Cathy and Dave Pt. 02

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Chapter 4

Like Cathy, Dave Sanders was also accustomed to having his share of lovers. He was rarely the pursuer, as many women simply could not help themselves. Instead of his wedding ring repelling women from him, for some reason, it instead seemed to attract them. Dave’s current flame was his legal assistant, Sarah Mitchell.

On this particular day, most of the staff was in court or off-site in depositions, which left the two of them quite alone atop the twenty-third floor of the law firm of Higgins, Marshton, Stein and Sanders.

Now sitting in his walnut paneled, corner office of Executive Row, Dave looked down at Sarah who was nestled between his legs as her full red lips traveled up and down his thick cock. Sarah Mitchell knew how to suck a dick and she was giving her boss, a little afternoon blow to take the stress out of the air.

Dave had a few loose ends to tie up before he could get to Hawaii and had to send Cathy there in advance to make sure everything was in order for his daughter’s wedding. Even so, it seemed that a little “break” from the daily legal grind would still be in order every now-and-then. He chuckled softly to himself as he watched Sarah’s lips wrap tightly around his shaft while her hands fondled his ball sack. Dave’s eyes rolled back and closed as he leaned deeply into his chair to enjoy her oral assault on his stiff joint.

She looked up at him with her bright blue eyes and let his cock slip from her mouth long enough to ask, “Is this what you needed Mr. Sanders?”

Without even opening his eyes, Dave replied, “Oh yes, Ms. Mitchell, you are doing a truly wonderful job of, ‘dick-tation’.”

With a slight giggle in her voice, Sarah resumed her dick sucking and as his assistant continued to service him, Dave thought back to his early days at the firm and the event that jettisoned his legal career.

Quite a number of years ago when his daughter, Stephanie wasn’t quite a year old and while Cathy was at some, “tradeshow” trying to get a promotion, Dave was a struggling attorney looking for his, “big break” at the firm. It finally arrived and was disguised as a merger that nobody wanted to touch. There was too much risk and it required too much time.

However, when Dave was offered the opportunity to work it, he decided to give it a shot. He worked day and night. He was on and off the phone with both his client and the attorney for the other company for weeks in a row. He was getting real close but the deal was still, unsecured.

As a relatively unproven commodity at the firm, he wasn’t getting a lot of support but there was one paralegal, Amanda Griffin that had taken pity on him and agreed to stay behind for this one evening to help him get this deal sealed up.

Amanda was a, “seasoned pro”. She was 35 years of age and married with two kids. Her husband was also a professional and since she didn’t want the hassle and politics of being an “attorney”, she was satisfied with what she was doing.

Now when Amanda first met Dave, her heart skipped a beat. Over the first year of his work with the firm, she had never had an opportunity to work with him but her current workload was a little light and she decided to try and help him.

Amanda had a very proper and professional look about her. Her hair was always perfect and her suits were tailored to fit her 34C-25-35 frame. While she had a, “little spread” from childbirth, she was still in good shape and was attractive by anyone’s standards. Her hazel eyes were mesmerizing and she knew it. She also had rich, full lips and cute little dimples. Her hair was dark brown and was carried at shoulder length.

As she reviewed Dave’s work, she frankly thought, “He’s brilliant”. She could not believe how far this deal had progressed when nobody else had wanted it. It was through sheer energy, hard work and guts that he got the deal to a point where, it just might swing. While to date, Dave had done all the work himself, she committed herself to doing as much as she could this evening to help him close it.

Amanda sat down with Dave in a conference room over Chinese food and was amazed at how he conducted himself and his business. He had only had a few hours of sleep over the past couple of days but his energy was flowing and contagious. The two of them reviewed the documents for the last time and by 10:30 PM, they had the deal wrapped up and won.

As the signed contracts hit the fax machine, Dave allowed himself a moment to recline his chair and close his eyes. His work was done and he knew the quality of it would pave his way in the firm.

Amanda put the signed documents on his desk and without intending to breach protocol, got behind Dave’s chair and started to rub his firm shoulders and neck while congratulating him on his fine work. Dave leaned heavily in the back of the chair allowing Amanda to have access to the tops of his shoulders and the front of his chest.

Her hands felt like magic to Dave. He didn’t realize how tired he was until Amanda started working her hands all over his upper casino siteleri body. Outside of a couple of, “Dave you did great”, and “This was a deal for the record book”, style comments from Amanda, there was really no conversing.

