Fluffer in Training Ch. 04

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Rachel entered the door marked ‘Studio B’ and walked into a flurry of activity. The lighting crew were busy moving lights into position around an old-fashioned four-poster bed in a room made up to look like the interior of an old stone castle. Billowing gauzy fabric hung in a canopy from the top of the bed, giving it a sultry appearance. Sound guys were checking and re-checking their equipment as she walked across the room, spotting Lori talking to a guy in his mid-forties with his hair pulled back in a man-bun.

“Oh great, you’re here,” Lori said as Rachel stepped next to her. “Rachel, this is Paul. He’s the director on this film.”

“Hey, Jimmy,” Paul shouted to one of the crew, “make sure the left side of the bed is well-lit, that’s where she’s going to be sucking Justin and I want a perfect shot of that.”

“Got it,” Jimmy yelled in reply.

Paul turned to Rachel and shook her hand. “Hi. I hear you’re new.”

“Yes. This is my first day.” Rachel couldn’t hide the nervousness in her voice.

“You’ll do fine,” Paul said, speaking at breakneck speed. “Lori will show you how things work. We’ve got four guys today on this scene, so you two will probably be busy. Anyways, good luck. Apparently Tanya is just finished getting dressed and having her makeup done. Her car conked out on the way here—that’s why we’ve been delayed. Gotta go.” With that, he turned away and joined his crew, pointing here and there about the set.

“So, how did your medical exam with Fitz go?” Lori asked.

“Oh, it was fine. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health.” Rachel couldn’t help but absentmindedly rub her hand over her tummy, thinking about the all the semen Dr. Fitz had fed her. She paused and looked around the busy room, people moving here and there doing various jobs she couldn’t figure out. “What is this movie called, anyways?”

“Oh, Paul’s calling it ‘Game of Bones’ after that big TV show. That’s why this place looks like some kind of medieval castle. It’s supposed to be the home of the Stark Naked family.” The girls turned as two young men and an older man clad in dark-colored robes and leather jerkins walked into the room and started talking to the director. They were all in good shape, but scruffy looking, just as Rachel would expect from having seen what the characters looked like on the TV show. Her attention was diverted as the door to the studio opened and an attractive young woman with vivid red hair and translucent white skin strode across the room. Flowing white robes draped down to the floor from her slender body, swirling mesmerizingly as she made her way towards the bed. The top of the gown was very low cut, exposing the swells of her pert breasts, which Rachel pegged at about a B-cup, the firmness and shape a perfect match for the girl’s slender body.

“Is that the girl who’s starring in this scene?” Rachel asked.

“Yes, that’s Tanya.”

“How old is she? She looks younger than me and I’m 18.”

“She’s actually 22. They use her for parts like this because she does look so young.”

“What part is she playing? And has the director told you what’s going on in this scene?”

“Yes. Tanya is playing Salsa, the red-haired daughter. In this scene, she’s going to get fucked by the males in her family, including her father,” Lori nodded to the older guy dressed in costume, “and his sons. Justin Deeper is playing the part of the bastard son, Jon Blow. He’s fucking her first, and then the father and the other brothers get sloppy seconds.”

“Which one’s Justin?” Rachel asked, looking at the three men standing together across the room.

“I’m telling you, girl, if you’re going to be working in this business, you’ve really got to start watching more porn. Justin’s in his dressing room. That’s the way it works for the big stars. They only come out at the last minute when they’re due on set. You won’t believe how hot he is.” Lori gave Rachel a wink as she lewdly licked her lips. “The one disappointing thing is that apparently he has such control over that big cock of his that he rarely uses a fluffer. They say he never has a problem getting it up.”

Rachel could only stare as the Tanya girl took her place on the bed, resting with her body supported on one elbow as the cameraman gave her some minor instructions. The director positioned the three male actors off to one side of the main set, where they stood side by side. He nodded to the lighting guy, who flicked some switches, brilliantly lighting the area of the bed, especially the vacant side, where the lead actor was supposed to enter.

“Okay, new girl,” Paul called as his eyes zeroed in on Rachel. She pointed to herself questioningly. He nodded. “Yes, you. Can you go down the hall and let Justin know we’re ready for him. And you can take your jacket off. We’re going to need you and Lori fairly soon.”

