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If Angela hadn’t ‘phoned to invite me to her house for a quiet ‘all girls together’ night in with her friend Sarah, I might have been quite lonely that weekend

My flatmate Ebony was going to be away at a posh Law Society function and was staying overnight at the swanky venue so, when Angela offered me the opportunity to sleep over until the Sunday morning, I agreed instantly.

I’d first met Angela and Sarah at one of the ‘Playthings’ parties that my mum hosts for girls wanting to spice up their bedroom activities with seductive underwear and sex toys.

I also work for ‘Playthings’ in one of their retail boutiques in a shopping precinct and although I’d socialised with Angela and Sarah a few times, there’d never been even a hint of sexual desire between us. As far as I knew, they were both happily married and straight.

I was expecting nothing more than a pleasant evening of girly chat and perhaps more than a few glasses of wine.

Angela’s husband Don was away on one of his frequent business trips and Sarah’s husband Gary was on a ‘lad’s only’ golfing weekend on the Costa del Sol so it all worked out perfectly.

Three girls temporarily abandoned by their partners and coming together for an innocent, all female party.

In their early thirties, Angela and Sarah were perhaps three or four years older than I was but because they worked out so regularly at the gym, they were really very fit indeed.

I arrived at Angela’s house around seven thirty and Sarah’s Mercedes was already parked in front of the large triple garage. I parked my MX5 next to it and ambled up to the front door.

I had a little overnight bag with me with just a few essentials including a change of clothes, some baby oil and of course my magic bullet vibrator just in case I needed an emergency orgasm during the night.

I was dressed very casually in jeans and a plain white blouse and was pleased to see that the others had also decided not to ‘dress up’ for the occasion.

Angela had prepared a good selection of tasty snacks and presented each of us with a ridiculously large glass of white wine. We chatted for the best part of an hour, mostly about what we all got up to in the bedroom with our partners and, comparing notes.

I took a sip from my glass, ran my finger around the rim and asked, ” Does anyone here fancy a man tonight?”

Sarah replied slightly sarcastically, “Have you brought one with you?”

I said, “No, but I can soon get one, I’ll just order a takeaway.”

They both looked bemused and sneered, “A takeaway?”

“Yes.” I said, “But not an Indian or a Chinese, I’m talking about a stud.”

I explained that a good customer of mine ran an escort agency and had some of the best sexual athletes on her books. Because of my connection with ‘Playthings’ I could get a twenty five percent discount.

Sarah asked, “Are you suggesting that we hire a man and pay for sex?”

I replied, “Ebony and I have a wide circle of special friends that we can have sex with anytime but as a special treat, we like to hire a guy from time to time. The one thing you can rely on with Marcia’s men is that they’re good looking, well endowed with loads of stamina. They simply wouldn’t make it onto her books otherwise”

Sarah still wasn’t convinced and said, “I seems a bit cold.”

“On the contrary.” I replied. “When you’ve bought and paid for a man, he’s yours to use and abuse as you want, that’s the contract. You have no idea what he even looks like until he walks through your door in fact, the only thing do you know for certain is that you’re going to meet a complete stranger and have hardcore sex with him within a few minutes of his arrival.

Angela said, “Go on Candy, this is starting to sound quite interesting.”

I said, “Ebony and I have treated ourselves a few times now and we’ve even started filming our sessions on a camcorder. These guys are quite expensive to hire but we split the cost and like to watch the action replays over and over again.”

Angela looked at Sarah and asked, “What do you think?”

Sarah replied, “I’m up for it if you are.”

Angela turned to me and said, “Sold. You make the call and I’ll set the camera up.”

Then she disappeared upstairs.

I dialled Marcia’s number on my mobile and Sarah stood by but could only hear my end of the conversation

“Hi Marcia, Candy Fullerton from Plaything’s. Yes I’m good thanks, listen, I’m at a little get-together with a couple of my girlfriends and basically, we need a man pronto.”

There was a pause while Marcia responded and I said, “To be honest, we’re not really bothered as long as he smells nice and can fuck all night. There are three hot and horny women waiting here.”

There was another pause and Sarah was looking at me.

“So what’s the cost Marcia.” I asked, “Remember, I’m a regular customer.”

