, watching the four heavenly bodies gyrating in front of him for his pleasure and his pleasure alone.

His member, which seemed like it casino oyna had been rock solid for ages, was positively screaming for attention, and he absent-mindedly tugged at it with his left hand while he continued to eat and drink.

The music became faster and faster, and the girls twisted and gyrated themselves into a neat line. Perfectly synchronized, they began to tear off little pieces of their skimpy costumes, which seemed to dissolve as they touched the marble floor. They maintained eye contact with Nick the whole time. Their expressions seemed to call to him and entice him to action, while at the same time leaving him trembling and completely unable to move.

Gradually, the costumes became less and less, until only the only things left were veils covering the girls’ faces and gemstones emphasizing the cut of their tight little bellies.

The pace of Nick’s hand quickened along with the tempo, but he somehow managed to force himself to slow down just a little as he felt the little twinge of pleasure that meant the approach of orgasm. He wanted to prolong this delicious moment as long as he could, though the sinking feeling in his gut just below his belly button told him it wouldn’t be for much longer.

The girls, now completely nude, continued to dance, their large full breasts swinging in time with the music. The dance became more and more erotic, and the girls were now performing moves that involved grabbing and squeezing their breasts in the palms of their hands and pretending to fuck themselves with invisible dildos, moaning loudly in pleasure.

Every few measures or so, there would be a lull in the music, and the girls would turn their bare asses towards Nick and lean down, ever-so slowly, to brush the floor with their fingertips. They would plunge down onto their elbow, their legs spread wide apart in an upside-down V shape.

Bent over the way they were, their naked pussy lips were completely exposed to Nick, and he was sorely tempted to run a finger or a tongue down their pink slits, but they always seemed just an inch out of reach. This was a fine enough sight to watch with one girl, but with four of the most beautiful girls in the world all doing it in perfect time, it was almost unbearable.

The girls gave a satisfying wiggle with their hind quarters. Elisabeth finished off the move by reaching behind herself and sliding her middle finger down between her pussy lips, dipping it briefly into her oh so tasty-looking cunt, and putting the digit up to Nick’s face to give him just a little taste. She then put the coated finger into her mouth, curling her lips around it seductively.

Nick found himself no longer able to stroke himself slowly enough to prevent an orgasm, and with a deep rumbling groan that seemed to fill the hall like drum music, lost all that was left of his control. He squirted a massive stream of hot white cum into the air in great passionate bursts. His body pulsed and trembled with the sensation that was so powerful he felt like it might break him in two.

With a swift move reminiscent of something out of a martial arts movie, Nick’s mother reached forward with a silver chalice and caught all his sperm, which was far more than he had ever ejaculated in the past.

Then, with perhaps a little more ceremony than was due, she placed the chalice on a granite pedestal next to three other identical but empty goblets.

Nick was surprised to find that, despite the pleasant tingling sensation that ran throughout his body, his orgasm didn’t soften his cock at all. It was every bit just as hard and sensitive as it was before he had ejaculated, and he could quite happily continue masturbating.

Nick smiled and began to stroke his cock even faster. After all, if his cock stayed perpetually hard, he could cum as many times as he wanted, something that only multi-orgasmic women like Elisabeth could normally do, and something that Nick was incredibly jealous off. Heaven knows, he wasn’t going to waste his newfound ability, and so he set to work on making as much cum as his balls could handle.

Amber and his sisters stepped up the action a little with another, ever-quickening tempo change, and for the first time they started to touch each other. In one swift movement, they all whipped off their veils and tossed them away so they fell to the floor and vanished, like the rest of their attire vanished before.

Amber and Victoria lay on the floor, facing Nick with their legs spread far apart to give him a liberal view of their dripping wet pussies. The arranged themselves, each with one hand caressing a breast and the other rubbing her own clit. Elisabeth and Mary stood over them, with their feet on either side of their heads, and slowly squatted down on the other women’s faces, pushing their pussies down onto their partners’ hungry mouths. They began to hump the other girls’ tongues, in time to the music of course, covering Victoria and Amber’s faces in sweet, sticky pussy juice.

Elisabeth’s juices glistening on Amber’s dark face, canlı casino and an ideal fantasy of his cock replacing Victoria’s tongue in Mary’s pussy, pushed Nick over the edge, and he exploded into the air for a second time.

