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A guy approached Lisa and I in a bar and asked us if we wanted to be in a movie. He was careful to reveal details but eventually told us it was a xxx blockbuster, and they were filming the final orgy scene in a club in Melbourne. The money was good, and the idea was better.

The next day we arrived at the location and showed our passes to get in. The director we’d met was shuffling furniture around. It was a dungeon. The walls were covered in clasps and chains. Some of the actors were wearing heavy bondage gear, but others were in street gear like us. There were whips, birches and all sorts of restraints. The idea was that the main character had wandered into this frenzy of sex looking for someone, so the camera would follow him around. All of the rest of us had to basically fuck and torture each other, and do it for real. For half an hour or so we had drinks and met the other people then we all stripped off and the light blazed up.

The sex began. The filming would only start when the heat was building up. Lisa had already caught the eye of some of the guys so I knew she was going to have a good time.

Lisa and I began by sitting in a big old chesterfield. I fingered her pussy and nudged at her clit to get her wet. Lisa opened her legs, draping them over the sides of the chair. I knelt in front of the chair and began licking and biting at her cunt. Lisa grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, arching her back against the cool leather of the chair. I slid two, the three fingers into Lisa’s cunt, now growing hotter by the minute, and hand-fucked her like that while pressing my tongue hard onto her swelling clit. Around us other couples had begun to get started. One guy was tied to a frame, being whipped by a woman who held his balls tight in her fist. “Worthless cunt” she kept saying. Red marks were appearing on the guys arse. Another woman had been cuffed to the wall, and two men were all over her, greedily biting her tits and pussy while she squirmed. The cameras were rolling.

I changed places with Lisa and let her sink onto my cock, so I could fuck her while she took in the action. Her cunt was boiling. I had to hold myself still for a moment in case the sensation took me too far too soon. Lisa slowly glided up and down my shaft as I scratched at her back, and she watched the others. casino oyna The guy on the rack was really copping a serve. “You enjoy being weak and hopeless don’t you,” the woman was saying, pulling his head back and slapping his face. He obviously did enjoy it because seconds later while she took a birch to his ass fiercely he screamed out and sprayed cum high in the air. The woman licked his face and began to untie him.

A woman we had met was leaning against the bar with both hands while her partner fucked her hard from behind. Another guy knelt on the bar and she greedily jerked at his dick. The woman spread her legs further and her partner knelt down and sucked at her ass. He found some lube he’d hidden under the bar, and began to finger her ass. Gradually, as the woman braced herself against the metal railing the guy slipped all four fingers in her expanding asshole, then his hand disappeared up to the wrist. The woman gasped and breathed hard, then slowly pushed against the guys hand. It was pretty spectacular. The camera honed in and captured the action. The guy then, to our amazement forced his other hand into the woman’s cunt. She stared at the ceiling with her eyes closed, carried away with absolute pleasure mingled with pain.

There were props too. One was a giant wooden devil with a 10 inch dick. Two men had lifted a woman up and were lowering her onto the fake cock until it disappeared inside her. She wrapped her feet around the statue and fucked the thing wildly. Another statue had a dick at just the right height for a woman in front of us to amaze us by backing onto the object until the dick was swallowed by her arse. “Somebody fill my cunt” she screamed, and a guy manoeuvred himself into position and pushed his cock inside. It was a threesome with two people and a statue.

Lisa and I moved into an area where 3 couples were messing around. One pair were about 45, The guy had the women’s legs over his shoulders and was pumping wildly. She was sucking on a young guy’s dick. The three had arrived together. I wondered whether there was something a little incestuous going on. Then the woman said “You like mummy doing that don’t you” to the young bloke. Lisa and I froze for a moment then the old guy whispered to me that it was some role-playing they did. Lisa and I managed to get our concentration canlı casino back, and I told her to go and say hello to a guy chained to the wall with his cock sticking high in the air. She strode over and grabbed the helpless guy’s rock hard rock “I could break this fucking thing off” she snarled. “How do you feel about that?” “No!” he said. “Well” said Lisa “let’s see what you can do then.”

