Chelsi’s Family Visit

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“Ok, can’t wait to see you!” Chelsi said as she hung up her cell phone. Mom and Dad were on their way and she literally couldn’t wait to see them. She had just moved into her own apartment and really wanted them to see it.

Chelsi had another reason to get excited about this visit. The last time she saw her Mom and Dad they didn’t realize just how much she saw of them, or maybe they did.

Chelsi was home for Christmas. She woke up one night and thought she heard a noise. She got up and walked down the hall toward the noise, which was coming from her parents’ room. She walked to the door and listened. She heard a lot of movement from inside and put her ear up to the door out of curiosity.

Her head pushed the already open door slightly more open, enough to look inside. On the bed she saw the silhouette of her father’s fit, firm body on top of her mother’s voluptuous frame. They were making intense love. Chelsi’s first reaction was to quickly back away but she couldn’t move. She decided to watch for awhile.

It was intoxicating. The two people she loved most in the world were making love to each other. She always thought before that her father was an attractive man, but now she had confirmation that he was, in fact, HOT. He could be a movie star, she thought. A Harrison Ford type. He watched his hips thrust into his mother, his hands grasp his mother’s large breast, his soft lips kiss her mother’s lips and face. She was captivated but felt a little bit envious! She reached down between her own legs and felt her warm, soft pussy throbbing as she watched.

Then, what happened next was something she’d never forget. A turning point in how she thought of her father forever. Chelsi let out a small moan as she rubbed her clit. Her father, Rick, looked toward the door and saw her standing there with her hand in her pajama pants. He gave her a smile and a quick nod before going back down on Chelsi’s mother.

Chelsi was shocked and quickly turned away and went back to her bed, her heart throbbing, her face red with embarrassment. She laid back in bed and massaged her clit until she exploded in pleasure, all the while thinking of her father. Her father! She couldn’t believe she just masturbated to thoughts of her father. Not only that, but he saw her rubbing herself and liked what he saw! She could hardly sleep, but eventually managed to close her eyes and drift away.

The next morning Chelsi wondered if she had just had a really exotic, though utterly perplexing dream. She got up and walked down to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Chelsi was an extremely attractive 24 year old young woman. She was about 5’2″, 100 pounds, and had two full, perky, B-cup breasts. She had a smooth, light complexion and perfect long, brown, straight, full-bodied hair that came down to the center of her back.

That morning she was wearing a tight pair of pajama pants and a very low cut tank top that really accentuated her ample cleavage. She wasn’t wearing underwear so every curve of her ass was perfectly visible through the thin pajama bottom material. She knew she looked good, and this morning wondered if her father might think the same thing.

There he was, sitting at the breakfast table. When she saw him her heart jumped again and she remembered last night vividly. It was no dream. She definitely met his eye gaze last night as he was making love to her mother! She quickly gained her composure as her father smiled and looked her up and down. Chelsi felt his eyes on her body. She was so aroused, but tried to suppress the urges she felt welling up inside of her.

“Good morning,” Rick said to his daughter. “Sleep well?” he asked with a slight smirk. Chelsi felt her face turn red and she looked over at her mother at the kitchen sink in her bathrobe. “Good morning Sweetie!” Karrie said. She was very perky this morning, Chelsi thought, and it was no wonder after what she got last night.

“Um, yeah, kind of,” Chelsi said, a bit uncomfortable. “How about you guys?”

“Oh, fantastic,” her father said. He got up to walk toward the sink with his empty bowl. On the way he brushed past Chelsi. His scent drove her wild. She couldn’t believe she was so attracted to her own father. Rick walked over to Karrie at the sink and put his hand on her ass and gave her a quick kiss. He then looked at Chelsi and winked.

What in the world, was that jealousy she felt? She was shocked. illegal bahis She could not believe these feelings were surfacing.

That was six months ago, and now she was in her apartment waiting for her parents to visit. She had thought about that night often, and pleasured herself to the thought of her father many, many times over the last few months.