Once again, his mother caught it gracefully in another of the identical silver chalices.

Almost before he had finished ejaculating, the girls had rearranged themselves so that they were laying on their sides on the floor, forming a square chain. They set about eating each other’s pussies. Amber was pleasuring Victoria, who was licking Elisabeth, who was licking Mary, who was licking Amber, all with one leg stretching high into the air. The thumping, pounding drum music was still playing somewhere in the distance, complemented by the wet sloshing sound of eaten pussies, but the movement was no longer in time to the beat. It was just pure girl-on-girl sex.

Nick stroked his cock merrily and came for the third time, followed by his mother’s lightning-quick reaction. Nick’s cum was caught in the third chalice.

The orgasm was almost more than Nick could handle. He buckled over and groaned, his eyes never leaving the bodies of the hot women who were busily licking, sucking and fondling each other’s pussies, heedless of Nick’s latest climax.

The chain broke apart, and once again the girls formed a line and knelt on the floor, their bodies glistening with sweat and juices. Nick’s heart thumped in his chest in anticipation and his massive hard-on was even more sensitive as it had been before he came. Fuck, how did women ever stop masturbating? Nick jerked himself off really quickly and not having a chalice to catch it in, he squirted into his left hand and ate it.

His sperm wasn’t nearly as bitter as he imagined it would be, and for once he thought he was beginning to understand how women like Elisabeth enjoyed sucking cock.

The music became louder and changed to something similar to a drum roll. The lighting dimmed ever-so-slightly, as though to create the mood for a romantic dinner.

Four polished marble phalluses rose out of the floor, one before each of the girls. Each girl positioned herself over a stone prick and her hips so that the tip of the phallus pressed between her pussy lips. Amber and Elisabeth winced slightly with the feel of the penetration. Gradually, all four girls allowed more and more of their weight to press down on the huge stone cocks, and their pussies were stretched wide as the phalluses pushed deep inside of them.

They moaned loudly, their voices ringing through the chamber like music as the drums continued to beat.

Once the slightly larger ends were enveloped in their slimy pussies, they allowed the dildos to slide deep within, until their cunt lips were nearly touching the floor.

Nick felt a strange vibrating rumble beneath the floor, accompanied by a mechanical noise, and the phalluses started to slowly move up and down. The girls remained still as the stone cocks filled their pussies and retracted. The background hum grew louder as the phalluses vibrated their way in and out. The girls groaned with the pleasure of being so completely filled one second and empty the next. The automated fucking became faster and faster and the girls began to scream as orgasms approached. Nick was stroking himself in time with the cocks and felt his own orgasm building within him. The smell of sex hung in the air and the sound of fucking became deafening as all the girls’ bodies erupted in shuddering climaxes. Eventually, Nick could not hold out any further. Once again, his mother was quick to collect the hot cock juice.

The phalluses retracted into the floor, leaving nothing but four little pools of pussy juice. The girls stood up, holding their sore aching pussies, and Nick’s mother walked towards them, holding a silver tray with the four chalices. Nick’s sisters and Amber each took a chalice and greedily drank the cum from it, letting a little dribble from the sides of their mouths.

The light in the room faded to complete darkness and Nick’s heart sank as he realized that his dream was fading.

Nick felt dizzy and slightly sick as he dissolved into the ornate floor. Falling through the empty darkness, he could still make out the marble sex room high above him as it became more and more distant, and he reached out towards it in desperation, trying to clutch at the mounts of womanly flesh and stubbornly refusing to let go of the oh-so delicious fantasy.

Below him, he caught sight of a new room appearing, as though from behind the horizon. It was only a tiny speck to start with, but it soon became clearer and clearer as it floated into range of his vision.

No! He didn’t want this! Wherever he was headed now surely couldn’t be any better than where he had just been! He closed his hand around the room he had just been in, which was now becoming unreal to him, more of a distant image or a memory than a real physical place.

Still, Nick wanted to try and claw his way back to it through the darkness, kaçak casino but it was no use. There was nothing to give his hands and feet traction to climb. He seemed to sink further and further into the unknown.