Dave just let Amanda’s hands roam all over his tired body. His soft moans were all Amanda needed to continue her massage.

However, what started as an innocent massage was now becoming something more to Amanda. She loved the feel of Dave’s body and became keenly aware of how his body felt under her probing hands. She wanted this man and she wanted him tonight. She could already feel the tell tale trickle of juice in her own pussy.

Amanda was a married woman and she loved her family but Dave was a, “total stud” and she couldn’t hold back her interest.

As Dave’s head lay back on the chair, Amanda became more daring with her hands. Dave had long since lost his tie and Amanda’s hands were now creeping down the front of this shirt and over his firm, hairy chest. Dave continued to utter soft moans and said, “Oh, Amanda, that feels so good.”

It felt good to Amanda too. The lust in the room, at least from her perspective, was thick. She was a fair bit older than Dave but knew she looked pretty good. All that said, her mind started to ask, “Does he want me?”

She leaned further forward over Dave so that her cheek was next to his resting face and this allowed her to slide her hands all the way down the front of his shirt. As she leaned forward to reach down to Dave’s firm stomach she could feel his breath on her neck and it gave her chills.

Amanda lost herself for a moment and pulled her hands from Dave’s shirt and started unbuttoning it, one after another. Dave gave no hint of trying to stop her. Once she had all of the buttons free, she pulled out Dave’s shirttails so that she had free and easy access to his upper torso.

Amanda’s mind was, “on fire”. Her body was soaring with energy. He was so muscular and so tight. Like Dave, she was now starting to moan as her hands slid over the front of his body.

Dave knew that Amanda was hot for him and he was having a little fun letting her seduce him. While he knew that she was tied up in knots on the inside, he sat comfortably, enjoying his massage. He was completely at ease and knew that once he made his move that there was no chance of getting caught as even the cleaning people had left for the evening.

As Amanda’s hands continued to slide over Dave’s chest and stomach she could see a massive expanse in the front of his slacks. Amanda licked her lips in anticipation.

Dave felt this had gone on long enough so he reached up and pulled Amanda’s neck to his mouth and he started to suck on her neck while she, in response, began to lick and suck on his upper chest.

Amanda felt like she was hooked up to an electric generator. The magic of his mouth on her neck nearly made her orgasm. Her hands, out of sheer instinct went right to the bulge in his pants and as she squeezed his shaft, Dave lifted his ass up out of the chair to push his cock into her hands.

Then, while Amanda worked at the zipper of his pants, he turned his face to hers and plunged his tongue into her mouth. Amanda could not recall ever being this turned on. She was desperate for this man to fuck her.

While their tongues danced, Amanda was successful in working Dave’s sizeable cock through the fly of his pants. As she freed his, “one-eyed” monster, her hand started to work up and down his thick shaft. As they broke from their kiss, she looked down and upon seeing his package for the first time, hissed, “Niceeeeee…”

After another kiss, Amanda reached behind her, pulled down the zipper of her dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. As she stepped out of her garment, she turned Dave in his chair so that he was facing her. Dressed only in a bra, panties and thigh high stockings, she got on her knees and took the biggest cock she ever saw deep into her throat.

Not too many women could orally handle Dave’s dick but Amanda was making every effort. She slid her tongue all over his shaft and balls and then shoved as much cock down her throat as she could fit.

After enjoying the attention of Amanda’s mouth, Dave stood and helped Amanda to her feet. He kissed her deeply while unfastening her bra. Amanda didn’t wait for Dave and pulled her own panties off. Dave chuckled at her obvious enthusiasm.

Dave pushed all of the papers from the desk and sat Amanda so that her legs were dangling over the edge. Dave kissed her again and then moved his mouth to her nipples. Standing between her dangling legs, and while feasting on her 34C breasts, his cock was sliding along Amanda’s inner thigh.

She reached up and started to stroke his shaft with her hand but not for long as Dave trailed his tongue down to her belly and sunk his tongue into her fuck hole. Amanda had an instant orgasm as soon as Dave’s tongue found her clit.

She wrapped her legs around Dave’s head and pushed her sex at his face. Amanda was humping canlı casino his tongue and Dave was lapping up her juices. As Dave added a single digit to probe her canal of love, Amanda let loose with her second orgasm.