“Yes, sir,” Rachel replied, peeling off her jacket and draping it over the back of a folding chair. She quickly turned to Lori. “How do I know izmit escort bayan which room Justin is in?”

“Oh, just down the hall a bit there are two doors with stars on them. You’ll know which one is his.”

“Uh,okay.” Rachel turned on her heel and left the studio. She quickly found the two doors with stars on them, one with a picture of a bull on it, the other of a pussycat. It wasn’t hard to figure out. She tapped gently on the door.

“Yeah,” a deep male voice said as the door opened.

Rachel stared up at the tall young man holding the door open. She felt her heart give a flip as she looked up at his handsome face. He had sharp features and pronounced cheekbones that made her do a double-take. He had longish wavy brown hair and a scruffy beard with deep dark eyes that she felt she could look into for hours on end. Like the other actors, he was wearing loose dark robes with a thick leather belt, a sword sheathed in a scabbard on one side. He smiled at her, a pussy-dampening charismatic smile that had her melting. She knew why they had chosen him for the Jon Blow role.

“Are they ready for me?” he asked, giving her a little wink.

“Uh…yes, yes they are,” Rachel stammered.

“All right then. Let’s get to work.” He stepped out and closed the door behind him. “You’re new. I’ve never seen you before.”

“Yes, I’m Rachel,” she replied, walking along beside him as they made their way into the studio. “This is my first day.”

“You’re one of the new production assistants?” he asked, and it made Rachel feel good that he’d used her professional title instead of calling her a fluffer.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Well, welcome, Rachel. It’ll be nice to have you around.” With another wink and a smile, he left her, walking across the room and standing next to the bed.

Rachel stepped back over and stood beside Lori, her eyes on the new arrival. “Earth to Rachel, Earth to Rachel,” Lori said, smiling as she waved her hand in front of the young girl’s face. She gave a little laugh when Rachel looked at her, the young girl’s face flushing. “Didn’t I tell you he was gorgeous?”

“Yes, you were right,” Rachel replied, her eyes now back on the star, who was busy conversing with the director.

“Wait until you see his equipment. You’ll be drooling all over yourself.” Lori pulled a hairband out of her jeans pocket and whipped her curly blonde locks into a ponytail, keeping her face and mouth clear of any unwanted interference. She nodded to the back of Rachel’s head. “You might want to adjust your hairband. It looks like it’s coming loose there.”

“Thanks.” Rachel re-did her hair, feeling with her fingers that the band had come loose from her sessions of sucking off Dr. Fitz. She smiled as she thought about it, the four loads of old-man cum still warming her belly. She re-tightened the band, giving it an extra circle to make sure it was nice and tight, her inky black tresses pulled nicely back from her pretty face and full sexy mouth.

“All right everybody, places,” Paul called out as Justin stepped next to the bed, his midsection in line with the Tanya girl’s face. Lori touched Rachel’s arm and led her over next to the three actors who were waiting for their turn to go on. “Okay, three…two…one…and ACTION!”

“Jon, what are you doing here?” the Salsa character said in a high girly voice, her pasty-white skin glowing ghostlike under the brilliant white light, her bright red hair shining luxuriously as she looked up at the rugged-looking man standing over her.

“I’ve come to teach you a lesson.” The star’s rich full voice seemed to flow through Rachel’s senses right to her snatch, his lush deep tone making her pussy start to weep already. “I hear you’ve been misbehaving with a dwarf, and we can’t have that in this family. We are the Stark Nakeds of Virginfell, and you’ve brought shame on our house.”

“But I never did anything with Teary Hardon. I just pretended to go to his bed. I’m still a virgin. And besides, you’re just my father’s bastard son. Who are you to talk to me like that?”

“It was your father that sent me. And then when I’m done with you, he and your brothers are going to come in and take their turn with you.”

Tanya reached up to gather her gown tighter about her throat, looking frightened as she tried to shrink back into the bed. “But what do you mean? What are you going to do to me?”

“I want to see those tits of yours that you’ve been flashing at me all these years,” the actor said as he reached forward and tore open the top of her gown, exposing the girl’s breasts. Now that they were fully exposed, Rachel could see how perky the girl’s breasts were. She thought that since they’d cast the girl in the role of a teenager, her small, but nicely-shaped, breasts were perfect for the part. “Those tits are nice, but I’m going to start by making use of that lying mouth of yours.” With those words, Justin flipped open his belt and threw open his robes with a flourish.