She quoted me the price and I put the ‘phone against my chest and said to Sarah, “Even with my discount it’s going to cost two hundred and fifty each.”

Sarah shrugged casino oyna her shoulders and said, “Yes, OK.”

I put the ‘phone back to my ear and said to Marcia, “Agreed, what time can we expect him?”

I gave Marcia my credit card details and the address and we finished the call.

Angela re-joined us and I said, “So girls, It’s all arranged. Two fifty each and we’ve got just over an hour before he turns up.”

Sarah said, “Candy I’m starting to feel very naughty, I’ve never played away before.”

Angela replied, “It’s just fun Sarah, Gary’s a lovely guy but this is just hardcore entertainment, am I right Candy?”

I replied, “It’s true Sarah, tonight you’re going to be a total slut but tomorrow, you’ll be the same sweet Sarah that you’ve always been.”

“Ok,” I asked, “What do we do between now and when our stud turns up?”

“I know,” Angela suggested, “Let’s get in the mood. Don’s got a great stash of porn films, I’ll put one on and see if we can get a few ideas.”

Angela selected a DVD at random and put in the player. The home cinema system fired up and the film started to play in stunning HD.

I can’t remember the title or the names of the actors but it featured a very attractive dark haired girl with piercing blue eyes and a fit looking guy with a big cock. It was set in an office and included the usual sucking and fucking with a bit of anal thrown in for good measure.

All these films result in a cumshot, which nowadays, can be very impressive.

This one certainly didn’t disappoint. The lovely girl knelt in front of the guy with her mouth open waiting for him to deliver and, as the first spurt of his creamy load fired into her mouth without touching the sides, she moved closer so as not to miss the next one.

She took squirt after squirt and apart from a few dribbles on her chin, she’d managed to get pretty much all of it. She then looked up at him, smiled and rolled the milky white contents of her mouth around with her tongue and opened her throat slowly letting it slide sweetly all the way down like a mouthful of fresh slippery oysters.

She then took his cock in her hand and licked the last few precious droplets before swallowing and finished by licking her luscious lips.

As the film faded out, Angela asked, “What did you think of that?”

I replied, “I love it when a man delivers a big load. I was with my hairdresser Simon the other evening and he always creams me beautifully.”

Angela said, “I let Don come in my mouth whenever he wants but I’ve never swallowed it. I just let it drizzle out and onto my tits. Tonight though, I’m going to drink some cum.”

Sarah said, “I liked the bit where she bent over the desk and took it up her arse. I’ve tried it so many times with Gary but his cock is so thick that we can’t get it in. He gives it to me with a dildo, but if this guy tonight is the right size, I’m definitely having some anal.”

Angela said comfortingly, “I’ve got plenty of lube in the bedroom if you need it”

We had a discussion about what we wanted this guy to do to us and agreed that as the hostess, Angela should present our demands.

Sarah then said, “I think we should all be naked when he turns up, that way he’ll know that we’re not interested in ballroom dancing practice.”

We all agreed and, with only twenty minutes or so before his ETA, we started to strip.

None of us had seen each other naked before so we posed like glamour models at a photo shoot.

We were all roughly the same height with curvy figures and generous helpings in the breast department. My long peachy blonde hair draping way beyond my shoulders contrasted with the short styles of the other two.

Angela had chestnut brown hair and a clean-shaven pussy just like mine, whereas Sarah had russet coloured hair and a matching tuft just above her slit.

I said, “Girls, I have to ask you the question, have you ever had a sex with another woman?”

They both shook their heads and Sarah said, “No Candy but I’m getting so fucking excited about tonight that I just want to go for everything.”

Angela looked at her and said, “Me too.”

We only had a few minutes left before our hunk arrived so I said, “Maybe we should use the time to practice.”

I motioned Sarah to slouch on the large sofa and I parted her legs so that I could get my face between them. I licked the insides of her thighs and she twitched with the tickling sensation.

I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and gave her erect clit a featherlite flick with my tongue She gasped slightly as the soft but powerful feeling permeated through her body.

She began to moan softly as my tongue explored her soft moist flesh and the gateway to her vagina.

Behind me I could feel Angela’s tongue doing much the same thing to me and I enjoyed it when her finger penetrated my pussy. As she began to finger me, we heard the sound of crunching gravel outside as a car pulled up on the driveway so, we all disconnected and sat on the sofa side by side.