Would this weekend be the start of something incredible or just more veiled sexual frustration, Chelsi thought? Was she being ridiculous? Probably. She didn’t know. Chelsi was so confused.

They arrived and got situated, and the evening passed normally. Chelsi was a little disappointed. She had put on make up and dressed in a hot little skirt and tight tank top with no bra that she thought would drive her father wild.

But there was not a hint that her father was at all thinking about their eyes meeting that winter night at home. Maybe she was just over-thinking this, she thought. Maybe there was nothing there. They had gone out for a nice dinner and had some small talk but nothing remotely like before.

“Well, it was a long drive. We’re all pretty tired. Chels, we’ll just sleep on your floor on the aerobed if that’s ok,” her father said. They had some wine at dinner and Chelsi was tired and a little tipsy from the wine. Her mother was just flat drunk, Chelsi thought, but her Dad seemed pretty lucid. He always did.

“You look like you’re ready for bed, Mom,” Chelsi said as she set up the aerobed on the floor of her one-bedroom apartment.

“Oh, I sure am,” Karrie replied.

When her father went into the bathroom and closed the door Chelsi took off her shirt and skirt and thong, and slipped on her pajama pants and tank top – the same “outfit” she wore that incredible evening. Mom also took off her clothes, and was a bit awkward at it as she was definitely drunk.

“May I help you,” Chelsi asked her mother, sweetly.

“Yes, please,” Karrie said as she took off her shirt, exposing her rather large breasts stuffed into a white bra. Chelsi had seen her mother’s breasts before but tonight felt a little bit aroused looking at them bursting out of the sides and top of the bra. She could see that her hard nipples were sticking out from the lycra spandex of the bra cup.

“Well, let me help you then momma, turn around,” Chelsi reached around and unsnapped her mother’s bra. Her boobs fell out onto her chest and stomach. Chelsi looked at them. Still perky for a woman her age, and very big. She could see why her father loved to squeeze them like he was that night. She didn’t just have a nice pair of boobs, Chelsi thought. She had a hot set of tits.

That night was on her mind again.

“You’re getting pretty big yourself,” Karrie turned her head and said as she turned around and looked at Chelsi’s breasts in her tight tank top. Chelsi was a little embarrassed and instinctively tried to put her arm up over her chest, but as Karrie turned around, her hand brushed against Chelsi’s left boob.

“Thanks Mom. Um, yours really look good too!” she said, not sure what to say.

“Thanks Honey,” she said and reached over and kissed Chelsi on the cheek. As she did, Chelsi lifted up her hand and brushed her mother’s soft, large, slightly sagging breast. They were so soft. She was shocked that she was copping a feel on her mom!

Just then, Chelsi looked up and saw her father standing in the doorway watching. He was in his boxer shorts and nothing else. He was very fit, not an ounce of fat on him, and muscular. Chelsi looked at the bulge in his shorts. Oh my god, he’s huge, Chelsi thought. She turned red again as her father came in and laid down on the aerobed. Karrie had managed her own way out of her pants by then and was laying down next to him. She immediately closed her eyes and started to breathe as if she was asleep.

“Good night, Chelsi,” Rick said as Chelsi sat on her bed. He looked at her again, like he did that morning at home, and Chelsi felt his eyes on her breasts again.

“Good night Dad,” Chelsi said, her heart thumping again, and she leaned back on her bed after shutting the light. There was light from outside coming in through the window allowing her to see the figures of her mom and dad lying down on the floor next to her. She reached her hand down her pants and slowly rubbed her clit as she watched them. Then Chelsi drifted off to sleep herself.

“Chelsi,” she heard illegal bahis siteleri a voice in her ear. A soft, reassuring voice. “Chelsi, are you awake Honey?” Chelsi opened her eyes and saw her father, sitting on her bed. Rick started rubbing Chelsi’s back.