Before she could come down from it, Dave stood and grabbed Amanda’s hips and forced his thick cock into her very married, cunt.

“Oh my god Dave!” she screamed as his cock bottomed out in her tunnel and she shook with her third orgasm.

Amanda wrapped her legs around Dave’s waist and he started to really pound her cunt.

Their bodies were slamming hard and her pussy was almost sucking at his cock.

“Fuck me, Dave. Fuck me, Dave.”

“Do you like my dick Amanda?”

“I’ve never had anything like it. Fuck me.”

As he continued to slam into her body, Dave continued, “What about tomorrow Amanda, will you let me fuck you tomorrow?”

Between pants, Amanda replied, “Anytime you want Dave. Anyway you want me. I’ll always be ready for you.”

Dave pushed once more and let his sperm fly into Amanda’s tubes. His ejaculate was incredible and Amanda shivered at the thought of this beautiful man’s sperms swimming in her body in search of her egg. For a moment, she actually regretted being on the pill.

After letting the last of his fluid drain from his cock into Amanda, Dave asked, “Do you want to fuck one more time tonight?”

Amanda was elated. “Do you think you can get it up again?”

With his hand around his cock, Dave said, “If you’re nice to me I will.”

Amanda showed no hesitation and for the second time that evening got on the floor between Dave’s legs and took his penis into her mouth. After only a few moments, Dave was as hard as a rock.

This time, he had Amanda lean over the desk and he took her from behind. He loved watching her ass bounce as he pushed his slab of meat into her cunt. He slid his hands all over her ass and pushed his finger into her rectum. Amanda had never had that done to her before but she knew that it sure felt good feeling Dave’s big cock in her cunt and his finger in her ass. She was flying through yet another orgasm.

As Dave continued to pump into her he asked, “You ever been fucked in the ass before?”

“No, , , I haven’t”

“Well, then tomorrow, bring some lubricant ’cause I intend to fuck this ass tomorrow night.”

Without even hesitating, Amanda replied, “Ok baby, whatever you want….”

The next morning, Dave arrived at work with a closed order for a merger that nobody thought would happen and immediately became the, “fair haired boy”. Everything he touched turned to gold.

The amazing sex last night with Amanda was only the beginning. During work that afternoon, Amanda called David into a meeting room. As she closed the door, she leapt at him and kissed him with every ounce of her being. Her hands were pressing against the outline of his cock and his hands were on the front of her chest caressing her ample breasts.

They broke their kiss while their hands still wandered over each other’s body. Amanda was still rubbing Dave’s cock through his pants and Dave had slid his hands up under Amanda’s dress and between her legs. He took the liberty of sliding her panties out of the way, so that he could finger bang her in the conference room.

As Amanda humped his hand, she said, “Dave, I brought the lube. I can’t wait to feel you fuck my ass. Where should we go?”

Dave explained that Cathy was still out of town at a trade show and since Stephanie was staying with her grandparents that he could fuck her at their apartment.

“Dave, I don’t think I can wait that long.”

“Well, what would you suggest?”

“Let’s meet somewhere secluded for lunch. I need to at least handle and suck on this monster of yours.”

Neither could think of the perfect place so they ended up in a grocery store parking lot. Dave got out of his car and got into Amanda’s mini-van. Amanda drove to a remote part of the lot and when they got into the back of the van, Amanda got a mouthful of monster-cock-cum.

After work, Amanda came to Dave and Cathy’s apartment. They wasted no time getting out of their clothes. Dave had Amanda lean over the bed with her ass sticking out at him. He ran his hands over her fine curves. Around her hips, down her back, he cupped her sex and then slid his hands through the crack of her ass. He brought his face down and started to lick her sex – very lightly at first, and then with more purpose. He worked his finger into her cunt and then into her ass.

His tongue continued to plunge into her primary orifice while his finger was pushing into her rectum. Amanda loved this anal play and was quite excited at knowing that she would soon feel her lover’s cock in her ass.

Dave unscrewed the lube and squirted it onto Amanda’s butt hole. He used his fingers to smooth it around and pushed some inside to make it easier for him to take her ass cherry.

Then he stood and smeared more lube on the shaft and head of his dick. With Amanda still positioned over the kaçak casino bed, he aimed his missile at the target and pushed it home.

