Caught Pt. 01

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Around my late teens I began to notice the beauty of my friend Colby’s Step Mother.

Heidi, She was mid 30’s, a little taller than average, maybe about 5′ 8″ almost 6′ in heels, she had a head of thick brown hair, about shoulder length, she was naturally thick, carrying two perfectly shaped Double D breasts. For her age and having two kids, she hadn’t sagged much. Her waist curved into an almost hour glass rolling out wide into a big round well shaped ass, thick thighs met her legs down to her perfect little feet. She kept well trimmed and painted. Boy, did I love her feet.

His Dad had married a younger women after his Wife left him for an old rich guy who was on his death bed.

I wasn’t the only one, Colby had too, he was 19, unemployed, still living at home. He would get bored at home after looking for work and start looking around. He told me stories about how he stumbled upon his parents box of marital aids, aka, Dildos, Vibrators, Cock Rings, and one very kinky Remote Controlled Vibrator. Which he would take note of going missing every now and then.

“Aside from all those toys..” He mentioned. “She also wears some of the skimpiest panties!”

I looked at him puzzled.

“I have a lot of free time… And… I have needs too.” He said trailing off.

“What exactly do you do with them?” I asked, puzzled.

“You’re joking right? Dirty panties, my needs, you have to put that together.”

I had already figured it out.

“Well, you wouldn’t mind if I did that some time.. Would you?” I asked nervously.

“Uh… hum… you know..” He fumbled for the words. “I don’t know how it would work and…”

“Oh come on! You get to do it, I haven’t been laid in months! I need this!” I pleaded.

“Well, okay, let’s try and do this.” He said concerned.

“Crash here this thursday night, when they leave in the morning, after all the kids, I’ll show you.” He said.

“YES! I’m so ready!” I said excitedly, as if I’ve never been with another woman.

“Calm down.. you act like this is the first time you’ve ever seen a casino siteleri woman’s undies!” he said jokingly.

The week passed I was consistently getting more and more nervous as I caught myself masturbating to her pictures. Some of which featured her large cleavage, or the occasionally foot pop. I was on a fast track to popping myself.

Thursday night rolls around, I’m at his house. Sitting to dinner. His dad was on a business trip making it all the better for me.

“So, what’s the special occasion that you guys are doing friday?” Heidi asked raising her brow.

“There’s a job fair at the local community college.” We both say, which, wasn’t far from the truth, Colby didn’t drive, but I had my license.

“Oh that’s great! I’m glad, you bums could use a job!” She said.

At that moment she got up, turning around her pink and white stripped thong showing itself. Colby noticed me gawking.

“Dude! Stop, my brothers are here, you don’t want him to notice” Colby whispered.

His brothers were young, he would have immediately blown my cover.

“Sorry, I just can’t help myself, I’m like half staff here.” I had secretly hoped those were the panties I would find.

The night carried on, we all sat in the family room, his brothers had gone to bed. It was just Colby, Heidi and I watching tv. I eyeballed her sitting on the couch, she had changed into just a tank top, with the casual beige bra underneath supporting her busty bosom, a pair of pink stripped pjs covered her legs and some pink fuzzy socks on her cute small feet.

“Phew, it’s been a long day!” She said stirring conversation and taking off her socks.

“Oh yeah, it sure has.” I say trying not to look at her now bare feet.

“Yeah? It must be hard to sit down all day playing video games and flirting with our neighbors.” She said laughing. At this point she had noticed I was looking at her toes. Flexing and rubbing them together.

“Well, you know how I do, gotta do something to pass the time.” I mustered out.

“So, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s canlı casino bed time, got another long day tomorrow.” Colby said.

“You fine on the couch?” Heidi said.

The couch was across from her bedroom.

“Yeah, that’s fine!” I said.

“Tone it down..” Colby whispered as he got up.

She brought me out a pillow and a blanket. “Let me know if you need anything else. Otherwise, here’s the remote and have a good night sweetie.”

My penis was raging in my pants, trying to break free as she walked into her room. He hips swayed as her butt checks giggled in her semi tight pj bottoms.

She gently shut her door, leaving it cracked.

Sigh. “If only she knew how hot I thought she was. I would show her some love.” I thought to myself.

I laid down turning the light off, on the couch, in my boxers. Dreaming of her, touching her body, firm breasts in my mouth, hand on her butt. Then, her feet, oh, her feet, teasing gently on my smooth cock. I woke up around midnight, her door was open a little wider.

Sigh. I looked down, at my member standing proud. The digital clock read 12:30 in bright green. Under the blanket I decided to pull out my cock, I started to jerk a little when I heard some stirring.

I stopped. Nervously looked around decided to get up. Collecting my breathe, I got on my feet. Went to the bathroom. I gathered some courage and peered into her room before I went back to bed.

I gently pushed open the door, to reveal her gorgeous body resting fast asleep, her breasts were pointing up as she was sprawled out on the bed. Her eyes were covered in a sleep mask. Her left hand and foot lay off the bed.

I couldn’t control myself. In my boxers there was a war. I pulled myself out through the hole in front. My cock was hard and definitely making his presence known.

Sigh. I felt depraved as I got on my knees, my face inches from her beautiful foot. I breathed in, the smell was of lavender, her feet were clean. I took a lick as I stroked myself. The taste was salty and perfume. I moaned. She stirred. I froze. kaçak casino She was still out. I gathered a little more bravery and stood, still out of my boxers, I was leaking precum. Trying to breathe quietly, I sighed and placed my cock in her hand. She spoke “Fine Jerry, I’ll give you a little something.” still fast asleep.

She wrapped her hand on my cock and started moving it. I covered my mouth.

“Must be cold in here, you’re smaller than usual.” She said in a daze, still asleep.

I looked down to see her fist pumping. I inhaled, squinted and stopped her hand and covered my head as I spurted out. Her grip tightened as I came. Collecting most of my cum in my own hand, I tried to calm my panting as I smoothly pulled my still hard cock out of her hand.

“Okay honey, now go back to bed,” she yawned.

“Wow… Did I just get away with that?” I thought as I shimmed back to the bathroom to clean my hand. I saw the clock, it read 1:00. I gotta go back to bed.

A few hours later I heard the shower come on and half opened my eye to peer into her room. She didn’t notice me, or the small amount of semen I left on her hand. She casually got ready for her shower as she undressed in her room, her bathroom was connected to master bed. I eyed her as she pulled off her tank top and bra revealing her breasts and her quarter sized areola’s. I was hard at this moment. She turned and pulled her pj bottoms with her panties down. Bingo. The same pink and white stripped number from last night. She turned around barely covering her self, I squinted hopping she didn’t notice. I saw her smirk and went back to her bathroom.

I couldn’t wait to bury my nose in her panties, her freshly removed delicate fabric that was the closest I will ever get to her warm, soft pink pussy. I crawled as quietly as I could. Hands and knees into her room, nervously picking up the fabric. Pressing it to my nose. Breathing in the scent of this mothers pussy, my penis grew erect, I stroked. Still inhaling the scent.

The door shut. I heard her throat clear.

“MmmmHmmmm…” She cleared.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She said.

My heart stopped. I was on my knees, cock erect in hand. Mid stroke, mid inhale. Precum dripping on her carpet.

“Well, what am I going do to you now?”

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