Bob’s First Photo Shoot with Lisa

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This is Bob’s story about his first photo shoot with LisaViva. This was his very first photo shoot of a nude model. LisaViva has written her version of the story and it can be found here:

I was living in Dallas and had been divorced about 5 years. I had always been a bit of a photo bug and had a nice SLR camera. I was taking some typical family photos now and then, but John, my next door neighbor in our apartment complex, had some other ideas. He told me that he had a friend who had taken some photos of a woman naked, just from advertising on line for a model.

I put him off at first, thinking it was strange and a little, I don’t know, maybe sleazy? In any case, he and I had drinks on Friday nights at the local bar, both of us being single and not dating at the time, and he mentioned it again a couple of times. I tried to call his bluff about the other guy he told me about, but he said he’d invite him the next week.

Sure enough, next week, another guy showed up and it was the one John told me about. He explained how he did it on Craigslist and he got some real nice women who let him take fully nude photographs. He said a couple of them even got excited by being nude and he had sex with them.

He grinned. “Hell, one of them sucked my cock like a pro. For all I know, she was a pro looking for some quick cash.”

The idea was stuck in my head now. My wife and I had been a little incompatible when it came to sex. Her idea of sex was a weekly romp where she lay down on her back and we fucked missionary until I filled her with cum. She had orgasms, but she seemed to shut her eyes and suppress them. Anyway, that meant that I was really horny and I missed eating pussy. I had really enjoyed that before I married and missed it during the 10 years we were married and since.

So, John and I sat down and used one of the methods that his friend had used. We wanted to take photographs of a kind of tramp stamp after it had been painted on a woman’s lower back. John was an amateur painter and pulled out some samples of what he might like to do.

I had a friend who leased office and small store space and he agreed to let us use one of his empty places as long as I let him see some photos. I laughed and told him that she might just blow us off as soon as she found out what we wanted.

The ad had barely been up a couple of days before a woman named Lisa answered. She wanted to discuss it so we told her when she could call me at home after work. She wanted to discuss it and talk to us. I’m sure she was being careful. John came over and she spoke to the two of us and we explained what we wanted. She said yes!

John got excited and I reminded him that we had to set it up the way I wanted and she might still back out. I also made sure that I had plenty of space on my camera.

Finally, the day arrived and we waited, somewhat patiently. John was a little more nervous and paced from time to time since we got there early. I was a little more relaxed. I think he was much more interested in getting her to fuck him, whereas I was just hoping to play. Besides, if it worked out, I would invite her back for just me to photograph.

Lisa arrived almost exactly at the appointed time. She knocked and we let her in. John was looking her up and down like a lioness at prey for her master. I was a little more discrete, but she looked damn good. She was cute, with nice round tits and what appeared to be a healthy ass. She was wearing a blouse, skirt, and low heels.

I had my nice Minolta SLR around my neck and she smiled when she saw it.

I introduced us and then explained. “John here is a painter and has always wanted to paint a tramp stamp on the lower back of a woman like the tattoos that some are getting now. I will take photos as he paints it and see how it looks. It will be non-permanent paint and wash off after a couple of showers.”

I walked over to the small table and picked up a well-worn medical smock that I had gotten from a medical supply store. I handed it to her. “Here, put this on. It will leave your back available so we can just undo the tie and John can paint on you. Take off all your clothes except for the smock so we don’t get any paint on them.” I looked down at erotik film izle her feet and continued, “But leave the heels on. It will look good in the photos.” I always loved the way heels made a woman’s legs and butt look.

I saw some momentary hesitation by Lisa. I was afraid she was going to say no and just leave. But she didn’t. “You want me naked with just the smock and the heels?”

“Yes, is that a problem?” I was a little nervous and holding my breath.

“No, not for $75.” She upped the amount.

I looked over at John, let out my breath, and grinned. “No problem.” $25 more? I would have been willing to go to $100 total. I wanted this cute little thing naked for my camera.

Lisa took the smock and disappeared into the small office. I looked at John and smiled. “This could be really good.”

“I hope so.” John looked a little too anxious to me.

“Relax and take it slow and things will work out,” I said as I moved the table and chairs for our shoot. One thing I learned during my time was that taking it slow with most women worked out to my advantage.

The door opened and Lisa walked out. Her nice tits were unmistakable in that gown, and it wasn’t very long. “Excellent!” She walked over and I pointed to the chair. “Stand here, just behind the chair and lean over it so that it provides John a nice canvas of your back for the painting.”

Lisa looked at it and I thought I detected a little hesitation, but she did it. She leaned over the back of the low chair and put her hands on the seat. When she leaned over the gown sagged and pulled on the ties. The ties left an opening from the middle of her back to her waist. From there on, it dropped to the side of her hips leaving most of her naked ass on display. Her nice round ass. I liked my women with some meat on their bones, not the skinny runway models, so Lisa was perfect.