Angela canlı casino had already left the front door slightly open so that the first vision our man our man would enjoy as he entered the lounge was of three attractive naked women.

“He’s here.” Sarah whispered as we took up our positions on the sofa with our legs crossed to preserve what little remained of our modesty.

The doorbell rang and Angela called out, “Come in, the door’s open.”

We were all trembling with excitement as we heard footsteps crossing the solid hardwood floor of the hallway, not knowing what our stud would even look like.

As the lounge door slowly opened, we all gasped with genuine shock as not one, but two gorgeous hunky men entered the room bearing bouquets of beautiful flowers.

The tall blonde one announced, “Good evening ladies, I’m Ian and this is Calvin, we are your company for this evening.”

Calvin was probably the best looking black guy I’d ever seen and he had a velvety voice which said, “We hope you enjoy this evening, please accept these flowers with our compliments.”

They were both smartly dressed in dark suits with crisp white shirts and expensive looking silk ties.

Angela stood up, walked towards them to receive the flowers and asked, Guys, what’s all this, we only ordered one.”

Ian replied, “Marcia told me to tell you that because Candy is such a good and loyal customer, Calvin is included in this assignment with her compliments.”

Sarah piped up, “So it’s like, buy one, get one free.”

I responded, “Way to go Marcia.”

Angela took the flowers and invited the two guys to sit on an adjacent sofa. They looked quite young, perhaps in their early twenties but to be honest, we didn’t really care. They were here on a mission and that was that.

They indicated that all they wanted to drink was sparkling water so Angela obliged and then sat down on the sofa between Sarah and me.

“Fella’s, She said, “I’m Angela, this is Candy and this is Sarah. Apart from the fact we are three hot and horny sluts that have paid a fortune for your services tonight, that’s really all you need to know.”

Then, as though she’d rehearsed the speech many times she confidently said,

“The thing is, guy’s you know why you’re here and so do we. We were only expecting one so two’s a nice bonus, but the terms are the same.

In a nutshell, we want you to fuck us senseless in all three holes without objection or complaint. We hope you’ve got plenty of stamina because we’re all fucking desperate and, when the time is right, we want you to deliver bucketloads of creamy manjuice all over our faces.”

“Don’t worry about making us come, we can take care of that ourselves later and, we’ll be filming every second of it. Is that all clear?”

Simultaneously the guys grinned and responded. “Perfectly.”

“Then” said Angela, “OK, let’s take this party upstairs.”

She led the way, followed by Ian and Calvin with Sarah and I bringing up the rear.

We entered the huge master bedroom which featured a massive circular bed flanked on both sides by full height mirrored wardrobes. The most unusual aspect was that the floor was split level. As we looked at it, the floor was so low on the left-hand side that the edge of the bed was about waist height. Then it gradually swept upwards around the foot of the bed so that by the time it reached the right hand side, the floor was level with the edge of the bed.

I remarked to Angela, “That’s quirky.”

She replied, “It came with the house when we bought it. Apparently, the previous owners held swingers parties here and had this specially made for group sex.”

She peeled off the duvet and laid it on the floor beside the bed and walked over to where she’d set the camera on a tripod.

She switched it on and said,” The memory card’s got about 2 hours on it. I’ll edit the footage and add the close-ups later.”

Now then everyone, let’s get to it, there’s plenty of toys under the pillows, feel free to use them.”

Then the three of us lay side by side on the bed spreading our legs and, as if we’d previously rehearsed it, we started stroking our slits.

Without any prompting the boys started to strip until they were down to their boxers and they teased us by rubbing their hands over their bulges without showing their flesh.

Our expectations were high and we weren’t disappointed when they finally eased their pants off.

Standing before us were two handsome young fit guys with perfect physiques and generous portions of delicious looking manmeat standing erect from their loins. Calvin’s shiny black cock looked the bigger of the two but there probably wasn’t much in it.

They were tenderly stroking themselves as they slipped into the space we made available for them in the centre of the bed. They lay back with their arms outstretched behind them and there was no longer any need to stroke themselves because Angela and Sarah were either side of them and had taken over.

