Ethan and Carrie Ch. 07

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Carrie’s eyes blinked open. The bright sun lit the whole room. I took her a moment to realize she was lying in her parent’s bed. She rolled on her side and looked at Ethan as he slept, remembering fondly what had taken place in this bed long into the night. The belts and torn nylons and the towel he used as a blindfold and the jar of Vaseline were still scattered around the room, on the bed and on the floor.

She glanced at her father’s clock radio. It read 12:30. That would explain why the room was so bright.

Ethan looked so innocent when he slept. It was difficult to believe all the lewd, sexy ideas that ran through his head. Carrie felt the ache between her legs and grinned. Maybe it wasn’t so difficult after all.

His chest moved with his slow, regular breathing. The air from his breath swirled the hairs on his hard pectorals. Even as he slept, Carrie remarked, his muscles were rigid, like hard wood under his skin. She wanted to touch him. She loved to touch him. She loved to feel his muscles bulge and rippled under her fingertips.

She closed her eyes, remembering how he took his clothes off piece by piece the night before. She licked her lips at the thought of his body touching her’s. She touched his shoulder. His muscles were like cords beneath his skin. He stirred and opened his eyes, blinked a few times, rubbed them sleepily, and looked at Carrie.

“Hi,” she smiled.

“Hi,” Ethan mumbled. He looked around like he was trying to remember where he was and how he managed to get there. “What happened?”

“Don’t you remember?”

Ethan thought for a moment, staring into space. “Oh yeah,” he said. He lifted the sheet and looked under it. “I thought that was going to fall off. I don’t think it’s ever done so much work before.” He looked back at Carrie. “How about you? Are you okay?”

Carrie rubbed her right wrist. “I’m still sore in some places, but nothing a hot shower wouldn’t fix.” She leaned close to him and licked his ear.

“A shower? A shower sounds great.” He licked his lips. His whole mouth was dry and tasted horrible. He hoped she didn’t try to kiss him. She might lose her appetite for breakfast.

“Good,” she whispered in his ear. “If you wash my back, I’ll wash yours.”

His eyebrows went up. “Deal.”

She rolled out of her side of the bed, pulling the sheet with her and draping it about her lithe body like a summer gown. Ethan watched her scamper out of the room. She looked so happy. He couldn’t believe he was betraying her like a second rate crook. Shaking his head in disgust with himself, he lifted himself out of the bed.

Carrie reached in past the shower curtain and twisted the hot water knob. She turned around as Ethan came into the bathroom. Carrie grabbed him and pulled him close to her for a deep kiss. She tilted her head to the left, put her right arm over his shoulder, her left arm around his waist, and hooked her right leg around his left leg. He put his hands on her waist. Her tongue touched his lips and his penis pressed against her crotch.

Her lips were so tender and soft, like the petals of a rose. When he kissed her he sometimes felt like he had to be extra careful not to damage them. They parted, allowing his tongue to pass between them and find her tongue waiting. Her right hand stroked up the back of his neck into his hair. Her left hand reached around and squeezed his butt.

Clouds of steam billowed out from the shower, swirling around their clinging bodies like a romantic fog. They were covered with sweat and drops of moisture. Ethan squeezed her body close to his, rubbing the thick shaft of his organ along her wet groove.

“Mm hm,” Carrie moaned. Her hand slipped down between their sticky bodies for his hard penis. She held it against her slit and moved her hips back and forth over it.

“I can’t believe everything you did last night didn’t wear you out.”

“Would you believe I can’t either?”

“No,” she giggled.

She astounded him again. This woman was sexy and erotic, so unlike the demure young girl he thought she was. There was something special about this sex-mad wild woman he really liked. She responded so enthusiastically to being tied up last night, not like most girls who panicked when he even suggested the idea. The only thing he hadn’t done was break in her back door. He decided that if she got into the shower with him he was going to fuck her ass. It was the best time to introduce her to the experience. A soapy shower would make the first penetration so much easier.

He reached back and took her hand off his ass. “We’re going to run out of hot water,” he said.

“Oh. Right,” she giggled, and released his pole. The top side of it was covered with her juices.

Ethan adjusted the water and stepped into the shower. Carrie put her hand in Ethan’s and stepped daintily into the tub. She was overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation. It was as if they were entering a secret hideaway they shared. They were going to have sex here.