Before I could stop myself, I told her what I was thinking. “You have a beautiful ass, Lisa.”

“Thank you.” She didn’t seem offended, which was good.

“You are actually a pretty young woman.”

“Thanks.” She seemed to become a little bolder after that, like she really needed to be told that.

“Let me get some initial photographs, John, and then you can start work.” I took a couple from the standing position, then I knelt and took some nice shots of her ass and legs. Her ass was scrumptious. I looked up and nodded to John after a few decent shots.

John moved forward and told her what he was going to do. “I’m just going to open the smock to get to your back.”

John untied the smock bow on her waist and it parted, baring Lisa from the waist down. We could already see her ass, but it was getting better now. The smock was open and was only held in place by the bows in the middle of her back and at her neck.

I wanted to spread her legs a little so I could get some shots of both her ass and pussy from behind so I decided to make some adjustments. “May I position your feet for the photos?”

“Sure.” Lisa continued to cooperate. Nice.

I moved forward a little and put my hand on her left ankle and pushed on it a little. She acquiesced and moved it about a foot to the left. Then I did the same with her right ankle. That opened her legs up for me to see her hairy pussy. It was obvious that she had not groomed in a while, but at this point I knew that John and I didn’t care.

I took a few photographs and then looked up to John and gave him the thumbs up to start getting her ready for painting. I also knew that John was hoping that we would get to the sex before he had to do too much. He was a little impatient.

John then started painting on her back. “Arch your back just a little to make the place where I am painting very flat and horizontal to the ground.” John untied the tie in the middle of her back and when he did, he ran his hand down her back and over her ass. I could see her tremble a little.

When she arched her back I got an even better view of the furrow down the middle of her pubic hair where her pussy was. She seemed to be getting a little excited. God, I hope so.

John reached up and untied the last bow at Lisa’s neck. The smock dropped away and I almost gasped. Lisa had gorgeous big round tits to go along with her ass. Fuck! This film izle girl was packing flesh!

I heard John say, “Don’t move right now,” as he continued painting.

I turned over on my back, staying out of John’s way and crawled under Lisa, between her legs. I took a few pictures of her pussy and then I even got some of her hanging tits. Everything was perfect and she was cooperating. I had to tell her, maybe put her at ease and make her feel good. “Lisa, I think you have a very sexy, beautiful, and hairy pussy.”

I continued to take pictures and I thought I could detect excitement in her. I was hoping she was ready for the next steps when I saw John step back and take his pants off.

I wrapped my right hand around her left ankle and moved it lightly up and down. I wanted to see her reaction and when she moaned lightly, I figured she was okay with what was happening and maybe even looking forward to it.

I moved my hand moved slowly up her leg and I could feel her tremble a little. I sat up a little and moved between her thighs. I planted a light kiss on her inner thigh. She gave a sexy moan at that and I knew at that point that Lisa was okay with everything that was happening.

John leaned over, turned her head to the side, and kissed her. I also saw him reach under her and grab her left tit. It was a handful and I could tell he liked it. I then leaned up and ran my tongue along the outside lips of her pussy. I could now see and smell her arousal. She was getting wet and aromatic, her pussy ready for sex.

“Oh, god.” I heard her mutter.

John continued to kiss her and feel her tits. I also saw him pull lightly on her nipples. I started licking her pussy. She was definitely wet and turned on by all this, and was really getting into it. I tongue-fucked her, then licked up through her slit to her clit and gave it some light sucks. She was delicious. Some women taste a little tart for me, but Lisa’s was actually sweet and tasty.

I could feel Lisa’s breathing increase so I wrapped my arms around her ass and pulled her hard against my mouth. I started really going to town on her, wanting her to reach orgasm. She started humping against my mouth, trying to get there now. I kept eating her and licking her until she finally reached that orgasm. She let out a big breath and started jerking. She kept jerking and I think she would have fallen to the floor, her knees giving out, if the chair and I weren’t holding her up. I kept my contact with her enough to keep her jerking and squirming since her pussy was so sensitive right after an orgasm.

We continued to work on her until John wanted to move on. My neck needed a break, too.

John then stopped kissing her. “Is Bob good at eating pussy?”

“Fuck, yes.” I grinned when I heard that and kept up my oral attack on her sweet pussy.

John stopped kissing her, took her hand and led her to a small loveseat. He pulled the two of them down on the loveseat sitting next to each other. I crawled over from where we were before to get between her legs again. I grabbed her legs and spread them wide. Her pussy lips spread open, giving us both a good look at the inner pink hole. John had leaned forward to look, too.