“Oh god, it’s so BIG Dave!”

“Baby, there’s a lot more to go, I barely have the head in.”

Dave slowly pushed himself further into Amanda’s butt. He would push in, let it set a second so that she could get used to it and then pushed in further.

He finally got half way in and went ahead and pushed that balance into her shit hole.

Amanda yelped, “Go slow baby. Remember, this ass is virgin.”

Dave slowly started to rock his cock back and forth inside of Amanda. In a few minutes, she started to really enjoy it.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass, lover. Oh it feels so good.”

“Go ahead and finger fuck your clit while I fuck your ass Amada. It’ll give you a massive orgasm”

Amanda had never masturbated in front of anyone before but this now seemed rather trivial when considering all the recent events; fucking in the office, sucking off a junior attorney in her family’s mini-van and further, she was now in the marital bed of another women with her husband’s cock now shoved deeply into her butt. Therefore, any possible embarrassment at masturbating in front of Dave quickly left her mind as she was so far down the path of debauchery, it made very little difference. Now having lost all concern of appearances, Amanda reached down and started to finger herself while she felt Dave’s cock slide in and out of her ass.

“Ohhhhh, you’re right, this does feel good”, she cooed which was quickly followed by, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!”

As she soared into orgasm, Dave dumped his load as far up into her ass as his dick could reach.

At the memory of his first anal fuck with Amanda began to fade, his eyes opened again with the present day scene as he watched his assistant, Sarah deep throat his dick. In short order, Dave could feel his balls begin to boil and soon let rope after rope of sticky, gooey cum loose into Sarah’s willing throat.

As he felt the last of his ejaculate leave the head of his dick, Dave said, “Oh baby, that felt so good….. I really needed that.”

Swallowing the last of his goop, Sarah looked up with a drop of his jism running down her chin and replied, “Will there be anything else, Mr. Sanders?”

“Of course,” Dave replied and with the lurid thoughts of a past affair with Amanda still circling in his head continued, “I’ll need to fuck that pretty ass of yours tonight.”

Sarah smiled and knowing that Dave’s wife was already in Hawaii finalizing the arrangements for their daughter’s wedding, knew that they would have an entire night together. She was giddy with anticipation for an evening alone with her boss and lover, Dave Sanders.

Chapter 5

After finishing up a few items in the office, Dave with Sarah’s help finished the last few loose ends from the day and then while driving in separate vehicles, left the office.

As planned, Dave picked up Sarah in an inconspicuous local restaurant parking lot and she quickly entered the passenger side of his car with her overnight bag. She gave Dave a big sloppy kiss and proceeded to pull his cock from his zipper so that she could rub it while he drove.

Sarah was wildly attracted to Dave. She still couldn’t believe how hard she had fallen for him or how easy it was to have an affair with this particular married man. She thought back to how, “uncharacteristic” it was in the fashion that she had just, “thrown herself at him” but that is exactly what she did at an office party celebrating a major legal victory just a few short months ago. One minute she was sipping champagne with Dave in amongst the entire office and after whispering her strong attraction and desire to be alone with him, they quickly stole away to his office. She recalled how exciting it felt to be in his office, naked from the waist down fucking Dave Sanders in his overstuffed office chair. She could still remember their own grunts of sexual desire, attraction and eventually, satisfaction while simultaneously hearing the sound of the revelers, still in full swing on the floor below them.

The relationship grew quickly and they found themselves fucking several times a week. She knew that Dave especially enjoyed a morning blow job which she was always more than happy to provide. While she knew that Dave loved his wife and would never leave Cathy, their relationship of sex and “almost” love seemed to somehow satiate Sarah on every level.

After turning onto the highway, Dave looked from the road to watch Sarah’s small hand glide up and down his shaft. Smiling with approval, he once again took notice of her physical beauty. Sarah had light brown hair that she normally wore up but when left alone, fell to just beneath her shoulders. At only 25 years of age, she had a youthful glow, lovely blue eyes and a set of tits that were most certainly big at 38″ C but truly appeared enormous on her otherwise, petite frame.

The speed of the car slowed as they neared Dave’s neighborhood and Sarah, from previous experience, ducked down in the seat so that no neighbors would see her. As the car entered the driveway, the Sander’s automatic garage door opened, the car pulled in, the garage door closed and the night was theirs.

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