Ethan held both of her bursa escort hands and kissed her. They stepped carefully on the slick tub surface. Ethan turned her like a dancer so that she was under the shower spray. Carrie tilted her head back and wet her hair down.

* * * *

Debbie parked in front of the house. Ethan’s car was there. He must have stayed the night, she thought. Carrie had changed a lot since Ethan took her cherry. If she wasn’t careful, Carrie might outdo her as the school slut, Debbie laughed. At least Carrie had been to bed with the one guy she always wanted, and that made her envious.

She tried the doorbell and waited. No one answered. The door was open, so she went in.

“Carrie?” she said, and listened for a response. The only thing she heard was the shower from upstairs. Maybe she would just wait in Carrie’s bedroom.

At the top of the stairs she stopped. The bathroom door was open a crack. Steam trickled out and licked the ceiling. She could hear voices from inside. She went closer, craning to get her ear closer without accidently pushing the door open. She clearly heard Carrie moan Ethan’s voice and her mouth fell open.

“Be gentle, Ethan,” Carrie said.

“I will,” Ethan replied.

Debbie put her hand over her mouth and quietly moved away from the bathroom door.

* * * *

Ethan rubbed his hands up and down her back, holding her lightly, but close to him. She rested her cheek on his shoulder while the water splashed over them. Her hands held his ass.

He picked up the bar of soap from its tray and began to lather her back. Carrie lifted her head, tilted it to one side and kissed him. Ethan moved the bar of soap down into the crack of her ass then around to her front, between her breasts. She pushed her chest out, holding her tits in both hands and rubbing the soapy lather over them.

She took the bar of soap from him and lathered it on his body. It glided over the hair on his chest, down over his hard stomach to his groin. Ethan stared deep into Carrie’s eyes. Her hands closed around his stiff shaft and moved the soap slowly back and forth along its length.

“Oh God,” Ethan moaned. He felt his knees buckling. He put one hand on the tiled wall to hold himself up. She slid the soap up under his balls and lathered everything up to his asshole. He flinched when he felt her slippery finger push into his asshole. Instinctively, he squeezed on her finger. This was a strange sensation.

She pushed the finger deeper. His mouth fell open. She pushed another finger in. His legs spread apart.

“What the hell are you doing?” he said.

She pulled her fingers out. “I just wanted to see if you could take it before you did it to me.”

He was confused. “What makes you think I’m going to do that to you?”

Carrie grinned. “Don’t you want to?” Ethan’s eyebrows went up in surprise. She hooked her left leg over his hip, touched the end of his soapy cock to her pussy and lowered herself on it with a grunt. “Besides, isn’t the shower the perfect place to do something like that?”

She stood on her tiptoes on her right foot, held him around the waist with her right arm, around his neck with her left arm, and awkwardly tried to move her pelvis back and forth. Ethan held her hips and moved his pelvis with hers. It wasn’t easy, but it worked. The soap turned out to be a better lubricant than any oil or jelly he’d ever used. It occurred to him that getting soap inside Carrie like this might not be too good for her. But then, it was just soap. What harm could it do?

He felt his orgasm building. Would the soap kill his sperm? He grunted as he climaxed and his cum gushed into her. Probably not, he thought. He had tough sperm.

Carrie hung from him, clinging as if for her life, and moved her pelvis very slowly He could just hear her panting breath above the noise of the shower. She was deliciously warm and wet all over. He wondered how well the soap would help lubricate her back hole. If she was expecting him to do it t her that way, then it was time to find out what the soap would do.

“Let’s switch,” he said. In order for this thing to work, he had to be behind her and she had to be facing the end of the shower. She wouldn’t like having her head under the spray for the whole time he wanted to take for this.

Carefully, they maneuvered on the slick tub surface. Carrie was standing in front of Ethan facing the back wall. He had his hands on her waist. The shaft of his cock rubbed against the jiggly cheeks of her ass.

“Bend over,” he said into her ear as he pressed her lower back with his flat hand. “Grab the bar.”

Carrie bent forward at the waist and reached for the washcloth rack. Ethan noticed she was holding it firmly and was a little afraid she might pull the porcelain fixtures off the wall once they got going.

“Spread your legs wider,” Ethan said.