“Um, yeah, I’m up,” Chelsi said as she focused on him. She looked down and saw her mother’s naked body lying on the aerobed. Her legs were slightly spread and she was lying on her back, still asleep.

“Your mom’s really out of it, and I’m having trouble sleeping,” he said, as he rubbed her back harder. “I was thinking about you and thought about how excited I was to come down here and see you.”

Chelsi loved her father’s touch. She looked up at him and caught his eye. “Dad, I was so excited for you to visit. I have really missed you since Christmas. Have you missed me Daddy?” She was flirting with him.

“I really did Chels,” he said, and he started rubbing her shoulders, and then her arms. His hand brushed her breasts and he looked her in the eyes as it did. He leaned over and kissed his daughter on the mouth. “Chelsi, you are so attractive, just like your mom.”

Chelsi at first was nervous, but then decided to kiss him back. She didn’t like the comment about her mom. Of course she was more attractive than her mom! She kissed him softly at first, and then harder. She felt his tongue and couldn’t believe the feeling. Then she felt his hand cup her breast and massage it, first through her tank top, then down her shirt. Her nipples were extremely erect and she felt her father’s strong hands rub against them.

“Lay down with me,” Chelsi told her father as he pulled back the blankets and lie down along side of her. He caressed his daughter’s body, her breasts, her flat stomach, and down to her thighs. He felt Chelsi’s body tense up and release each time his hands explored a new area. They kept kissing, and Chelsi’s hands started to explore her father’s muscular body.

“Chelsi, you’re so beautiful,” Rick said to her as he slowly removed her top. Chelsi’s firm, perky breasts fell out of the tank top and were fully exposed. Rick leaned over and kissed them, using his tongue to keep her nipples erect. Chelsi arched her back and let out a small moan.

“Hey, you two,” Chelsi looked up startled by her naked mother, still obviously drunk but watching from the aero bed, sitting up slightly. “You two make a cute couple,” she said and let out a pathetic drunken laugh.

“Thanks Mom,” Chelsi said dismissively, closing her eyes again and feeling her father’s touch. She wasn’t about to let her ruin this. “Go back to sleep, ok?”

“I don’t think so,” Karrie said, sitting up a little more.

Rick just ignored her, and reached his hands down to the waistband of his daughter’s pajama pants. He slid the pants down her legs and looked at her closely cropped bush and visible pussy lips. Chelsi’s hands wandered down to his boxer shorts and she felt the bulge grow larger, and larger, and larger.

“Oh my God,” Chelsi exclaimed. “Daddy . . .” she felt his thick dick through the boxer shorts. It was gigantic. She had no idea, but assumed it was big. Just didn’t think it was THIS big.

“I’m going to be gentle with you Honey, don’t worry,” her father said reassuringly, perhaps reading the shock on his little girl’s face.

“Hey you two, I don’t know if . . .” Karrie trailed off.

“Shut up, Mom!” Chelsi was getting annoyed. “You’re drunk, just go to sleep.” She didn’t want her interrupting and had tremendous feelings of jealousy to think that her father might listen to her and stop what he was doing. She waited too long for this.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered in Chelsi’s ear as he rested on top of his daughter between her legs. She could feel his rock hard cock pressed up against her pussy lips.

“Oh, Daddy, do you want to make love to me,” Chelsi said in her sexy, seductive voice.

Without answering, Rick eased his massive dick toward the opening of Chelsi’s tight little pussy and slowly started to push into her. Chelsi immediately moaned in approval and wrapped her arms around her father’s body and pulled him into her. He could feel every inch of him entering her and it was amazing. She felt his large cock head push into her, then every inch of his thick shaft. She couldn’t believe that she was getting laid by her father, and was excited about it! She kissed him passionately as he canlı bahis siteleri pushed his way in.

“Does that hurt, are you ok Honey?” Rick said gingerly to his daughter as he continued to take her. “Let me know if you can’t take anymore.”

With that Chelsi grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way inside of her as she let out a huge moan. “Oh, Daddy, fuck me,” she begged.