Feeling like a beaten animal, forced himself to turn to focus on his new destination, which was a lot closer now. He could make out a room, which looked remarkably like his own bedroom. There was his bed, his desk, the little trash can where he used to throw the used wads of tissue paper when he’d masturbate. They were like artifacts of another life-time.

Nick felt like he was peering in through a transparent ceiling, a window into his bedroom, into his life, as though it was someone else’s life. Needless to say, it was more than a little disconcerting.

Nick floated down a little closer, and he realized that there was someone laying naked on his bed. The woman rolled over, her large breasts flopping to the side. Nick gasped with newfound excitement. She had looked so hot before, racing to fill the chalices with his cum only minutes ago.

Another figure came into view, and it took a few moments for the shock to hit Nick, but all at once he became aware that he was now looking at himself on the bed and his mom was gone.

This didn’t do much to help his churning stomach and dizzy feeling. Nick couldn’t decide if he was looking at a ghost of himself, or if he was in fact the ghost or what, and the confusion was about to kill him outright.

Nick was hovering just above the room now. He felt himself becoming heavier, as though some invisible person was filling his weightless body with lead bricks. That was probably the reason he felt like he was going to fall, and he did. He fell down into the room and landed on top of his own body.

The landing was softer than he expected, but he did feel almost normal again. Strangely, there was no hole in the ceiling that he was now looking up at, and he realized that he had become himself, lying on the bed. He sat up quickly and tried to stop his head from spinning.

A moment later, he was startled by a bright pink dildo that flew across the room, nearly hitting him in the side of the head. It was accompanied by the sound of his sister shouting.

“This useless piece-of-shit dildo doesn’t fucking work properly!” Elisabeth screamed. “Why the devil does it have to always fall out of place when I try to stick it up myself! It’s unnatural!”

Nick swung round and saw Elisabeth sitting on the floor in the corner of his bedroom. She was naked, her soft pink breasts and rock hard nipples practically begging for attention. She sat with her back to the corner, her legs spread wide apart like a cheerleader doing the splits. She was frantically fingering and stroking her pussy, breathing very hard. It was so damp down there that her fingers were slipping. Her face was covered in tears of frustration, and she trying desperately to make herself cum. Nick looked around the room again and saw with amazement that it was now littered with discarded sex toys.

“What are you doing?” Nick asked, momentarily unable to believe his eyes.

“What the fuck does it look like?” his sister snapped, “It’s not working though. I can’t do it. I’m so fucking horny and I need to come so bad, but nothing I do works. And now my pussy is sore, and I don’t know what to do.”

Elisabeth lowered her head. A few tears rolled down her cheeks. Nick knelt on the floor in front of her. He could see her pussy was red and tender-looking. He clapped a hand on her shoulder and tried to comfort her.

“Hey, it’s okay. Maybe I can help you?” Nick said, hating himself a little for the way his voice trembled with longing as he spoke.

“How?” she continued to sob. “The only way you could help is if you fucked my brains out with that gorgeously hard cock of yours. That can’t happen because you’re my brother and I’m a virgin, and it’s wrong. So thanks for the offer, but I’m just gonna have to suffer.”

“Well, I can help in other ways. I can use my mouth and fingers on you. That way you’ll still be a virgin.”

Elisabeth looked up for a second, and stared into Nicks eyes.

“You’d do that for me?” said Elisabeth, smiling through the tears.

“Sure,” said Nick, looking hungrily at her pussy. “You need to come, and I can help you.”

“But it’s still wrong!” Elisabeth stammered. “You’re my brother you’re not supposed to touch me there!”

“I love you and I want to take care of you. How can that be wrong?” Nick said seriously.

Elisabeth stopped crying.

“Well, okay, then,” she said, “but what if it isn’t enough?”

“It can’t hurt to try.” Nick replied, trying to keep all eagerness from his voice this time and to his amazement Elisabeth nodded agreeably.

They both stood up and moved over to the bed. Elisabeth looked at Nick, and slowly and nervously kissed him on the lips.

“Thank you,” she said as she wiped her tears away. “You’re really good to me.”

Nick smiled, gently pushed her back onto the bed, and knelt on the floor in front of her. He looked at her beautiful pussy for a moment. It was shaved bare and very tender, with a little trickle of sparkling pussy juice seeping out of her hole between her pussy lips.

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