Looking back over her shoulder at him with her tender doe-eyes, she planted her feet farther apart, locking her knees and bursa escort bayan arching her back so her ass pointed up slightly. Ethan felt her trembling nervously as he held her by her hips. He had to admit, he was feeling a little excited about this, too.

He found the bar of soap on the floor by his foot and picked it up. As he started to lather it up in his hands, he saw Carrie moving her ass side to side in anxious anticipation. Her eyes watched his hands with the soap, knowing that what he was about to do to her was going to feel good, even if it hurts at first.

Ethan placed his soapy hands on her ass. He slid the bar of soap down into the crack of her ass and rubbed it along the groove of her pussy and her asshole. Carrie moaned. Her pelvis ground in a tight circle. She obviously liked how that felt. Ethan rubbed the soap harder.

He touched the small ring of her asshole with the tip of his finger. It looked so tiny and tender. He had no idea how he was going to get his monstrous cock into it without tearing it apart. He remembered how his sister’s asshole always looked exactly the same, and she was able to enjoy being fucked this way every time, so maybe Carrie would get the same enjoyment. At least, he hoped.

He pressed his finger against the hole and slipped it inside her. Carrie flinched and squealed. Her sphincter squeezed tightly around his finger. He tried to work it back and forth and around in a circle very slowly to try to loosen her up. She was going to be a tight fit.

The soap made his finger very slippery. It had to work that well with his cock, otherwise he would cause her so much pain she would never enjoy it, and that would mean she would never let him go near her ass again. He only had this one chance to get it right while she was willing. If he screwed it up he would regret it forever.

“Are you ready?” Ethan said, rubbing her hip.

“Mm hm,” Carrie nodded. She licked her lips. She could see Ethan holding her ass with his right hand and his long, thick cock with his left, lining it up with the tiny target between her ass cheeks. It was white with soapy lather, as if it had been covered with whipped cream. She laughed silently and looked away, hoping she knew what she was getting herself into. If it hurt too much she was never doing it again.

Holding his organ like a hose, he rubbed the hard, swollen head along the groove between her legs and over her tiny opening. Carrie’s hips moved encouragingly when he did, so he did it again. So far she liked it.

He pressed it in to test the resistance of her channel, mainly because he didn’t think she was really ready for it, and to his shock, he watched the head slip past the sphincter like it was being sucked in by her body. The soap made it too easy.

Carrie groaned out loud and pulled on the washcloth rack. Her back and legs stiffened and she was up on her toes like she was going to jump out of the shower. He was sure he had gone too far too fast and carefully tried to back it out.

“Don’t … don’t,” Carrie cried, with her teeth clenched together. She turned, still holding the rack with her right hand, and reached for his slippery cock with her left. “Don’t take it out. I want to finish.”

She could feel his cock slipping away through her grip. She was torn by the feeling of the pain and the ecstasy it gave her. It hurt so much she wished he would take it away, but it felt so good at the same time she wished he would push it deeper and leave it inside her forever.

Ethan could hear in her quivery voice the effort she needed to fight back a cry of pain. He wasn’t sure whether continuing right now was the right thing to do, but he could see in her eyes the conviction he knew better than to ignore. He hesitated.

“Ethan,” Carrie said in an insistent tone, as she tried to squeeze his penis in a slippery grip.

He knew he should stop and end this. That would be the best thing for her. But he didn’t want to disappoint her. She was, after all, expecting this.

The head of his organ was still inside her. He put a hand on each of her hips, holding her firmly. She was moving her hand back and forth on his shaft. He could see how hard she was breathing by how much her chest moved.

He pushed forward very gently. Carrie clenched her teeth together and grimaced painfully, but heard only a faint squeal. She turned away and grabbed the washcloth rack. She closed her eyes and let out a long, slow, hissing breath from behind her clenched teeth as Ethan slowly pushed his cock into her. Her knees trembled weakly.

“Oh god … It feels so good … It feels so good,” she repeated silently, forcing herself to ignore the intense pain of her rectum being stretched out of proportion.

Ethan slowly pumped his hips back and forth, working himself a little deeper with each push. He wasn’t sure how deep he could go or how much she could take. He assumed she could probably take about as much as Pam, but he didn’t want to test her limits her first time.

Carrie was very still escort bursa at the start. As he pushed deeper, she started to writhe in his hands. He pulled her back a little as he pushed himself forward, until he felt her trying to move her ass back on his shaft on her own.