That woke her mother. Karrie shot up and looked at her husband fucking her daughter. Rick was thrusting his dick into Chelsi’s warm, wet pussy as Chelsi moaned in approval, thrusting her own hips in time with his. Rick kissed Chelsi’s neck and ear lobes and Chelsi’s wide open mouth as she breathed heavily and moaned with pleasure.

“Ricky, be careful, don’t cum into her!” Karrie was almost incoherent.

“Shut up Mom,” Chelsi, out of breath, yelled at her mother. “Leave us alone!” she scolded her and looked back at her father. “C’mon, fuck me Daddy, fuck me so hard, and cum into me!” She couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth but she’d never felt so good.

Karrie sat up and attempted to grab Rick and pull him off of Chelsi. Chelsi looked up and saw her and lightly kicked her in the chest, knocking her back on the aerobed. “Owww,” Karrie said. “Rick, don’t you dare cum into her!”

Rick was insane with pleasure and hearing Karrie tell him not to cum into his daughter only made him want to cum hard into the little bitch. Chelsi moaned and whispered, “Cum hard for me Daddy, please I want you to fill me up, fill me up with your cum.”

Rick picked up the pace and started thrusting into Chelsi even harder. Chelsi’s moaning turned to soft screaming as he could feel that she was starting to cum herself. “Oh, you’re fucking me so hard!”

Chelsi looked over and saw that her mother was now lying on her side and rubbing her clit with one hand while grabbing her large breast in the other! She was feeling herself to the sight of her husband and daughter fucking each other. That put Chelsi over the edge and she immediately started screaming at the top of her lungs, “Ohhhhh, OHHHH, Daddy I’m cumming, I’m cumming, you’re making me cum so hard! I’m cumming so hard for you Daddy. Oh my GOD!!!! Mommy, Daddy’s making me cum for him!”

With that Rick looked at Chelsi and said, “Ok Honey, that was fucking hot! I’m going to fill you up,” and he thrust his dick way up inside of her and immediately began to release his hot load of cum into her tight, wet pussy.

“Oh, YEAH, Daddy, fill me up. FILL ME UP!” Chelsi screamed, still in the midst of the longest orgasm she’d ever had. She looked over when she heard her mother also breathing heavily giving herself an orgasm.

“Oh my GOD, thank you Daddy. Thank you thank you thank you,” she was completely out of breath. Her father collapsed on top of her and she hugged him hard. They gave each other a passionate kiss and then both looked over at Karrie, who had also collapsed, her hand still cupping her breast and her hand wet with her own cum.

“Come up here momma,” Chelsi whispered, feeling bad for her mother. “There’s lots of room.”

Rick slid out of his daughter’s pussy and laid down on the right side of her. Karrie struggled to get up and laid down on the left side of Chelsi, who was now on her side and facing her mother. From behind, Rick slid his still rock hard cock between his daughter’s ass cheeks, wet with his cum that was dripping out of her cunt.

Chelsi felt her father’s hand cup her breast and then felt him behind him as she looked at her mother lying next to her on the other side, sleeping softly. She moved the hair out of her mother’s face and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then reached down and massaged her breasts lightly. Her nipples were huge and erect, so she played with them for awhile. She then moved her hand down between her mother’s legs and rubbed her still warm and wet pussy lips, found her clit, and rubbed it. Her mother was moaning in approval as Chelsi gently massaged her.

She felt her father’s dick pressed up against her asshole and she slowly moved her ass so that it was started to slide inside. Her father slowly and gently pushed himself into her. She couldn’t believe that it didn’t hurt. She knew that her father could never hurt her though, so she took the rest of his cock into her ass and finally heard him fall asleep with his cock up her tiny little butt.

She slowly drifted off to sleep herself staring at her mother’s breasts in the soft moonlight coming from the window. She was completely content with her world.

She couldn’t wait until tomorrow when they might be able to repeat the performance!

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