First Time Fantasy – The Next Morning

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Big Tits

The warmth of the sun peeking through the window woke me to the realization of what had transpired the night before. The feeling of Aaron’s muscular frame spooning me was confirmation it was not a dream.

I could feel his muscular chest resting against my upper back. His strong bicep draped over me with his forearm along my chest gently holding me against him. One of his legs nestled between mine, barely spreading my ass where his semi hard dick lay. The thin layer of bed sheets was all that covered us. Aaron was still asleep and I could feel each breath on my neck.

As the fog of sleep cleared I couldn’t hold back the arousal. My cock was firm and pushing against the sheets. My ass felt used from the night before but in a good way the left me wanting more. The feeling of a hot stud pressing against me left me with the desire to be used once more.

I adjust my hips slightly pushing Aarons hard cock further between my ass cheeks. The movement had the desired effect and I felt the subtle movements of Aaron awakening. I pushed my ass back against his hips to make sure he knew I was awake.

“You better be careful with that ass of yours,” Aaron moaned as he continued to wake up.

“Oh really, what if i’m not so careful?” I asked playfully as I pushed back against his rod a few times more. The feeling of his cock between my ass drove me wild. I knew I needed him inside me.

“I may have to give you a pounding that will make last night look gentle.” he growled as his arms tightened his grip on me and he pushed his hips against my ass.

Aarons hand slowly casino siteleri moved down from my chest down between my legs to grip my hard dick.

“Bring it on, show me what you got!” I teased as I pulled away and rolled over to face him.

I gently pushed him over onto his back and swung a leg over his chiseled frame to straddle him. His rock hard cock rose between us resting against mine. I leaned forward kissing him deeply while grinding against him.

I broke our embrace, kissing my way down his body, playfully biting his nipples as I worked towards my prize. Once I reached his cock I began teasing his engorged head with small licks.

“Ohhh I want to fuck that tight ass of yours again.” Aaron gasped.

I continued my assault on his cock. Sliding the head into my mouth, bobbing up and down while I massaged his balls. Before letting him get too far, I stopped abruptly and crawled back up his body for another kiss. The taste of his pre cum lingered on my lips as my tongue plunged into his mouth.

After a few minutes of Aaron and I kissing intensely, running our hands all over, and grinding our naked bodies against one another Aaron finally pushed me back.

“I can’t wait anymore get on your hands and needs and let me see that ass of yours!” He growled with a lustful grin.

I quickly did as he asked, leaning forward and spreading my legs so my wanting ass was clearly visible to him. Before I could say a word Aaron’s firm grip spread my ass and his tongue began probing me like the night before.

“Ohhhhh fuck yesss!” I moaned loudly. “Please canlı casino fuck me, use my ass!”

“Oh I’m going to.” Aaron said as he pulled back from my ass reaching for the partially used bottle of lube next to the bed.

The next sensation I felt was Aarons warm lubed up cock resting against my ass. His hands gripping my ass cheeks tightly.

“I am not going to be gentle this time stud. You are gonna get everything I have. If you need me to stop just tell me otherwise wise I am going to fuck you till you cant walk.” he warned.

“Good, fuck me haaaahhhhrrdd!” I gasped as Aaron’s 6.5 inch cock filled me again in one thrust. He already knew what I wanted and wasn’t about to wait for me to finish my sentence.

“I LOVE THIS ASS!” he exclaimed as he withdrew his cock quickly applying more lube before plunging balls deep back into my ass.

All I could do is gasp with pleasure. Last night was incredible but this was amazing in its own way. There were no words, just intense lustful pleasure.

Aaron grunted as he drilled my ass over and over again. Occasionally he would add more lube but it never slowed his assault on my wanting ass. The only sounds were the grunts and gasps of pleasure that escaped from us accompanied by the sound of Aarons hips ramming against my ass.

Being bent over in front of him being used felt amazing. I didn’t want it to end. I leaned forward onto my elbows squeezing the bed sheets in my hands as I pushed back into his relentless thrusts.

Aaron slapped my ass hard, grunting loudly as he locked his firm grip on my ass. I could kaçak casino barely move. There was no slow gentle thrusting, no teasing, just the feeling of every inch of him ramming into my ass over and over again. He was filled with desire and I had to brace myself to keep from falling forward.

“I am going to fill this tight ass hole of yours!” he nearly yelled.

I felt his thrusting pick up speed which I didn’t think was possible. Then his cock finally pulsed inside my ass and I felt the warm sensation of his cum lubricating my hole as his pace slowed.

I collapsed forward onto my stomach, Aaron’s cock sliding out of my ass in the process. He threw himself down along side of me draping his muscular arm across my back. He gave my ass one more playful slap grabbing a handful in the process.

“Mmm, that was good.” he said.

“It was incredible, I need another shower.” I laughed as I rolled over onto my back.

“Looks like you need more than that.” Aaron said as he grasped my hard dick firmly. Without another word he kissed his may down my chest and stomach sliding me into his mouth.

I moaned loudly as he sucked hard and took my full length into his mouth. Aaron’s hand slid between my ass and massaged my freshly fucked hole. Between the pounding I just took and the sensations of his fingers in my ass it was too much. I filled his mouth with my cum and massaged the back of his head as he swallowed it all.

Aaron kissed me and grabbed my hand. “Lets go get cleaned off,” he winked.

I followed him to the shower and kissed him passionately as the water warmed up. Aaron led me under the warm water and stood behind me. His hands once again explored my body spreading soap all over.

“We will have to meet up sometime back home.” He whispered as he kissed my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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