Lisa grabbed the brackets of the chains and hoisted herself up over the head of the pulsating member, and dropped to her feet taking it into her cunt. The guy moaned. “Don’t come bastard” said Lisa. She began to gyrate around the guy’s dick plunging it further into to her pussy. “Don’t come yet motherfucker” she said. I stood behind Lisa. My own hard on was aching. I held her ass cheeks firmly, spread them apart and gradually found the opening to her tight asshole. I pressed and felt Lisa’s beautiful muscles suck me deep into her ass. The other guy was doing his best not to come as I began to thrust harder against Lisa’s cheeks. “Let’s see him shoot” I whispered to Lisa and she backed away slightly. With my dick still firm in her butt, she started to wank her prisoner. “Come on then. Fire way” she said. Within seconds the guy shrieked and a huge salvo of spunk hit Lisa’s tits. His spasms continued and gradually died. We left him there stuck to the wall. I wanted to blow my load as well., and pushed Lisa onto the floor. ” Deep and hard up my ass, you slut.” She whispered to me. ” Suddenly Lisa had a huge cock sliding down her throat. Some bloke who’d arrived from nowhere. It gave her something to hang on to as I thumped against her. “That’s it babe” I said, going out of my mind with smut, “You’re a cocksucker. You’re a dirty sex-bitch, and you love it.” I began to shiver as the cum raced from my balls towards my dick. I gripped Lisa hard and exploded deep inside her. Her muscles squeezed with me. She was an expert. The other guy came too. Lisa swallowed the lot. I was impressed,

Pretty soon everyone was exhausted and we all ate lunch. Lisa sat on my lap as I fed her bits of anti-pasto and salmon sandwiches. Not a bad way to make a living. The director wanted to have another session in the afternoon. I asked Lisa if she was OK to keep going and she looked at me like I was an idiot.

Lisa was to become kaçak casino the focus of attention in this scene. Before I’d even got naked, she was being held by three guys as another pushed a big fake cock in her ass, and two silver vibrtors in her cunt. The men manipulated these and wanked as the camera circulated the scene. The men fucked Lisa harder and pulled at their rigid stiffs with their free hands. Almost on cue. The guys spurted jizz all over Lisa as she shuddered and came herself. I gave her a thumbs up and laughed.

Lisa was now completely quivering with insatiable lust. She wanted this orgy to go on forever. Two women laid Lisa on the bar. One sat on her face, while the other ate Lisa’s pussy. One girl grabbed a vodka bottle from the bar and screwed it into Lisas’ pussy, stretching her cunt lips wide apart. Two men then fucked the women while they kissed and licked at Lisa. The director was thrilled.

I sat in the chair being sucked off by the 45 year old chick, who had huge tits. I fucked her in between them for a while then pushed her back down onto my cock so I could watch Lisa. The director was building up for the finale. Since Lisa had been the star of the show he chose her for the plan he had. With ropes hanging from the ceiling, Lisa was tied by her hands, legs, and body so she was hanging in a kind of hammock about three feet above the ground. It looked painful but she was supported. As the last restraint was tied, Lisa swayed slightly. She looked magnificent. As everyone surrounded her, she looked like an alien queen ready to give orders. The men had to line up and fuck Lisa. As they did she was pushed around as if floating in water. The guys had to grip her hips to get the fucking rhythmical. Lisa vanished into a haze of pleasure, as the men took it in turns to feel the gorgeous pleasures of her hot cunt. As each man withdrew the women were kneeling below to suck them off. I was last in line. I fucked Lisa like a man possessed. The ropes creaked. I gripped Lisa’s hair to hold her close to me, to ensure my aching cock stayed was enveloped by the steaming wetness. The director, told everyone they had to get ready to come. Somehow it worked. As I pulled my dick out and shot thick creamy bullets of cum over Lisas belly the other men followed, drenching Lisa in semen.

CUT!! Yelled the director. Lisa and I started laughing. “Get this poor woman down ” I shouted. Lisa and I cleaned up in the bathroom. The dude gave us a double bonus. “Fancy a movie?” I said to Lisa “Yeah, why not” she said…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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