Emerald’s Morning

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It was warm in the small office, and Emerald was regretting wearing the black wool instead of the linen jacket she normally wore to job interviews. She felt the first flush of sweat begin on the back of her neck, and as she turned her head to look at the clock on the wall to her right she knew if she was left sitting here much longer her interviewer would find nothing but a sodden pile of black wool when he or she finally came in. It was not the way she wanted to make a good first impression.


She had awoken early, ready and eager to get through this interview. After her usual morning run, she spent a few extra minutes in the shower conditioning, shaving and exfoliating. She had always hated how women had to go through so much preparation just to look presentable, but this morning she took her time, running a soapy razor over her long legs, her armpits and pubis. Emerald remembered how her ex-husband used to make faces at himself in the mirror when he shaved, a bland expression around his eyes while he methodically removed the night’s stubble. Thinking of those faces, she smiled as she slid the skin tight between her thighs, giving the razor a flat plane to work on. He had been gone for just over a year now, and she was often amazed at how much she still loved him.

Running her fingers over her warm, soapy mound, she sought out any last strays as the razor did its work. Her sensitive fingertips found no trace of remaining hair and she turned to face the spray. The hot water sent roils of gooseflesh across her breasts and stomach as she rinsed and she noticed through the steam that her nipples had turned a deep rose color and were fully tight and erect. She stood with one slim foot on the side of the tub and cupped her heavy breasts in tuzla ukraynalı escort her hands for a moment, pinching the swollen nipples as the water beat down against them. With a barely audible hiss escaping her lips, she felt her body begin to respond and, impulsively, she reached up to unhook the handheld shower attachment from its bracket.

Deftly adjusting the spray from normal to the massage setting, she ran the stinging spray over her full breasts for a long moment, letting her mind wander and momentarily forgetting about the interview that was in less than two hours. She leaned back against the clean white tile of the shower stall and trailed the shower attachment down past the soft curve of her stomach to her freshly shorn mound. Her right hand gave her nipple a final soft tweak before reaching down to tease open the lips of her pussy, giving access to the sharp, pulsing jets of water.

She gave herself over to the rising sensations the water was stirring inside of her, and closed her eyes while she focused the spray at her very center. No one knew her body’s secrets as well as she knew them, and she felt a delicious tightness spreading inside of her as her orgasm approached.

She realized she was going to climax inside of a minute and quickly rose to stir aching chords of encouragement, her fingers sliding into the slick warmth of her pussy, stretching the opening gently, like a lover.

Emerald stopped suddenly, her eyes flew open and the handheld shower attachment went limp in her hand. What was she doing? She had a job interview scheduled in less than two hours and she was in here jerking off like a boy scout at jamboree. Shouldn’t she be practicing her winning smile? Her positive ‘I love working within a team’ attitude? tuzla rus escort Gathering herself together she finished rinsing the conditioner from her hair and quickly turned the taps off. The shower died with a gurgle as she swept the shower curtain aside and stepped out into a bathroom completely filled with steam.

Embarrassed now, she shook off her momentary distraction and proceeded to roughly towel dry her skin and hair. Pulling her hair dryer from the bathroom closet she set forth to finish up the remainder of her preparations.


Emerald shifted in her chair, her close-fitting wool skirt pricking the backs of her thighs as she continued to wait. She had lost her nervousness, and was now bordering on irritation at being left alone in the interviewer’s office for so long. She sighed and occupied herself by examining the interviewer’s desk. Boring, if she did say so herself. No signs of personality there, nope. No pictures of family, no outward signs of hobbies enjoyed off the clock. Nothing. A flat screen computer monitor, a keyboard and mouse, telephone, calculator and a battered pencil cup filled with cheap black pens and a large pair of scissors. Bored, her mind wandered to her solitary event of the morning, and she felt herself grow even warmer with embarrassment in the close room. She had been unable to completely shake off the unquenched arousal her earlier proclivities had awakened. With a sudden curious emotional mix of shame and brazen lust, she wondered if she had enough time to finish that act, now that she was where she needed to be.

She took quick stock of her surroundings. No cameras that she could see, and the door opened inward but away from her current seated position. She was hedging a escort bayan bet with herself that she would have about two whole seconds between the office door opening and her interviewer being in her line of sight. She hoped it would be enough time.

She set her portfolio and purse down on the desk in front of her and slid her legs apart slightly. Grabbing the scissors from the pencil cup on the desk, she pushed her skirt to her hips and then spread her legs wide. Scissors in hand, she quickly pinched the fabric of her pantyhose at the crotch and pulled it a few inches away from her body and snipped a hole in the thin silky fabric. Dropping the scissors back into the cup, she leaned back and slid the first two fingers of her right hand through the cut she just made. She was wearing no panties and her fingers penetrated her shaved slit easily and deeply. Leaning back, she started to pump them in and out, the slick wetness leftover from earlier now spreading across her thrusting fingers and rapidly threatening to soak into the wool of her skirt. Shocked at how she was behaving, it didn’t stop her from rapidly pounding her fingers in and out of her own soaked pussy and less than thirty seconds later her orgasm slammed into her and for a long, glorious moment she was paralyzed in the throes of her own lust, her pussy spasming fiercely as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body, the muscles strung tight as she spent her pent-up lust.

She sighed softly as the orgasm finished playing out. The office door opened suddenly. She sat straight up and slid her skirt down in one smooth motion which only dried about half of the wetness from her fingertips. In walked a tall, broad-shouldered man in his late twenties wearing a well-cut dark grey business suit. His twinkling blue eyes were warm as they smiled down at her while she struggled to stand on legs that were suddenly shaky. He held out his hand toward her, open, for a handshake.

As his warm fingers enveloped her own, she wondered if he thought the wetness was just nerves.

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