First Time Submission Pt. 02

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Sarah shuffled along the booth, further in, as Stuart sat down.

‘Can I get us some drinks?’ Jason asked, still standing.

Stuart asked for a scotch and Jason knew what Sarah would want, so headed to the bar to place the order.

Sarah was left a feeling a little anxious, surprised that Jason would leave her alone with Stuart so soon after meeting him. Stuart seemed to sense this. ‘Nervous?’ he asked ‘Don’t worry, I can go slow if that’s what you want’

‘Very nervous’ she replied ‘we’ve never done anything like this before. I hope that’s okay.’

‘It is, I’m just glad you’re here. Not everyone who says they will meet actually do, so you’re braver than most. So what are you hoping to get out of the evening Sarah?’ Stuart asked, smiling.

‘Well, we’re both submissives as we told you already, so we’re keen to find out what dom would have us do. Can you tell me what you have in mind, or do I have to wait for the evening to unfold?’ Sarah asked, sort of embarrassed to be asking this sort of thing to someone escort izmit she’s just met.

‘Mmm. I hadn’t expected to be asked what I’d be getting you to do. I kind of expected I’d just tell you as we went along.’ said Stuart, thinking about how he should proceed. ‘Are you sure you’re here to submit to me? I think I should check, I don’t want everyone’s time to be wasted.’ he continued.

‘Well we’re here, doesn’t that say enough?’ she replied.

‘Yeah, I’ve met with a couple of other couples, but when it came down to actually doing as I told them, they ended up chickening out. I hope you and Jason aren’t like that Sarah. I tell you what, how about you start by lifting your dress and letting me see what you have on underneath?’

‘Here in the bar Stuart?’ Sarah asked, not having thought he would ask such a thing.

‘You can address me as Sir, and yes, you can show me here. This is your first test’ he replied, more sternly.

Sarah looked around, worried about who might be watching. It was fairly quiet so izmit darıca escort no one seemed to be taking any notice of them. She shifted in her seat, and slowly lifter her dress, sliding it up her thighs. The lacy panties became visible. ‘Is this okay, Sir?’ she asked.

‘For starters.’ Stuart replied. ‘Okay, you can put the dress down again. Nice panties by the way, I’m looking forward to them coming off later.’

She was obviously relieved, pushing her dress down further than it had been previously, just as Jason arrived back with the drinks. He set them down then slid into the booth opposite. ‘Here you go’ he said, passing the drinks. ‘So what’s been happening, have you got to know each other bit better?’

‘Yes we have Jason’ said Stuart. ‘Sarah has convinced me that you two are here to really submit to me, so I think we should have a great evening.’ he said, raising his glass.

‘Great’ said Jason, raising his too, oblivious to what had already happened, and that Stuart had seen Sarah’s izmit rus escort panties. Sarah joined in, a bit more reservedly, but not really so anyone would notice.

‘So Jason, how do I know you will really be submissive?’ Stuart asked rhetorically. ‘I think you need to do something for me to prove it.’

‘Okay’ said Jason ‘what is it?’

‘Well, Sarah has already shown me her underwear, I want you to show me yours. And to avoid confusion, I mean here, at the bar.’ he added, looking at Sarah as he did.

‘I would have to stand up to show you Stuart, what if someone sees?’ Jason asked.

‘For starters, you can address me as Sir, just like your wife does already. And secondly, why are you questioning me. You can either stand up and show me, or I can leave.’

‘Sorry Sir, I just didn’t think we’d be doing anything here’ Jason said, hurriedly standing, undoing his belt and unzipping his pants, making sure no one else could see. He opened them to reveal the same lacy panties as Sarah was wearing, looking at her as he did. She was plainly trying not to laugh, amused that Jason was having to do this.

‘Mmm, just like Sarah’s eh?’ said Stuart ‘Well, it looks like I have myself a couple of nice little subs for the night. Are you ready for the night to begin?’

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