Rachel izmit eve gelen escort immediately brought a hand to her mouth to stifle herself, but she did hear a small gasp come from Lori standing next to her. As he let the robes fall to the floor, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. His physique was exquisite. His shoulders were broad, the sinewy muscles beneath the skin of his arms and upper body standing out like flowing ribbons of flexible steel. They weren’t gross–like body-builders have—they’re perfect, she thought. His upper body was like an inverted triangle, his broad powerful shoulders tapering in attractively at his waist. His abdominal muscles were firm and beautifully defined, with that six-pack look that she’d only seen in magazines. His legs were long and his thighs looked powerful, just like his torso and arms. From the side she could see the full curve of his pronounced buttocks, the attractive mounds looking firm and touchable. He had next to no body hair, and under the brilliant lights, his tanned skin glowed, making his muscular body look even more enticing, right down to his shaven groin, where Rachel’s eyes now looked.

Despite his rugged powerful good looks, the thing that drew her eyes like a magnet was what was projecting from his groin—the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. It looked half-hard and hung slightly below horizontal, bobbing with each powerful beat of his heart. She could see it rising as it pulsed, a bold thick vein running up the length of the stiffening shaft. She had thought Mr. Dexter’s cock was big, but this magnificent piece of manhood was in a league all its own. She found her mouth watering as she watched it continue to grow, now lifting past horizontal as it stiffened and extended.

“You’re going to take every last inch of this when I’m done with you, Salsa,” the Jon Blow character said. “You’ve been teasing me for years with that sexy little body of yours. Those nice tits and that tight cunt I know you’ve got between your legs are going to be mine now. From now on, I’m going to fuck you wherever and whenever I want.” He reached forward and slid his fingers around the back of the girl’s head, pulling her up from the bed, her gorgeous red hair swirling around his hand as he pulled her head to him. “Now, suck this cock. Suck it until I tell you to stop.” With one hand holding the girl’s head, he wrapped his other big mitt around the shaft of his mighty cock and brought it to her face, pressing the engorged crimson crown against the girl’s painted red lips.

Rachel felt her pussy dripping as she watched, the immense cock now totally hard as he rubbed it around the girl’s mouth. His thrusting erection looked like a menacing weapon, angry and engorged with blood, the vivid scarlet of the enflamed knob contrasting boldly against the Tanya girl’s ghostlike skin. Rachel couldn’t believe the size of Justin’s cock. Not only was it long, it was tremendously thick, almost as long and big around as her forearm. And the head was absolutely huge, the mushroom-shaped knob almost the size of a lemon. Rachel shivered as she looked at it, but found herself salivating at the idea of possibly getting her hands—and her mouth—on that amazing cylinder of flesh.

“Jon, I…I can’t believe how big your thing is?” Salsa said, looking up at Jon with fear in her eyes. “You really expect me to take that in my mouth?”

“You’re going to take it in more than just your mouth, you teasing little whore. I’m going to fill all of your holes so full of cum that it’ll be leaking out of you for weeks. But your mouth is where I want to start. You’ve teased me long enough with those sexy lips of yours. Now open up.”

As he pretended to grip her head tighter, the redhead opened her mouth as wide as she could. The actor thrust his cock into her mouth, pulling her head forwards at the same time. Rachel watched, totally enthralled, as the girl’s mouth stretched wide open, her lips on the verge of tearing before they slipped over the broad flared knob. The girl’s lips were pursed well forward, and she closed them down over the trunk-like shaft, the big red helmet locked in her mouth.

“Mmm,” the redhead moaned and Rachel saw the girl’s eyes close as she started to suck. The girl’s hands came up and circled the rigid shaft, pumping it back and forth towards her mouth. Tanya started oohing and aahing loudly, and even to Rachel it seemed fake. As she watched the girl work the actor’s cock, Rachel realized the girl was hardly doing anything with her mouth. It looked like she was just holding the cockhead in her mouth and trying to jerk it off with her hands. Rachel knew that if she was in the girl’s place, she’d be worshiping that gorgeous horse-cock with every ounce of her being.