I positioned kaçak casino myself behind the boys and lowered my tits to their faces so they each had one of nipples to suck. They sucked me hard and it felt terrific. Then I felt a hand reaching between my legs and a finger exploring the soft moist flesh of my anal hole and vagina. I felt the finger slip into my pussy hole and start to massage my cavity. I didn’t know which of the guy’s it was but it didn’t matter because I was going to have them both anyway.

Meanwhile, Angela and Sarah were in full cock sucking mode. They both had a generous mouthful and were looking at each other as they timed their motions to a perfect rhythm.

After a few minutes they swapped men and carried on sucking them hard.

I was really enjoying being fingered but was looking forward to something much bigger.

For the time being though I was content with foreplay so I got up and straddled Calvin’s face.

I wasn’t especially gentle I just shoved my genitals over his nose and mouth and, trying not to suffocate him, rocked myself back and forth until I could feel his tongue inside me.

He was grasping my thighs and holding me down. How he was managing to breath I have no idea but his tongue was so far in, it felt like a mini cock. I wasn’t going to ignore Ian but this guy was bringing me close to a climax so I decided to go with it.

With his nose rubbing my clit and his tongue fucking my pussy hole it wasn’t long before I felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm building. Within seconds I was coming but Calvin had me clutched so tightly that I couldn’t jolt, I just had to let it engulf me.

The other girls heard my moans of pleasure and I heard Sarah say “Lucky cow.”

Once my orgasm had subsided I lifted myself off Calvin and lowered myself onto Ian’s face.

I was so worked up that after a few seconds of him sucking the hard button of my clit, another wave of ecstasy crashed over me and I suffered another violent orgasm.

The other two said nothing, they both had their mouths full.

Then the girls disconnected themselves and stroked their guy’s cocks as they laid them against their stomachs. Ian’s reached an inch or so beyond his navel but Calvin’s was actually a good two inches longer.

I watched as Sarah straddled Ian and guided the tip of his cock into the moist gateway to her vagina and settled down on it in one smooth, penetrating movement.

She groaned with the pleasure and whispered, “God I love it when my cunt’s full of cock.”

Not to be outdone, Angela positioned herself over Calvin’s body and let him find her opening.

Once the tip was in, she wriggled her hips and I watched as she took him completely into her warm, welcoming body.

As they both lifted and lowered themselves, I caught glimpses of the guy’s cocks glistening with succulent pussy juices and, almost as if they were connected to each other, their sex became more energetic and in perfect synch. The guys were squeezing the girl’s luscious tits and tweaking their nipples.

The only contribution I could make was to finger the girl’s clits as they fucked and although they were straight, they didn’t seem to mind the female attention.

Angela then lifted herself off and moved to the left-hand side of the bed, she positioned herself on her back, right on the edge. She lifted her legs in the air held them there with arms behind her knees. I immediately realised why the bed was designed as it was and reached under a pillow for one of the toys. More by luck than judgement I pulled out a glorious black vibrator, which could have been a replica of Calvin’s cock and took up an exact position next to Angela.

Only stopping briefly to let Angela suck her juices off it, Calvin ambled round to the left of the bed slowly stroking his cock and when he arrived, it was exactly at the right height to penetrate her.

He leaned forward and slowly ran his tongue from her anus to the top of her slit probing her two entry points and tickling the hard button of her clit.

He then presented the tip of his cock and teased her pussy hole and gently squeezed it in. She gave a little gasp and then a slow satisfying moan as his manhood penetrated her completely.

He then began to fuck her tenderly with long slow rhythmic strokes and was way past her navel internally.

I handed Calvin the vibrator and he switched it on. On an outstroke he smeared some of Angela’s juices on it as lubrication and then slipped it into my damp pussy as far as it would go.

The sensation of Calvin’s replica cock was amazing and I could feel my whole body tingling.

Calvin gave Angela ten or twelve strokes and then withdrew. I felt him pull the vibrator out of me and a few seconds later he penetrated me with his cock so far that I could feel the tip pressing hard against my womb. He inserted the toy into Angela and she sighed with pleasure.

Then, ten or twelve strokes later, he swapped round again.

He repeated this pattern several times. This guy could effectively fuck two girls at once without much effort.

I could hear Sarah making feminine grunting noises as she treated Ian’s cock to some energetic friction and I could see them reflected in the mirror.

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