I looked up at Lisa. “Your pussy is so wet. It’s so wet and sweet. I want more.” And I dove back in and started eating that delicious pussy again. I could hear her moan and she even then threw her head back and moaned, “Oh, fuck”. Then John turned her head toward him and his hard cock. His cock was standing straight up and he started pulling Lisa down for a blowjob.

Lisa didn’t hesitate or try to stop it. I saw her wrap her hand around it and go, “Mmmm,” She then wrapped her lips around it, and started sucking. John put his hand on her head and pushed her up and down. Lisa seemed fine with it and John grinned at me.

I saw John grin at me. “You like sucking cock, Lisa?” John was testing Lisa to see if she liked dirty talk.

“Mmmmm.” Lisa never stopped her blowjob as she murmured her answer.

I kept eating Lisa and making her cum. Once she started, she seemed like she was ready for the next one. She was very sensitive after the first one. Every time she had an orgasm I could feel her pull off John and moan and groan as she came. I would let up seks filmi izle a little and let her catch her breath, but as soon as she went back to sucking John, I would start in again on her delicious pussy.

I loved this and I knew that things were going well. I then leaned back and focused my camera on her pussy again. I took a couple of snaps of that and then a few from a couple feet further back so I could get her pussy, her tits, and her sucking John all in the frame.

Then John pulled her off his cock and sat back. “Sit on my cock and fuck me, beautiful.” I sat back and watched as he guided her to face away from him and toward me and sit on his cock.

She slowly lowered herself onto it and I watched it penetrate her very wet pussy. “Oh, yes. Oh, my. That feels good.” She was definitely enjoying her sex with us.

She looked at me so I grinned and then knelt before her, looking in her eyes and at her entire body as she started to fuck John. “You have such a pretty, wet pussy, and you have gorgeous tits.” I leaned in and captured the right nipple. She moaned and steadied herself a little as John started thrusting up into her. I kept licking; first her right tit and then her left. They were large, heavy, and sensitive. I went up and kissed her on the mouth. She seemed to be approaching orgasm.

“Keep playing with my nipples, Bob.”

I pulled back and looked directly into her eyes and starting playing with her tits, lightly pinching and pulling on the nipples. She seemed to love nipple play. I could hear little grunts as John fucked her really hard. I kept playing with her nipples to get her to have a good orgasm.

She threw her head back and bounced up and down on John’s cock really hard, trying to get the big one. She was bouncing hard and started almost panting. When she next opened her eyes, I took her head in my hands and stared directly into her eyes, watching the emotions play across her face as she approached orgasm.

Finally, she came on John’s cock. She jerked hard, threw back her head and started groaning as she came. She was going through her orgasm and John kept fucking her hard. He hadn’t cum yet and was enjoying fucking her through her orgasm. John kept fucking her and I kept teasing her nipples. We kept her cumming for a long time, her body racked with spasms.

I pulled up my camera near the end of her orgasm and captured much of the moment. She was beautiful cumming like that, just letting go and enjoying the moment.

When done, she finally opened her eyes again and said one word, “Jesus.” She seemed to really enjoy that orgasm.

After her orgasm, John kept fucking her and I could tell he was going to cum in her. I kept taking pictures, trying to capture the eroticism of this moment. John was getting close and grabbed her hips tight to keep thrusting into her. I took a couple more photos, then freed my hard cock.

“Fuck me hard, John. Cum in me. C’mon, John, fuck me!” She was really into it now and wanted John to cum, too.

John was close, so I took my cock in my hand and stepped right up to a foot from Lisa. “Look at my hard cock. It’s so hard because you have a delicious pussy, great tits, and love to fuck. I am going to cum all over those great tits.”

John suddenly spoke. “I’m going to cum in your cunt. Ugh!” He started filling her up. “Oh, fuck, your pussy is milking me so good.”

I watched her face as she enjoyed John’s cumming in her pussy. Her face had a smile on it and she was breathing heavily, causing her tits to shake and bounce. Fucking fantastic.

I could feel it coming. “Here it comes. I’m going to cover your tits.” And I did. I hadn’t cum in about a week. I spurted several times, covering her tits with thick, creamy cum. It started slowly dripping down her body.

I moved back and took a couple more pictures of her sitting on John’s cock with cum dripping down her tits and across her belly and it also captured the big mess of cum running out of her pussy and onto John below.

Finally, she stood up and reached for John’s t-shirt. It was laying on the arm of the loveseat. She picked it up and made a show of wiping her dripping pussy and then her chest of all our cum. She tossed the shirt onto the floor and went to get her clothes. I kept taking photographs the entire time.

She turned to go and said. “Nice job, guys. I can’t wait to see the pictures.”

I watched her go and thought that I needed to schedule a photo shoot for just the two of us as soon as possible.

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