Rachel felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to Lori who gestured to the three men beside them. All three had their cocks sticking out from openings in the fronts of their robes, their hands moving izmit otele gelen escort leisurely back and forth as they watched the scene in front of them. Lori nodded to the ground and dropped to her knees beside the older actor who was playing the girl’s father. She tapped the spot next to her and Rachel took her place in front of one of the scruffy young men. With barely a glance down, he pushed his limber cock against her lips.

“Now I want that hot little cunt of yours,” she heard the lead actor say behind her. As she opened her mouth and slipped her lips over the young man’s cock, from the corner of her eye she saw Justin Deeper climb on top of the red-haired girl and push her filmy white gown up to her waist, exposing her shaved pussy. The rugged actor positioned himself between the girl’s spread legs, fitting his massive cockhead between the glistening petals of her labia.

“You’ll suffer for the shame you’ve brought down on this house,” he said as she started to push himself into her, the lips of her cunt stretching as they circled around his tremendous girth. The muscles in his powerful buttocks flexed as he started to go deeper, sending his raging prick into the slender redhead’s tiny cunt. Rachel thought he was going to split the girl in two, but the pussy stretched before him, his shaft starting to disappear from view.

Inspired by the impressiveness of the main actor’s huge cock, Rachel turned and started sucking, pushing a big wad of saliva to the front of her mouth and bathing the young man’s waiting prick. She rolled her tongue over the intruder, coating it with her spit as she started to suck at the same time. Within seconds, she felt it getting harder.

“Fuck me,” she heard the young man mutter under his breath above her. Looking up, she saw the surprised look in his eyes as he watched her, rolling his hips as she really started to work him over. He elbowed his friend next to him, and gestured down towards Rachel. She heard the first young man whisper quietly to his friend. “This one’s mouth is fucking amazing. You’ve got to try it.”

He pulled his cock out of Rachel’s mouth and she turned to the second man, his semi-hard prick already pointed in her direction. She eagerly wrapped her lips around his beefy dong, sliding her lips well down the spongy shaft as she started to suck.

“Oh, man. What the fuck,” the second young man said as she slurped and licked his rising prick. Within just a minute or so, he was rock hard, and he pulled his dick out of her vacuuming mouth, directing her back to his friend. Rachel enthusiastically started sucking again, coating the hot prick in her mouth with a big gob of gooey spit, her head bobbing rhythmically back and forth. The two young actors kept switching back and forth as she enthusiastically serviced them, smiles on their faces as they watched her instead of the scene on the bed.

“This is for the whole family, Salsa,” she heard the lead actor say. She turned slightly, just in time to see him pull his raging prick out of the redhead’s greasy slot and climb up on the bed until he was poised over her face. He wrapped his big hand around his throbbing prick and started pumping. Rachel watched as a glistening white rope of cum shot forth, pasting itself against the girl’s pretty face, starting at her chin and running right up into her bright red hair. A second stream of spunk rifled forth, blasting against her cheek, and then a third milky rope, and then a fourth. “Take it all, Salsa, all of that cum is for you, you fucking whore,” the actor said as he continued to shoot, wad after wad of thick white cum raining down on the starlet.

Rachel couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was like the guy was a cum machine. He kept stroking his long hard cock as pearly ribbons and white ropes spewed from the gaping red eye at the tip of his huge cock, totally covering the girl’s face with his masculine seed. His cum was brilliantly white, absolutely chock full of sperm, and Rachel felt her mouth watering as she looked at the girl’s face disappearing under the coating of thick white spunk. He seemed to come forever, and then his pumping hand finally slowed, the last drops of jizz dangling from the end of his magnificent prick. He flicked it at the girl’s face, the shining strand of cum breaking and falling from the tip of his cock onto her lips.

“Now it’s time for your father and brothers to see what kind of whore you are,” the actor said as he climbed off the girl and walked out of the scene, his thick heavy cock swaying majestically between his legs.

While she was still sucking the two young men, Rachel kept her eyes on the actor, seeing him scoop up his robes once he was out of camera range and leave the set, exiting out of the door to the studio and heading back to his dressing room.

The young man who had his prick in her mouth at this time pulled it out with a quiet ‘POP’ before joining the other two men who approached the girl in the bed. All three started in on her as they pulled off their robes, the older man in her pussy, one of the younger men with his cock in her mouth while she jerked off the other one. Rachel took the cue from Lori and remained kneeling, happy to see that her two ‘clients’ had arrived on the scene with cocks as hard as bricks.

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