He sighed with relief. He was almost holding his breath for fear that he was hurting her, but she was responding to him. He was certain that meant she liked it.

He slid his soapy hands up her sides and found her breasts swollen and tender. He squeezed her soft, resilient flesh and she sighed.

“Oh Ethan … Oh Ethan,” she moaned deliriously. Her head hung down between her outstretched arms. Her back arched up and down sporadically. Her ass moved back again and again, seeming to draw his penis endlessly inward. He was sure he was as deep as she could stand, but the soap only allowed him to slide deeper.

He leaned forward over her, touching the soft part of his belly to her ass. His chin touched her shoulder blade and she flinched instinctively, even giggling like a ticklish girl. Ethan smiled. This was fun.

Pam once mentioned some strange thing about when horses copulate. They do it in a position like this and the male does something to the female to stir her passion. Ethan decided to try it. He licked the back of Carrie’s neck. She flinched and giggled again. He sucked a fleshy part of her neck and nibbled it gently. Carrie’s head shot up.

“Oh my god,” she cried. “Where the hell did you learn that?”

“Horses,” Ethan said.

“Horses?” Carrie thought for a second and lowered her head, exposing her neck. “Do it again, you stud horse.”

Pleased with himself, Ethan bent forward and gently nibbled the back of her neck while he imagined he was the prize of the stud farm and his job was to fertilize the beautiful young filly. Carrie was in heat and he was hung like a horse. It was close enough, except that he wasn’t going to get any girl pregnant with his dick up her asshole.

He moved his right hand down between her legs and fingered Carrie’s pussy. He was fucking her pretty hard by then. Through the thin membrane that separated her channels he could feel the shaft of his cock sliding back and forth. Carrie needed both hands to hold onto the washcloth rack. She was squealing and moaning rhythmically and thrusting her back up and down like a cat.

Carrie knew he was making her cum. There was no way she was going to stop him then. He was pumping so hard. Most of the pain was gone and all she felt was the intensity of a great orgasm building and building. All the sounds and lights disappeared. She felt nothing, not the hot water on her back, not the washcloths she squeezed and hung onto, and not the thick cock that plunged in and out of her tender asshole. Her orgasm peaked and everything started to go black.

Ethan climaxed. His cock throbbed and started pumping fresh cum into Carrie, just as she suddenly went limp. Her hands let go of the washcloth rack and she was falling forward. Ethan still had his arms around her hand had to grab her before she hit her head on the wall.

“Carrie? Carrie?” he cried, suddenly very frightened. She wasn’t moving. He pulled her upright and raised her head. He sighed with relief that she was all right. He thought he had killed her.

Carrie shook her head to clear it out. “What happened?” she muttered. Her eyes gradually began to work again. She heard the noise of the shower and someone calling her name. It was like a dream. Finally, she felt the sensation of something warm and soothing spreading through her body and something stiff poking in her back side.

It was Ethan speaking to her, Carrie realized, finally remembering where she was. That soothing warmth she felt was his hot cum flooding up her asshole, and that stiff thing was the entire length of Ethan’s penis sliding out of her tight hole.

He did it, she thought. He had just given her the best orgasm of her life. She smiled and let out a big sigh.

“Are you okay?” Ethan said, holding her up with both arms around her waist.

“I’m fine,” Carrie answered. She had a big, dumb grin on her face. “I feel great.”

“I’ll bet you do,” he said, washing the cum from her ass.

She turned around and kissed him. “That was incredible.” She kissed him again. “Now go get dressed. I’ll be out in a second.”

Ethan came out of the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist and a big, dopey grin. Carrie had said he was incredible. He couldn’t feel better.

Sometime last night he came down and put his wet clothes in the dryer, so he went to the basement to get them. He came down the stairs, turned to go through the living room, and stopped. His mouth fell open. Carrie’s friend Debbie was sitting on the sofa, smiling at him.

“Hi Ethan,” she said.

Ethan blushed. “Hi,” he said, holding the towel tightly. “I just have to get my clothes.”

“I think you should,” Debbie nodded.

Ethan quickly made his way to the basement, desperately trying not to embarrass himself further. He hated to think of how he would have felt if he had walked down the stairs naked. She is a beautiful girl. He wouldn’t ordinarily mind if she saw him naked, but under these circumstances, it wouldn’t be appropriate.

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